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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Dream Essentials Review and Giveaway!  

Ugh! When I had Andrew he broke something
in me. I always roll my eyes when guys ramble on
about women and hormones but some of it is true
for after he was born, within a few months I started
to get Migraines. BAD! I would get them so bad I
would cover all the windows in the house with blankets
and lay on the bathroom floor since it was cold and cry
like a little baby. Andrew in one room crying, me in another.
Now I have been fortunate that they have decreased in their
severity for those first couple of years I would get a few
a month. That's a lot to bare and unless you suffer from true
Migraines you will never know how hard it is. You have the
day it knocks you out then you have the next where you
just feel like you have been ran over by a Mac Truck. You
are so weak you can barely move. All you can do is learn to
cope and one of the things I ended up doing was taking down
the blankets and getting a sleep mask.

Let's face it, blankets all over your windows is not very
attractive. And since I could not afford those window adhesives
that block out the light I had to figure something out. We are
talking about once a week or so I needed to find something that
was convenient to use, works good and does not make my home
look like an eye sore. So first a Doctor then a friend recommended
a Sleep Mask. Well, I think the Doctors words were pretty much
"I can't even make the headaches go away there little Missy but
next time you feel one coming on grab your self a cold pack and
cover your eyes. Just relax to it's over," and I don't think I need
to explain that he is no longer my doctor but I will give him credit
the cold pack and the mask do help. Now lucky for me as time went
on my headaches have grown less frequent and now I only get maybe
one or two a year and I have a Doctor that can treat them and medication
to combat it. Great strides in the medical world have been made
since the day I was told to just relax and the medicine I take does
something to my blood cells that just shuts it off and I really don't
need the mask but I have to tell you over the last ten, fifteen years
I have came to depend on it. The mask served for more then just
headache relief, I worked late nights and the mask blocked out the
sun so I could rest. It helped me relax by blocking out distractions.
The fact everything appeared blocked out was enough to trigger my
own body into thinking it was time to relax so no matter how rushed
or harried my life was I could still get some down time and I needed
that. Think of it as a Sensory Deprivation Tank without the pruned
fingers. I love them and I truthfully do not think I could sleep without
one. When the world whizzes by and you only have so much time to
relax you want to optimize that time and a sleep mask allows me to
do just that. I have owned about 2 dozen masks over the years for
various reasons:
Some are just not comfortable.
Some are poor quality and fall apart from normal
Some are not made to fit properly and though work for a
normal person who just likes it dark, they do not rest well
on my face and when I have a headache they cause more
pain then offer relief.
Some were lost to a puppy
Some were just lost.
Some I used so much they eventually wore out and I needed
to replace them though I could never find the same mask again.
So I have learned I need these masks but finding good ones
that last and I can replace when needed has became my new
problem. Then recently, and this cracks me up for masks are not
a new item on my night stand, I came across Dream Essentials
and realized I need a mask for more then I thought I did for
they have items that make the ones I have been using look like
child's play. In fact these guys have sleep aids in general that
can take a die hard insomniac and allow them to sheer those
sheep for the warmest blanket because their products will have them
dozing before they count to one. Let's look at the masks to start
with for I am in slumber heaven here. They offer items that fit
great, last forever and have perks like Aromatherapy and Cold
Packs built right in. Masks that offer extra cover so no light at
all can sneak in, ones for children and Masks that are pretty for
I never even thought I could sneak in a little style on something
I considered a medical item. There are dozens of choices and
one for every need and if you have never tried to get a good night
sleep with a mask you owe it to yourself to try for it is truly
relaxing and you will see the quality of your sleep soar for when
you block out life's little annoyances and allow yourself to focus on
your own comfort and relaxation the difference you feel will be
staggering. I was sent the Dream Essence for review and also the
Butterfly. Both are completely different and offer a whole bunch of
special features and I have found myself using them both for different
reasons but one thing they both have in common for me right now
is I don't think I could live without either. The Dream Essence is
a silky soft mask I have been using for stressful days when I am
having a hard time unwinding. It is like Goodnight Tea or warm Milk
for your face. It has features such as:
100% light blocking for effective sleep and relaxation
Features a pocket for removable complimentary scented sachet
Mask secures around head with silky sheer Comfort Snug
And it is the sachet I want to tell you about. We all know aroma
theraphy works. It is a proven fact that scents offer us some
pretty wonderful benifets and the packet that comes with this mask
allows the user the chance to relax. You are lulled into a state
of bliss with the delightful smell and lavender and chamomile are
often used to encourage sleep and had me sawing lumber before
I knew it. This mask I used for those hectic days that I have a
problem shutting off and it is pretty much the next best thing to
sliced bread. Dreams are made of this mask, literally. The other mask
I recieved was the Butterfly and if I had this when that doctor told
me his advice 15 years ago I might not have thought him such a
Quack. The Monarch Butterfly Dreams Silk Eye Pillow relieves tired eyes,
and soothe sinuses and can be refridgerated to use as a cold pack.
With my sinus issues and this dry house I have often fallen victom to
a Migraine just because I was already combatting other issues and
was susecptable. The Butterfly is a theraputic mask that helps
reverse those problems and pressue and leaves me better able to
cope and is perfect for blocked sinus passages and pressue build
up. I have slept with this mask when I could feel a headache comming
on but I got to tell you, when I feel the tension start to build I
grab this baby from the fridge and slip into a super hot tub
and relax with this and when I am done I feel like a whole other
woman. It just works so well I have been driving John nuts for
I am determined to have a garden tub to go with the mask now
that I found out how much I enjoy it. I pretty much do not care
how he gets the tub or where we have to move to get one
but this mask deserves a tub that is as comfortable and cozy
and relaxing as it is. Both of the masks I reviewed are head
over feet better then any of the DOZENS of masks I have went
through over the years and I am tickled pink to have found
dream essentials. I can't wait to get my hands on the Contoured
or Sweet Dreams for they are fitted and I think they would serve
spectacular for my every day needs. Not sure what mask is for
you or have never tried and need some help getting your feet
wet? Here is the thing I really found cool about Dream Essentials,
they have a guide. Each mask you look at has a little leagond
under the discription that explains who would benifet most from
the mask. It tells you details like made for a side sleeper,
washable, ear plugs and anything else you would need help with
when you are trying to choose the mask best for you. Unlike
me and the years of trial and error I spent learning what worked
for me, it is all right there for you and they just took the
guess work out. Since I have tried a lot if differant styles I took
some time to go over thier suggestions to see if I found them
accurate and they hit the nail right on the head for each varitety
of sleep mask I have ever tried. Well, other then the super
cheap crappy ones for they just didn't have any of those and trust
me when I first started wearing a mask to sleep I tried more then a
few of those. So if you have issues getting some rest,
headaches or sinus problems or work an odd shift I suggest you
check out the masks for Dream Essentials has a selection that
will keep you rested and comfortable for a long time to come and
a lot of times when I do a review for you guys I am learning about
a product right a long with you. This time it is something I know
a lot about and hope that I can save you some of the bad choices
I have made over the years for the masks here are top notch.
Now I am not done for neither is Dream Essentials for
these guys offer a whole lot more then just sleep masks. Dream
Essentials also carries Sound Conditioners, Body Pillows, Ear Plugs
and items for Travel. Foot Cozys and Heatable Slippers, oh, my,
I think I am in love! I am hoping to get my hands on a lot more
products from these guys to review for you for I never knew there
were so many items to make your life more relaxing and these
guys are like the bedroom Mecca when it comes to comfort
and a lot of these items are now on my "Must Have" list!
Did you know they make a speaker that goes right in your pillow?
How cool is that? The Book Light is one that is not a cheap old
clip on that breaks in days at my house but, oh, heck, you have
got to see it! It just slips on the side of the page and rocks.
I have got to have the Sunrise Alarm Clock for instead of being
jarred awake in the wee hours of the morning and being crabby
all day this clock is like the sunrise and step by step brings you
out of your deep slumber their other products put you in. Go to
bed sweetly, sleep deeply and wake up refreshed and revitalized.
I am hooked! The Body Pillow? To die for! I just can't get
enough of this store and now that I am well rested I have the
energy to do so!

Dream Essentials doesn't think I am the only one who
deserves to be refreshed and they are going to give one
a my readers the same mask I reviewed. One reader will
will drift off to la la land with the calming scents from the
Dream Essance. To enter just head over to thier site and take
a look around then come back here and post what you have
learned in a comment. The contest will start tonight and run to
Midnight on APril 12th.
USA and 18 and older can enter daily and the winner
will be contacted by email and have 72 hours to
contact me with their mailing information. As always
you can earn a bonus entry by entering the contest of
the day and other ways to enter are posted below.

Dream Essentials

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post that you are. 3 entries,
please post 3 times.

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