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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Rejuvenation Prevention and Rehabilitation Review  

I know I have told you guys more then
once I have a lot of problems with my back. Before
I fell last fall and hurt my neck and upper back
I had a lot of damage with my lower back. It started
when I was only a teenager with mild Arthritis and
since I was young and thought I was invincible I didn't
take care of myself properly then and instead worked out
all the time, did a load of heavy lifting at work without
bending properly and ran amok. Before I turned 30 I
would throw my back out about once a year from the
constant aggravation and after 30 it got worse fast.
By the time I was 33 I was still determined that it
was mostly in my head and trying to deal with it myself
instead by taking Tylenol like it was Skittles. I would
go through a 500 count bottle every few weeks and
each day would go something like:
Wake up, take 4 Tylenol
Get to work, take 4 more
Lunch, a burger and 4 more
etc, etc etc so I ended up somewhere between 20 and 30 a
day. Now let me tell you the Tylenol didn't take the pain away
but it did allow me to function and keep working. Then somewhere
around 34 it got so bad I couldn't get out of bed for like a week
without bursting into tears. I knew it was time to go to the Doctors.
He did a complete physical and before I even got my blood work back
he showed me the X-Rays and the Arthritis that had set in. From
not taking care of it when I was younger I had already developed
bony growths along my spine and one was so large it looked
like I had an extra vertebrae. When my blood work came back the
real drama started for he thought I had cirrhosis of the Liver
and demanded to know why I was drinking so much. I explained
I didn't drink at all, or at least not often and in fact had not
drank anything in about a year. He then informed me that since
I couldn't have cirrhosis of the Liver then I may have hepatitis.
Now I freaked. I started babbling that I had never done anything
with Needles before and no way could I have that for I was certain
only drug addicts who used needles caught that and I was in tears
explaining how that could not be true. He reassured me, or thought
he was by telling me there were lots of ways to catch it and
you could even get it by touching bird droppings and that brought
even more tears for I live 2 doors down from a lady who is famous
for feeding the squirrels and birds and every morning there are like
100 pigeons outside my back door and they go Do Do everywhere
so now I was thinking I might have it and all I knew about it
was that it is nothing to joke about. He told me not to panic to
I got the results and isn't that easy for him to say, not his
body we are talking about. Two days later he calls me for
the results and tells me I am fine on that but he needs to know
everything I do all day to try and figure out why my liver was
so bad. I tell him and he freaks. Apparently it is very dangerous
to take that much Tylenol and he demands to know why I was
taking it. Well isn't that the reason I went to see him in the first
place? My back? Duh? So he started me on pain medication ever
since. I also have injections in my spine and since it gets
progressively worse each year I started Physical therapy a couple
of years ago. Eventually I will have to have my hips replaced
for it is in my hips too but in my spine they can't operate for
some of the growths are so big and have encased them self
in my spinal cord and the surgery would be too risky. So to keep
upright and stay out of a wheel chair I had to stay in Physical
Therapy year round. Now some of it is fun, they have this machine
that stretches you and that feels soooooooooo good for think of
your back after a 2 hour massage and that is sorta what it feels
like. No pressure, no tension and right after that they use an
Ultra Sound machine to send heat deep into your muscles and
bones and then end with a massage. That whole part is heaven
but to get to that part you have to earn it with a workout. That
starts the no-fun buzzer ringing loudly. Most of the exercises hurt
but lifting weights is the worse. Now they have resistance bands
there and those work like a charm and don't hurt as much but the
place is always so jammed packed you practically have to knock
someone down to get one. I would say out of the 3 days a week
I am supposed to go I get my hands on one maybe 1 of those days.
The other two, ouch ouch ouch! I just got the chance to do a review
for Rejuvenation and I am thanking my lucky stars I got to!
The first thing I did was take it in to my doctor and
get her okay. She toyed with the box and pulled it out and
with her accent, I love her accent, she said, "this be okay
for you, no? It hurt, yes?" translation is does this hurt when
you use it and do you think it helps. I told her I had not tried
it yet and wanted to know if she thought it was safe for me
to use. She said she didn't see a problem with it and told
me to ask my PT about it before I left. I did and she said
that this would be perfect for me for there is no set tension
and it is something you do at your own comfort level and
can stop if it hurts and she thought it was a great idea.
I always bugger out on the strength training part for it is
the part that hurts me the most and it also happens to be
the workout I need the most. The stronger your muscles are
the less pain you will feel for Strong muscles tend to work
together better. Think of me as lazy blob o' non-muscle and
allergic to anything that resembles work. Um, in fact I will go
as far as to say work is a four letter word here. The whole
weight thing. Sweat, yuck. gross, Ben-gay. Ouch, Heating pad.
I tried to explain to my therapist that was how I felt about the
working out strength training thing but she just made the
Yack Yack Yack signs with her hands and handed me the
I think she was mocking me?
I pay her to mock me!

UGH! Any who when I broke this baby out I did it with her
the first day. My thoughts were this is basically elastic and
there for would not strain my muscles or truly be qualified as
a workout. No Sweat, no gross, no Ben-gay. I should have known
by the evil grin on her face that I way off base here.
The Rejuvenation Prevention and Rehabilitation kits are
a work out. The difference between these and the weight
training I had been doing is with the weight training you
have no emergency on and off switch. Your body won't just
stop you before hand and say, "Look Bub, you lift that
weight one more time you are going to regret it and things
are gonna hurt a lot later." No, No, instead your body waits
until you have lifted it, then do it again a couple of times
before it gives you any warnings what so ever and then
they are not real warnings, you arms or legs or whatever
just feel a little tired. Later that night, WHAM! You feel it
and you hurt. With the Revitalization Kit your body just
won't pull it any further. It knows you are pushing your
limits and gives up on you. Kinda like, "listen lady, those
last 3 inches ain't gonna happen. Let's stick here at sissy
level and work our way up to I am Xena Warrior Princess
level." Later that night you will be cuddled up on the couch
next to your Revitalization Kit, rubbing its belly and calling it
a good kit for you didn't need to call for help getting out of
the bath tub for you did a work out that was perfect for you
and didn't push it. This is a product that you increase little
by little and your body will naturally know what it can handle
and also will let you know when you are ready for more. It
is meant to increase your range of motion and regain mobility
not work you out so hard you feel worse a few hours later
then before you started. I used this for a couple of weeks
straight and unlike the weights where I just felt worn out
after with these I felt like I was getting stronger and I
did increase how far I pulled without having to soak in a vat
of Ben-gay later that night. It allowed me to slowly build up
the strength to tighten my muscles and get to a level that
worked for me. I felt energized when done, not wiped out.
Another perk is when I did the weights at home I had to
drag these things out and set them up. By the time I got
everything where I wanted I was already beat. I already needed
a break. Then after you work out you have to put them away.
Like I had the energy for that. What ended up happening was
I would just skip it. With the Rejuvenation I just grabbed it from
my dresser and off I went and took that long walk to my "Bedroom
Door" Sheeeeeeeew, that is a killer walk, those 3 feet. All joking
aside it let me reserve my energy for the workout where I needed
my energy. In turn I worked harder and accomplished more.
Why did my therapist have an evil grin? Easy, she thought
it was funny I thought this would be a piece of cake. It wasn't!
It was a real, honest to God workout and you can feel your body
stretch and feel the burn and the oxygen flowing. You feel it every
where you are supposed to and after 3 weeks of feeling it I felt
so much better I think I will keep feeling it and I have not even
made up any zany excuses not to do it.
Check list please:
simple set up
work at your own level
and no aches and pains later
I think that is a pretty darn tooting good list. So if you
are looking to get some rehab in, need to strengthen some
muscles, have aches and pains and exercise was recommended
or you just would like to get in shape with out getting bent
out of shape this is a perfect tool for you. You will end up
stronger, with better range of motion, less aches and pains
and just feel better all the way around. I have been through
just about every type of workout you can think of in rehab
or back in my fitness kick days and I have to say this
is one of the most beneficial, low impact and simple to
use piece of equipment I have ever tried. Two huge thumbs
up from me and they don't even smell like Ben-gay!

Rejuvenation Prevention and Rehabilitation
Revitalization Kit

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