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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Blush Topless Undershirt Review and Giveaway!  

Skinny Jeans? I just don't get them. I swear
they just don't fit right on me and the really hard
part is no matter where I shop they are the only
thing I can find anymore. At least I think they are
called Skinny Jeans. I am so lost when it comes
to Jeans at all anymore. What happened to plain
old 501's or run of the mill Blue Jeans? I have found
it completely imposable to just walk into a store and
find anything that comes over my hips. I understand
fashion. It is always moving and changing and people
need to keep up. When I say that I mean retailers not
the buyers for buyers should wear what they are comfortable
in and that is my problem right now. I am not comfortable
in these Jeans that have been out the last few years.
I feel like the dang things are always going to fall off and
I don't know who thinks they look good for the fact you have
to pull them up every ten minutes takes away any visual
appeal they have in my book. Whatever and to each his own
and if these are the next best thing since sliced bread so be
it I can live with that. At least I can live with that when it is
other people that are wearing them. What I can't live with, is unlike
other trends these low rise jeans are all you are able to find anymore.
Now that is just stupid!
I get it! They are hot! You win! But please, leave some normal
clothes on the racks for the rest of us. This is ridiculous. My
choices are dark Denim in Low Rise or light Denim in Low rise.

Who makes theses rule? Get them on the phone now! When I
was a teen CK and Gloria Vanderbilt were it. Every girl I knew
wanted a pair or 30. They were everywhere. What they didn't do
though was take my Grandmothers Polyester pants or my Mothers
Elastic waist Jeans and replace them with CK or Gloria's version.
You could still find other clothes out there. With this stupid low
versions you cant. They have taken every kind of pant in the world
and lopped off the top 6 inches and told us that is what we must
wear now. Um, sorry, I don't think my Grandmother would have looked
good with her Granny Panties Hanging out and I sure know I don't.
You need a perfect body to wear those things and lets face it, most
of the women in this country do not have that body. That's why I
want to know what rocket scientists came up with this trend. Let's
take the fattest country in the world and remove the part of their pants
that covers up their love handles and Belly's and Booty cracks! Yeah,
that is appealing. What are they trying to shame us into eating better?
Come on now, we should be finding ways to get more clothes on some
of these people not less! Good thing my next review agrees with me
and thank God in Heaven I found them for I was getting ready to
sew my own clothes and that is a truly scary thought!

The ladies over at Blush had a problem with clothes
fitting as well. Not always my problem but with lack of material
in general. The shirts were never long enough or the pants
high enough. It doesn't matter what way we are going, up or
down, the fact remains is we are loosing material out there.
Those fashion people are just determined to have us show our
bellies if we want to or not. Now you guys don't want to see
my belly, small children have gotten lost in my belly. With both
of my Children I gained and lost over 100 pounds in a years time
so any elasticity I had went out the door with the baby bath water.
I am surprised when I wear a swim suit a small van of clowns
doesn't pull up and cover me with their Circus Tent just to spare
the rest of the world the vision. I know I am not alone for I have
seen with my own two eyes many women less modest then I
who have no problem letting it all hang out. I just wouldn't and
excuse the pun, be able to stomach that. I need every inch
under wraps so to speak. Blush came up with a way to do just
that. Their Topless Undershirt is the perfect solution to those
low jeans I hate and those shirts that don't come down as far
as I need either. Think of it as a Tube Top you wear around the
middle. It is thin and perfect for use with a T-shirt or other
items where you do not want to wear two shirts but still need
the extra coverage. The Blush Topless Undershirt also gives you
the look of layering without the added bulk. Even Pregnant women
can benefit from the shirt and it allows them to wear some of
their favorite clothes longer by providing coverage on those growing
bellies. These ladies are my new best friends for they took my
pet peeve and made it go bye bye in a great no fuss way.
I can still wear my form fitting clothes because the undershirt
it so light weight you never even know you have it on. Best of
all it stays where you put it and doesn't travel. I don't have to
worry about it slipping or re-adjusting and I spend much more time
pulling my pants up then ever worrying where my Undershirt is!
I know where that puppy is, just where I left it!
The Blush Topless Undershirt passed the Michelle
test with flying colors and no matter how much I yanked, pulled,
poked and over washed it did not lose its shape and kept
bouncing back for more. Now you guys should know by now
when I test a clothing item I wash it at least 4 dozen times
for I want to be able to tell you guys an item is going to last
and mean it. I washed this in every load for 2 weeks now and
it still has the same bounce back and fits just as snug and the
color has not faded at all. That is really saying something about
the quality. The also have a lot of color selections and even some
pretty cool patterns, so you are bound to find one that fits your
style. I love the simple brown one I got and can't wait to
get a lacy one for my dressy clothes for those never fit my
right either and I am tired of seeing some of my favorite styles
sitting in the closet unused and now I can drag them out, dust
them off and kick up my heels again! No matter what your style
or issue, Blush has you covered!
Blush has my readers covered too and have offered to give one
lucky reader a shirt of their own. To enter just head over to their
site and take a look around and come back here and post something
awesome you have learned in a comment. The contest will start
tonight and run to Midnight on April 14th.
USA and 18 and older can enter daily and the winner
will be contacted by email and have 72 hours to
contact me with their mailing information. As always
you can earn a bonus entry by entering the contest of
the day and other ways to enter are posted below.

Hey Bonus too! Use the code welovebloggers
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Blush Topless Undershirts!

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