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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Sucre' Review  

Now you guys know you can not celebrate Valentines
Day without Chocolates and Candy. I have been working
to bring you some great ideas in that department and
the first place I have came across that is actually worth
posting is a Chocolatier called Sucre'. Um, YUM! I am
a fan of chocolates and have had a lot of really really
yummy kinds over the years. I think I knew about Godivas
before she had a S in her name and we have a local
place in Royal Oak Michigan that is out of this world called
Gayles. They started as a small shop and I used to walk
over from work and well, hey, it is really good. Now as
I get older I watch what I eat more but I HAD to find you
guys some good chocolate for Valentines Day so I
took one for the team. When my pants don't fit
come morning you better all feel bad for I have some
clothing reviews coming up and told them a 6 and
with this Candy I found I should have said 12. These
guys are out of New Orleans and come on now, if it
comes from the Big Easy you know it is going to taste
Really now, I need one of you guys who lives close to
me to come over here and take this box away now
for it will not be here much longer. When it comes to
reviews, or any really, we have a system here. Everything
stays on my Kitchen table to it has been inventoried and
photographed. Then we will do the taste test or what
ever test fits for the item. Until that time nobody can
touch them. Now it can be really hard for the guys
to wait sometimes and they drive me nuts asking if I
have what I need yet for sometimes the wait can be
as much as a week depending on how backed up I am.
These were on the table a few days and it was in such a
pretty box both of them thought it was jewelry and didn't
even know it was there. Now I had the problem for the
dang box kept calling my name ( I swear it did!) and I
could not help myself so when Andrew was at school I
snapped a photo and took one out for him. I didn't touch
the rest it in case he asked to see the box. When he walked
in I told him he could try something and gave it to him. He
asked where it came from and I told him and said it was
just a little box ( it is, I could eat 12, boxes not chocolates)
and did not let him know how many pieces where in it.
When I said little box I knew he would get the impression
of one of those little boxes they have at the book store
checkout that have 2 or 4 pieces of something. I didn't
tell him I meant little compared to one of those cheap
Whitman samples that have like 4 pounds of candy he
gets 80 percent off when he buys them every year after
Valentines Day has passed and the sales are on. It has
15 pieces and I will be honest, I had planned on giving
him more but I wanted to taste it first for the last time
I did a gourmet chocolate review he ate most of it. Now
John, I would never tell, for he eats about 3 pounds of
Dove chocolate a day and if I let him try real chocolate
we would be bankrupt. So I gave Andy the piece and we
will move on. When he went to bed I decided it was now
time for me to try. I am down 6 now and not sure if I like it.
I brought the box into my room and under my side of the
bed for I feel I need to give this review my due diligence
and the jury is still out. When I am done and have came
to a decision I will share, promise! So let's put this on
hold and let me tell you a little bit about Sucre'.
Now, New Orleans, you think being from there
they would rock but like I said I am still deciding that.
I am going to eat a piece right now and think about it
as I tell you more. They are a quaint little shop on
Magazine Street down town and offer a large selection
of Sweets and treats. Totally Gourmet! Totally sinful,
Totally delicious, except for this chocolate I am going
to taste one more time for you guys just to make sure!
You can dine in there and if you get the chance I say
go for it for if their fresh desserts are anything like this
box I am unsure about still ( better taste again) they would
be worth the trip. In fact, if the rest of their items are as
fantastic as what the box is supposed to be, I would
suggest going to New Orleans just to go there! Yes, Folks,
THAT GOOD. Er, I mean, it could be that good. Maybe one
more piece will help me decided. Now you can order their
items on line and please do, you won't regret it but
I kinda think it would be a very romantic, sensuous
visit and though the kids would love it, I think it is one
of those places I would like to say just for John and I.
They just have that Cafe Style seating and "Look"
Romantic in a city that can be really Romantic and,
Oh, I don't know, I just want the chocolate! I mean, I
think, one more taste here.
On line you can order to your heart is content
and they feature such confections as the Sucré King Cake,
The double Dark Chocolate Heart, Drinking Chocolate,
(Okay, pinch me I have gone to heaven, I better sample
another piece to make myself feel better!) Candied
Southern Pecans, (YUM!) and homemade Marshmallow's.
Now I would really love to try the Marshmallow's for I
did not even know you could make them without a
big Factory to blow air in them. I think that is about
the neatest thing I have ever heard and if I ever do get
there with John I will make sure to bring some home
for the kids for when I order them on line I am not sure
they could make and send enough fast enough to make
it to the kids. If they are any bit as good as what Andrew
said they Chocolate they sent here is, I am sure I will not
be able to stop myself. I better try another one of these to
test my will power. They also have these OK chocolates
they sent me for I am going to need to eat many more to
give a better answer then that. What Andrew told me though,
is they have a Dark Chocolate Shell that even has a little
crunch when you bite into it for it is that fresh, that rich,
that dreamy and that sinfully delicious. The inside is
Raspberry heaven that is so smooth some little old french
Grandmother must have stirred for 3 days straight for it
just melts on your tongue leaving that whipped, Raspberry,
creamy Chocolate goodness to linger and tease you for
another one. That is what Andrew would have said had
he not been a teenager boy but I took the liberty of
translating for him for his exact words were "Frito Lay
don't have nothing on these guys cause I know I couldn't
eat just one!" But the thing I said is what he meant and
I have the trauma of eating all of these in the box here
to make sure he was accurate. Time for one more I
 Now the other thing they make and I have to order
ASAP for they did not send them is my all time favorite
sweet in the world. A Macaroon! If you have never tried
a Macaroon start shoving small children and the elderly
out of you way and go get one now! They are the best.
Someone took a cloud and covered it in sweet, yummy
perfection and brought it to Earth. The Best Cookie In
The World! Or Cake, I think it is a subject of debate but
the fact is they rock and Sucre' has them and oh yes,
so will I!!!!
(Evil laugh as I grab another chocolate)
Sucre' is the best of the best when it comes to
confections and treats and this would be a fantastic item
to add to your Valentines Day list of must have items for
it is Love in a bite sized piece all by itself. I also have
to apologize for not being able to give you a personal
opinion of Sucre's Chocolate Raspberry Hearts for they
just didn't send enough and I am out. Once I send them
a few emails telling them my dilemma I am sure they will
send more and I can tell you then. If it takes a while don't
you worry, somewhere around the 402 emails I am sure they
will get the point. Until then take Andrews word for it and
know they are the most delirious thing I, I mean, he has
ever tasted!


Make sure to check out Sucre' in the Valentines Day
Gift Guide!

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