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Wednesday, January 14, 1981

Safety Guide
For your home and Family

I have been all over the web and seen just about
every kind of Blog our there but one thing I have a hard
time locating is a site that tells me what I need as a parent
to keep my home and kids safe. I always wanted someone
to tell me what I need, what is important and what every
home should have in case of emergency. Since I could not
find one I thought I would make one! I sincerely hope it
helps you with your own family. I will add more items as
I find them.

For you home.

1. Good locks! Now all of us can afford a security systems
but that does not mean we do not deserve to be safe. If you
are going to invest in one thing in your life to protect you
home make sure it is the door and locks. This small investment
in the grand scheme of things is one of your first lines of

2. Smoke Detectors. Make sure you have them installed in
your home. During certain times of the year the nation focusing
on Fire Safety and you can pick them up extremely cheap and
please do so. Also make sure the batteries work on a regular
basis. As a person who lost a home due to fire I can not stress
the importance. It was my homes smoke detectors that alerted
my neighbors to the fire and had we been home would have
saved our lives. Smoke Detectors should be non-negotiable
and part of every home.

3. A fire extinguisher. Just like smoke detectors these should
be a must have item. Get one for each floor of your home and
either have them installed on the walls or located in an easy
to get to location.

4. A medical kit. Again, every home should have one and
you can never be too prepared for an emergency. I personally
recommend the Intelligent First Aid Kit for its complete coverage
and ease of use. Any kit is better the no kit and a perfect home
would have a small kit for those daily minor mis-haps and
the Intelligent kit for a major event.

5. A CO2 Detector. Just as important as a smoke detector
you should also have a CO2 detector placed in hot spots
through-out your home. Carbon Monoxide is a gas you can
not smell or notice to the damage is done and without an
alarm you could fall asleep one night and never wake up.

6. Set your hot water temperature to 130 degrees. This is
the minimum safe temperature and will still allow you to save
some money on heating costs. Anything lower and you and
your family could be susceptible to contagions such as
Legionaries disease.

7. An Emergency number list. Make sure your list is easy to
find and most of all Current. Keep numbers of all health care
professionals as well as medical information listed of your
family members such as allergies and blood type if you know

8. A Fireproof Safe. This is another must have item for
your home. Make sure to keep all medical records and
birth records and ID information as well as Insurance
policy's and living wills and a copy of your will inside.
This is there for your family's safety as well as piece of
mind and after a tragedy or death in the family the last
thing anyone wants to do is hunt for this information.
If there ever is a home fire this may be the only place
you can get your hands on important information and
should be up-dated regularly.

For your kids

1. Mommy I'm Here. This is a great little device to
help you keep track of your ankle bitters. The newest
version will even let you know if your child wander more
then 30 feet from you and it is a must have item for
taking your children to malls, parks and outdoor or
indoor events where there might be crowds.

2. Child safety locks. Make sure to install and USE
child safety locks on all cabinets and cupboards in
your house that contain items that could hurt your

3. A Children identity Kit. Have your child's most
recent picture and finger prints on file and
stored away in case something ever happens.
This information is of the type that time is of the
essence and it is very important to be able to access
it all in the fastest manor possible.

4. Safety Tats. If your child wanders super fast or
you are not using a Mommy I'm here, Safety Tats might
just save the day. The allow you to have your phone
number on your child so if lost a security professional
can contact you and spare you and your child so unneeded

Good to have

1. CPR Teddy. It is always good to know CPR but even
better is keeping it fresh in your mind and practicing
a few times a year. CPR Teddy is a device made just for
that purpose and not only works to keep a skills fresh
for a person who has taken the class but to educate those
who have not.

2. A home Security System. Though a little costly if you
can fit it into you budget you should. Not only will you
sleep better at night knowing your home is protected
home security systems to more then just watch for break-ins
today. They can tell Carbon Levels, Break-ins or even act
as a smoke Detector.

Picture I used on cards

Picture I used on cards
Rowan with soap hair