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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Tiny Tongs Review!  

Rowan has learned to eat! Well if that
is what you want to call it. I say it is
Rowan has learned to make a mess, John
says it is Rowan is oh, so cute and Andrew
says it is Oh, I am so glad I do not have to
clean that up! She is now demanding to eat
what we have though she is not ready for most
she has to try and see for herself. Right now
her all time favorite is bread sticks from the
Pizza place but they have to be dipped in
sauce like the big peoples. If you don't she
will scream at the top of her lungs to
you do. Little baby watches everything the
big people do and has got to do the same,
step by step! I will give John points for the cute
factor for the first time I gave her a bread stick
and put some sauce on it, I had only put a little
sauce on for her and gave it to her. John
and I sat there to catch her reaction and
it was obvious she loved it for she has it all
over her face and could not get enough. When
the sauce on it was all gone I tried to
grab it to dip it in some more for her and
that little baby fought me. Grunting and
pulling with both hands and the classic baby
"Ehhhhh, Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"
I could not believe how determined she was to
hold onto it. John tried and she didn't even bother
fighting she just burst into tears.
She got the bread stick back!
She loves other foods too but she is also
so darn stubborn and her thing now is to
grab the spoon.It seems now she thinks she is
a big girl and gone are those days of Mommy
and Daddy doling out the bites, now it is all
her. Soft foods are just too much of a mess to
even humor her. We tried once and I spent the
rest of the afternoon scrubbing peaches
off of every surface in the kitchen, the
rugs, the dog and her and I. Now for soft
foods I give her a spoon but distract her with
some cereal's as I scoop in the main course. Solids
she could grab with her fingers but she is determined
to be a lady and use her silverware. This also leads
to chaos! She can't get whatever she is eating on
the spoon and I will be drained if she thinks I
am going to give her a fork at her age for yeah,
Mom, you are right, she will loose and eye. What ends
up happening it she tries and tries and bless her little
heart she tries but it still rolls off if it even
bothers to get on in the first place. Then the water
works and the temper tantrum begin. I have been pretty
much at my wits end before I got the chance to
review Tiny Tongs.
These are great! Tiny Tongs are pretty much just
what you would expect them to be, tiny and tongs.
Perfect for fat little fingers to grip and they
give her some measure of control with items that
she just couldn't get a grip on before. They are
durable, non-slip, non toxic and Dishwasher safe
and gives your toddler the illusion she or he is
all growd up and can run with the big dogs at the
dinner table. The ergonomic shape, grip and tension
are made especially for fumbley fingers that are
just learning their small motor control and secretly
I think they are great for practicing and allow your
child to fine tune theirs while eating some yummy snacks!
Kids grow up so fast now a days, cliche but true and
sad to say the world around them is slow to catch
up with their advancing needs. I think I was ahead
of the grade if I knew my colors and could count to
ten by the time I hit kindergarten. Now kids are already
ready and doing simple math. How can we expect to
educate our kids so fast in academics and not expect
them to want to be learning home skills at the same
rapid pace? We can't. Once you open those little pliable
minds they absorb everything and its even worse if
they have an older brother or sister. With the age
gap between Rowan and Andrew I am just thankful Rowan
isn't asking for the keys to the car and happy so
far it has just stopped at wanting to feed herself.
Tiny Tongs is a transition from Fingers to Fork and
though the Transition may be fast and the tongs maybe
gone in a month it is an important one to make for
it allows her to develop table skills and feel
confident as she does. She gets to feel "all big!"
Plus it is a hoot watching her make sure she grabs
little Gold Fishes with her Tongs and not let a single
one slip by without hitting the Tong first. Her
determination is amazing and I can breath easy
for there isn't a doubt in my mind that if she did
not have the tongs she would grab whomever leaves
their plate unattended for just one second too
long fork or worse! Tiny Tongs are a cute and useful
addition to any home and got a two tongs up from
Rowan who will want her own seat at the table and to
leave the high chair behind any day now!

Tiny Tongs

Perfect for Tiny Hands!
If you would like to purchase
Tiny Tongs and save some loot
just use the Code bmkb2010
and you will get a 20% discount
at checkout!

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Picture I used on cards
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