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Monday, February 1, 2010

Happy Baby Food Review and Giveaway!  

YUM food! Michelle Loves to eat and it shows on my
hips. I have been trying to lose the last 20 pounds of
Baby weight I put on with Rowan for 6 months now and
I am just not making any headway at all. I started out
with a Bang and lost 70 in less then a month then I
stalled out and can't lose another ounce. It is because
I love to eat and do it often, um, all day, and every
day. Just a munch munch munch away. One person
in this house who's food is pretty safe from my constant
snacking is Rowan. Have you seen baby food? YUCK!
I can't believe most kids will even allow you to put it
in their mouths. Now I will admit that a few things,
the desserts mostly, smell pretty good and I have tasted
a finger or two but the main courses, yikes, too nasty to
even think about. The combinations alone are enough
to make it hard for me to even feed her without a Chuck
the Yuck bag nearby. Now I am not a fanatic that has
to eat off a plate where no food touches the other and
don't have issues like that but it is just some of the choices
I see them toss into a jar of baby food. How are our kids
going to learn to eat healthy and well when we don't offer
them the foods we are going to eat in real life? I don't
understand how I am supposed to offer Rowan healthy foods
when she is a little older when I am shoving junk in her
little body now. Let's be real here, most food is an acquired
taste and if we acquire the taste for garbage first that is
what we are going to want to eat later. Andrew was
born before the Organic craze and there were not many options
out there but I still made sure to have plenty of fresh foods
and lots of options available to him at home. By 3 years
of age he was eating Calamari and every kind of vegetable
out there and would pick Grapes over Chips every time you
gave him the choice. Now he is 16 and yes, the last 5 years
since he started Jr High he has slipped into junk food but he
still often asks for food other kids would push off their
plates and whatever foods out there you are thinking no
way a child would eat, he has and loves it! With Rowan
I have noticed a lot of healthy items available right at
a retail store but have not noticed many that look
like something I would want to even eat let alone feed
to her.
Food, YUM
Baby Food, YUCK!

Then I got the chance to do a review for Happy Baby. Here
is an Organic Food I can get behind and when I say Organic
I mean FRESH Organic and not just a brand that slaps the
label on the Bottle and puts them on a shelf. Their baby
food is just like something you would make in your own
kitchen and instead of adding a ton of preservative to keep
it on the retail shelves longer they freeze it so when you heat
and eat you know your Baby is getting a food that comes
right from a kitchen to you. You do not get fresher then
that! Even their Baby Cereal is fresh and tasty for they
take natural grains and no genetically engineered ingredients
and the only thing they do add is DHA that is spectacular for
eye and brain development and recommended by doctors
everywhere. Even their snacks are ones you can feed your
little bundle without stressing that you are doing the right
thing. These are PERFECT for me because Rowan is at that
age and so determined to feed herself she fights me every
step of the way. I end up giving in an letting her have a
cracker or something only to watch her shove it in and
almost choke for she just isn't old enough. The Organic
Puffs from Happy Baby melt in her mouth so she doesn't
end up with too much food in her little mouth and I can
let her eat without trying to pry everything she stuffs
in right back out and breath a sigh of relief. They are made
with Whole Grains and come in 3 flavors to add a little
variety to a Baby's limited diet selections and again, the only
thing they add is extra vitamins and minerals. Even the
packaging is green! The part I like best is they not only
have Apple and Banana Puffs we know our kids will
like they also have Green Puffs that will sneak in some veggies
and she just thinks she is enjoying a treat!

Now when looking for a sweet treat I have now fell in love
with the Happy Melts. These are the only Freeze Dried Yogurt
snacks out there and offer all the yummy goodness of yogurt
in a finger sized snack they can pop in their mouth and go.
They are low in everything but flavor and also add what should
be Happy Baby's trademark of added probiotics to make
sure she not only enjoys what she eats she gets super
healthy perks too! Organics really did just get better. Now for
meal time Happy Baby has Happy Bites and instead of the
Yuck I have been, or now HAD been feeding her these are
complete yummy balanced meals in handheld sizes and have
some really great flavors and some hidden veggies so Mom
can smile when she enjoys it and know it is super good for
her! Now we all know kids love Mac and Cheese and Chicken
Bites but these also come in Salmon and Vegi Tots because
like I told you before what you feed your kids when they are
little will reflect in their eating habits later. Happy Tot also
has Salba, natures super grain and comes in handy pouches
that not only make eating on the run easy as pie, storage
at home just got a lot more simple too. Plus remember
the nasty combos I told you about, well you are not going to
find that here. With meals such as Green Beans, Pears and
Peas and Banana, Peach, Prunes and Coconut, no more
Chuck the Yuck bags at my elbow. I have a hard time not
grabbing a spoon and digging in myself!

Happy Baby also has a book to help Mom and Dad
with feeding Jr and making the right choices. It is all
inclusive and tells you tips and offers advice on when
to feed baby this and what time is best to introduce that
and perfect for not only first time Moms and Dads but
people unfamiliar with Organic foods. They also don't
stop at food and let you know all about wipes and diapers
and everything else that you would need to know. The book
is in such an easy to follow format even with my crazy
lifestyle and busy pace I can just flip it open, go right to
where I want to go and be on my way in a heartbeat. Um,
did I mention the book also have well over 100 bucks in
coupons right in the back. Now there is a way to not
only get started on the path to a great wholesome
Organic life but save some cash too! This is a must have
for parents and perfect for cluing you in on what is
the perfect time to feed baby foods you had questions
about! Happy Baby in general offers everything Moms
and Dads need for their little one and all of their products
are not only super fresh and yummy but packed with
Vitamins and Nutrients you just can't find elsewhere. I
am super pleased that I got a chance to do a review for
these guys for I had not heard of them before this and
might have missed a super chance to feed Rowan right
and now I get to chuck those Yuckiest foods I have
been feeding her right into the trash where they belong!
Happy Baby made one happy Mommy out of me!

Happy Baby wants to make a happy Mommy and
Daddy out of you guys too and have offered to give one
of my readers the same goodies I got to review. One
winner will get the book and all the spectacular coupons
plus free product coupons for their product line. You
guys will get to try a little of everything for once you do
I promise you that you will say Gerber who? next time
someone asks! To enter just head over to their web site
and take a look around. Check out the products and then
come back here and post what you have learned in a comment.
The contest will start tonight and run to midnight on
March 21st!
USA and 18 and older can enter daily and the winner
will be contacted by email and have 72 hours to
contact me with their mailing information. As always
you can earn a bonus entry by entering the contest of
the day and other ways to enter are posted below.

Happy Baby

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is completed.

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post that you are. 3 entries,
please post 3 times.

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Picture I used on cards
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