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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Kahina Review and Giveaway!  

Have you guys heard of Kahina? I hadn't
until recently. I saw them in a magazine at
the doctors office and after I read a little
bit about them I ran right home and did a whole
lot more research. This is the next Monster Brand
guys! With Products as good and as acclaimed as
their products are I don't see how they can't be.
I read pages and pages of reviews where people
were pretty much calling their Argan Oil they
use as the foundations in their products the
new fountain of youth. Magazine after magazine
has written about their product line and now that
I am ( cough cough) 40 I am looking for something
right up this alley for three reasons:
1.I am showing my age now
2.I am scared to death I will end up looking like
the Cat lady if I go to a plastic surgeon.
3.Even if I was not a super big coward I could
never afford the prices they charge. Any plastic
Surgeons out there want a review done?

I am also really terrible on using anything on
a regular basis that is more then one or two
simples steps. Take Proactive, I could never
ever use it for its like 42 million things you
have to do to use it correctly and if you don't
follow all the steps it will never work right.
Give me extra concealer and friends with poor
eyesight instead. Kahina is supposed to be
a little more simple then that. Let's hope
for I need a fix and I need it now!

I got my big girl panties on and thought
I would send them a letter and see if I could
do a review. I know when places are on the up
like they are they seldom have time for the
little guys like me and most of the time with
something like that I get a polite NO thank
you but it never hurts to ask. I got a speedy
response and that is sorta like a Jury verdict,
at least on Law and order, speedy means you
are in trouble now! Hey, even Law and Order can
get it wrong once in a while for can you believe
it they said yes! Kahina sent me a travel pack
so I could try a little bit of more then one of
their products and it was pretty darn awesome. The
pack included such items as The Argon Oil, the
Cleanser and the Cream. The first item I grabbed
was that Argon Oil. It was pure Argan Oil and
supposed to work to:
•Minimize fine lines
•Restore elasticity
•Improve skin tone
•Reduce inflammation
•Neutralize free radicals
•Protect the skin from harmful environmental agents

Yeah, you are pretty much reading the checklist on
my own mirror of my issues for I got them all in
spades and no aces up my sleeve. I used it a week
before passing judgment and I could have wrote this
a few days after I received it for it already was
doing a spectacular job. In fact I went out to
our Corner Bar on Saturday because I have not left
the house in over a year and just needed to have some
me time. They had a Blues Band and that is a great way
to unwind so off I went while John stayed with Rowan.
When I walked in an old friend I had not seen in a few
years was in there and I was so surprised. He is maybe
8 years older then me but I have known him for about
20 years for him and my sons Dad used to own a business
together. He was as surprised to see me as I was him
and I had to pull out the baby pictures and it was nice
to have someone to talk to. The tables there are like
high wooden Banquet style seating and about 10 people
can sit at one so you are always sitting by people you
don't know. Across from us were two younger girls
and a hour or so after they sat down one of them
pulled out a compact that was adorable so I had to tell
her. They were friendly and I started speaking to them
and I was making jokes that we have kids as old as them,
turns out they were 21 and Johns oldest is 25 so older
then them.I told them I wasn't dead yet for I just had
a baby and they laughed and said to tell you the
truth we thought you were much younger.
"You did, did you?"
"Yeah, it is kinda embarrassing."
"What is?"
"We thought you were maybe 30 and some sort of
Gold Digger for your friend looks so much older then
Blow me over with a feather. I told them I was almost
41 but they just gave me the best complement ever. My
friend didn't think so but I sure did and to cement the
deal the guy who was sitting the other way with
his friend leaned over and said, "I didn't mean to
ease drop but there is no way your over 40. I thought
you were way younger then this guy too!" Feather, heck,
a picture of a feather would have worked! Now Kahina,
you are my new best friend for I would not have had
that reaction a few weeks ago. Now that is proof if
I ever heard it. For me to be a text book "Gold Digger"
the man would have to be 70 plus so I think I am doing
pretty good to have them think I could go mining with
a man only a few years older then I!

The next product I tried was the cleanser. This
stuff was the bomb too! Not only did it get my face
squeaky clean it left it moist and soft too. Unlike
other cleansers that dry out your skin while removing the
dirt, Kahina's left everything good about my skin, the
few perks I had left and rolled those into some extra
perks their cleanser offers such as:
•Replace moisture loss
•Eliminate toxins and impurities
•Gently tone and exfoliate
•Brighten skin
And they deliver, remember, 30ish gold digger says so.
The last product I tried was the lotion and that was flat
out yummy! It contains all the things we use today in
a bunch of top shelf lotions but the thing here is they
are all in the same lotion. Ya, heard me, all in one.
You have your Argan Oil, of coarse, then Shea Butter
and Bees Wax. We have all heard how good Shea Butter is
and Bees Wax has that Royal Jelly thing going for it.
The Lotion is light wth a very mild scent and easy to
absorb. Also it:
•Optimally hydrates
•Protect against harmful environmental stressors
•Provide suppleness
I am really impressed with the whole product line and
can now see why all the fuss. These guys have taken
something that has been around forever in certain
parts of the world, perfected it and brought it to
the rest of us. I will have them in my bathroom from
here on out for I enjoy looking like a 30 year old, gold
digger even if I am 10 or more years older and not !

You can give it a whirl too for I have a Bottle of
the eye cream one of you can win! To enter just head
over to their site and take a look around then come
back here and post what you have learned in a comment.
The contest will start tonight and run to midnight on
March 27th!
USA and 18 and older can enter daily and the winner
will be contacted by email and have 72 hours to
contact me with their mailing information. As always
you can earn a bonus entry by entering the contest of
the day and other ways to enter are posted below.

Kahina Giving Beauty

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Picture I used on cards
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