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Friday, February 26, 2010

Ella's Kitchen Review and Giveaway!  

Rowan is becoming quiet the challenge at
meal time. Everyday she is becoming more and
more of a little person and less of a Baby and
she wanted the world to know it. From Day one
I had a hard time with Baby food for unlike my
son who would eat anything, she is picky. I started
out feeding her Oatmeal and Rice Cereal that you
buy and has Applesauce or another fruit mixed in
and she was okay with that. Just okay, the first
bite or two she would make the face. You know the
face. The one when I baby looks at you and you know
she is thinking, "What did you just put in my mouth?"
face. After a couple of bites coaxed in though she will
eat the rest no problem. Now when it was time to
move on to other foods the problems started. I started
with Veggies like you are supposed to but I couldn't not find
one she liked. Not even Sweet Potato's and I thought every
baby in the free world loved those. Rowan, eh, not so much.
I skipped fruit for I was afraid she would like that and go
nuts for it and went to meats instead. I was worried. Andrew
ate anything but Johns Daughter Rachel will not eat anything
and here she is 12 and her entire diet consists of Ramon Noodles,
Cereal and Mac and Cheese. I did not want those issues with
Rowan so I held off on the fruits to I could get her to eat other
stuff first. I started with Chicken because again, that is a food
almost every child likes. No ick face this time. It sat in her mouth
and sat in her mouth and she glared at me and glared at me and
then at last she opened her mouth and let it simply fall out. No
dice on the chicken. Or Beef, or Turkey or Ham. Nada! I have a
fussy baby! Oh JOY!

Well through trial and error I found a few foods I could get her
to eat and I don't know how many I ended up tossing out. One
thing I did find is if I make her feel like she is part of the
feeding process and offer her a spoon she will eat more items I
offer her. The problem with that is she wants to have the bowl
right in front of her and while she is messing with her spoon I
can sneak in several bites but it ends up being such a mess for
when she is not chewing she is reaching and struggling to get the bowl.
Now of coarse, being so picky, she does love all fruits and
there I have no problems but even with the spoon I had problems
with Veggies and meats. When I got the chance to do a review
for Ella's Kitchens I pretty much was at my wits end and thought
why not, things can't get worse. They came in pouches and I thought
that was kinda neat. I didn't have to worry about the top
popping and the food being fresh for they were sealed with
a twist on plastic lid that when you turned it cracked open so you
know you are the first person to open it. With those Jars I had
such a hard time telling if they were popped or not for the
difference is so slight I could never tell. I was also taken back
by the fact that Rowan was impressed with the packaging. She
likes things that she can touch and handle and like I told you
she really wants to be apart of the whole meal thing and
"Help" but her help was so messy. With the Ella's she seemed
really interested in the fact I could squeeze it out into a bowl right
in front of her and then put the top on and instead of her holding
a spoon she insists on dipping into the bowl and getting all
over I gave her the package with the top on and she was
perfectly content holding that and trying to find her way in.
As she was obsessed with the pack I shoveled the whole
bowl in and not once did I have to stop and trick her to take
a bite or stop and clean up the mess from the bowl that she
once again dumped or play the Airplane game she pretty much
ignores. Now I thought, "hey, this is pretty great," but also knew
this wouldn't last forever. I might get a couple of meals out of
this Little trick but she would be bored soon enough and want
the spoon back. Well I went through every thing they sent and
she is still happy just holding on to the pouch. BUT what I
found out is I don't think the pouch is what is keeping
her hooked. Yeah, it is kinda fun and makes noise and she
can bend it all over and the top turns and clicks but she pauses
more and more and waits for her bite. She really likes it. I found
a food she likes enough to actually wait for a bite. I discovered
that by stopping mid way through her lunch to run and grab a
cup of Coffee. Normally Rowan could care less if I took a nap
during meal time for she isn't interested in the food at all, just
the playing in messy apple sauce and pears and if that is in
front of her I can read a book for a half hour and not feed her
a drop and she would never notice. With Ella's she did. I set
the bowl on the table and she was messing around with her little
bitty books she plays with while she eats. She seemed fine and
had already ate half the bowl so no biggie, I took my time to grab
coffee. I had not even got my Sugar in the cup with the "ehhhhs"
started. Slowly at first but by the time I got the cream in she was
full force pounding the high chair and the "eehhs" were now,
pound, pound!
I thought this meant she was done and bored and went to
grab her out of the high chair and that's when the real crying
began. She didn't want out, she wasn't bored, she wanted
another bite. Now that was a first! I was more then happy to
oblige for other then the Bread Sticks from the Pizza I dipped
in sauce for her she has never shown any interest in what she
was eating she just did it as an after thought to playing in
her high chair. Food she really likes? Wow, what a concept.
The next day I had to see if it really was true. I wanted to
know if she just asociated the food with the pouch she liked
to play with or she really liked the food itself. I put the food
into the bowl before I even brought her to the high chair. I sat
her down and made sure there was no little pouches for her to
play with, no extra spoon to keep her busy and no cracker or
other items she could feed herself when she was bored. The
only thing on her tray was her sippy cup and her bitty books.
I went to offer her a bite and fully expected her to fuss as
always until I brought something to the high chair to distract her
but she didn't, she opened up. Okay, that was luck for she is
just over 7 months and has no idea what is in the bowl and
if she does have a brand preference she wouldn't know it was that
brand to she tasted it. So I got lucky and she took a bite. Then
another and another and more and more to the bowl was just
about gone. She didn't even go for the bitty books to close to
the end when she was getting full. Now I was impressed for it
did mean she actually liked Ella's Kitchen baby foods on their
own and not just because eating them meant she had a cool pouch
to play with. I was also thank full to Ella's for that allowed me
that chance to get her to settle down enough and enjoy meal
time and she is even eating other foods better now too. Instead
of wearing her Yogurt she eats it. Same thing with breakfast cereal
and everything else I have tried to give her since that day. Now she
still liked to feed herself finger food but when it comes to food
that she needs a spoon for she is now fine with me doing all
the lifting and her doing all the chewing.
Now Rowan may love the food but what I love is what
is in it. You know those Veggies I had such a hard time getting
her to eat? Well not anymore. Ella's has veggies but in such neat
combos as Broccoli, Pears and Pea's or Carrots, Apples and Parsnips.
They are awesome at taking a veggie and mixing it with a fruit that
tastes like they were meant to be served together all the time. I am
confidant that Rowan will be eating those Veggies on their own soon
for now that she has learned to enjoy the taste the battle part is
out of the way for with most foods if you get a child to try it
they will like it. They are also the first Baby food company I
have ever seen that offers Strawberry's as a selection. That is
so cool for we love Strawberry's here! Ella's also has Smoothies.
Now that is even cooler! What I like about them is the pouch
is smaller and just the right size and I was a lazy Mom and let
Rowan try them right out of the pouch and she so loves that. She
thinks she is all big and able to feed herself and had the biggest
blast and though I know I was lazy and should have put it
in a bowl or cup even that site of watching her have so much
fun eating it straight from the pouch made me crack up. She was
having a total blast and smoothies are supposed to be a fun
treat anyway and I feel better giving her that then the Gogert
I was giving her. Ella's has truly made meal time fun and more
enjoyable for both Rowan and me and I feel better knowing I
am finally able to pump in some good foods!

Ella's has a full product line of their Organic delicious
yummyness. They offer 8 different variety's of stage one foods,
5 stage two and 4 stage three. They also have 4 different
types of smoothies, and 3 different types of finger snacks.
Another cool thing they offer is Baby Brekkie, a baby food that
is made with a mix of cereal and fruit. Perfect for for breakfast
and super healthy to boot. Ella's offers many great foods to feed
your little bundle. Rowan has loved every single one of their foods
she has tried. A couple have ended up on her face but hey, she
loves them and it isn't her dumping a bowl over so that face mess
is fine by me! All of their products are Organic and made from the
best and freshest ingredients and Ella's Kitchen has developed a
great way to insure a longer shelf life and unlike other Organic items
you can safely keep them for up to 12 months and as if that
wasn't awesome you can also freeze them. Even their web site
is fun and chocked full of recipes and and promotions and all
sorts of tips and advice. I can't wait to Rowan grows into some
of the other stages for as much as she loves the stage one and
the smoothies I know the rest will be a piece of cake! Thanks
Ella's for making my mealtime with Miss thing a lot less stressful!
Ella's would like you guys to be able to try some of their
foods yourself. I know your kids will love them as much as
mine did. One reader will win a box of mixed stage one foods
and a couple of smoothies. To enter just head over to their site
and take a look around then come back here and post what you
have learned in a comment. The contest will start today and run
to midnight on April 16th.
USA and 18 and older can enter daily and the winner
will be contacted by email and have 72 hours to
contact me with their mailing information. As always
you can earn a bonus entry by entering the contest of
the day and other ways to enter are posted below.

Ella's Kitchen Baby Foods!

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Picture I used on cards
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