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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Planet Bike Review and Giveaway!  

Things were so different when I was a kid. We
did all sorts of things that parents today
would be freaking out about. Life was more relaxed
and things were just so much more simple. You seldom
heard about crime on TV like you do now, never heard
about kids shooting other kids and could even walk to
the store all by yourself. Now I am not THAT old though
I was reading a blog last night where the lady said
I remember way back when this show was on TV and my
favorite and all I kept thinking was wow, she was a
teenager there and my son was in like the 3rd grade and
she feels old? She can't be more then 25-30 and I would
trade places any day. Any ways, when I started my child
hood things were like that, just happy go lucky in life.
Nobody wore seat belts and I remember being crammed into
the back of a Tiny Fiat convertible with my Moms best
friend son and both our Irish Setter and theirs and we
had the top down, didn't sit in a car seat and hey, I
don't even think we wore seat belts. One Summer I rode
the entire four and a half hour trip back from our Cottage
in the back of a pickup truck with other kids and
safety gear? PFFT, Please, we didn't need no stinken
safety gear. By the time I was 8 years old I rode my
bike miles and miles away from home on country roads and
busy highways and never even knew what a helmet was.
By ten I had my own boat and I did get in big trouble
with that once, I was gone about 5 hours and didn't tell
anyone I was going fishing. I wasn't in trouble for
not telling I was going, I wasn't in trouble for being
gone so long, I was not even in trouble for going off
by myself with a boy, what I was in trouble for was leaving
and not taking my Cousin Elizabeth with me who was visiting
for the day. She drove me nuts and the point was to
get away from her and first chance I got I ran for
the hills. Back in the city we not only talked to strangers
we introduced ourselves and sometimes our parents even encouraged
it. I really doubt girls sell their girl scout cookies today like
we did for we would just go off by ourselves and go door to door
knocking and asking complete strangers if they would like
to buy some. The only thing we had that even remotely resembled
safety equipment was some old life jackets up north that
were so old I doubt they would have even floated. I am
sure they were rotted on the inside from spending a
couple of decades in the garage up north. Now that was when
I started my childhood. By age 12 the Oakland county Child Killer
was all over the News and parents reeled in their kids leashes
and you either had to go every place in a group or not
leave the house at all. Parents started to treat kids different
and became protective and things like the seat belt laws were
put into action and car seats and in the next ten years
everything changed. By the time I was 20 it was a huge fine
if you didn't have your seat belt on and car seats had to
be inspected before you could leave the Hospital with 'your
baby and with Roller blades came things like Knee pads and
wrist guards and helmet's. In the years leading up to
my son's birth kids wore helmet's for everything, even riding a bike.

Now when I was young the only thing we did to our bikes
is to attach streamers and horns and bells and things in
the tires. Now a days you have a hard time finding all that
but what you can find is shelves and shelves of Pads and
helmet's and bike lights and loads of other safety gear. When
Andrew was young I had a hard time making him
wear a helmet for it was still in my head how unnecessary I
thought they were and he never used a light or pads but
since then I have really changed my views. Not so much
that I think kids are super delicate and will break for
hey, falling off your bike is a ritual we all go through
when learning and I was not worried about him falling off
and hurting himself. I didn't feel he needed a bike lite
to see better at dusk or night fall for he was close
to home and was not allowed to ride in the street with out
me. If he got a light then all it was used for was decoration
so he would look cool. Then around the time he turned 8 we
started riding our Bikes on long rides together and that
is when I got a little strict on him wearing safety
equipment and will continue to do so for Rowan. Again
though, and let me repeat that, it is not because of the kids
it is because of the adults that I fear for their safety.
When is the last time you went on a good long bike ride with
your kids? Andrew and I spent one Summer riding about 5 miles
a day and how the people in cars acted terrified me to
the point I took a lot of large steps backwards and before
that summer I did not mind if Andrew rode his bike in the
street right in front of the house or took his bike to the
park by himself. After that summer, no way in the world
would I let him do those things and he had a helmet and a
spare, knee pads, elbow pads and I would have out him in
shoulder pads and wrist guards had he let me. He had lights
in the front and back and reflective tape and a loud horn
for excuse me for saying but people drive like fools. During
the Summer at least 2 times a week someone would almost hit me.
Once I went over the hood of a car for the person did not stop
and I wiped out a dozen or so times that summer trying to
stop even though I know I had the right away way for it was
plain to see they would not. I don't know about where you live
but it is against the law in Michigan to block a sidewalk
when you are in a car and pulling out of a place or home.
People need to walk by or ride by and the people in cars
just don't care. They will pull out in front of you and cut
you off just to make sure they do not have to wait that extra
second waiting. Why not? They are in a car and you are not, what
are you going to do about it?I made Andrew ride behind me so if
something were to happen it would happen to me but one time
a lady was so anxious to get out of the parking lot she almost
hit Andrew and that time I went a little off my rocker. It
was a double driveway type deal and one side was for entering
and the other was for exit. While heading across one lady cut
us off so we had to hit the breaks and I was closest to her and
Andrew was behind me with his back tire sticking out into the
entry driveway a little.I was not worried about him for to
get in there was a light and it was red and the reason we were stuck
waiting was the lady who cut me off was waiting on the same light.
( see what I mean, this lady couldn't go anywhere but rather then
leave the sidewalk UN blocked for us she made she she was as far
up to the street as she could get so when the light turned green
see would already be 3 feet closer to her destination.) While we
were all waiting for the light to turn green another lady decided
she did not want to wait for the woman who was blocking our way
and was going to go out the In drive away. She cut over the curve to
pull into a driveway that was clearly one way and in doing so she came
about 3 inches from Andrew and did not even care. Then she had the
nerve to glare at us like how dare we ride a bike and get in
her way. I lost it and made Andrew pull his bike into the lot and got
off mine and headed to get her plate number yelling the whole way
about how rude she was and how many laws could she break here and
how close she came to hitting my child. She panicked and pulled the rest
of the way over the curve, ran the red light, cut into traffic and left.
I was in shock! Oh yeah, Helmets and lights and every type of protection
I could find I got right after that. I had lights put every few inches
on his bike and will do the same with Rowan. In fact, now that I
am finished with my long I am so crabby story, that is why I am
here today. I just did a review for a company called Planet Bike
that has lights for every occasion and some pretty darn neat ones too!

These guys have some bike lights I didn't Even know they made.
Big ones, little ones, flashing and blinking and Lions and Tigers
and Bears! OH, MY! Planet Bike knows lights, that is a fact.
No matter what type of bike you are looking to outfit they have a
light for you. I was sent 3 different ones for review and placed one
on Andrews bike, his low rider thing a ma jig for that was the only
one that did not have any lights or reflective gear on it. I tried to
wrap reflective tape on it but he threw a fit and didn't want me to
ruin the finish of a bike he swears is going to be a collectors item
and all the lights that were at K Mart when we went were ones
that had to be permanently installed. So no go, will ruin the value
there too. Since Planet Bike has all types of lights the one they
sent was easy to attach and remove and though it stays put just
perfect it does not have to be hooked up in a manor you can't remove
it. Awesome for before that I would not let him leave the complex
with it due to my own experiences with people in cars. I know it
bummed him out and he is not a little kid but if a person is
going to hit me I know they would hit him too! The ones we installed
on Rowans bike are removable too. Another thing that I loved is
they are smaller and since she has a little bike they didn't look
stupid on it. Now John was laughing as he put them on the bike
for even he thought I was being ridiculous putting lights on a Toddler
bike for how often will she be out at night but I reminded him
that someday we might go to the corner for Ice Cream and what
if it is dusk out or even night time then. The Sun goes down
pretty early in the fall here in Michigan and even if the temperature
is 70 degrees and perfect for a bike ride it might be dark at
7:30 and Andrew and I often walk down to Baskin Robbins for an
ice cream around that time. Her lights are a steady red in the
back so cars can see her and a white one in the front that works
two ways, it allows her to see what is ahead or you can turn it
to flash and alert cars or other people to your presence. All
the lights we got for review worked perfect and the install was
a cinch and even I could put them on without 42 pages of
directions. Also, 25% of the proceeds from the sale of any light
goes to Bycycle advocacy and you guys know how I love a
place that gives back.

The selection is amazing and to be honest with
you guys I never knew there were that many types of lights
out there and they did so many differant things and served so
many differant purposes. I thought we were pretty avid bike riders
here and never realized I knew so little about safety. The lights
I got and the reclective tape was all I thought I needed and
now I realize how woefully underpreparred I was. Planet Bike
has more then lights too, hey it is Planet Bike not Street of
Lights Bike! They also carry Fenders and Pumps and Locks and
Racks and Cages and Gloves, okay, let me make this more easy
on myself. If it was made for a bike they have it there! They
even have training computers for the die hards. They support the
Grassroots movement to conserve the Planet by saving energy where
we can and believe a bike is a great way to start. They carry
everything you need to not only get started but keep your
bike in top shape, take it with you and support and advice
on how to make utalitzing a bike for transportation a doable part
of your life. You can order their items right off the site at
an extreamly reasonable price of they can help you
find a dealer near you. Don't forget that 25% of the sale
will go to promoting biking and educating people on its
benifets and they work hard to make biking a better option
by improving conditions of trails and safety for people
who ride. They have been doing this since 1996 and had a
goal of a million dollars by 2009 and we should know soon
if they made it. Next time you hit that bike path that you and
your whole family enjoy and have a spectacular afternoon enjoying
the sun then load them in a bike rack from Planet Bike for there is
a good chance they are the reason that bike path was so much
fun! Planet Bike is rolling our kids into the future one light at a
I have a bike light for one of my readers too! To enter just
head over to the site and take a look around and then come
back here and post what you learned in a comment. The contest
will start at tonight and run to Midnight on April 15th.
USA and 18 and older can enter daily and the winner
will be contacted by email and have 72 hours to
contact me with their mailing information. As always
you can earn a bonus entry by entering the contest of
the day and other ways to enter are posted below.

Planet Bike

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Picture I used on cards
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