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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Hot Off The Press  

Hey Hey Hey.................What is

I got some new goods for you!

Tasty Baby has a review coming your way.
They make some really good stuff and I can't wait
to try all the goodies! Yum yum
Not sure about a giveaway yet but I am working on

After that we have a review and giveaway from the
Easy Lunch Box System. This is so neat and I can't wait
to John gets back to work for this will make packing his
lunch a snap! Everything is separate, easy to store!
One for me to review and a gift set for you guys too!

After that we have Mythic paint. They are sending me some
paint for the Bathroom and John is going to be busy, that
is what he gets for going out of town. They are also going to
give one of my readers two gallons to do their own

Next up is Vat 19. I talked to them and told them
I was looking for some little ideas to help make
your Valentines day one to remember and they
said they have just the thing. Let's see what we all

Last on today's list is Pearl Paradise. I review and
contest for some Pearl Earrings just in time for a
gift for yourselves! I love Pearls and these guys
are supposed to be the best and have the best
prices. Cool beans by me!

Peace out Ya'll

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Corner Stork Baby Gifts Review and Giveaway  

It's funny, about this time last year I found out I was
pregnant. After the shock wore off, Ahem, I mean dulled
for I am still a little shocked a year later even as I bounce
a healthy 6 month old on my knee, I was confronted with
the fact I needed to prepare for her arrival. There is so much
to do when planning for a baby and I am not talking about just
a name. It has been 16 years since the last time I had to
think about anything to do with children and almost as long
since I even had to buy a gift for a friend who was expecting.
I had no idea what to expect, no idea what to ask for on a
registry for a baby shower and no clue what was on the market
for children today. If you took every single thing that was
available when my son was a baby and piled it next to what is
available now you would be looking at a Mountain and a molehill.
To make it even harder the first words out of all my friends mouths
after "Their Shock" wore off it what can I get you, what do you

"What do I need?"

Wow, now that is a question. I need everything for anything
to do with a baby I gave away over a decade ago but I really
can't ask my friends for a crib, changing table, the energy of
a 30 year old, dressers and all the other high ticket items that
you have to remortgage your house for when you have a child.
I also don't want to make the mistakes I made with my son and
buy cheaply made trendy items that barely make it long enough
for your child to get out of diapers. I want to do this child right,
I want style, class, quality and items that match the sweet,
tender purity a baby represents. I want to fill my baby's life
with things that are as perfect as she is and not some fly
by night fad that I will not remember 20 years from now.
I want something that when I find it in a box I can place
it with a specific memory of my child. Something along
the lines as when I last wrapped my baby in this blanket
she was 1 year and a half and it was the first time she
could sing her lullaby with me instead of me singing it
to her. Something I could hold onto forever.

I know it is a tall order. and I know I am asking a lot.
But to be fair I am not asking my friends to get expensive
items and I surely don't have the money to spend on
10 zillion count Egyptian thread Linen. What I want
is unique, quality, memorable items that show my
child is treasured, loved and cherished. This turned
out to be a daunting task and I fell pretty short for even
though the amount of products for baby have grown
tremendously all you are getting is the same product
with a different bow and ribbon. The only thing I found
that hit the mark for me is a Frog Rattle that is soft
and sweet and a Music Box. My Friends threw in the
towel way before I did and played it safe by getting her
clothes for you can't go wrong dressing a baby girl there
are just way to many things out there that are adorable
for baby to wear. Even in the months after she was born
and those leading up to Christmas I searched for that
one item that I could pack away with my memories of
her as a baby. No luck. I did find plenty of toys she loves
and more then a closet full of clothes but I never found that
special something with Umph!

A little over a week ago Corner Stork Gifts contacted
me and asked if I would do a review for them. I love doing
toy reviews and I love anything baby so I agreed in a split
second. When the package came from them on Christmas
Eve I didn't open it at first for I was so busy I just didn't have
time. A couple hours before my guests arrived I found some
time and sat down with Rowan and opened the package.
I sat stunned. This was what I had been looking for. I could
not believe my eyes. It was only a stuffed animal and a
matching blanket but it was so soft, so sweet with those
added extra touches that make it special. I immediately fell in
love with it. The Stuffed animal is a Pig and the cutest thing
ever. It has details that make it to die for such as a tail that curls
and a belly button you can stick your finger in and it is about
the softest thing I have ever felt. I feel very secure letting Rowan
snuggle with this and I am having a hard time not snuggling up
to it myself. The blanket is even sweeter! It is Minky soft on
one side and Cottony soft on the other with the silky trim. It is
also double ply and warm warm warm, so warm I know this would
be okay for her at night even in Michigan's chilly winters. You
wouldn't think a blanket has detail but this one does for all
around the edge of it is the little piggy story embroidered on,
complete with pictures. The whole gift set has the charm and
keepsake feeling I so very much wanted but is still practical
for everyday use. In fact try keeping this away from them, I know
you will have a fight. When I first saw and felt it I kept thinking
Rowan was going to end up like Linus on Charlie Brown and
drag this with her everywhere to it was so old it fell apart and
then kept a snippet under her pillow. I might have to order
another one just so I have something to save. I am sitting here
with it on my lap right now for when I write my reviews I like
to have the item in front of me so I don't forget to include
something that I loved or disliked about a product and I can't
stop petting it for it is just so soft. Now I know the stuff they
had when I was a kid wasn't made of steel wool but this
just feels luxurious! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!! Now guys, that
was a triple LOVE there, haven't seen that before!
I went over their web store with a fine tooth comb
for I was really excited over the item they sent for review and
wanted to see if this was just the best they had and saved it
for me ( see my ego grow!) or they have more of these treasures
and I was just delighted with what I saw! I have a wish list a mile
long. I don't even know where to start! Other then keepsakes
they have must have items for my baby or at least in my mind
they are must have and I have to have them now.The Mink
Couture Coat made me squeal like a little girl! Matching booties!


The Toad stool had me cracking up and the Irish Angel held
a special spot for me for Rowan is a dream my Grandmother
would have loved and her name is Irish and is for luck. I have to
have the Irish body suit! I could go on forever and tell you what
I like but I would still be typing this time next year. The point is
they have everything from personalized, to vintage, to things
for Mom and Brother or Sister. Memories books and they even
cover twins, the real question is what don't they have? Every
single item they have it different from the same Ole same Ole I have
seen every where else. I wish they would send me one of everything
and I will spend the rest of my life reviewing their items. You
have got to see for yourself! The only thing I didn't find is
insane prices! I can afford this place and that is saying
a lot with John on unemployment right now. The have
really reasonable prices but with exceptional quality. Can
you tell I am impressed here?

Even more impressive is they are going to give one of
these Blanket sets to a reader too! It is so wonderful you
will adore it like I do! To enter go on over to their site and
look around then come back here and post something you
saw and liked! The Contest will start today, December 30th
and run to February 9th.
USA and 18 and older can enter daily and the winner
will be contacted by email and have 72 hours to
contact me with their mailing information. As always
you can earn a bonus entry by entering the contest of
the day and other ways to enter are posted below.

Corner Stork Baby Gifts

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Uncle Ben's Review and Giveaway  

I know you guys are going to think I am nuts here but
I am not a fan of mashed potato's. I don't know why, everyone
else I know loves them to death and it isn't that I don't like them
for they are okay, I just would rather eat something else. I keep
instant around the house for the boys but I have preferred rice for
some time now. Most of the time it is because it complements
the foods that I eat and we are also huge fans of stir fry or
Chinese and Andrew is a Tai nut right now. Now you would think
a person who loves rice so much would know a lot about it
wouldn't you? I don't. In fact my knowledge is limited to Minute
Rice and Uncle Ben's and every once in a while Rice Roni. I can
not make long grain rice to save my life and I have no idea what
the difference is between one type of rice to the other. The only
thing risky I have ever done is add Hamburger to my Rice a Roni.
I should be ashamed of myself and the teachers I had when I was in
culinary school so long ago would be ashamed of me too.
Simple white rice that is the fast cook variety is all I know.

Now when I eat out, well, that is a different story.
I love Risotto, Jasmine rice, Pilaf, Dirty rice and just about
any other rice variety you can think of. In fact Rice Pudding is
one of my favorite desserts. I order extra helpings and even
take it home and have resorted to TV dinners that have rice
in them to get my fix. The fact that I love it and the fact I can't cook
it at home end up costing me a pretty penny for food is so much
more inexpensive to prepare in your own kitchen and I could eat
rice every day of the week for what I pay for one order at a
restaurant. A week ago I was out of instant rice and wanted to
make Porcupine Meatballs for dinner and only had a bag of
Long Grain. I thought I would give it another chance and went
for it. The result was two pounds of ground beef and half a bag
of rice, not to mention the other ingredients all being tossed
in the garbage for even the dog would not touch it. I had enough
and knew I had to find a better way.

Hail to Uncle Ben's! I have not been paying attention
to new products lately for if I had been I might have noticed
that Uncle Ben's has some new items out. I contacted them
and I was offered a chance to review their new products

in their line of ready rices. I was sent their Basmati and Jasmine
in the easy to cook, microwavable pouches. YUM! This is what I
have been looking for! I can cook anything I want and have
steaming hot, fresh and tasty, delicious rice in 90 seconds!
Not only can I have white rice but they now offer a wide variety
of flavors such as Brown, Spanish, Cajun, Four Cheese, Chicken
and many more. In fact 16 in Total including the two I was sent.
How can you go wrong? Even I, the worlds worst cooker of Rice
can not mess this up for they make it foolproof, or Michelle proof
I should say.

For those of you who have never had the Basmti Rice
or the Jasmine you have got to try them, especially if you like
Eastern Cuisine or Indian food or anything with Curry. The Basmati
is great for spicy dishes and complements Curry like nobodies
business. It is a soft long grain rice with a fragrant flavor and
distinct taste. In Hindu the words refers to "Nut" and it is spectacular
as a counter part to the spicy Indian curry dishes. When you taste
it you will wonder why you ever ate regular old white rice at all!
Jasmine has become very popular in the last few years here in
the U.S but in other parts of the world it has been a staple for
eons. It is a white rice with flavor and a slight Jasmine smell
when cooked and can be used for just about anything though
it is often used for Tai and Eastern foods. It is a firm rice that
holds up well in any dish and will only grow in popularity for
it has that extra something regular white rice is missing. When
cooked it is a little more sticky then Basmati rice but just
as tasty! Uncle Ben's not only took the guess work out of
rice for me they made it easier then making a baked potato.
Let's break that down, the simplest way to prepare a potato
is to bake it, one hour in the oven or about 5 minutes in
the microwave or Uncle Ben's ready rice, 90 seconds out the
door! Um, let's also not forget when you open the bag of ready
rice you have flavor, variety and taste and with the potato you
have to smoother it in something.

It may seem like I am anti potato and just for Uncle
Ben's but I am not. I do like baked potatoes and in fact prefer
them with certain foods but on a daily basis I prefer rice and
not just Uncle Ben's but any rice for it just tastes better to me.
Uncle Ben's just took the mess away for me and added some
variety but I have to say they did it well for every one of the
ready rice variety's I tried are delicious. When I started this
review I knew about their instant rice and that was about
it. For Flavored rice I had always used either Rice A Roni or
Knorrs for I grew up with rice a roni and Knorrs has been
around a while but now that I have tried Uncle Ben's I know
I am going to stick with them. I really love the Jasmine and
have since my son had me try Tai food a while ago and it came
with it. The fact that Uncle Ben's has so many options on
the market right now and unlike Knorrs they only do rice
so to me, I think it gives them the edge for when you only
concentrate on one thing you do it well! They also have a
Rice Pudding mix and if I wasn't sold before I sure was once
I saw that. YUM, now if that isn't a comfort food to write
home about! I could go on and on here about the health
benefits of rice but why bore you with facts like that when
there is Rice Pudding to make! The only thing better to me
then dessert is getting something for free and Uncle Ben's
is going to help you guys with that as well!

Uncle Ben's loved the fact when I spoke to them
and told them I was going to share my love of rice with my
readers. To help me along they have decided to let a few
of my readers try their new Ready Rice variety's of Jasmine
and Basmati too! To Enter just go on over to their site and
let me know what one of their products would be the best
fit in your house! The Contest will start today, December
30th and run to Midnight on February 5th.
USA and 18 and older can enter daily and the winner
will be contacted by email and have 72 hours to
contact me with their mailing information. As always
you can earn a bonus entry by entering the contest of
the day and other ways to enter are posted below.

Uncle Ben's

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Nostolgia Electrics Review and Giveaway  

Where do you guys live at? I live East of the Mississippi
and people on the west side don't often consider that a dividing
line but it is for us east side folks. It is White Castle land! Those
of you who live on my side are shaking your heads and those
out west are going, "What the..........!" White Castle is the
best Slider! YUM. Now everyone knows what a Slider us for
now a days they are every where but when I was little you
could only get them at White Castle. I used to love it when
my Grandfather would walk in the door with a big sack of those
babies for us to eat. We never knew when he was going to do
it and then BAM, Slider heaven!

When I was older they were the thing to do on your way
home after a late night and we still find ourselves stopping if
we are ever out past 10 for you can not drive by a White
Castle that time of night without your car automatically
making the turn into their parking lot. At my age you pay
for it in the morning but that night, let's just say it is
better then a Fillet and with a sack of sliders at 1 AM
I promise you that you will be happily chomping away going
Mc Who? and Burger What? That is how I remember a slider!
Nostalgia Electrics caters to memories like that and offer
many blasts from your pasts and a collection of items you
thought were long gone when Woolworth's locked its doors!
Remember the Hot Dog Spinner at the movie theater or Drive
in. You know the one I am talking about, a Ferris wheel for dogs.
You would sit there and watch it go around and around and
try to spot the best one to point out as yours! How about
Snow Cones? Those were around long before 7-11 started
rev-in and tastes like a snow day with a Cherry on top right in
the middle of August. When I used to beg for money for
the carnival I had to take that stuff into consideration. I need
so much for the rides, this for the games and this much for
my snow cone and elephant ear. You could not leave without
one! How about old Fashioned Cotton Candy on a paper cone?
Not that stuff your kids get in a bag that has been there who
knows how long, but the real deal where they take the paper
cone and swirl it around in the machine and you pray and pray
that last big piece is going to stay on your stick when they are
wrapping it up. Those are the days I remember and wish I
could share with my kids.

Now I can! Nostalgia Electrics makes all of those
items and much more. Since Sliders were such a big part
of my youth they were happy to send me a slider maker and
even my son knows what they are! Before I even got it completely
out of the box he was already running to see if we had dinner rolls
and came back with an onion in his hand begging me to grab
some Hamburger from the freezer. I used all my strength not
to jump up and down and act just as excited as he was for I
am the Mom you know! The slider maker let's you cook up to
six burgers at one time and even has a handy dandy spatula
that you use to help form just the right kind of patty, it is all in
the patty don't you know. It was a snap to clean up and like a
Foreman grill the grease drips away but in truth, who cares!
We had SLIDERS! These were just as good as White Castle and
with these I didn't even have regrets in the morning. My son
has now eaten sliders for dinner, breakfast, lunch and then
dinner again but I am not sure if he likes them. I think half the
fun of eating them is remembering all the good times I had
at other times in my life when I ate them. I can't wait to help
Rowan build her own set of slider memories!

Or Popcorn Memories for I am just dieing to get
the popcorn maker they have. When I was a child we had
a summer home on a lake outside of a small town in Northern
Michigan. This was not Star Theater or even AMC but a true
family Movie theater where you got a wax bag of Popcorn for
25 cents and free refills. Instead of the big bags they drag out
now and warm up this was the real deal in a buggy style Popcorn
maker and Nostalgia Electrics has them. 16 different styles
including the Kettle Style that is even before my time! They
also have Fondue Pots, Buffet style items, A Margaretta
maker or for the kids a slushy machine and even modern
day goodies like a Quesadilla maker or pizza oven. One of the
Coolest is the old fashion Hot Dog cart like street vender's used
to use. I was thinking of grabbing one and Rowan can sell
Lemon aid and Andrew Hot dogs next time I have a yard sale.
I know they would get a kick out of it, make some cash and
I would know where they are all day when I am tied up
with the Garage sale. Nostalgia Electrics truly lives up
to their name and I can't think of one item on the site
that I don't have some sort of special memories attached to.
I can really relive some of the best moments of my childhood
with my kids! You can buy their items all over the country
in most major stores and even on Amazon. I know I have a
link for Amazon somewhere on my site, I love them! I would list
every store Individually but I am really craving a slider right
now, besides when I say every major store I mean it!

Even cooler then taking a walk down Memory lane
is the fact they are giving a Slider maker to one of my readers.
Even if you do live West of the Mississippi! To enter just go
to their site and look around then come back here and post
an item you remember from your childhood or a store you
can find their products at! The contest will start tonight
December 30th and run to February 10th at Midnight!
USA and 18 and older can enter daily and the winner
will be contacted by email and have 72 hours to
contact me with their mailing information. As always
you can earn a bonus entry by entering the contest of
the day and other ways to enter are posted below.

Nostalgia Electrics

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Bummas Review and Giveaway  

Rowan is not only the worlds messiest baby, she is
also the worlds quirkiest and funniest. She has GERD
so that adds to her mess a little, well a lot, but also
loves to feed herself and THAT really adds and she also
has a thing about her diapers. Every time she does a
number 2 (boy do I feel like a little kid here) she screams
the minute she does until all traces of it are gone. And when
I say all traces I mean all traces! If there is so much as a speck
the screaming continues. Then she has to be dry before you
put another diaper on her or she will work to she gets her daiper
off. I don't know where this behavior came from for Andy
could sit forever and not care a bit and if you didn't check
on a really regular basis or catch the smell you would never
know. I just got into the habit of changing him every hour on
the hour.Rowan let's me know and everyone else within a
five mile radius too! And don't even get me started on her
spit up for I am changing her clothes as often as her diaper.
She will end up being the most expensive baby ever with
her huge appetite, case of diapers every 10 days ( if I am
lucky) and my water bill would be through the roof if I wasn't
in a condo for I do a large load of her clothes and burp cloths
every single day. One of my finishing touches to my Christmas
dinner was to lay clean Diapers for spit up on the arm of every
chair and the couch and many other strategic places throughout
the house and have 2 changes of clothes handy. I didn't baste
a turkey or glaze a ham I prepared for spit up.

When I first brought her home I only had a couple of
clothes diapers for spit up so I knew I would need more and
rushed to the store to buy some. I bought some designer
ones in pastels and paid 12 bucks for 6 disposable diapers.
Talk about crazy! Well those went fast and I didn't plan on
spending a small fortune for the dozens or so I would need
to keep her booty dry and the body spit-up free ( not to mention
our shoulders and clothes) so I gave in and bought plain white
ones since they were only 20 bucks for 2 dozen. Then bought
another 2 dozen the next day. I can't help it she is a messy
Marvin. AND the drool! Oh- MY- GAWD, I do not remember
my son drooling like this little girl. It is supposed to be a sign
of teething but she started at about 5 weeks and she is now
6 months and no teeth yet. She is just a puddle maker. Really,
I wear boots around the house for I know the flood is coming.
I also hate using the same clothe to wipe up the drool from her
cute little face and I hate having to drag the big old white clothe
diapers around everywhere I go. I look like a dork with them sticking
out of my pockets when I do something as mundane as go to
Burger King. My last resort was putting a bib to her with so many
knots she would never get it off but with in one day she had a rash
on her neck from the drool puddling under her chin.
So let's go over my problems here;
1. Rowan is a drool covered mess at all times
2. Rowan hates having a wet or icky bottom
3. Rowan goes to the bathroom a lot and cries to she is dry
4. Rowan drools so much she can get Diaper Rash on her neck if
I don't keep her dry. ( Rowan doesn't sound very good on paper
Does she?)
5. Cloth Diapers are bulky are hard to carry if you do not
use a diaper bag and since I can't walk to the corner without
a Diaper for her drool I have no choice butt to carry them.
6. Regular white diapers are boring and the colored ones
cost way to much!
What I need is something super absorbent, something small
enough I can take everywhere, something I can re-use and
are easy to clean, ( you can never get a stain out of the mighty
whiteys!) and if they looked good I wouldn't mind either! What
I need are Bummas! I am giggling here, nice build up wasn't it?
Hey, I try! The point is Bummas are awesome! I got them a few
days ago and I know they are for drying your little pee pee
machines bottom but I have found myself using them for
everything. I couldn't help myself. I have about 6 to 8 dozen
white clothes diapers now and have maybe 20 out at all times
for this little girl really is that messy. Andrew was like a little
Fireman every time you opened his diapers but he still wasn't even
as close to as messy as Rowan. And the crying thing with her
Diaper, I don't mean a little eH, eH, I mean an all out wail to
I get rid of every tiny bit of goo or dampness. People didn't
believe me to the Holiday dinner now they do! I was a wreck
before I found Bummas and forgot what my furniture looked
like for there are Diapers all over it! Bummas are adorable
and functional all in one tiny, easy to carry, let me repeat that
part, EASY to CARRY, package that works better then they
said it does on the web site! Those humble people. When I
first opened the pack and pulled one out I thought it was too
soft to be effective at absorbing anything. They reminded me
of the "good" wash clothes I keep for guests that look pretty
but that is about as far as it goes. I was wrong. I know I am
a bad Mom but yesterday morning I was changing her as
she was screaming and had my morning coffee with me. I set it
on the corner of the table and went to work half asleep. You
guys know what happened, on the floor it went and other then
diapers I didn't have a thing to soak it up without walking away
from a naked baby so I tossed a Bummas on top hopping to at
least get a little of it before it sunk in and WOW, like Shamoo
Wow, the dang thing got the whole cup.

Now if these can soak up a whole Mom in the Morning sized
cup of coffee you know they can soak up whatever moisture
your little squirt has left after a wipe down. Did I say they were
cute? I found myself taking away my Cloth diapers and replacing
it with Bummas all over the house. Did you know my couches are
brown? I had forgot! Now I told you they were soft, really soft, if
I were still in diapers I would want my Bootie wiped by something
this soft. I am doubly glad about the soft thing for like I said
Rowan is a drool machine and I worry that the cure to the drool
is just as harsh as letting the drool sit for my choice is either
a cloth Diaper or a towel, neither are that soft, or a napkin
or Kleenex that end up falling apart or in her mouth for she has
fast hands for grabbing and shoving. They are also compact so
you can keep a stack of them and still only be taking up a little
space. And the most important part is they work really good!
And they are cute! I just can't get past the cute part!
I now have a couple in all my coat pockets and in my
Purse. I don't know how I did it before them. Also, like I told
you though they are meant for bootee clean-ups but I have found
myself using them all over, and not just on coffee spills. I am
using them in the bathroom on my face and hers, in the kitchen
for when I dry my hands when cooking because I hate using the same
towels I use to do the counters. I swear, even if I change them
three times a day they still feel dirty when I touch them. Now I
have a separate towel all together that takes up next to no
space. There are just so many places these could come in handy
and I love the fact they are CUTE! They come in lots of colors
and you can match them with anything. They have your typical
boy and girl pack and also packs they call the Wild Ones and
Calm Ones. I received the Wild Ones and must say it is a perfect
fit for me and my eclectic tastes but would work in just about
any type of decor.

What else is perfect is Bummas is going to give a
pack to one of my readers in their choice of the four. To enter
just head on over to their site and take a look around then
come back here and post something you saw. The contest will
start tonight, December 30th and run to Midnight on February
3rd. This Giveaway is open to everyone 18 and older no
matter where you live! The winner
will be contacted by email and have 72 hours to
contact me with their mailing information. As always
you can earn a bonus entry by entering the contest of
the day and other ways to enter are posted below.

After the wipe and before the dipe,
A soft kiss of cloth to dry bums off.
Keep diaper rash at bay, the Bummas way.

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Amon Maternity Review and Giveaway  

I know I have told you guys over and over again
I have been on a diet all my life. Well, at least since
I was 12. I have done every fad diet there is, worked out
to the point of exhaustion and ended up with Mono, starved
my self, took nutrition classes and even enlisted the aid of
my doctor more then once. It never fails. Every single time I get
right where I want to be something happens and my body
yells reset and I gain it all back. The Birth of my son, when
I quit smoking, when I hurt my back and one really nasty bout
of depression in my early 30's. Summer before last I made it
to a size 4 and my body screamed reset one more time.
This time was a total shocker though, I was pregnant with my
daughter. I was delighted with her impending arrival but
more then a little miffed that even under the best circumstances
most of what I had accomplished was bound to bite the dust.
With my son I gained 110 pounds and it took me over
10 years to take all that weight off. I was determined not
to travel that road again. John however hated me at a size 4
for he said at 5 foot 9 inches I was too thin and too bony. Once
he knew I was pregnant he put his plan in motion. I would tell
him I was craving a canoli and he would come home with a
dozen. I said Peanut M&M's sounded good and a dump truck
would be backing up to my front porch and drop its load.

I held out the first few months, heck I made it well into
the second trimester with less then a 15 pound weight gain
when I went Ker Plunk! 90 pounds later Rowan was born. There
is one thing men will never understand about being pregnant,
as happy as we are is almost as close to how uncomfortable
we are. There is no way for them to understand. I know a few think
they do as they loving stroke their beer belly's thinking lack of sit ups and
one too many beers at half time garner them the right to
sympathize but all that measures up to is alcohol induced
delusions of grandeur and not enough sit ups. The closest I can
come to even explaining it is to compare your third trimester and
sometimes even part of your second to taking a basketball, filling
it with liquid metal and attaching it to your stomach with a 2 inch
chain. Its big ,its heavy, its unstable and moves and can
sometimes drop a bit and take you off your balance. Women don't
walk around with their hand on their stomachs because they
are loving stroking the soon to be baby, we do that at home in
the privacy of our own beds so men in white coats don't chase
us through the mall. Women hold their stomachs for fear it
is going to fall off and bounce off their knees like Pele does
a soccer ball. A baby offers a lot of things and even being
pregnant has its perks such as prenatal vitamins and
shiny hair but balance and comfort are not one of them.
I heard of Amon when I was pregnant but at the very end.
Some poor woman felt bad for me as I wattled through
Kroger's and did one of the Psst, come here things and
let me in on the secrete. I planned on going home after my
doctors appointment and looking them up but I ended up
with a ticket to the hospital to have Rowan induced.

I would have dropped it all together since Rowan
was already a surprise and at my age I do not plan on having
anymore children but here I am 6 months later still grabbing
MT Jiggles whenever I walk through the house. I still wobble like
a weeble whenever I don't place my feet perfectly on the floor.
In short as long as I have any of this belly left my center of balance
is somewhere over the rainbow. I tried Spanx but those are made
for people who wear the same size clothing all over, not those
of us who still have pre-pregnancy legs, arms and even Bootie and
a bowl of Jello around their waist. I tried a Girdle, but oh, my,
GAWDDDDDDDD what sick individual came up with those?
Those dang things are so tight it doesn't matter where your
problem is it is going to smoosh it away. The problem is if you
"problem" is bigger then the Girdle your "problem" ends
up squeezing out one of the openings and it looks like your

belly is trying to make an escape to the south. After wasting
money on stupid parlor tricks I remembered the lady at Kroger's.
I went home and looked up Amon.

Amon makes their clothes for pregnant bodies. Plain
and simple. There is no other way to explain it. The support is
where you need it for when you are carrying your child they help
make it like you are taking that run away bowling ball and placing
it in a satin lined bag. I didn't get a chance to wear their pregnancy
line but if it is half as good as this little puppy for your post
pregnancy body I am almost tempted to give Rowan a little
brother or sister. It works that well! The Body shaper has a wide
band of support for your belly and then is tailored to fit
a normal Booty. You feel safe and secure and best of all not
like you are ready to topple over. It offers just the right amount
of stretch without being so elastic you fear Mt. Jiggle might
make a run for it. Not only are they secure and snug they
look pretty darn good too. I choose a black one for as you
guys know most of my clothes are going to go well with
it but it also comes in Nude and White. When I wore mine
for the first time I got a little giddy. I am a clothes hound
and I have talked about my wardrobe before but since I had
Rowan that is all I have done is talk. Everything I own has
sat gathering dust and the closest I have came to them is
laying tears on their alter for I knew with this baby belly there
is no way I would ever wear them. Now that I have the body shaper
I am ready to dance again! I grabbed one of my black dresses
and though I am not back to a size 4 I am down to an 8, a
6 on a good day and this dress is a little on the Va va voom
side of naughty. Perfect! Mt. Jiggles has left the building
with Elvis! I am going to order a few more and toss out
the sweats I have been living in!

Amon Maternity has a great selection and covers
every part of a woman's pregnancy. Unlike maternity
clothes that only stretch to accommodate your growing
bundle Amon supports you and takes the worry away
when you feel less then graceful as all of us do. They have
the band that you can wear with your own clothes and
offers fantastic support for your belly and lower back.
If a band is not enough you can go with the Brief. These
are like your own comfy undies you wear when you are not
trying to impress someone. Built for comfort and still
adding that extra perk of support you will never even realize
your bump is there. Still need more? I feel ya, for when I was
pregnant my center of gravity went from my tummy to
my thighs and I never knew what one was going to be
the epicenter on any given day. Sometimes the belly
wanted to shift, the next day my thighs were made of
lead and ready to slide down my legs. Even my Booty
was feeling the pull of gravity. Well Amon Maternity
thought of you too and offer a pantie called the Skivvies
and those are DA Bomb! Skivvies are for people like me
who all through my pregnancy walked my dog, ran around
town and even swam and exercised and loved it until the
third trimester when I was so big I could not even balance
my bike and as far as I walked the dog was waddling to
the end of the parking lot. If I had one of these that offers
full support from your tummy through your thighs those
75 extra pounds may not have found their way into
my pants in the last few months. I could have stayed
active instead of tossing in the towel the second I teetered
as I got off the couch. You see women with one hand holding
their belly's, well mine got so bad I had to use two hands and
a foot. With some Skivvies I could have been clapping at
a baseball game as I dig a jig! Why didn't I run into that
lady at Kroger's sooner?

I also gave the Body Shaper Michelle Durability
and Quality test you all know and even went so far as to
hold onto the waist band and put my feet in a leg hole and
pull as far as I could to make sure they would not lose their
elasticity. ZING! Right back into shape, even after 12 washes!
Amon maternity's items are 90 percent Nylon and
10 percent spandex and a breathable fabric and unlike Spanx
and a Girdle you don't sweat like a, well, just yuck, sweat like
a yucky person. I read all their info and did my own research
and one of the best things I like about them that I didn't see
mentioned everywhere was there are no tags. There is nothing
worse then being as big as a house and having a tag bugging
you in a spot you can't reach. Bravo for saving us that little
nuisance! Even if I don't have anymore children, and as temping
as it is knowing these are here for my if I decided to, I will
always keep these in mind for anyone I know who is pregnant.
They would make a great Congratulations gift or shower gift
and I swear you could use the body Shaper for support
even if you didn't have a baby. I know I don't plan on putting
mine in a drawer if I ever lose Mt Jiggles or lose the last 20
pounds. If I has these when John's cousin proclaimed "Dang, you
are getting big!" I might have just grinned at him instead of
smacking him! I love them!

You know what else I love? Giveaways and I know you
guys love them to by the emails I get! Amon Maternity
is happy to help and is offering one of my readers a $50.00
Gift certificate to their store. To enter just go to the web site
and look around then come back here and post something
you have learned. The contest will start today, December 55
and run to Midnight on February 2nd.
USA and 18 and older can enter daily and the winner
will be contacted by email and have 72 hours to
contact me with their mailing information. As always
you can earn a bonus entry by entering the contest of
the day and other ways to enter are posted below.

Amon Maternity

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Cover Your Hair Review and Giveaway  

You guys know I have long hair and though it is no
longer past my waist it is still longer then mid-back and
very long by any standards. You guys also know I worked
in Restaurant management for 17 years and no matter
where you live long hair has to be covered and put up.
It was fun when I was younger for I loved trying new "do's"
and got really into it and if I was in a rush I could just toss
it in a pony tail but then when I got older and my Career
advanced and I went from casual dinning to more upscale
places I needed it to look classy not cute and add some
style. I could also no longer get by with a simple pony tail.
Since Diva is in my blood and I thought my hair was a fashion
statement I would never dream of cutting it and working 70
hours a week and being a single Mom at the time I just didn't have
time for the saloon to have them give me an Up-Do when ever
I needed a new look. I grew dependent on hair accessories and
not long after that my dependency grew into an obsession.
I am no longer working but I still have my collection and still
pick up items that look like they have my name written all over
it when I see it!

I have Banana Clips and Scrunchies dating back
to the eighties and silk scarves and leather headbands and
handmade clips and berets and even nets and pins from
the last few years or so. One time I went into a store and
they had a huge selection of their hair items on clearance
for 90 percent off and I bought 80 dollars worth and sent
John back to buy everything I had missed a few hours later.
Right outside of my bathroom I have a huge basket filled with
items and two boxes under the sink and that is only the items
I use on a regular basis. I have even more in a large tub in
my closet. I think this makes me an expert in hair accessories
and swear on all that is good and hairy I have seen it all!
I may not own it all, but I have seen it and the only reason
I don't have it is, have you priced a Barrett now a days?
Just a simple metal barrette can cost you 5 bucks, add
some pizazz or style and you are draining your bank account
or drying up your rainy day stash. Depressing! So when I find
a place that has style, selection, unique products at an
affordable price I jump on it like Garfield on Lasagna!

I found a store called "Cover Your Hair" that has
all of that, and even a larger selection than I had ever
dreamed off and all at affordable prices! The have it all
from clips, to Barrett's, pony holders, headbands, nets, scarves,
bandannas, clips, ethnic, ( breathe breathe, gotta catch my breath)
and even hats and shawls and Bandannas. If it goes on your
head they have it. What's even better is the price! I could not
find anything over 20 bucks and that was the hats. For hair
accessories I could not find a thing over 12 dollars. Truly
remarkable. The had a whole section devoted to items
under $5.00 and some of the pieces are exceptional! I fell
in love with a beautiful black velvet headband with silver stones
that could be won dressed up or dressed down. Either way
it will be the first thing people notice when they see you.
They have over 10 pages of sale items alone and sets that
offer several items in a particular color or theme that
are perfect for times when you have a stunning outfit and
are not sure how to do your hair. With a selection at your
finger tips you can pick and choose what tickles your fancy
or change it up at the last minute so your husband can
wait a little bit longer by the front door wearing a grimace and
glaring at his watch!

I was sent a Tichels also known as Mitpachat that is
made from cotton and 36 square inches. It is lite weight, with
no fringe and cotton. A perfect way to take care of my hair
when working around the house or working in the garden. I
was also send a plaid headband with a flower on it that is
super cute and would look just as great with a dress as it
would with jeans and a t-shirt. Both products are superbly
made and light weight so they do not weigh you down and
are excellent quality. There is no places that protrude so
that it would end up snagging your hair or tangling so you
have to struggle to remove them and unlike some of the
other headbands I have used this one fits and give just
enough where it is comfortable and not squishing my
head. You have no idea how I hate that! I could get lost
for hours on the styles and it doesn't matter what you
are wearing they have something to match! Cover your hair
is truly a place for all your needs and have more specials
and deals then any store I have ever seen. Right now
if you spend $100.00 you get a free gift and that is on
top of the free headband with any order and THAT is
on top of their already low prices! Whatever it is you
are looking for, Cover Your Hair has you Covered!

Even better they have my readers covered for they
are gifting one reader with a Box filled with surprises
for your hair and valued at $25.00. To enter just go on
over to their site and look around then come back here
and post what you have learned. The contest starts today,
December 30th and will run to February 3rd at Midnight.
USA and 18 and older can enter daily and the winner
will be contacted by email and have 72 hours to
contact me with their mailing information. As always
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Cover Your Hair

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Orglamix Mineral Make-up Review and Giveaway  

I told you guys I have always been rotten at
applying make-up. I just never was taught the right way
when I was younger for my Grandmother didn't believe in
it and my mother wasn't all that much better. Sorry MOM,
I can't ever get past your blue and green phase! Plus since
she grew up with my Grandmother also it was the blind
leading the blind! Over the last few months I have been
learning a lot but there is always more to learn. One thing
I have been been paying attention to is Mineral Makeup
for it is not only incredible for its Purity it is more Vibrant
and luxurious on. With a good quality mineral make-up you
will enjoy that Hollywood POP that you always read about but can
never replicate at home without the team of artists the stars
have. The benefits of mineral make-up are numerous but
that star Quality is achieved by the fact it breathes with your
skin and doesn't clog the pores so instead of your skin
drinking it in it rides comfortably on top and radiates
just like you will when you wear it.

I also know since I have sensitive skin that it
is better for you and people with other skin conditions
such as Rorosacea, dryness, acne or other skin ailments
would benefit by using this as opposed to mass produced
make-ups that are chemical-based. Mineral make-up is
also super light and this makes it comfortable and does
not weigh your skin down. In fact it is so light you could
even sleep in it. The best part is it leaves your skin healthy
and the user has a natural aura that isn't painted on!

Orglamix offered to let me review some of her Eye
Shadows and I did a jig for I have really been wanted to
try some mineral make-up after I took the time to learn
of all its benefits. The shades I received were Buttercup,
Cashmere and Silk for when she asked what my preference
was I told her I am really in need of an "Idiots Guide" to
choosing the right colors to wear and let her pick for me.
I must say she did a fantastic job. All three shades are
earthy and pinkish and are perfect on my fair skin and for
once you can see my eye shadow and my eye color without
one pushing the other into obscurity. I felt as if I had nothing
on but looked spectacular. I even got a complement from
my son. Best of all "I feel Pretty!" and star have Quality. She
truly knows her stuff!

Orglamix offers a wide variety of eye colors and I mean
wide. They have 83 shades listed right now as well as the
fact you can customize your own shade. They also offer
face powders and blushes as well as Brushes! What I
liked best was the starter kits for some of the kits contain
everything a 40 year old rookie like me needs. Take
the Rosalie Collection for one, it has Foundation, shadow,
blush and glow. Everything you need to get you on your
feet and running. I also didn't get any special favors when
she helped me pick out the right shade for me for she also
is willing to help anyone with questions and there are
numerous places on the site that direct you to a link to
ask her anything on your mind to make your selections
everything you need them to be. You must be thinking
make-up this good is going to empty your wallet. I know
every time I hit the counter at Macy's I walk away confused,
I am delighted with my purchase and in tears at what I spent.
At Orglamix that isn't the case. The starter set I told you
about is under 20 bucks and a pot of eyeshadow is less
then 4. You just can't buy quality like that at such a great
price anywhere else!

I just can't wait to try more, and maybe I will live a little
La Vida Loca and try some crazy colors but you guys don't have
to wait. Orglamix is going to give one of my readers a 3 pack
of eye shadows of their own to get them started. To enter just
go over to her site and take a look around then come back
here and tell me either what your favorite shade is or
what other product you would like to try.The contest will
start tonight, December 30th and run to February 4th at
Midnight! USA and 18 and older can enter daily.
The winner will be contacted by email and have 72 hours to
contact me with their mailing information. As always
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Split Ender Review  

I have long hair right now. In fact I have had long hair
since I was old enough to tell my Grandmother No, when
she said let's go get your haircut. Before I was old enough to
make up my own mind on my hair my Grandmother would take
me to Georgette the Butcher every summer the first day
she had me out of my mothers site and at our summer
cottage. Do you know how hard it is to face your friends
when you have a Dorthy Hamel Cut that is a few inches
short so it can last a little long then to add insult to
injury she was a perm fanatic and would throw that into
the mix. Think this

But shorter and worse! Once I was old enough to say no
I swore I would never cut my hair again and didn't other
then trims here and there until I was pregnant with my son at 24.
That time Andy's Dad thought it would be funny to shave his head
and called me to tell me. After I climbed through the phone
lines to strangle him I though I would teach him a lesson and
put my Waist length hair and put it in a pony tail on the top of
my head and snipped it off. ( don't mess with hormones) After
I got stable again I cried and regretted my decision and grew
it long again. My Grandmother almost went off her rocker
because of this and the only gift I received for Holidays and
Birthdays from her in all that time was hair items and
a gift certificate to her saloon and every time I saw her the
first thing she would do would be to hand me a hairbrush.
I once again stuck to trims and it got to my waist and
I found out I was pregnant with Rowan. I did cut it for that
but not like with my son, only about 8 inches. I love my hair
long and will most likely have long hair all my life but I need
to make clear there are problems with long hair. Those
problems have a name and its name is split ends! Even with
regular trims you end up with them and the longer your hair
is the more you get. Add in the fact my hair is super thick
and super dry and then try not to laugh if you see me on
a hot and humid day. The combination of long dry hair and
humidity make me resemble the bride of Frankenstein.

There is not a hair product in the world that can fix this. It was
a trade off I made, super long hair equals split ends. Plain and

Then I found the split ender. Wow, Bye Bye Split ends. The great
thing about this product is every ones hair ends at different parts
through out your head. Even a straight cut ends up uneven at
times and when ends split it becomes even more choppy. The
Split Ender takes care of those ends no matter where they
are without you having to run to the saloon every week for a trim.
You can do this at home anytime you want and when you keep
a tight reign on your split ends it keeps you hair smoother
and softer and silkier and no more frizzy fly aways. It is
super simple to use and it is almost as big a no- brainer as
brushing your hair. In fact that is what you do, place your hair
between the clips like a curling iron or flat iron and ZIP
bye bye to the frizz! Perfect every time.

It is perfect for those times you got you hair just
so and notice a spot with frizzy ends you just can't stand for
they ruin the effect. 30 seconds later and you are perfect all
over without risking cutting to much like you would scissors for
it only takes the tips. Even my son could do this and I wish I
had this when he was 8 and decided to cut his own bangs for
if he is going to use something on his hair he isn't supposed to
touch I would rather it be something that can't leave him looking
like he just got off the boat! I love how this makes my hair
look and if I had this when I chopped it all off I would still have
that same head of hair for even hormones wouldn't be enough
to allow me to chop off perfectly smooth luxurious hair!

Even better, if you hair is dry like mine and mine is so dry
it feels like horse hair some days, the split ender comes
with a bottle of Silk! Now this stuff made me want to climb
up to my roof and scream its praises! I use frizz ease and other
products like that to keep my hair smooth and glossy for
without it I look like heck. Now I like the look those products
give me but to touch it, Ewwwe! Greasy and gross. I have yet
to find a product that works until now. These are little tablets
you crack open and work into your hair when damp. Then you can
either blow dry or let air dry and what you are left with is
smooth, shinny, glossy, healthy looking hair that you can
touch and not be able to butter a pan with you hand when you
are done. I could not feel this in my hair at all. You look at me
before and after and know I did something, you touch and you
will wonder what. An added perk to this product is it makes
my hair so soft and manageable I can do all those cool, sleek
styles I never could before. When I was younger I would spend
hours trying, when I got older I would just go with the waves
because I will be darned if I spend 4 hours in the bathroom
working on my "do" then walk out in August heat for it to
insta frizz! I can't wait to I go somewhere I can show off
some styles!

This combo gets a huge two thumbs up and a
snip snip from me and you can learn more or even order
one from the button on my site. That's right, I posted
a button for I love this stuff ( the silk) that much and with
the split ender am super impressed with how it works and
the fact it is going to save me a small fortune in saloon costs!
No more Bride of Frankenstein for me!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

December 29th 2009  

Date: 12/29/2009
Stress Level: Rowan is still sick what
do you think?
New Grey hairs added: 13
That poor little baby, I would almost feel bad for her if
it wasn't for the fact she is driving me up the wall. She is
so crabby and also so stubborn and independent she doesn't
know if she is coming or going. All I know is my sanity is
going out the window and I hope she feels better soon.
I still have her glued to me like super glue and can't set
her down for a second. I have to call Andy to take a shower
or do some laundry for if you leave her alone for a second
she is on the phone calling 911 reporting that she was
abandoned. Okay, maybe not that but if she could walk
over, speak and dial the phone she would.
Since we are spending so much " quality time"
together right now I have had a few highlights in the last
few days. One of them is she is already hitting the "it
is mine" stage. What I mean by that is everything you
touch she needs and will work her tiny hiney off to get
it away from you. I have a couple of spots around the
house set up where I can sit her to play and not worry
if she tips over for I have strategically placed pillows
and blankets. There is also a bevy of toys at each location
for like I told you guys before she has the attention span of
a gnat and needs lots of things to keep her busy. Well
since she is sick she makes sure I just don't set her there
and walk away I have to sit with her. Well I am a sucker for
kids toys and can't help myself and end up playing with her
toys. Here is where the "Its Mine" comes in. No matter what
I pick up she has to drop what she is doing and grab what I
have. In turn I will pick up the next item and she drops the
one she just took from me and grabs that. We go on like
that for hours. I also was trying to play with her wooden
blocks and every time I stacked them she would knock
them down for the heck of it. She would not let me get more
then 3 high before BAM over they went. I even asked her
nicely and nope, no dice. I am not allowed to touch this
little 6 month old babies toys. Or else! I can see in a few
more months that same little angel tapping her foot and
clearing her throat saying Ahem, that is mine. What a

The worst part about the "Mine" game is
somehow my belongings become hers as well and I didn't
even see that coming. I pick up a pen, she needs it, I pick
up some paper, she needs it, I grab the remote, well, you
get the picture. My gosh does she fuss and squirm to
get it. For someone who can't even walk she sure is good
at grabbing something out of your hands even when you are
across the room from her. The other thing that is new is
she has got to be in a sitting position or you get to hear
the screams. She sits very well for herself but can't quiet
get from a laying to sitting position on her own. So this means
when ever she flops over I need to be right there to right her
or it is all out war. I pretty much know her first words will
be MINE MINE MINE! I can't wait for the day John pulls out
his multi thousand dollar Bass and that becomes hers!

The other thing that stood out today was it was the first
time I saw her afraid of something. I won a Zambi Fur real
pet and what it basically is would be a stuffed Elephant
that is robotic and when you touch its trunk or any other
key spot he moves and makes noises. I took it out of the
box and set it in front of her on her high chair. First she
smiled, then she looked a little shocked then Zambi blew
her a kiss and her bottom lip stuck out and trembled and
tears filled her eyes and the water works started. I thought
maybe it was because she wasn't feeling well so I calmed
her down and sat down with her and pet the elephant and
told her how nice it was then places it closer and touched
it to activated it again. Not even 3 seconds later, lip out,
tears in the eyes and a look of horror on her face. I was
dumbfounded for I never saw her afraid. That little guy went
in the box to she is older. It is so funny, a dollar store
doll that scares me for I am reminded of Chucky from
Child's Play is her best Buddie. A super cute baby elephant
gives her the same reaction I have when John gets to the
credit card bill before I do and notices my last shopping trip.
I felt so bad for her but then later I felt even worse for when
Andy found out he tormented her. Mean big brother!

The rest of my day was spent catering to mean mine
baby who hates Elephants and has become one of those
Monkeys that cling to their Mommy's as they swing through
the forest. If I set her down I am afraid she will feel even
sicker or worse yet her Brother the Jungle Cat will
scare my little Monkey to tears with his Ally the

And how was yourrrrrrrrrrrrrrr day?

Moral of the Day: Brothers pick on their sisters
no matter how little or cute they are!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Look out for new winners  

Hey you guys, make sure to check the winners list
for a boat load of new winners! You can tell them congrats
there! I would post them here but there are a boat load and
I have got to get some sleep!!

4 contests ended and there were 9 winners!
Way to go!

December 27th  

                                                Andrew and Rowan on Christmas Eve!

Date: 12/27/2009
Stress Level: UHG!
New Grey hairs added: 3
Things are still going to be on the short side today
for I am still behind on just about everything. Andrew is
home from his Dad's so tomorrow he can give me a
break from Rowan so I can get a little done. The last couple
of days are on the crazy side with John out of town, Rowan
sick and glued to my side and the huge amount of reviews
I got in the last few day I have not had a chance to
I truly hope each and everyone of you had a fantastic
Christmas for mine was so good I was at a loss for words.
As good as it was though I am very happy it is over for it
is so much work. The kids made out like bandits and
my house is full to the rafters with new things. Andrew
once again showed no excitement and drove his Dad nuts
for he would just once like to see his son jumping up and
down. It never bothers me for I know the boy gets everything
he wanted and just isn't an excitable child. Rowan is
beyond overwhelmed on the amount of toys she received
and has no clear cut favorites from the bunch for there is
just too much right now. She does really like the My Pal
Scarlet her brother got her and I must say for 20 bucks
that is a toy who is really worth it. We were able to personalize
it for Rowan and it says her name, favorite food and other things
just for her. I love the Rowan song and she smiles when it
is on but is still clinging to her toys she has been playing
The news I wanted to share with you guys is I won
A Motorcycle!! Really, no joke! I don't know if I can keep
it though for it said in the rules I did not read close enough
that you need a license to take possession of it and I do not
know if that means bike license or what. Even if I do get to
keep it I don't know if we will keep it for I would never sleep
again thinking of Andy on that thing. I would sell it and get the
boy a good used car. I am still really excited though! It may not
be the biggest prize I have ever won but it is pretty darn neat!
I really had a great year with contests this year and it was hard
to pick between them and the blog. I do believe that once Rowan
is a little more independent I can also start to enter again for
I will have more time!
Anyways, that is it for me today I still have a bunch to do and
it is 3 am and the only time I can do it while Clingie Girl sleeps
but I will pay for it tomorrow when I can't keep my eyes open!
Nite all!
Moral of the Day: Don't wear Motorcycle chaps without
pants on under them for your legs will really jiggle in the wind!

The disaster my house became Christmas Morning!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Snooze City Review and Giveaway  

Now you guys know how fond I am about T-shirts with
funny saying or Quotes on them. I love humor in my life
and swear that joking and laughing is the answer to all
the things in the world that can stress you out. I know a
good laugh doesn't solve your problems but it sure does
put them in perspective and lighten the load. I have very eclectic
tastes and just about anything I see that is odd, unusual, funny,
clever or just plain old different in anyway I have to have! I was
never meant to be the Grandmotherly type with Doilies and
Afghans and though I like Modern, sleek designs in my
Furniture my accents are all quirky. My accents are my personality
shinning through and I would not have it any other way.
When I stumbled across Snooze City I gasped! I had never in
all my life thought of adding some personality to my pillow cases.
What better way to display you then the place where you spend
the most time! I can even change the cases with my mood and
it would sure keep John on his toes! I was tickled to death
that there was a company out there who not only catered to colorful
people like me they the were clever enough to advertise their humor
and individuality in a place I never thought of and literally dream
on! The closest I had ever gotten to making my pillow cases speak
about my spirit is a basic black sheet with Tie die Pillow cases.
They just don't stock something this unique on the shelves at
Bed, Bath and Beyond! In fact until I found them I didn't know
a place stocked something this cool at all!

I had a blast going through their designs for they had
a little something for everyone, even people who love
doilies and Afghans would get a kick out of! I think my very
traditional Grandmother would have loved the Chandelier or
bird on a wire or even the Eiffel tower and I know my Grandfather
would have loved the King and Queen, card shark that he is.
This is something you can give as a gift even to the person
who has everything! They have pillow cases you can give children
of all ages and teens would go nuts for them. Next time Aunt so
and so asks what to get your teenager that is a practical item
they need suggest one of these. She will feel like she is getting
them something they need and will use and they will think she is
a little hipper then she really is! They cover tons of subjects so
there really is something for every taste and even have the
funny T-shirt style zingers I love! My son got the skull and crossbones
one and I was going to make you guess the one I chose but
I will give you a clue with a picture!

These Puppies are going to last too! I put them through
Michelle's quality test and Va VA voom, they sailed though. I
love the feel of them and they are so soft I wish they made
all my sheets ( hint, hint, Snooze City, I would really like some
sheets with a chalk outline of a body and some cracker crumbs
to give a big old hint to John!) for they are all I would
ever use! As well as the cases held up for my torture test I
know my sheets that I have now will be in piles under the sink
for use as rags long before these even show wear! Even Andrew,
destroyer of all that is neat and all that is orderly and all that is in
working order could not ruin these! We received their own
brand and also the David and Goliath ones and both
are super comfortable and soft and durable as all get out.
Since we are pillow people and have at least 6 pillows on
every bed in the house and an extra half dozen or so for
the couch and those days when you are achy and need
a few extra I plan on replacing all my cases with theirs.
I love the fact that no matter what kind of sheets I have on
the bed the cases will always go with them for they have
a design to go with just about every taste. It is also nice
to have cases that I can have on one bed one day and toss
on another the next with out worrying that it won't go together.
Not to mention I love to snuggle with them for they are so

Before I get to the part you guys are longing for I need to
take a time out here and let you know about the people who
run the place. I am a big fan of great customer service and
think that the few company's left out there who offer it should
be rewarded with acknowledgment of it! I have told you a few
other times about a company and want to let you know these
guys are on my top ten! There was a little confusion on what
kind of case I should review and I picked a case that was an
older model and they really wanted to see what I thought of
their new line. I understood and simply picked one of those but
these guys went out of their way and sent both to me. I was
floored for they didn't have to do that and they knew that in no
way it would have reflected on their review they are just one
of those rare breeds of company's who will go the extra mile
to see a person happy no matter what it takes. This speaks
volumes to me and goes to show that they care and will
only offer the best product there is for they truly want you
happy not just satisfied!

Even better Snooze City is going to give one of my readers
a set as well! To enter just go to their site and let me know
what ones you would pick out and come back and post it
in a comment. The Contest will start today, December 27th
and run to Midnight on February 1st.
USA and 18 and older can enter daily and the winner
will be contacted by email and have 72 hours to
contact me with their mailing information. As always
you can earn a bonus entry by entering the contest of
the day and other ways to enter are posted below.

Snooze City!

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No Throw Review and Giveaway!  

Rowan is at the age where her all time favorite
game is "Dropsy!" All Mom and Dad's know this one
and just about anyone who has spent a few hours with
a Baby six months or older has seen it in action. For those
of you who were blessed enough to not learn the game I will
explain the rules for you for it is really quiet simple.
1. Baby has toys, food, bottle or any other item that
can keep her attention and is small enough for them
to lift and manage.
2. Baby throws toys over the side of highchair, car seat,
bouncy chair, walker, stroller or swing.
3. Baby screams.
4. Mommy and Dad pick up toy and return to screaming baby
who now breaks into smiles again.
5. Repeat steps one through four for 72 hours straight
or Baby decides she is bored. ( usually on the 71st hour)

The game always starts out with Baby, Mommy and Daddy
smiling and enjoying themselves. At the very beginning Mommy
and Daddy might even encourage the baby to do it again. Now
when I say very beginning I mean the first time played, not the beginning
of every time you play for you will play a lot! Around the tenth time
over the side the Mommy and Daddy stop thinking its so cute.
That time frame may quicken if you add in factors such as a
door bell, telephone or the item going over the side involves
a lot of clean up such as a glass filled with Grape Juice or
a bowl of pureed baby food. The only thing that is consistent
with Dropsy at every house is Mommy and Daddy get tired of
the game long before baby does. You might want to keep rewards
around for "Mommy and Daddy!" to lesson the harsh blow of
reality that they will never win this game. Mommy might like
a glass of wine and Daddy could go for a beer if they manage
to lose gracefully without throwing a temper tantrum.
Most of the time Baby starts the game at home
but sometimes they like to play on the road too. A stroller or
Car seat make a perfect launching point for Dropsy and
Baby knows it! The problem with these two locations for game play
are it can take a 10 minute walk around the block and drag it
out to an hour trek where Mommy and Daddy spend more time
bending over and picking up items then pushing the stroller.
In the car Baby is in the backseat and unless there is a brother
or sister or one of baby's parents sits in the back with her you
would have to pull over the car to play your part in the game and
that is often not possible and even more so very unreasonable
to anyone over the age of 3. Baby of coarse demands "Dropsy"
be continued and will scream at the top of their lungs to they
get their way. The on the road version also offers other
obstacles such as extra needed supplies for the game. Often
the item being dropped is an item Baby normally uses in their
mouths and you need a ready supply of baby wipes for when
Baby's Bottle or Pacifier hit the dirt or other germy areas.
If you do not pack the extra supplies for the road version you
will once again be exposed to screaming baby until you find a
suitable method of washing or sanitizing the object. Rowan
is on week three of "Dropsy and I am already longing for
a good game of Tic Tac Toe. I have picked up her bottle
close to a thousand times now and every time she drops it
she smiles broader and laughs harder so I know the game
is very entertaining for her and thus will last for a long time
to come. I, on the other hand have invested in a vat of Ben Gay to
sooth my aching back from bending over and picking up the same
object over and over. The worst part of the game is in
the car for sometimes during travel she wants to play and drops
her bottle and then she realizes Mommy can't play and she
immediately decides she is hungry instead and now really
needs the bottle back. Again here is where the screaming starts
on babies part. Thank goodness they no longer show those commercials
with the man glued to a beam and the glue being strong enough to
hold him for I would be sitting there holding a bottle of Crazy glue
and eying her up right now. One dab would do and that bottle would
never hit the floor again. Thank the stars above I found No
Throw before I found Superglue!

No throw is an invention from a company called Twinn
Beginnings and is another one of those long over due products
where you smack your self in the head and go "Why Didn't I think
of that?" It is a strap that hooks on to your child's sippy cup
or bottle (I even made it work on Rowans Pacifier) on one
end and whatever she is riding in or sitting in on the other.
You can hook it to the high chair, stroller or car seat and turn
"Dropsy" into a one person game when you just can't play
with Baby. I know for a fact it is saving me money too for it
is only a matter of time before I tap the bumper of another
car while stretching and reaching and trying to retrieve Rowans
bottle to put an end to her screams. My insurance would soar
as high as Rowan's Giggles are loud when I fetch yet another
bottle! I also realized Ben gay isn't cheap and neither are any
of the pain relievers I need at the end of the day!

No Throw is not only practical this Mom found it
very valuable and I treat mine with as much love as a 21 year old
single Girl would treat a diamond tennis bracelet. This is
most defiantly one of those "how did I live without this?"
type of products! The two sisters who invented it should
be anointed saints for Yesterday was the first day since Rowan
discovered "Dropsy" that I could set her in her high chair and
eat my own dinner without bending over 30 zillion times to
fetch her toys. No Throw comes in 16 different designs, some
for boys some for girls or unisex and not only are a "Must have"
for any house with a small child they would make a perfect
gift. Next time you play "Dropsy" with your child make sure
you come out the winner!

No Throw has sent me some extra and I would like to
share with 2 of my readers! Just go to their site and come
back here and post something you have learned. The contest
will start December 27th and run to Midnight on January 31st.
USA and Canada and 18 and older can enter daily and the winner
will be contacted by email and have 72 hours to
contact me with their mailing information. As always
you can earn a bonus entry by entering the contest of
the day and other ways to enter are posted below.

No Throw

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Picture I used on cards

Picture I used on cards
Rowan with soap hair