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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sleepy Wrap Review and Giveaway!  

When Andrew was a baby there wasn't much of
a fuss over what was right or what was wrong when
it came to carrying him. The only Baby carriers they had
then looked like a booster seat with back pack straps
on it and was not very comfortable for Mom or Dad and
I am 100 percent positive couldn't be very comfy for
Baby either. Still, Babies love to be close to their parents
so it was a hit and it wasn't long to the market was
flooded with different types of carriers and now with Rowan
I have my choice of literally hundreds of different styles.
There is also a considerable debate on what way is the
To carry your baby in a wrap?
To carry your baby in a sling?
To carry your baby in a front or back carrier?
People are all up in arms about why it is important
or why it is detrimental or why why why? Those for point
out that people have worn their babies since the start of
time and it is a natural process, those against say just because
something has been done forever does not mean it is right.
There is even a debate among the different sides amongst
themselves on what brand is better, who's sling works the
best and what wrap makes baby the happiest and who's back
carrier is best for Mom and Dad. It is enough to drive
anyone mad and drop the whole thing all together but
the fact remains, baby likes to go places with their
Moms and Dads and no matter what side of the debate you
end up on we are still doing something for babies benefit,
not to squabble among ourselves. I decided to not decide.
I thought instead of coming out for or against I would just
let you know my experiences with different carriers and
how they worked for me and let you make up your own
mind if that is what would work in your own house. I
am also not going at this blind and before I bring you
an item I am checking for safety reports and consumer
forums for no matter what side of the fence you grow
your grass on we all want that grass to be safe!
I got the chance to do a review for Sleepy
Wrap and some of their new product line. The Organic
Sleepy Wrap. Since I have never used a wrap much
less did a review for one I thought it would be a great
time to learn some of the benefits of a wrap. Sleepy
Wrap has a great article and gives some very compelling
reasons that a wrap is a great thing to have. From their
site I learned such interesting facts such as:
1. no pressure points on your baby -no pressure on
developing hips or spines like other hard baby carriers
which place pressure on your baby’s pelvis
2. grows with you and your baby -it's optimal for infants
yet you may continue to carry your baby with this wrap
baby carrier as long as you are both comfortable
3. no baby is too small -the baby wrap is designed for the
tiniest of babies
4. ideal for kangaroo care - premature infants thrive when
wrapped in a Sleepy Wrap
5. evenly distributes the weight of your baby-much more
supported than carrying with your arms, on one shoulder,
or your hip
6.perfect for traveling -compact and great on uneven
terrain or crowded places

There are also a lot more reasons listed on the site
and further details and it is a great way to educate your
self on the benefits and I recommend reading it. Some of
these really pertained to me and I was very interested in
the weight distribution for with my back I am always looking
for ways to make the day a little more comfortable. The
Kangaroo care was also of great interest for both of my
children were born early and though I was fortunate and
skirted any health issues I feel for those who were not
as lucky. Rowan was only a week so she was considered
full term and though she spent an extra week in NICU she
was hearty enough where she did not need special care
when she came home. Andrew could have turned out really
bad save the fact healthy large children run in my family.
Though healthy pregnancy's are a problem for us and I had
Eclampsia with both my children they seem to thrive in the
weight department for Andrew was born at 8 Months ( 34
weeks) and already weighed almost 8 pounds. Had he
been born full term I would have had a monster but I am
glad he was so healthy for 34 weeks is pretty early, more so
in those days and I could have faced some life long difficulties
with him and it would have been nice to have the option of
a Sleepy Wrap back then. The fact that a wrap can't be
too big or too small is also something I love for Rowan went
from 5 pounds after she lost over a pound the first day to
the 18 and a half she weighs now, just over 7 months later.
The Sleepy Wrap could have grown with her from then to now!
My experience with the wrap was really positive. Rowan
is a Mommas girl and though she loves spending time
with John once she sees me it is all over. If I want a
break I have to pass her off then leave the room for the
minute she hears my voice or lays eyes on me it is all
arms out and if I ignore that subtle sign tears start to flow.
She does not care what we are doing she just needs me.
Even if I lay her on the floor by my feet she is clinging
to my leg and won't let go. It has been that way since
day one. Don't get the impression it is an unhealthy attachment,
for it is not. She is not uncomfortable with other people
and loves to visit and as long as I am either out of the
room or in arms reach if I am in the room she could
spend all day with another person and not be the least bit
distressed. It is just when she is with me she wants to
be "With Me," and can be very clingy to get her way.
She does not care if I am doing the dishes or laundry or
just reading a book, she needs to touch her Mom and
enjoys that bond. I enjoy it too though it can be a hassle to
have her in my arms at all times for I can seldom get
anything done. For the site I have a desk top in my
room and the laptop down stairs and write and edit
in brief spurts while she is pre-occupied and I am always
working on one review on the desk-top and another on
the lap top or I would never get anything done at all.
She has little play areas set up all over the house
but still needs me to sit there with her and before the
wrap the only way I could accomplish anything was to
wait to she was sleeping and that made for some long
nights. Even longer days when you walk around half
awake. She is not like that with John and he can set
her down and she will play happily to the sun sets
on the day. Since I have the wrap I have enjoyed
the fact I can have her with me and go about my
day and do things as normal before she was here to
change my definition of the word. She loves the fact
she can be in on the "Action" and never has to
give herself whip lash wondering where Mommy is
for she hears the voice but can't see her. With the
wrap she is all giggles and sunshine and feels like
a little Dora the Explorer knock off for she is exposed
to all sorts of things I had left her out of before. Rowan
has helped with the laundry and unwrap boxes that
came in the mail and even has added a few touches
of her own to dinner ( the cold items to be safe)
and seems to even enjoy her bath time more for she
is now involved in the making of the bubbles and
setting up of the tub. Even going to the Potty with
Mommy is exciting for there is a shelf right there with
lots of bottles to explore and I also got off my duff and
did some more baby proofing for I was waiting to she
was older and could get around by herself but in a
sense, she is now and it is better to be safe then
sorry for if I am not paying attention, poof, that
dish soap is in her mouth. John also enjoys the
closeness the wrap offers though it took him a while
to get the hang of wrapping it but now that he has
that mastered he finds it refreshing to have her right
with him instead of having to set her in a "Play
Area" when he wants to grab some coffee or a glass
of water then have to rush back in the room for she
is making a weird noise or worse yet, no noise whatsoever.
Now she is right there with him and helping him
pour, again the water not the coffee.

The Sleepy Wrap promotes closeness and I
love that for I do not come from a touchy family
and with my son I had to literally remind myself
to spend so much time a day touching him for
when you place your hand on a baby or rub
their head or backs it is not only a source of comfort
but also gives them a sense of security they will
remember in their sub-conscious for all of their lives.
I know this is important to an infants well being and
made a point to schedule so much time out of
the day to offer that touch to Andrew and would wallow
in guilt on days that I forgot. With Rowan and the
Wrap I do not have that guilt or even fear for though
she is tucked safe in the wrap it is just reflex for
a person too secure a babies head or body when
making a fast move or getting up or down. She is
in no danger of falling out but instinct lets a person
know to make doubly sure and she thrives in the fact she
is offered constant touching and I never have to
worry about making time for it like I did with my
son for it is all second nature and I do so without
thinking about it. I think the wrap has blended into
our family in a perfect way and will continue to
use it until she is the one who would no longer
like to be carried that way for let's face it, Mommy's
enjoy the contact just as much as the children and
it keeps her close to me in every way possible. My
thoughts on the Sleepy Wrap are nothing but
positive and I love it!

Sleepy wraps are made durable and the
new wraps are made from 100% Organic Cotton
and are super soft. They come in a variety of
colors and the Organics come in Natural or
Kakki so they are 100 percent Natural in every
sense of the word. They are easy to use and
attach and provide a secure comfortable fit
that can be adjusted for every size child or
baby. They are perfect for Breast Feeding and
a soothing way to lull your child into a peaceful
sleep. There are no sizes to worry about and
they not only offer better communication between
you and your baby it also allows you the option
to keep baby for yourself and next time that lady
at the grocery store walks up and says "Oh,
what an adorable little baby!" you don't have
to worry about her putting her hands that you
have no idea where they have been on your
child for it would really take a brazen person
to come that close to you and since baby is
on you chances are they will admire from
a distance. In the rare case someone is
willing to put their hand on you in thier attempt
to get thier hands on your baby all you have to
do is turn away and baby goes with you! The
Sleepy Wrap is a great thing to have if you are
a busy Mom and allows you to spend time
with your child no matter how hecktic your
day is for they are right there with you! I adored
the closeness it has brought us and you will

Sleepy Wrap has also offered to give one
of my readers and Organic Wrap of their own.
To enter the contest just head over to thier site
and take a look around then come back here and
post a benifet to wearing your child in a Sleepy
wrap. The contest will start tonight and run to
midnight on March 29th.
USA and 18 and older can enter daily and the winner
will be contacted by email and have 72 hours to
contact me with their mailing information. As always
you can earn a bonus entry by entering the contest of
the day and other ways to enter are posted below.

Sleepy Wrap

Extra entries.
Extra entries only count after the initial entry
is completed.

1. Become a follower of my blog or
post that you are. 3 entries,
please post 3 times.

2. Enter any of my other contest. I entry
per contest, separate post for each entry.

3. Grab my button. 5 entries. Please post
5 times.

4. Blog about this contest somewhere else
and post the link here. 5 Entries Please
post five times.

5. Follow Sleepy Wrap on Twitter and Tweet
the giveaway. 5 entries, and post link here.

Don't forget Sleepy Wrap also has a Face Book
where you can keep up with all the new events!

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my Port a Pong and Posh Little Tutus contests!

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Picture I used on cards
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