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Sunday, February 28, 2010 Review and Giveaway!  

Jimmenie Crickets does Andrew loose money. I swear
that unless you staple it to his forehead it is gone like
the wind. It doesn't matter if you give him a dollar or
a hundred dollars he will loose it just the same. And
Fast too! I bought him wallet after wallet but they are so
clunky they are either too much of a hassle for him to
put in his pocket or they work themselves out for he
can only fit it in his back pocket and pockets now a days
are cut smaller and they just sort of "Pop" out with all
the getting up and down he does in school. I have also
just let him carry it in his pocket but he forgets it is even
in there and it ends up getting washed and sometimes it
makes it, sometimes it doesn't. Now the boy has to
have something for let me tell you he is bad, bad badddddd
with money. Last Summer, now mind you he was 15 at
the time, we went to the corner ice cream store. It is two
blocks away and we go all the time and walk the dog for
it is the perfect walk distance and hey, who doesn't want an
ice cream. Well I don't carry my purse and I know better then
to give it to him so I had the money but when we get there
we can't take the dog in. He holds her, I run in and see what
I want. I come out and take the dog and tell him what I want
and I gave him a 20 dollar bill. From where we are standing to
the counter, 15 -20 feet max and there were maybe three people
in line ahead of him. He goes in and stands there. One person
leaves with their goodies, then another, the third is helping their
kids get a grip on their ice creams and Andrew walks to the
order spot then I see him freaking out and he walks out to
"I lost the money."
"I lost the money."
"Andrew, how could you loose money in 20 feet?"
"I don't know, it's just gone."
Okay, I lost it a little. I was in the middle of a riot act
and the woman with the children came walking out and quickly
looked down. I knew she must have picked it up for she would
not even look at me and though I was angry with Andrew nobody
would call it abusive so it wasn't like she felt bad for him. She
was trying to scramble to get her three kids in their seats and I
was telling Andrew I guess we are not getting ice cream then for
I do not have my purse and I am afraid if we walk home and get
more money he will just loose it again and besides I just don't have
20 dollars to throw away every time he is irresponsible. Well I
guess her conscious got the best of her for when she was walking
back in front of her car to get in the drivers side she stopped and
said she thinks she might have his money. She wasn't sure, it
could have been there all day for all she knew but did have money
she found in the store and could we tell her what denomination the
bill was. Andrew quickly told her it was a twenty and she reluctantly
handed it over and then climbed in her car and drove off. I was
kind of stunned for I was not sure who I should be upset with,
Andrew for once again loosing money or this lady who had to have
seen him drop it and instead of doing the right thing she was just
going to keep it and if I had not had a mild temper tantrum there
was not a doubt in my mind she would not have given it back at
all. Well, anyways, the point is that is just how fast that boy can
loose money. So when I got a chance to do some product reviews
for a group of companies and one of them was a money clip from I knew just who to give it too.

I admit I was afraid at first. If Andrew looses money the clip is
not much bigger, would he loose that too? Is he the best person to
do the product review for John really wanted it too! When his band
plays out he can not carry his wallet and he needs money and
has been just cramming it in his pocket and swears it is the biggest
pain in the butt to dig it out and he also looses it in his pocket.
"What is it with guys loosing money in their pockets if it is not
in or attached to anything?" Even more so he hates having to dig
his wallet out in general and about a year ago he started using a
big paper clip as a money clip and was sticking it in my face showing
me the proof that he really needed a money clip. Well after reviewing
the site and checking out other money clips I realized this Titanium
money clip was the best clip I was going to get for my money for
you just could not beat the price on the site and I would end
up buying one for one of the boys anyways and since John is
an adult and does not loose money nearly as much as Andrew,
or at least he is smart enough not to tell me about it, I decided
to start with Andrew and then just buy one for John. I wanted
to see if this would solve the big problem before moving on with
the little. John stormed out of the room for there is something about
men and the word Titanium that gets them acting all crazy and Juvenile.
I wondered what the big deal about Titanium was so I decided to
look it up as Andrew skipped away with his prize looking like the
cat that ate the canary.
What I found out was Titanium makes for a super good
base to make products out of. It is a metal that is has a fabulous
Strength to weight properties and what that means is it is super strong
and hard to bend or mutilate or destroy. If Andrew left it sitting on
the floor of his room like he does so many things it would still be
sitting there looking as good as ever even after he stepped on it
72 million times unlike his video games and well, just about everything
else he owns and has crushed. It also stands up to different temperatures.
It is not going to melt or get cold and crack and if you leave it in
a sweltering car it wont loose its shape like something plastic would
or even get soft like gold. The other part that I really like, and
I mean really really really liked is that is has a high corrosive value.
That means that most chemicals would be like water rolling off a rock.
Andrew can wash it over and over and it won't be ruined, he
can drop it in just about anything and it can be cleaned off and
put back into service and still look like new. He had a hunting tool
that had a leather or plastic, can't really remember but it was
the handle and that boy dropped the whole thing in a can of paint
because he was daft enough to use it to try and open the lid.
Okay, knife was covered in paint, he dipped it in some sort of
solvent the boys have for God knows what and the handle melted
and the knife lost its edge. If it were pure Titanium it would have
never done that. So I like it because just about whatever they
will do to it the money clip will still be here. They might be in
the dog house but the clip will still be right as rain! Still, those
are all practical reasons and I can't see men having such an affection
for practical reasons, they are after all men and if it isn't a guy
toy of some sort they just don't get all thrilled. There had to be another
reason so I kept looking. Well, guess what? Titanium because of
all the things I told you about is the metal to have for it is used
in Body parts, Big machine blades and other heavy duty equipment and
computers and other gadgets and even airplanes and spacecraft. Now
I get it. All the stuff men think is cool is made with Titanium. It is
also going to be the metal of the future for they are just hitting the
tip of the iceberg on its practical applications. Ahh, I really get it
now, cutting edge man toys. Duh, of coarse they love it!
So now that I know how did the review go? Well, Andrew
put it through the washer 3 times, moved the old love seat to
his room when I got new furniture and sat the leg down on it
then plopped on the couch. Left it on the stove while he was
cooking and it is still ticking. Not only is it still ticking it looks
just like it did when I took it out of the box. He also has
not lost it or lost any money since he has had it. It fits in
his front pocket perfect and is just heavy enough where he knows
it is there but not too bulky that it bothers him and clips his money
in perfectly in fact so good it made it through the 3 trips to
the washer and DRYER with the money still attached when he pulled it
out. He loved it and I loved the fact that not once in the last
2 weeks did he come up to me and say, " Mom, I can't find
that 5 dollars you gave me for lunch, can I have some more?"
My only complaint is that he is so happy with it he lost track of
his wallet all together and that has his ID in it and now I have
to pay for a new ID. Well, that complaint and the fact that
every day when I inquired how the clip is working for the
review he smiles and goes on and on about how much he loves
it and Johns glare gets more and more angry. Ah, I have to get
off my duff and order his before there is an all out war between those
two over a money clip and I end up paying for a Titanium knee
The Money clip from also looks great.
Any guy would be more then happy to carry it around, even if
you didn't tell them it was made with Titanium. It is sleek and slim
and simple with no garish designs that will turn them off and the
only decor' on it is the word Titanium written neatly at the top
and that's a big plus for the guys. They are also available regular
or with a Carbiner attached so the guys can hook it to a belt or
a key-chain and everything is so reasonably priced. Seriously, when
I heard they were made with Titanium I was thinking ut oh, here
is a small fortune and that is so not the case. You guys will be
shocked too! So my final thoughts on the Money Clip from is that it is stylish, perfect for a guy, fantastically
useful and effective and will last forever and affordable and they
not only stood up to my son they saved his little butt for if
he lost money one more time he might be the one fertilizing
my garden this summer. Really folks, it is a great deal on
a great product and makes an even better gift, I just can't be
any more clear then that! is also going to give one of my
readers a money clip too. You don't even have to give it
to your teenage son though they will love you if you do!
To enter just head over to the site and take a look around
then come back here and post what you liked best in a
comment. The contest will start tonight and run to midnight
on April 19th.
USA and 18 and older can enter daily and the winner
will be contacted by email and have 72 hours to
contact me with their mailing information. As always
you can earn a bonus entry by entering the contest of
the day and other ways to enter are posted below.

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