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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Mrs. Renfro's Salsa Review and Giveaway!  

Who has guys in the house? Who has
guys that are into football? Ugh, I feel for you
for those weeks when football are on have got
to be the longest of my life. Not only do they
take over the TV and become sacks of lazy potato's
who would not help me with anything even if I lit
their sneakers on fire they also eat all day long
and drag that food into the living room and make
the biggest mess in the world. These guys who
are so lacksa daisy and have no structure at all
in anything they do have this perfect down to the
minute routine they do every single Sunday. First
thing, make a great breakfast, ( I clean up) second
thing run up to the store and get supplies. When they
get back they set up their snacking table for the
game. Once again I am left cleaning up the total mess
they make. Andrew has to have his Salsa in one bowl,
chips in the next and then a bowl of cheese to
dip everything in. John on the other hand has to
spread all his Chip on a sheet pan and then mix
some bean stuff with a cheese stuff and cook it
and then drizzle his Salsa on top. Now he just sets
everything up for Half time for that is when the
snacks come out. What cracks me up is these two
have never agreed on any food item ever, in fact
when John cooks Andrew eats a sandwich no matter
what it is. There could not be two people with tastes
as different as these two but the one thing they have
in common is they both have to have the chips and
the salsa. It is a must have. In fact Salsa is huge
period at my house on a lot of things. Potato's, chips,
bread, in soups and chili and tacos and every other
kind of food you could think of. It also can't be just
any Salsa. They each have brands they prefer and the
each have to get their own jar on Sundays. I could never
understand how they thought it was normal to spend 30 bucks
on snack foods every Sunday but they do. Now Andrew
is more adventurous when it comes to salsa and he will
try anyone that claims it is hot at least once. John on
the other hand has two brand he will stick too and is so
picky if they don't carry those brands he will skip the
Salsa all together. I think they are both ridiculous and
yeah, I love Salsa but I have never been a fanatic about
it to the point these guys are. They will go so far as to
hide their bottles under their bed so nobody else can touch
them. Now if you didn't think they were ridiculous before
you have to now for what you don't know is they go out
of their way to hide them but there are only four people
in the house. Them, who will not touch each others Salsas
for the two John eats are probably the only two Andrew
refused to touch, and John would never touch Andrews for
John can't handle the spice like Andrew can and his are
always hot no matter what brand and if they are not hot
enough he will add more spice himself. Also in the house is
me, and I know both of their hiding spots so what is the
point, and Rowan who can't even walk yet let alone go
snooping for their Salsas. Yet every single Sunday the make
a huge deal out of labeling their jars and hiding them under
their bed.

I am sure you guessed by now they are both big time
Salsa fanatics. Andrew has even gone so far as to grow
his own peppers and make it from scratch in an attempt to
get the perfect mix. All Summer long I had Peppers all over
my tables and window sills and in cups and bowls and
Tomatoes were stuffed in every drawer in my fridge. He grew
everything though and I will give him credit, right down to the
spices he used but the next Summer I had to nix it for we just
don't have the space for it and fruit fly's were driving me nuts
for he swore the Tomato's had to be a certain level of ripe and
if he didn't make it within a day of being that ripe they would
start to rot. YUCK! When Mrs Renfro's gave me a chance to
review their line of Salsas I jumped at it for I would do just
about anything to keep Andrew from taking over 80 percent
of my house with his yearly Salsa Project and would be even
more thrilled to find a Salsa they both can agree on so I
wouldn't have to worry about finding rotting bottles of Salsa
under our bed and Andrews for they are worse then Squirrels
hiding their acorns with their stash. We were sent a variety
of their Salsas and I got to try them first for the boys
can not eat them to like 3 PM. Don't ask me why for thank
the stars football season is over but their excuse was
somewhere along the lines they would blow their ritual
up if they varied from the schedule. I liked the Mango
Salsa the best. It was spicy but sweet and reminded me
of this Summer Salsa I had bought at a homemade stand once
that I had never been able to get again. This was a Salsa
perfect for just eating plain with Chips and the Saltier the
chip the better for the salt complements the Salsa even more.
It is also a perfect Salsa for young kids to enjoy as well for
it is tangy and is not over bearing in the spice department and
is chunky and hearty enough so they can dip their chips in
it and not have it run down their little fingers. Rowan is
a little too young for the chip part so I gave her a little on
a cracker and I was a mad generous for she loved it.
( I am so hoping I don't find a bottle stuffed under her crib.)
When 3 PM came I had the Salsas poured into bowls so only
I would know what one was what for I didn't want the names
to cloud their opinions and they guys got to a tasting. Here
are the results.
My order was:
1. Mango
2. Roasted
3. Green
4. Habanaro
Johns were:
1. Roasted
2. Mango
3. Green
4. Habanaro
Andrew was:
1. Habanaro
2. Green
3. Roasted
4. Mango
As you can see Andrew went for the spice big time and
John was close to mine other then I put the Mango number one,
I just loved that Mango. All of the Salsas were the perfect
blend with hearty pieces and rich and flavorful. If you are a
Salsa fan you are destined to find your match here for the
list of flavors they have is not only impressive it is all encompassing.
If you like hot or mild they have it. We have decided as a family
to get the Green and the Roasted for they were pretty high on
every ones list and middle of the road so to speak. For special
events though I will make sure to grab some of Andrews Habinaro
and my Mango and I am itching to try the Pomegranated too.
They also have relish and I was so excited for my Grandmothers
baked bean recipe calls for a relish and she made it herself and
I have never been able to find anything close to it and the Mild
Tomato looks just like it and I am eager to try it. They also have
cheese sauce, BBQ sauce and Syrups that look just as tasty
and if they are half as good as the Salsas were I just can't wait.
The most exciting thing to me is after years and years of having
to buy a different brand for everyone in the house we now have
not only a brand but a type we can all agree on and I never
thought I would live to see the day that happened.
The Mrs Renfro's web site alone is fantastic for it has a
load of different recipes to make with Salsa and some I never
would have dreamed of putting together. Both the Taco Pie
and the Mexican Fudge are on our to make list for they just
sound scrumptious. Personally I am really wanting to try the
Spinach and Strawberry Salad but the boys are a little against
it for heaven forbid they have something a little on the healthy
side. No matter what your tastes, how hot or mild you like it
or if you want to walk on the wild side these guys have what you
want. I totally enjoyed this review and they saved me from a
lot of Sunday headaches and now we might even be able to
snack as a family. YUM!
Mrs Renfro wants you guys to try their delicious
Salsa too and is going to give one of my readers a chance
to win a gift pack of four of their Salsas! To enter just head over
to their site and take a look around then come back here and
post what sounds the most delicious to you! The contest will
start tonight and run to midnight on April 21st.
USA and 18 and older can enter daily and the winner
will be contacted by email and have 72 hours to
contact me with their mailing information. As always
you can earn a bonus entry by entering the contest of
the day and other ways to enter are posted below.

Mrs Renfro's Gourmet Salsas and More.

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