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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Pediped Review  

Alright, FASHIONS! Don't we talk about them often?
Well I can't help it and Momma needed to buy baby shoes
and went a little crazy doing so!I hit some sales and got
some pretty good deals in but really wanted some sassy new
spring styles for my little fashion plate. Okay, some Mommy ones
too but that is a horse of another color. Rowan is soon going to
have the chance to wear some get-ups other then long johns
and Jammie's for the Snow can't last forever and warm weather
is just around the bend. She has some really adorable outfits
I bought for her last year and I have been chomping at the
bit to let her wear them. One thing is different from last year
though, last year she was so tiny I didn't have to worry about
shoes for all she did was sleep and eat and that other thing!
This year she is dancing! Those Tootsies need to look good!

I have had the worst time finding shoes I like though. I
can't even believe that is coming out of my mouth for I
thought there wasn't a shoe out there that I would not wear.
The thing is there is a big difference between what looks good
on an adult and what looks good on a child. She needs cute and
sweet and not some strappy sandal with heels up to there! I also
do not want her to be in the same shoes as 3,412 other children
on the playground are wearing. I also want those little baby
feet to be safe for as busy as she is it is only a matter of time
before little miss happy feet gets into some sort of mischief.
The last thing I want, and please, tell me it is not to much to
ask for, is a little bit of durability and quality. I know children are
not in their shoes as long as adults but I swear, and I have
told you this before, the people who manufacture any children's
items do so with the least respect to durability and quality.
It is like since they know the kids will not be wearing it for
too long since kids grow like weeds they cut corners and make
a lack luster product. I want something my children can "Wear"
and I do not have to worry about it falling apart. I am so glad
I found Pediped.

Not only did they have the styles I loved, they have
quality items, real shoes, just like a shoe I would buy for
myself. Stitching you can see and holds, soles that can
be walked on and used, straps and laces that are not just
for show! Honest to goodness real leather and real attention
to details. I was sent a pair for review and they are just
killer! Perfect for a little girl for loads of uses and tons of
styles. This is a dress shoe that can just as well be worn
every day. Isn't that what a Mom wants with a little girl shoe?
We want them to look like a little Princess yet be able to
get down and play and run with the boys. We want them to
look like it took us hours to make them sooooooooo perfect
they could double as a little doll but still have their sense
of adventure and personality. I received a pair of Caroline in
white for review and these pretty much have to be the
best shoe ever! Simple slip on, Velcro that works and does
not loose its stick, beautiful style that can be paired with a
darling little sundress or hey, toss it with some Jeans and
a T-shirt and watch Miss Diva take the run way for these
are one of those styles that make the outfit not the other way
around. Pediped shoes are soft leather soles made with a
double layer so remember my griping up there about poor
quality, GONE, they dissolved my fears and not only gave me
good quality but hey, why stop there, let's double that just
in case. They even think of the comfort of those little tykes
who can't even form the words to tell you they are not so
comfy. Extra cushion? Can Pediped sign me up for a Mommy
pair for my shoes don't even have it that good and I pay a
whole heck of a lot more for my shoes then the reasonable
prices they have at Pediped. Now I know I seem a little bit
over excited here but you guys have no idea how hard I have
been searching. Spring is almost Sprung and I have a ton of
clothes I want to dress little Rowan in and I have been everywhere
looking for shoes to do it in. Andrew was a snap, HELLO, Boy!
All he needed was something on his feet and we could call it
a day. Now if I would have known about Pediped when I shopped
for Andrew I would have bought them for the Quality alone and
they have incredible styles for the boys but to be honest on my
part, I was so upset over not finding cute clothes for Andrew the shoes
were mute and as long as they were good for his feet I didn't care.
With Rowan and the vast amount of choices I have for her wardrobe
I am head of heels in love and I have to have shoes I am just
as excited about. I wanted a selection I could drool over and
Pediped has it for the girls and the boys.
Um, check list here!
1. Awesome Styles
2. Extra comfort
3. Quality!! Did I tell you about the quality! WOWZA!
4. They fit in my budget!
5. Durable!
6. Kid tested, Michelle approved!
Can't get better then that. So if you are looking for a Prince
or a Princess, Pediped has your style. If you demand the best,
what do you know, covered there too! I don't think I have to spell
it out for you guys and this review I absolutely love them and hope to
review for them again because my eye is going to be fixed on
their product line to Rowan is buying her own!


What next?

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Picture I used on cards
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