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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Tummy Tub Review!  

Rowan loves her bath. Loves it! I wish it was
Summer time already for two reasons. The first is
if she is having this much fun in the bath tub I
can imagine how much fun she would have in the
pool. The other is you have to be so careful with
water temperature with an small child and I can't make
the water very warm so it cools so fast. When it
is Summer time the water will not cool so fast and
I also will not mind the water being cooler since
unlike now, I won't have to rush and get her warm
again so she doesn't catch a chill. Even with our
heat cranked the air gets chilly in the house and I
run to her room with her wrapped in 72 towels just
to get some warm Jammie's on her. In Summer time
and the fact the John is an Air Conditioning Fascist
not only will we linger by the cool water we might
skip the Jammie's all together since without the air
on our up-stairs turns into a sweat box. In the Summer
time Rowan will get to enjoy her bathes much longer then
now and I can't wait. She already would stay in there
all day now if I let her for she loves to play with
her water toys and to splash and has just found out
her splashing not only gets her wet but her Dad and
I and the Pooch who is the UN-official bath monitor
too. Now that is a fun game. As much as Rowan
loves her bath now she didn't always. The first three
months of her life were a totally different story and
month four was almost as bad if it wasn't for the fact
that towards the end she noticed a floating bath toy and
grabbed it and realized, "Hey, this isn't so bad!"
Before her realization she could also play in her bath
every bath pretty much went the same way. We would
get the water ready and then slip into her room to undress
her. As soon as the Diapers were removed she already knew
this was not a normal clothes change for we can do that
with a Diaper on and it wasn't a diaper change either for
we had all the clothes off. She would start to fuss before she
even left the changing table and by the time you picked her
up all naked she was in full panic for she knew for sure
what was coming now. As soon as she saw the tub the
screams would begin. I don't know why she felt that way.
I thought I was doing everything I could to help her and
I bought the best tub on the market for when she could not
sit up and as soon as she could I bought the best bath seat
on the market. I bought toys and Hooded towels that looked
like fun and every soap and shampoo out there that
promised to be soothing and still the screams like that water
itself was burning her. The Shampoo was acid and I felt
like we were Water Boarding her every time I rinse soap
off of her. If I would have had the tub I just reviewed things
might not have gotten so out of hand. I can kick my self
now for if I would have done a little research before I bought
a bath tub we might not have had to go through the speed
baths and donned ear plugs just to have a clean baby. Part
of the reason I think Rowan hated her baths so much was
the fact she was uncomfortable. Having her lay flat on
her back must have been scary for her and with water
flowing over her and her not being able to turn away or
really touch it she must have felt like she was plunged
into the unknown and helpless to save herself. Here she
was just a few month ago supported and comforted by warm
fluids she was floating in and the safest she would ever be
and feel in her entire life. The key words here are floating
and comforted for then she was surrounded and "comforted"
because she was "Floating" in "warmth" and now the baths
we were trying to give her were lukewarm at best and instead
of floating she was placed on her back with little fluid that was
cooling the very minute she was placed on the hard surface. Even
the tub I bought with the padded slope can't compete with the
complete immersion she felt safe in not long ago. I really wish I
had seen this next review when Rowan was a newborn for I
strongly feel after trying it I could have avoided the trauma we
went through at bath time the first few months of her life. I know
she enjoys it now but it took months and months of baby steps
to get to this point and if I had the Tummy Tub from day one
I feel she would have enjoyed and looked forward to her baths
from day one.

Unlike the tub I bought the Tummy Tub immerses her in
water up as far as her chin if that is your or your child's
preferences. Unlike the tub I bought the Tummy Tub simulates
the floating sensation she felt in the womb and maintains the
warmth better. Unlike the tub I bought she feels safer for she
is in a more in-closed space and not laying flat on her back,
exposed and uncomfortable. The Tummy Tub is designed to
allow your baby to bathe in an upright position like they were
prior to their birth so they are not suddenly jolted into an unfamiliar
world. The special design ensures they relax in that fetal position
and lets the baby be immersed in the water to shoulder level and
when the water is not all spread out like a typical baby tub
it stays warmer longer. When the babies feel warm they feel more
secure and are reassured and it allows them to relax. During
my research into the Tummy Tub ( Do you guys have any clue
how much research I do on a product I bring you? I swear, give
me a paper clip and I will spend hours making sure it is the
perfect clip before I ever even put it on the site!) I found that
it is especially helpful for Premature Babies. The Tummy Tub is
also a great tool when working with Colicky Babies for it is
excellent at helping them settle down and the relaxed state they
are in after their bath helps to them sleep.

The Tummy Tub offers perks for Mom and Dads to for it
helps induce a stress free bath for your baby and you won't have
to go through the trauma John and I did. Rowans early baths
for the first couple of months started with screaming the second she
was placed in the tub and turned into a speed race to get her
clean and dressed so we could calm her down. Neither of us
enjoyed bath time and we would go so far as to flip a coin to
see who had to do it for no parent wants to be in a room when
their child is red and screaming and sobbing uncontrollably as if they
are being tortured. It broke my heart for Andrew loved his bath
from day one and I tried everything to help her relax from toys to
music to aromatherapy even for I just could not handle the wails. It
also broke my heart to see how fast she became cold and unlike
the bath tub the baby tub does not allow for water to constantly flow
into it so there was no way for me to keep the water at a warm
comfortable level and when you take an inch or so of lukewarm water
to start with by the time you are removing her, no matter how fast
you go, it is already cold as ice and she shivered like I had just
went out and dipped her in the frozen Detroit River with the
guys from the Polar Bear Club. The Tummy Tub maintains the warmth
and I would not have ended up with a frozen Rowan Pop by
the end of the bath. Another bonus is the Tummy Tub fit right
under my sink and I didn't have to leave it in the bathtub for
storage like I did the other one for that was just too large to store
anywhere but a shelf in the basement. Let's face it, you don't
want to have to dig something you use every day out of the
basement. Even better, the Tummy Tub is more comfortable to
use then the standard Baby tubs. With the flat ones I had to
either place it in the bath tub where I was so hunched over I
felt my back cramp a minute into the bath or place it on the sink
and hope it stayed level for one little jostle could knock it
off balance. That teetering tub was about the most unsafe place
Rowan has been in since we brought her home. The Tummy Tub
has a wide brim and though for the review I put it in the bath
tub because I was taking pictures and I did not want little Miss
mess maker to dump water all over the floor while I was snapping
away on non-picture nights I just sat on the floor with the
tub between my legs and I could lean on the brim and wash her
and not only was she comfortable I was too. Jezz, the hardest part
about giving her a bath in that tub was now that Rowan is into
water I have to allow her time to play in it and I was all
leaning on that wide brim and found myself nodding off while I
waited for I was so comfortable. Good thing part of her routine is
to splash Mommy every couple of minutes or who knows, I might
have took a nap while she played. Now if you don't want to sit
on the floor but still want to be as comfy as I was they also sell
a stool that the tub can go on so you can sit in a chair right behind
or in front of them and it would pretty much be the same thing. So
my final thought on the comfort thing is not only does the baby
enjoy it more, make sure you have a cup off coffee first for you
might end up just as relaxed as they are for it is just so much
less stressful then other standard styles!

The Tub also has other perks like it is see through so you
can tell everything that is going on with baby. Now that Rowan is
in a bath seat my big complaint is I can not see under her belly
to make sure she is clean from the waste down. It drives me nuts
and though I know she can't be too dirty for hey, she doesn't go any
where, this Summer will be a different story. I am sure at some point
she will be barefoot out side or in the sand and I want to know if
she is clean after her bath. It also does not have any sharp edges.
The Flat Bath I bought is padded on the top but the curved edge is
not so friendly underneath and is sharp plastic. I almost cut myself
picking up a tub with too much water in it to dump in the bathtub
for the combination of the weight of the tub and the under edges dug
into my fingers. I can't imagine if Rowan were trying to get up and
grabbed those same edges for leverage and cut her little fingers.
Ouch and one mad mom!

The Tub also has an anti skid base and is fully recyclable and
uses less water for her own weight is what raises the water level
and therefor saves on energy. It is also lighter to lift and dump
and was a lot better for my back then the other tub I could
barely lift. Plus the whole heavy almost cut my finger thing.
I think what hooked me is the fact is was a familiar feeling
for Rowan and if I had used this since day one I believe she
would not have had that early fear of the water and I would
not have had those months of stress filled bath time and she
would have had a much easier time making the transition from
baby tub to big girl bath. Some kids have a really hard time
making that transition in general and that's okay too for another
difference from that infant tub I bought and the Tummy Tub is
you can use it to they are 35 pounds. So even a 2 or 3 year
old can use the tub though a lot of kids ache for that big baby
bath feeling once they start moving around and become more
independent and with the Tummy Tub that might even be faster
then normal for the buoyancy encourages these kids to stand
faster and we all know what happens when a child learns to
stand, walking and independence are right behind! So if you are
looking to have your child feel safe right from birth, an enjoyable
bath time experience for both of you and encourage their own
sense of discovery and independence then a Tummy Tub holds
a lot of weight when making the right choice! I really love ours
and my only complaint is I didn't have it 7 months ago and
I can't turn back the clock. I feel blessed Rowan is so found of
the bathtub now but if I could have spared the drama for her and
my benefit I would have and this was just the item I needed to
do the trick!

Tummy Tub!

By the way, you guys can buy the Tummy Tub at select stores but
I recommend buying on line. A friend of mine really wanted one
when she found out I was doing a review for one because her child
has some really bad sleeping issues and her Doctor recommended one
for her child so I tried to find one close by. I searched my area and
there were no stores within a 100 miles and it is so much more easy
to just grab one on-line. I have an Amazon link right at the side of
the page and you can get some pretty good deals there!

What next?

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Picture I used on cards
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