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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Hot off the press!!  

Hi guys,
                      Just found out today I have two more reviews
and contests on the way! These ones are edible and if you have
had John's cooking you know we need all the food around here
we can get!

    First off is Gamer Grub
  I am really wanting to try this since we are
a family of gamers and always looking for
something to munch on when playing. Hey,
I don't have time to get up and eat when I
am teaching my son what it is like to get
schooled by the Queen of the gaming world!
They are also offering a contest to my readers!
Oh, and FYE, note to the rest of you Gamer
Guys and Gals I am the Queen!

Next I plan to hide:
     Cowgirl Chocolates is sending some
dreamy goodness to me. If it is Chocolate
it is for me! Not sure what I am getting yet
but this is a review I will do all by myself.
SHHHHHHHHHHHH, don't tell the boys!
They are also offering a contest! Yum, for you
too. I hope you share with me!

Monday, November 28, 2005

Just in!!!  

I have some more new goodies to
report to you guys! New contests and
product reviews are coming your way once

Hearthsong has offered to Spenser a review and
a giveaway. They have some really unique and adorable
gifts for children there as well as some educational items.
I am not sure what I am going to get yet but I do love a
surprise and I will make sure to get the review ( and Contest ya
contest hounds) posted as soon as I can.

Tropical Traditions is sending me some Gold
Label Virgin Coconut Oil to review. I use oil a lot
around here and try to find healthy alternatives
but have yet to find the perfect fit for my family.
I have never tried Coconut oil so I am interested in
what it will be like. I know I love love love coconut in
general so let's hope I don't just drink it straight. I was
also thinking a lot of Tai Food is based in Coconut and my
sons newest pleasure is Tai food so I might try my hand
at cooking some and use the oil there too! I will let you
know what I concoct and how it turns out!

Aunt Sadie's is going to host a review and contest
for me soon and I can't wait. I just discovered the
joy of candles not all that long ago and have been
going a little nuts with them. I am super excited to
be able to review theirs and you guys should be too
for not only are they offering 6 free candles ( a 96
dollar value) as a prize they are going to give my
readers a special discount all of their own. Find
out first hand how they are, chance to win some
free ones and money off! You just can't beat that!

Last of all I would like to let you guys know
that the restaurant review section will not
be started until the first of the year. I just
have so much going on right now with the
Holidays we have not had a chance to get out
and eat. I can't post a review until I try it!
Maybe you guys can email me with some
ideas of places you have wanted to try and
that will be the restaurant I start with. I am
also going to try and do a special post
here and there for local places since
I have a lot of Michigan readers who
would love some ideas just for them.
Being in the field for as long as I was I
hope to give you guys some behind
the scene tips and insight as well!

Signing off to I have more to

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Just off the press!  

Hey guys

So many new things coming you way.
All this excitement has kept me a busy little

Scrubz is sending some of their yummy goodness
to review and a contest to boot!

Board Album books is also hosting a contest and letting
me review one of their photo albums just for kids!
Too Cute!

Hug A Planet is also sending some goodies for me
and one of my readers. Just in time for the Holidays!

Sprout Baby has everything for your little one from
toys to feeding to baby care and they are sending me
a food container to review and offering a contest and
a discount for my readers. I can't wait!

Last on my new to you list is Shanti boutique. They
make gifts for Mom and all your friends with some
really unique charms and Jewelry. They are sending
a product for me to review and hosting a contest for you!

I hope all these reviews will take the guess work out of you
Holiday shopping!

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

So many new things coming your way!  

Lot's of stuff coming your way guys!

First up we will be co-hosting contests for a t-shirt
of choice from Nacho Mama Tees and Crazy Dog T-Shirts.
Both contests should be posted in the next day or two
so keep an eye out!

Next up, Kinder Glo by Blue Moon Lights is hosting
a product review and a contest for our readers and I
can't wait. These are too cute for words!

After that Agoo Clothes for active kids is sponsoring
a product review of their leg Huggers and they too
are kind enough to offer a contest to my readers!
Just in time for those cold winter months!

Last on the list of newly added is Men's Gifts for
Less. I am not sure off all the details as of yet
but after speaking with them I know something
good is coming your way.

I have so many more good things in the works
for you guys so make sure to check back on
a regular basis. Also don't forget to check the
Fashion, Makeup and Style page for I have been
sharing some tips on Winter Dry Skin for you all!

Monday, November 21, 2005

Just in  

Hi guys

I have some more goodies coming your way.

Wat-ahh is sending a Holiday gift pack for me to check out
and is going to give one to you guys too.

Thats right guys, one lucky reader will get a mixed case
of Wat-ahh. Just hang on its on the way!

Saturday, November 19, 2005

New Product review from My Lip Stuff  

Hey Guys,
           Another FYI!

    My Lip Stuff is sending me some of their product to review and they are also going
to host a contest. You guys are going to be given the chance to win a 6 pack of Lip
Balms. I can't wait!

  Curious Chef is also sending me some of their items for review. YUM, I love
anything that has to do with the kitchen!

Friday, November 18, 2005

Movie Review is now up and running  

  Hey Guys


 The DVD movie Reviews are now active and posted.A new one should be featured every ten days or so and if anyone has a movie they would like to see reviewed just shoot me a message.
This weeks choice is Land of the Lost with
Will Ferrel!



WeeSqueak Shoes is letting me
review some of their ever so cute
baby shoes from the Beibi line.
I love these styles and can't wait
to share if they work as good as
they look!
A contest will also be offered!

The Charm Factory is
sending me an 8 charm ~
charm bracelet that is all
about ME! I have always wanted
one and I am giggling as I type
for I feel like a little kid. I plan
on sharing every juicy detail with
you guys!
The Charm Factory is also kind
enough to offer one lucky reader
a Charm Bracelet of their own so
you guys can giggle as much as
I am!

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Look What is New  

Hey Guys!

Just some quick announcements to let you know about some
product reviews and contests coming up.

For books we have 3 in the works
Double Trouble
Perfect for those of us hooked on thrillers and detective story's
They are also offering a contest to go along with the review
From Peanuts to pressbox
You guessed it, a sports book. This just might
be the holiday gift you are looking for because we
all have hard to shop for men in our lives.
The One Year Devotions for Preschoolers 2
This little bitty offers help for those
of us lost when it comes to remember all
those little story's and other moral we
learned in Sunday school and other
childhood groups. I am really looking forward to
it since my Grandmother is gone and she
was the person who handled all that.


First up we have Rockin' Green Detergent
right up my alley for I have a little one and if
I told you she was neat and I didn't need help
lightening would strike me down as we speak.
A contest will also be offered
Second up is from Soda Stream
Can it get any better then making
your own soda? Just how much do we
spend getting a 20 ounces here and
a 2 liter there! I know I can put a kid
or two through collage with my
savings this product says it can
A contest is also coming from
this little baby

Picture I used on cards

Picture I used on cards
Rowan with soap hair