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Sunday, February 28, 2010 Review  

Now I love perfumes! LOVE! Birthday is coming up
and (Hint) perfume ( HINT hint) makes such a lovey
( HINT HINT HINT!!) gift! No, really now, I do love
them and before my house burned down I had over 200
different types of perfume on my dresser. I guess you all
know why my room burned so fast now! I got hooked on
perfume when I was a teenager and received my first bottle
of Luv's Baby Soft. Boy did I love that stuff, still do, shhhhhh,
it's a secrete, I don't want all my adult friends knowing I
still have a thing for a kids perfume and REALLY don't tell
John for that stuff is really cheap and that will be the only
gift he ever buys me again with his squeaky wallet. I really
don't know where my thing for perfume came from for I certainly
did not get my tastes in perfume from my Mother. She wore
Jean Nate and oh-my-gawd I swear I still feel ill every single
time I get a whiff of that stuff. By the time I was 18 I already
had all the big sellers and was really into Obsession and Poison
and Oscar De La Renta then and by 25 I had over a 100 different
kinds and had branched out to off the wall ones and collectibles
and custom jobs. Now this was before the Internet and I really
had to search for some of these. The popular ones I could
get at the mall or even better the Duty Free store for the savings
there were incredible and I also have a thing for the cosmetic
gift sets, you know what I am talking about, by so much of
this and get a free bag filled with all these cool items. I loved
that for not only did I get my perfume I got a bonus bag of
make-up to go with it. My employees also knew how hooked
I was and would bring me in perfume they found for Christmas
and ( Hint Hint) my Birthday and my collection just grew and
grew. I even had perfume from other country's that you could not
get here, and some smelled so bad I know why, but it was
the bottles I loved just as much as the perfume so it was all
good for me! After the fire I was crushed and never thought I
would collect them all again but in the last year I have found
a few new ones I loved and my collection is slowly starting to
come to life once again.

Now I have help though. I no longer have to burn 42
thousand miles onto the car to search stores and malls and
off the wall places in search of a certain scent. Now I can go
right on-line and find everything I need with a simple keystroke.
One place I am in love with is I could live on
that site and was tickled pink when they asked if I would like
to review a perfume for them and tried hard to keep my composure
as I said yes when inside I was screaming like a little girl.

The perfume they sent me for review is Ed Hardy by Christian
Audigier. I just love this stuff, Hey, I even love the cute little
canister it comes in and the bottle is the bomb too! It is a tall
thin one with Ed Hardy designs on it and I am a huge Ed Hardy
fan! One of my favorite scents is Citrus and I fell in love
with it about ten years ago with a Donna Karen scent they
no longer make. The perfume from Ed Hardy has sweet touches
of Mandarin and I would consider that the base smell. It is
highlighted by Bergamot, Thuja and Sage and each bring their
own offering to the table. The Bergamot and Thuja make it smooth
and hold the Mandarin together and the Sage has bite and now
the scent pops. I love how if you pay close attention you can
actually smell all of the scents mingling together and though the
sweetness of the Orange shouts you are alive to the world once
someone gets close enough they will also know you may be
alive but you are complicated to boot. Nothing in Ed Hardy is
fussy or overpowering and the whole thing blends together like
it was meant to walk hand and hand. This is not as Citrus like
as the Donna Karen I loved with all my heart but the Ed Hardy
doesn't fail to remind me of that and still keeps its own distinct
style and aroma. I knew the first time it tickled my nose I was
in for a treat and Ed Hardy is a perfect for everyday blend
that will brighten your spirits and lighten the room when you walk
in smelling like a sweet candy coated Orange that isn't going to
be pushed around! Yum and Delicious to Ed Hardy! has hundreds of different perfumes
and thousands of scents. Anything you could ever want they
have it and would you believe it, my old favorite DK is back
for round two and I can now get it again. You know what I
am doing when I am done typing this up. The site is super
easy to navigate and your scents and brands are listed
alphabetically to make finding them a snap. The list of items
they have in stock is staggering so be prepared to spend some
time. If on the rare chance and I bet you a buck it won't happen
but on the rare chance they do not have it you can request
the item you want for they do whatever it takes to make every
person happy for everyone is important to them! They carry
Women's and Men's scents and Gift sets and also items for the
kids. If you need more then just perfume they have you covered
there as well with Skin Care items and Make-up and Haircare.
They also want to help you relax and offer Aromatherapy items
and candles. I mean really, what else could you ask for?
I think they already have you completely covered! also has specials and sales
like crazy. Gifts under 50 dollars, celebrity's scents, kids items
and new releases and a whole bunch of half off perfumes and
other products from their site. Yes, I said 50 percent off! I
was in shock too when I saw it. That doesn't even include the
clearance center! Heard about something that you think you are
going to love but are afraid to dole out your hard earned cash
to you know for sure? Well can help there too.
They have those Vials you can order. Those little purse ones
that are good for a dozen or so times and for just a little
bit of money you can find out if you really want to drop that
fortune on the hottest scent of the year. While we are on the
subject of fortunes I know how expensive good perfume is
but on they bring you some of the most
inexpensive prices you will ever find. I found a perfume I just
paid 80 dollars for last fall for 45 on the site and that was
not even a sale price it was an everyday. After I hung my
head in shame for paying so much I got out my dance shoes
and did a jig for I know I will never pay so much again.
Now I have You guys should go check them
out too for I got plenty of room on the dance floor and I know
I will see you there!!

What next?

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Picture I used on cards
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