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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Joy of Soap Review and Giveaway!  

Now I have never been a huge fan of bar soap.
I didn't like it for a lot of reasons, none of them really
have anything to do with the effectiveness of the soap but
more along the lines of the storage. I hate how they either
dry out or get all slimy and have not been able to find a
way to store them securely. I have always used a bath wash
or body wash but every once in a while a soap comes along
you just can't get in a liquid form that I fall in love with.
Sometimes those soaps are even made with Natural and Fresh
ingredients and not a zillion pounds of fillers and garbage so
that they don't even dry out. Sometimes I find a brand I
really can stand behind that offers items everyone in the
family will love and the next thing I know I am putting
my body wash in the cabinet and holding onto the bar. Now
it doesn't happen often and has never happened with a brand
I have found at my local store. In fact the last time it happened
was at a Renaissance Festival about 10 years ago and I went one
of the first weekends it was open and saw this new little store
there. She sold Oils and Potpourri and had a small selection of
soaps so I grabbed a bar for it just had that Herby Renascence
Festival smell and I love that smell. When I went home and tried
it this was the best soap I had ever used in my entire life.
Perfect lather, perfect scent, perfect amount of moisture left on
my skin and didn't dry out or get all cracked at the side of my
tub, it just sorta became a smaller bar as I used it. The weight
of it alone let me know it was filled with actual good products
and not puffed full of air like the store bought soaps you get
at the supermarkets. I think I had paid like 4 bucks a bar ten
years ago when I could have bought like 8 bars of Dove for the
same price but I swear that one bar lasted just as long as 8 of
the store brands would have and even more so if you counted in
the fact I did not throw a lick of it away. It did not start to fall
apart when it was halfway gone and every last drop of it offered
the same perfect lather as the first time I used to. I loved it so
much I drove back out to the festival the last week it was there
that year and bought about 10 more bars thinking it would surely
last me to the festival the next year to I could buy some more. And
it did. In fact the next August when the festival was back I still
had a brand new bar and the one I was using left. I rushed out
to get more and was so upset to find the lady was no longer there.
It seemed that was her first and last year she was there and
nobody even knew her store name or where she was located and
this was before the Internet was huge and everyone had a web site.
I have been back every year looking for her and over ten years later
I have just about given up on her and finding another bar soap I
was nuts about.

Then I got the chance to do my next product review. I
feel like I have came home for this stuff so reminds me of that
lady and is just as incredible. This soap is just as heavy
and offers just as perfect of a lather and smells oh so heavenly
and lasts just as long and also does not dry out or get all slimy
and truth, I could just hold it and smell it all day long for I love
the scent that much. It just relaxes me and I now enjoy my shower
once again and with a little one here I need all the chances to
relax I can get. In short, this soap is phenomenal and best of
all I don't have to drive 2 hours to a festival in the middle of no
where to buy it or worry it is going to disappear. The Joy of Soap
lives up to its name and has brought a lot of Joy here! I was sent
a bunch of different bars for review and was impressed with each one.
The Peppermint was my favorite for it left me roaring to go. There
is just something about the smell of peppermint that revitalizes a
person and gives them that extra pep! Now traditionally Peppermint
has been used to aid in digestion and help with pain and congestion
and if you are pregnant this is a perfect soap to use for it works
like a charm to help with Nausea. With my Sinuses and back I
grabbed this soap and refused to share for it is my new best
friend and since I have started using it I step out of my morning
shower a whole other person. The Lavender was great to come
down in the evening for nothing relaxes a person like Lavender.
The guys used the Manly Man Soap and there were two things
I liked about this soap.

1. The Name. Just the fact that is implies it is made for
men had my 16 year old son using it longer then he would
have and I know he is cleaner because of it. The boy does love
showers and will take one that lasts an hour but seldom touches
soap for he says everything is two girly. Even if I grab a plain
scented soap or that Green stuff he still has that stigma attached
and swears it makes him smell like a girl. Instead of sud-sing up
he will skip the soap and then pile on his AXE body spray and
okay, AXE isn't that bad in small doses but give it to a 16 year
old boy and enough is applied to make even a stomach of steel
turn and you can smell it through the whole house. It takes to
lunch time for it to dissipate in my house and he drives me nuts
with it. With the Manly Man Soap he used Soap and the smell there
is so mild in scent he didn't smell like a Male street walker!
2. The fact it is made to combat the guys dry skin. This soap
is specially made to help with their ruff scaly skin and the Tea
Tree Oil and Pumice soften them up like a charm! With the Manly
Man Soap the boys are treating their skin without even knowing it
and in order to help those stubborn fools I need products like this
to slip in and help for if I just toss them some lotion I get a
sigh and a shrug right before they set it down.
Okay, I lied there are really three things I love about this
soap, the last being if I grab it in the shower, who cares. Unlike
that green stuff they use this stuff doesn't smell like it is made for
a man only. In fact the scent is so mild and universal anyone can
use it and though it is made to help a guy with their skin concerns
it is just as good for the ladies. Now I will not share the Peppermint
with them, no way, no how, but I have no problem sharing their
Manly Man with them! There are no Fragrances in the Joy of Soaps
products for Fragrances are irritating and instead they use essential
oils. Not only do you avoid the ick of a fragrance and the damage
it can do to your body you also enjoy the added perk of Aromatherapy
just by the simple fact they use oils instead. Aromatherapy has been
around for thousands of years for one simple reason, it works!
So what do you get here, I think its time for one of my
famous check lists!
1. Quality Soap
2. A product that's lasts forever and way blows away a store
bought bar.
3. Made with Oils not Fragrance so it is gentle for everyone
and offers you the true benefits or Aromatherapy.
4. As close to Naturally Organic as you can get in a soap.
5. A bathing experience that will leave your fresh, clean and
Now unlike me you won't have to go to little craft shows in
the middle of no where looking for a soap this good because
you guys can buy it right on the web site. The prices are great,
the delivery time fast and the quality is fantastic. Enjoy an
all natural clean, not a commercial soap that is more like a detergent
for your body then a soap at all. Bathe in the lap of luxury with
scents that are relaxing and calming and all Organic. The Joy of
Soap has reminded me what a Joy a hot bath can be!

The Joy of Soap wants you guys to know just how fantastic
they are too. One of my readers is going to win a $40.00 Gift
Cert to their site. To enter just head over to the Joy of Soap and
take a look around then come back here and post what item you
would love to try in a comment. The contest will start tonight and
run to midnight on April 13th.
USA and 18 and older can enter daily and the winner
will be contacted by email and have 72 hours to
contact me with their mailing information. As always
you can earn a bonus entry by entering the contest of
the day and other ways to enter are posted below.

The Joy Of Soap!

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Extra entries only count after the initial entry
is completed.

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post that you are. 3 entries,
please post 3 times.

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Picture I used on cards
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