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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Late July Snacks Review and Contest!  

It does not matter what the item is in
a food review as long as it is good! Lucky
for us we have been blessed with some good
ones for Valentines Day and Desserts but what
about every day treats and snacks? I mean really,
any family with children, or without for that matter,
love the snack sized treats and cookies and crackers
and things the make your belly sing! I am talking about
the items you toss in your child's lunch, or yours or
your partners or pack for a trip to the park. When Andy
was little my choices we a lot more limited and I feel
like I say that with a lot of items but it is true. I know
unless you are over 35 and have had children prior to the
new millennium or have Grandchildren now, you just would
not see the difference but from 1993 to now so much has
Andrew was born to a world where Organic meant growing
it in your own back yard and when you were in the dead
of winter you just didn't have it! When he was around 5
our first Whole Foods Market opened and it was miles away
from most people and the only one around. Instead of sections
in the grocery store dedicated to Organic and Natural products
there were isles of Generic ( for those of you too young before
stores carried their own name brands they would offer a simple
white box version, you can still find them here and there) and
only of few of the finer stores had anything fresh. Even the
Bakery Departments were just starting to become big and though
I always remember a deli to buy fresh bread and cakes you had
to go to a Bakery and most were closed on Mondays. For
lunch snacks you had a choice of Hostess or Pepperidge Farms
and Dolly's, Entenmann's was just starting to get hot. The point is
snacks you could find.
Tasty Snacks?
Organic Snacks?
Even Harder.
Tasty Organic Snacks?
Surely you must be joking?
It wasn't until Andrew was in Jr. High before I could find
Organic Foods at my local supermarket and that was pretty much
just a few products then. Trust me, if there was a snack I would have
known for let's not forget Michelle's lived on a diet and if there was
the chance something was the least bit healthy for you and you
can eat it I was the first kid on the block to be munching away.
I used to scour the diet section at the store and this is where
they kept any product that would be classified as other. Organic
items used to be an other. Now they have a couple of rows of their
own at my local store. Now, not every store has done this, but the
big ones all have a lot of space dedicated to Organic Foods and it
is pretty apparent Organic is here to stay. Now, instead of finding them
in the first place I am undated with the dilemma of what kind to
get. There are just so many choices. What makes my task at hand
a little more easy is most of those choices taste like sawdust and
get Vetoed with their first guest appearance at my home. I have pretty
much decided that anything cookie-ish is the premier food Organic places
have problems with and always taste they worst. That is until I got
a chance to do my next review.

When I went to their web site I thought at first I was at
a blog and I was right. A great one too with loads of information
and they even had a blurb about a new favorite of mine I had
just discovered myself, Bitty Books. It seems Late July is a family
run business and what that means is they put their personal pride
on the line and stay involved in the day to day upkeep of their
product and bring you not only a quality that is head over feet
above the rest but a taste that is as well. It shows at first taste
for I am a fan of Sandwich cookies, always have been. Even the
boys are nuts for them. Every time I grocery shop I have to make
sure to pick up a package for every member of the house or there
will be fighting. Yes, I realize I am not speaking of 3 children but
rather 2 adults and one near adult, but if each person does not get
their own bag it is survival of the fittest and the other two end up
sulking, angry and petty. Even with three bags it does not always
turn out right for I am considered the "Weak Link" and I am one
of those people that will grab 3 or 4 and eat them then not want
another for a week but when I want it I have to have it. They boys
consider any edible item left for more then 48 hours abandoned and
will grab it and claim it for their own. I don't know how many times I
have found myself stomping around the kitchen for someone ate my
this or that. We are going to have a big problem with Late July for
they are really, really tasty. Even Rowan is going to town on these
and other then Graham Crackers and a couple of Christmas Special
cookies she has not had too much in the snack department. I didn't
want her to get hooked on the cookies and crackers like we are until
she was older but as we were munching away she had her little hand
out and I could not help but share. This means Baby will need her
own stash too and I fear she will also be a target for like me. I just
don't see her eating a whole bag in a day. UGH, I wonder if Late
July can send over a Vending Machine that will always be full and I
will give everyone in the house a monthly allotment of credits for the

Late July stands for old fashion goodness and fresh products
without additives and pesticides and though a snack food can never
be considered a health food they are far ahead of the curve on some
of their neighbors. Is it because they use the best ingredients? Maybe
the all natural status? Maybe its the decades of dedication to their
products for I remember over 20 years ago when my Grandfather
first discovered the Cape Cod Potato chips they also make and
a new legend was born in our family. Before that he use to only
eat a chip that came in a metal tin, I can't remember the brand but
when they stopped making them he felt lost. Then one day he
came home with Cape Cod and told us all was well again. Is it
the fact Late July is associated with a good memory for me? Who
knows, I am leaning toward the fact when I took a bite out of their
Vanilla Bean Sandwich cookie I could taste the Vanilla. Not a shortening
type cream like an Oreo, or something waxy like a store brand, but
Vanilla. Pure, Real, Delicious Vanilla with crisp Chocolate Cookies
on either side. The Cheddar Cheese Sandwich Crackers, well what
do you know, CHEDDAR! I could place that taste anywhere! I spent
my summers by a cheese factory and will never forget the taste of
fresh cheese and this is it! Everything I had of theirs was the
same. Imagine a company that makes foods that is actually made
with the product they are supposed to taste like. I thought that
tradition was gone and lost but nope, it is alive in Late July!
They make Crackers that you will swear just came out of the oven
and Cookies you will have to Um, buy a box for everyone! They
also have the sandwich crackers that are perfect for school lunches
or snacks for the kids. I also feel so much better giving my kids
peanut butter with anything. It is natures perfect food in my mind and
I remember making my own sandwiches as a child and with Late
July you have that home-maid goodness in a easy to grab snack
pack so your kids can know some of the yummy treats you had
when you were young and you can feel good about letting them
have them. So if you are looking for a great snack, Organic and
even some good old fashioned Antioxidants, that taste fresh and have
a family tradition of Quality or just a good site to learn some neat
tricks, great ideas and even some fabulous advice, check out Late
July. I plan on making both a regular part of my life!

Late July is also offering to give one of my readers some
of their yummy goodness. One reader will win a gift pack with
a box of each cookie and some of the single serve snacks. To
enter just head over to their site and take a look around then come
back here and post what you have learned in a comment. The contest
will start tonight and end on April 9th.
USA and 18 and older can enter daily and the winner
will be contacted by email and have 72 hours to
contact me with their mailing information. As always
you can earn a bonus entry by entering the contest of
the day and other ways to enter are posted below.

Late July Organic Snacks

Extra entries.
Extra entries only count after the initial entry
is completed.

1. Become a follower of my blog or
post that you are. 3 entries,
please post 3 times.

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