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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Kid Bean Review and Giveaway!  

Rowan is just learning to have some favorite
toys. I am not talking about the ones she just liked to
play with or the ones that just keep her entertained. She
is an adventurous little girl and lots of things keep her
entertained. Heck, a Cracker Wrapper keeps her entertained
for everything is new and exciting. I am talking about
toys she smiles when she sees. Holds close and offers
hugs and it is plain to see to anyone, truly loves. She
has favorite toys, yes, but in the last 6 weeks or so
she has adopted a couple of Babies of her own and
I get just as mushy as she does when I see her offer
her baby kisses and hugs. Right now there are two
that are her special little babies though I have offered
her many dolls. I always wanted to shop for them and
I admit I have gotten a little carried away. Though my
efforts were futile for not one of the dolls I choose were
her choice. None of the ones I thought she would favor
are greeted with her hugs and kisses and those adorable
baby smiles. Her picks are hers alone and I already can
see the trend forming where it will not be long before she
has to tuck her baby in before I tuck her in. It won't be
long before she understands how much a Mommy can love
her baby.
I can't help but to smile when she does at the site
of one of her babies and when you ask her if she wants to
hug her baby and she grabs them with gusto and squeezes
them with more energy then she has ever squeezed me and
pats their little heads as if she is offering them comfort. A child's
first toy that they truly love is enough to tug on even the most
stoic persons heart strings. Now I told you, I went a little, well
a lot, nuts buying dolls for her to try and peak her interest but
it was this next product review I did that provided her Baby that
she keeps close to her heart. Kid Bean is an Organic Children's
store that offers a wide selection of items starting at your bath
and body care needs all the way down to your toys, clothing and
furniture. Whatever you need they have. They have the hottest
and most efficient brands of baby carriers with brands like New Native
Baby and I spent a lot of time with my shoe fetish and their
children's shoes and was totally impressed by their own line of
Organic shoes. Their Organic Sandals are just the thing for the
up-coming spring and were so cute I just about forgot I was
looking for Rowan. I was also impressed because a lot of the
products they carry I have reviewed before and know first hand
just how great and exceptional the quality is and was really
excited to have them all located in one convenient place.
Every department has an impressive selection and you can
be confidant with your purchase for they take pride in offering
you only the best Organic Products on the market. Normally I
would not go that far in my claim but like I told you I have
personally tried a lot of these items already and know just how
good they truly are.
Before I tell you about some of the items I fell in love with
on the site let me tell you about the item Rowan fell in love with.
For the review Rowan received a doll. Not just any doll mind you,
a Honeysuckle Dreams Doll that is made just for your child. This doll is
Organic and made from 100% Organic Cotton and also made in the
good old U.S of A so you know it has a superior quality you can
trust but thats not all. When you order it you pick out the details
and when your child recieves this Doll it is the spitting image of
them. Rowans has strawberry Blond hair, blue eyes and I swear is
almost as cute as she is. My little baby has her own little baby
that looks just like her and there could not be a cuter site in
the whole world. The cute factor is through the roof here but that
is not the only thing that made the Honeysuckle Dreams doll so
perfect. It also makes the best doll for a childs first when you
factor in there are no small parts, nothing that can come off in
babies mouth, all hand maid and embrodored with quality stitching
and even the coloring is made from natural dyes from roots, leaves,
flowers and berries so you do not have to worry about giving your
child something Toxic. So when Rowan snuggles up close with
her little baby I don't have to worry about choking or lead or
any of the other concerns that have become so highlighted in
the news today. She gets a baby that she loves and I love that
it is 100 percent safe for her. Kid Bean just knocked one out of
the park here for me and if Rowan could talk I am sure she
would agree!

Now they have more then dolls though I have to admit I
am a little hooked on those right now, but they have a huge
selection of toys ranging from those precious little dolls to Arts
and Crafts, Musical INstruments and some of the most orignal
and interesting games I have had the chance to run across for
all ages. There is a wonderful section for Maternity and Nursing
that offers a vast selection of Organic products for Mom to be
so you can make sure you are doing the best for your baby before
they even hit the scene. One of my favorite places for you guys
know how I love a sale is the clearance department. Pages and
pages and did I say pages? of clearnace items that you can
get for a song and dance. Just looking for a gift? They have
you covered there too with some great gift ideas and even
Organic cards to send with. I was also completly infatuated with
the Organic Bedding and Pillows for with my Allergies and
Ashthma I am really coutious about what I put down in Rowans
bed for the odds of her having the same issues are pretty big.
I feel as if I gaurd her now she might have a better shot at
avoiding some of the garbage I have to go through and they
have everything I could ever want to aid me on that mission.
From Sheets and Blankets and Pillows all the way to matress
toppers and the Matresses themselves all at great prices for
the quality you are recieving and if that is not enough they have
a wonderful selection of Furnature and Hand Crafted Wooden
Products. They even have a Surf Board, how cute is that?
Now I know the doll and Rowans love for it hooked me in,
how could it not? There is no better way to to find out if a place
is for you or not then to see the happyness it brings to
someone you love and one look at Rowan and her wide,
I have teeth now, grin is enough to tell me they have some
incredble items that make my little angel swoon. That was
what hooked me but once I started looking through the rest
of their items I was reeled in. The fact that they are Organic
and offer Hand Crafted Quality items, hook, line and sinker.
You just can't beat that! Kid Bean has soared into this house
with a smile and a Squeeze and and it will do the same for you!

Kid Bean would like to offer one of my readers the Doll that
took my little girl by storm. One reader will win a Honeysuckle Dreams
Nusring Doll with their choice of Hair and Eye color so you little
Mini Me can have a Mini Me of thier own. To enter just head
over to the site and take a look around then come back here
and post what your favorite item is in a comment. The contest
will start tonight and run to Midnight on April 14th.
USA and 18 and older can enter daily and the winner
will be contacted by email and have 72 hours to
contact me with their mailing information. As always
you can earn a bonus entry by entering the contest of
the day and other ways to enter are posted below.

Kid Bean

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Extra entries only count after the initial entry
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post that you are. 3 entries,
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Picture I used on cards

Picture I used on cards
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