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Saturday, December 31, 2005

Hot Off The Press!  

Just in..............................................

Hey guys, got some new info for you! Lot's of stuff coming up
here in the new year and here is what I am starting with!

First up we have Holster Up! You guys loved the beer pager and
I thought I might find you guys some more cute stuff like that and
I hit the jackpot Partner'. Holster Up makes these of so cute
Holsters that look like something from the Wild Wild West for you
to put your beer or any other kind of bottled drink in. You can
do water, pop, an IV drip of Margaretta's I need after the last
few weeks. I love the charm of these little guys but the cold hard
facts are they are so functional too!I don't know how many times
I have been walking the dog or the baby or the Husband ( he needs
the walk the most with that Jabba The Gut he is growing) and wished
I had something to drink. I never carry a water bottle for with my
insane 12 pound Jack Russel I need both my hands so this would be
great! Not to mention fairs, parks and so many other places you
need all your limbs! They are hosting a review and a contest
for you! Meet you at the corral!

Next is My Baby Rocks! Have you seen their stuff? Love it.
Remember how I told you guys I bought Rowan some Skull and
Cross bone Bibs right before Christmas at an ridiculous price?
Well this store has those cute leather and lace items for
kids but at prices we can live with! They have some of
the darn tooten cutest things I have seen. I love it, there is
just nothing sweeter then seeing a little toddler with clothes
that scream their personality! We have a review and contest
from them and I can't wait!

After that it hit me at Christmas I have not done any reviews
for my favorite child! Well I had to fix that ASAP and Premier
Pets is helping! They are sending something for Boo, my
only good child to review and she was so nice she is putting
together a gift basket for you guys! Now the fur baby's can
get in on the review action!

After them is a time tested favorite of everyone. Burt's Bee's
is hosting a review. Not sure if there is a contest yet but if
they send more then one thing to review I will be more then
happy to share for I know everyone loves the Burt!

Tiny Tag Designs is sending a necklace for review and I love
their items. I am so hooked on the personalization jewelry
now for not only does pieces like that look good they
mean something and all I need is an opening to tell a complete
stranger my entire life story of my children. "Say, that is
a beautiful necklace you are wearing!" Big grin on me! " I know,
I know, isn't it, I got it from Tiny Tag Designs and it is not only
beautiful it has my kids on it and let me tell you................."
I can never remember if it is a good sign or bad sign when
someones eyes glaze over but I am still happy so who cares!
Tiny tags were super cool to deal with too and they are going
to offer a gift certificate for you guys! Tiny Tags is Big on Style
all the way around!

Next is Post Little Tu Tu's and I have been bouncing up and
down all day since I spoke to them! Every Mom in the world
knows how much fun it is to dress a little princess and I have
waited 20 years to do it and her item's (SIGH) to die for! I tell
you if her super spectacular Tu Tu's do not make Rowan look
like the sweetest peach on the tree I will wear it myself to
any public place you guys want! I am feeling pretty confidant
here but I will let you guys vote! I know she is offering a contest
as well so its a double treat!

Next on the list is Damo Momo! I may not have a baby bump
any longer but I can sure appreciate spectacular quality maternity
wear! Organic to boot and soft as a baby's, well you know! They
have fashions for real people they you can really wear, be comfortable
in and look good. Sad to say but that is hard to come by anymore
and they do it fantastically! Love it! Review and contest coming
your way!

KORRES was very happy with our last review and
giveaway and want to do it again! I am really excited about
that one for I loved their products and can't wait to see what
is next! These guys are great and have been super kind to
the blog and me personally and hope this is the start of
a long relationship with them for I would love us to be able
to check out all their new items!

Another review and contest we have on the way is Girl Gotch.
They make the cutest panties for little girls. Rowan isn't just
in their sizes yet but with her diaper she can demo some. I
am thrilled with their undies for when I was little was the
last time I saw girls undies and they were not cute at all.
Mini Granny Panties! They are also having a giveaway!

Picaboo is a site that allows you to do some awesome
photo books for your home that look like a publisher
made them just for you and your family! You create them
yourself and they are spectacular! I get to fiddle around and
make one of the kids and I will post some pics when it gets
here but I will get the review posted as soon as I make it
for their is a contest involved and you guys will love it!
They are offering a 50 gift cert for their site and you guys
can go nuts!

Everyday Minerals is sending a selection of their products
for review and giveaway and they have been so easy to
work with I have a feeling this is going to be great! I can
always tell when I person is super nice before they even
get to know me it is because they know they have a good
things and want to share it with the world! A review and
contest is headed your way!

Next is Batter Blaster! Pancakes in a can? Why didn't the
Cheese Wiz think of that? What a great idea for I would make
Pancakes all the time if it were not so messy! I also just got
an awesome pancake griddle for Christmas so I am doubly
excited! They are also hosting a contest for you guys!

Metalsgirls Jewelry is up now and they have the neatest
jewelry. She makes it out of just about anything and is
sending a necklace that was stunning for review and is
also offering one for giveaway! It took my breath away so
wait to you guys see it! If hubby forgets valentines day this
could be your gift! Better then the Freeway Flowers I got last
time John forgot!

Otter Box is my next review on the list coming up. They make
cell phone cases that rock and we need them at our house as
hard as we are on the phones. We are going to review an
IPhone case and they are offering a gift cert for you guys!

Pretend there is pretty music here. da da dumde dum da dum
Now back to our show......................

After Otter Box I have a review on the way for Expressiva Nursing
Wear. They make everything for Mom's who are nursing and
even if you are not for the clothes are just comfortable. I am
reviewing a pair of PJs for boy do I need some and they
are offering a gift cert for you guys. These are some really nice
outfits and cloths! I can't wait to be comfy as I write the review!

Next we have Bright Starts Toys. These guys are great and I
know it for we already have a bunch of their items. Rowan
loves her activity center and they are sending their new one
out for review. It is funny, with my son all I had was Playschool
and Fisher Price and with Rowan I have not one thing by them
it is all Sassy Toys and Bright Starts I just like them way better!

Another Yummy Food Review too! This time it is Galaxy Granola!
I don't know about you guys but I love Granola. It has got to be
the sweetest snack in the world and better then candy. I have
been hooked for years and can't wait to try theirs for I heard it
is really good. They also are putting together a gift pack for you
guys! YUM

Next is Darling Droolers. Are these guys cute! They have bibs
and blankets and Burp clothes and all in luxury designs and
styles. I love those Minky Soft type deals and they have it
with so much style. They are sending items for a review and
a giveaway! Deliciously fashionable!

Last on this list is Sock Grams! I love socks and love the
comfort of new socks, Okay, I have a fetish and you will
just have to wait for the review for the details! I know they
have a special discount for my readers too for these are a
perfect gift for the kids on Valentines day!

I am also starting to get all caught up and hopefully will hear
back from a couple of sponsors I have been waiting on to hear the
prize they wanted to offer. I have those reviews ready and just
waiting on the details. I still am plugging away bringing you
guys everything I can and hopefully we will keep on trucken!
Don't forget to check out all the links on the side for there
is stuff in there you can't get on the main page. Also keep an
eye on the winners list I have had a few people not answer
the emails and don't want anyone to miss a prize!

Hot Off The Press!!!  

Not a whole lot today guys but I got some
goodies! I did so much at the start of this week I
am sure things will slow down for a bit!

First off is Clean Brands, they make Mattress, pillow
and bed protectors and help with allergies and asthma.
They are sending a whole set for me to review and
plan on offering one for giveaway as well. This is
so cool of them for it costs a pretty penny to in-case
you mattress, box springs and pillows and I think
sheets are included but I am not sure. Just the first
two is a bog wow, but a whole set was super cool!

Next we have Zehn Naturals. They have T-shirt and
other items all green and for adults and kids. They
are sending two shirts for review, I think one for me
and one for Rowan and are going to give one to my
readers as well!

After that we are on a shirt craze, Crazy Dog and
Nacho Mama are back for more and are having
another contest where you guys can win a shirt
from each site! They have the coolest shirts and
you guys know how I love a funny shirt!

Last on today's roll out is Fantasy Jewelry Box.
They are sending the most beautiful Necklace
for me to review and are giving you guys a
50.00 dollar store credit to pick out something
yourself. I picked a review item from that same
price range and had like 7 pages to pick from..
Wait to you see their stuff and the necklace
I am reviewing. Stunning. These guys are also
always in InStyle, People and many other
magazines so you know they are going to be

Peace out!

Hot Off The Press  

Okay guys, I missed a day but I have a list to make
up for it! A Bigun!

"Insert happy dance here"

Mondays are always off the hook busy and this one
was no exception. I thought my fingers were gonna hit
the floor a few times today and I still have about 12 reviews
I am working on. Yikes!

First out of the gate we have Handstand Kids! Yum Yum!
I love to eat and these guys have some great stuff that
your kids can help you with in the Kitchen. In my case
I need to do a review so I was thinking I can sit back with
a glass of wine and watch Andrew do the cooking. Hum,
I am not sure if he will go for it but I love the sounds of it.
Really though, Handstand kids has all sorts of items to
help your children learn their way around the kitchen.
I believe we are going to try some Chinese food and
the is where Andrew comes in. I have a big feeling I am
going to have to buy him a Wok before this is through ( not
needed for the recipes in the book) for he has been buggen
me for months for one now. I will let you know if you
guys can invest in little chef coats for your tots and join
me on the wine couch or not! I hear I might need to grab
another bottle for these guys are supposed to have some
fun, easy to make goodies that will have Jr talking like
Julia Child's before they are done! A contest and a review!

Next we have Kicky Pants! Do you know what they sell?
DO YOU!!! Clothes!
and the cutest little duds you have ever seen. Rowan will
be the next little Diva if it kills me and these guys are going
to help me along! It does not matter if you have a little
guy or a doll they have just the thing to make them look
like an angel! I just can't wait.

After Kicky Pants we have The Cream Perfume Company.
Delicious!!!!!!!!!!!! Perfume in a cream so it rubs right in
and doesn't feel all tacky like it does when you spray it
on. I have heard some great things about these guys and
I can't wait to try it. I am also a little icky as of late with
Rowan being so kind as to share her food all over my all
the time I need something to mask the smell of formula.
"Od de la I didn't want that last swallow you take it mom"
never smell as good on as it does in the bottle! This stuff
is supposed to smell great in and out of the bottle!
A review and a contest!

Alright, I will be the first to fess up and admit Rowan is a
spoiled little bugger. With all the review items she gets and
the fact her mother is addicted to shopping I have started to
wonder if I need to add another wing to the condo to house
her belongings. There is one thing she does not have though and
I have been sitting on my hands to try and not buy her one.
A Teddy Bear!
No longer will I worry for Patchwork Bear is going to do a review
and a giveaway and she will get one all her own! They have the
most adorable little bears and you can ad lib and personalize
them and they have gift sets to boot! How sweet. I have a list
from these guys I am dreaming about. The even have little duds
to dress them in. I have a feeling only Visa will be able to stop
the shopping I plan on doing there!

Next up is someone you all know without knowing! ( giggle)
sorry, I couldn't help myself. Sandra Magsamen make
clothing for children and she is on a lot of stores out there.
She has lines in Walmart and JC Penny's as well as a lot of
other places and also does her own items for her sight and
is also an artist. Everything she touched turns to fabulous
and I have no idea what she is even going to send I only know
I don't care, she is spectacular and I feel fortunate to even get
a meeting with her. I am sure whatever it is we see guys I will
end up carting along like my own woobie shoving in peoples
faces going "Do you know who made this for me!" More
details to follow on this one!

after that tuff act to follow I thought I needed to spice it
up. You guys are loving the make-up reviews and I have
another one for you. Pur Mineral is sending some of their
goodies to review and I am super excited. I had only tried
a few different make up brands in my whole life and doing
reviews I have the privilege of getting to find out about some
spectacular stuff. I have a feeling these guys are going to be
one of them. I read some other reviews on them and I can't
wait to see if they live up to the hype. I have a good vibe they
will! Anyway it goes you will be the first to know!

Another one I know you guys are going to love is a review
and giveaway from Miss Oops. They make gear for Women.
Real women with real issues and they have real answers.
We get to try the Boob Tube, a little gadget to help that
awful thing we call gravity and take some of the pressure off
of us and our poor body's and they also have my favorite,
the Jaks. You know those low jeans you love but hate looking
like a Plumber when you bend over? They have a cure and
a cute one at that. The Jaks is like an extension of your shirt
or pants and won't slip and is now world famous. We are gonna
give them a run for the money with the pair of jeans I bought
without testing and are a little too low for comfort. If I wear them
out of the house after this review they are the boss!!

Next up is a coming book review for 100 finger foods for kids.
Annabel Karmel is a great author who has numerous books
and loves our little site here and knows you will love her book!
I am totally interested in this too for I want to give Rowan some
more things in her little diet and I am scared to death to try
anything and maybe she has some answers for me. I am not
sure if there is a giveaway but if not I will pass on the review copy
and I am sure we will all get some awesome ideas!

Now we have Tiny Tongs.
Tiny Tongs are not only fun for your kids to use they help
them with their coordination to learn to eat on their own.
I just think they are a hoot to boot! These guys have a great
following and not only are they adorable they have an easy
grip, simple to use and just the right size for your tot! I can't
wait to see if Rowan "gets them" or looks at me like I am nuts
for she is a little young. Now if people can get their baby to
read I am sure I will get little baby baby to eat!

After Tiny Tongs we have my favorite thing to review.
What is it?
All together now!
But, aha, there is method to the madness of this must have
item, Bersica Futurewear not only looks good on your kids it
a high performance wear that keeps your kids dry not matte
how often they spill. I have two things to ask here.
1. I want to know if they can send me enough of this stuff
to coat my whole house and protect it from the super spiller
Andrew for at 6 foot and 275 I don't think they make his size
so covering the house will have to do.
2. I don't know if I should laugh or cry here. I know I will be
delighted that I will no longer have to change Rowans clothes
32 zillion times a day but have you seen the price of Baby Rain
Boots for if drool is no longer going to soak in it will pool at her
feet and with as much as she drools I will either have to move
her room to the bathtub or buy her boots!
Either way I am super impress that not only does fluid roll
off so does stains. They need to make kids out of the wonder
fabric! Why can't evolution catch up to technology. I am so
excited to try them. Two loves in one, cute clothes and clean
kids. This is my lucky day! A contest and a review!

Now to end the lineup, I know your eyes have got to be tired by
now, we have Guy and Eva bringing up the rear. These guys
make Jewelry and some really awesome stuff! Classy, stunning
and sophisticated this is truly top shelf. They are sending a
Necklace and Earring collection that is to die for and I am
on pins and needles just waiting!

Okay guys, I never thought I would say this but I am done!

Peace out!!!

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Hot Off The Press!!!  

Hi Kids, Moms, Dads, Puppies and electronic Elephants
out there! I am starting to get the hang of this post contests
on Wednesdays and don't forget I am posting tomorrow
for I have one review only and 3-7 contest reviews depending
on if a few places get back to me or not.

For new reviews on the way we have a list too;

First on the block is Tie Buddies. They are hosting
a review and a giveaway. These are an awesome
way to help your tike learn to tie their shoes. I
know Rowan is too small to test those but
Andrews best friend has a little sister just
the right age. If that doesn't work I can always
let Andy test it out for if you saw how he tied
his you would know he needs some help too!

Second is PhotoFiddle and this is going to
be a review I am going to rave about for a long
time. They take your favorite picture and make
it real like art, complete with frame. I have one
I send of Rowan and Andrew on Christmas and
they are making it an art deco Oil Painting
for me. It should be here by Monday at the
latest and I am like a kid at Christmas and
can't wait!

After PhotoFiddle I have Just Buzzin By.
The have a huge selection of bibs and
place mats for your tike. Just about
anything you can think of they beat
you too it! With MZ Mess I need to
order by the boatload!

After them is Think Fun, and you might
not know the name but you know their
games. They make puzzle games
like Rush Hour, the one with all
the cars and you have to move them just so
to solve the puzzle. The are sending
Rush Hour, 36 Cube, and Smart Mouth
for review and also hosting a contest
for a couple of lucky winners!

Next is Smelly Washer! I provide the
smell, or I mean Andy does, and the
provide the Solution. A contest too!
Now that is something that
doesn't stink.

After Smelly Washer is Kiddshes. They
make the most adorable children's
bowls and dishes that would class up
even MZ Mess! If the bibs from just
Buzzin by don't get her the bowls will
at least make it look good!

Right after and from their sister
company is Cuisiprousa. They
are sending some kitchen gadgets.
A flour sifter and a peanut butter
and jelly spreader that is just too
cute! They are offering one of each
for my readers as well!

Right after that one is Scentsy.
Most of you guys have heard of
their wonderful items but now
I get to find out first hand. I love
anything that smells good and
they are letting you guys have some

I know its a long one but we have some
more. Game Write is sending a game
the whole family can play for us
to review and they also have plans to
let us see their new spring line real
soon before everyone else! How cool,
you tike's Easter basket might have
a hot new game before anyone else!

Last on the new list is Mud Puppy Press
and they have adorable stationary and
puzzles and even banks and sticker books.
Everything they have is too cute and they
are going to let us see some of their new
line! So many awesome things to do!

Also, I have seen so many great companies since
I started doing this but some have really stood out
and you guys know how I feel about customer
service. Rowan has her top ten and I was jealous
so I decided to have my own top ten but only
mine will keep you guys in the loop for places
that are the best of the best! Be sure to stop by
and check it out either today or tomorrow!

Peace out!

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Hot Off The Press!!!!  

Hi guys, as you can see I am starting to catch up.
I posted a few new contests today and a review so
make sure to check them all out. I also posted the new
winners from the Super Anti Spyware, Hugg a planet
and Hearthsong toys so check for your name and
say congrats to the winners!

I am going to start posting Reviews and New Contests
on every Wednesdays and Saturdays so it will be a little
more easy for me to keep up. That way I can work on
lining them up on the weekdays and updating my local
page, kids page and book reviews on Sundays. Hope that
works for you guys and now you know what days the
new contests will be posted though don't forget they are
all daily entry!

First on my list of news is UGlee pens! They are
sending some of their UGLYEST for a review and
are going to offer a set for you guys! pretty neat and
they are supposed to be fantastic. I can't wait to get
me hands on the for I am always writing something
down and can never find a pen that doesn't make my
hand hurt!

Next up is Re-Binder since we are on the subject.
They are sending a Back to School set for me to
review and are going to give one for a reader in
a contest as well! This stuff is not only green it is
great!!!!! I can't wait to write all over it with the
UGlee pen!

After the school supplies and Stationary we need
to break out in dance and Lovely Baby Music is
going to help us in that department with a review and
give way. I have heard some fabulous things about them
and really am excited for the little monster I live with
loves to hear music! She will be the hardest critic so
lets see how it goes!

Next up is Soak Wash!! Now this is going to be
a fantastic review for me. I heard this is the bomb
for your laundry and can't wait to see if the grapevine
is going to blow up under my scrutiny.

While we are on Soap I am having a review and
giveaway for Virginia Soap. There is nothing I love
more then home maid soap products. The smell alone
drives me crazy for it is always so fresh! They are sending
a sample pack to me and going to give the same thing
to one of you! Perks for us all!

I know we are on a roll today for the next product on
the way is My Precious Child. They are sending a med
kit to check out and plan to offer 5 of my readers car
seat tags. Safety is so important in today's world and I
am going to put on my nifty research shoes and find
you guys some tips and help for ways to keep our little
bundles of joy safe since we are also doing the Mommy
I'm here review and seem to have a theme! Great to know

Last on this long list of new reviews is My Bibzy.
I am still a little hazy on the details of a giveaway but
know there is going to be a review. So stay tuned for

Also, I want you guys to check out the new page
I added to the side. Its called Rowan's Top Ten and
is meant to help you guys decided what toys to spend
your money on for your kids. I will keep it currant and
when Rowan loses interest in a toy I will replace it
with the one she does. I get the unique opportunity
to have my hands on a very wide range of toys
since I review them and I remember with my son
how hard it was to whittle down the choices and stay
on some sort of budget but still get great things for
your kids to play with. I thought I would let Rowan do
the talking here and let you know what she picks out
of all the toys she has to choose from. Maybe next
time you are trying to decide it will be a little easier
knowing that a certain toy has great appeal to other

Peace out!

Friday, December 23, 2005

Hot off the press!  

Hi guys I don't have a lot of time I am in day 2 of
my 3 day Holiday Dinner but wanted to let
you know some of the people I have heard

 Funky Monkey has some awesome Fruit
Snacks that I have some great things about
them and they are hosting a contest and
a review so we will know if the great things
I heard are true!  I am sure they are!

Next up is Skoy Cloth and boy do I need
these today with all the cooking and cleaning
I am doing. Hopefully I can have the review
done by New Years and have that dinner to
test them for. Not as crazy as Christmas Dinner
here but pretty nuts!  They are also hosting
a review and giveaway!

Thats all folks! Peace out!

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Hot Off The Press!!!  

Howdy folks lots to report today!
So let's get to it!

First one the list is Cover your Hair.
They are having a review and a contest!
Cool beans, I love hair items for I have a lot
of it and always need to get it out of my face!!

After that is something I Will use the heck out of!
Bummas! They make like a pee pee cloth type
deal that also serves to cry little baby booty off
and helps with diaper rash. I am sure I will also
use them as a burp towel for Rowan is a spitter!
YUCK but yeah to bummas for a review and contest!
These guys are also letting everyone in the whole
world enter so my Canadian friends and those
across the pound can enter too!

After Bummas we have Uncle Ben's rice! Looks
like they have some new dishes coming out and
I get to review them and even better they are going
to let a few of my readers have some too!
We all love Uncles Ben's!

After we leave the Uncle we are gonna check
out the Earth! Earth Angel Baby Momma that
is! They also sorts of green goodies for Mom
to be, Moms like me and baby too! Also going
to do a review and giveaway for these cool

Next is Amon Maternity is hosting a review
and giveaway. These guys are good for Mom
and Moms to be too! We all need support and
I hear they are awesome at giving it!

Next is Stay with me socks! I can not tell
you how much I need this. Rowan is obsessed
with her feet and pulls them all off! These
baby's are not going to go anywhere on my
baby! Also a review and giveaway!

After that, WOW what a day! We have
Corner Stork Baby Gifts! SO many nice
things they have! They also have a review
and a giveaway for us. You have to to
check them out!

Last on the list today we have one that
hits home for me.When Andy was a year
and a half I couldn't find him for about
15 minutes and I so wish I had this then!
The product is called; "Mommy, I'm Here!
and is like Lo jack for your little one.
( or my teen if I an manage!) There
are going to do a review and send
a bunch of extras for my readers
so there will be at least five winners
here if not more! COOL BEANS!

Now I am still working on 3
reviews and 3 reviews with contests
right now so if I don't post tomorrow
calm down I am fine! With the Holidays
and the boat load of reviews I have I
am a little behind!

Peace out guys!

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Hot Off The Press!!  

Hey there guys and gals! Not much
to report today for I am slowing down a pace through
the Holidays. I have a zillion things lined up after the
first but I also have a lot to do at home the next
week or so and wanted to let you know if you don't
see a post don't panic for I am probably sleeping
from exhaustion!

Today's news is a review and a contest from Baby
Dipper. Have you seen this? Where has this bowl been
all my life? Sometimes when I feed Rowan it is the only
chance I get to make lists or sort coupons or I thought
it would be but Rowan has her own agenda and if I do
not eagle eye her the bowl ends up on the floor or at
the very least tipped over.The girl is fast. I need to keep
the bowl away from her but if I do it drips all over and
its a lose, lose situation for me.This bowl is going
to save my well, I won't go life but I will say floor, carpet,
clothes and her clothes. Not to mention the complete
scrub down of the highs chair I do every time I feed her
or the Brillo pad one I do when John feeds her and leave
the baby food to dry on overnight for me to do at Breakfast.
Can't wait for this one. The Baby Dipper is on the way!

The only other item to report today is Nostalgia
Electronics. These guys are cool and the name
says it all. It is something you will see and say I
remember those. They have the old fashioned hot
dog spinners, cotton candy makers and those great
big popcorn poppers. What you would expect in
a little country store. So cute and made for your
home. They also have new goodies like a quesadilla
maker and a hot dog toaster and what I am reviewing
the slider maker. My son doesn't know yet for he went
to his Dads but is going to go nuts, he has wanted this
for a while. Well, not this one, he wanted the cheap
seen on TV deal, this is a good one! They are also
hosting a contest for you guys! All we need is one of
those blow up movie screens, the popcorn maker, the
hot dog spinner and the slushy machine and we can
play drive in! Hummmmm, another party idea!

Peace out guys!

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Hot Off The Press!!!  

Hey guys, the count down to Christmas is
moving fast! I like Diamonds and Gold and New
Cars and Vacations and anything that smells
expensive in case you guys are wondering!

Some new stuff for you guys to read while you
are thinking about what to buy me!

Save Your World is hosting a review
and a giveaway for you guys. If you
haven't heard of them they make Green
make-up, skin care and other beauty
items. I love anything that has to do
with the word "Pamper!"

Next on the list is Guyot Designs,
and I sooooooooooo can't wait for
this one. You guys have got to visit the
site. He makes something called a
squishy bowl. TOooooo cool!
Even my kids can't break these!

Last and todays roll call is from
a company called winning moves!
They are sending a new board game
they are really proud of for it just
got picked up by the big guys!
That is something isn't it? You
think to your self, that would be a good
idea and get off your duff and do it
and it goes over great. I am impressed.
The game is called Cir*Kis and
we are doing a review and I think
a giveaway, my mind is mush right
now with all the reviews I have done!
Blur city!

OK yall,
Peace out!

Friday, December 16, 2005

Hot Off the Press!  

Hey there fellows and fellettes!
Feeling under the weather today but
didn't want to leave you without your updates!

First on the block is Pureology. So far
it is just a review but I hear it is some awesome
shampoo so I will fill you guys in on the goods!

After that we have NuNaat, another shampoo
and this one is suposed to be awesome as
well. Right now review but she said she would
get back to me on the other!

After the shampoos we have Daisy Rock!
I tried my best for a guitar, sniff sniff, knew you
guys would love it, but they are sending out some
other their clothes and other goodies for review
and a gift pack!!! Those of you with Daughters will
love it!!

Last today, but not least is Yes, to Cookies!
I get a Yummy review and they are going to give one
of you an even better gift pack!

There are a lot of contests that are endin soon
guy and not many people have entered so check them
all for a few have awesome odds!
Also, don't forget the Mom and Dad's section.
There are two contests in there now both with
very few entries. They both also have very nice

Peace Out!

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Hot off the Press!!!  

Howdy Ho Neighbors!

Got some news off the teletype today to share with
you wonderful people out in Blog land!

First up we have The Daddy Tool Bag!
Finally a Diaper bag Dad can carry without
tears! His not he babies! So far this is a review
and I will let you know if it turns into more!

Second from the minutes is Pureology
Hair Care. As most are today this one is
also just a review as of right now. I never
want to tell you guys its a contest until
I am 100% sure!

After Pureology we have another review,
this one is from Function Labs. They have
drops for Focus, Immune, Antiox and Detox.
Lord knows I need the help here.
Health smealth, I am rotton from the inside
out. Lets hope they can save me!

Last today is from Snooze City and it
is a review and a contest. Think funny
T-shirts, now think of them on your
Pillow! They had me cracken up and
I am thinking of reviewing the one
that says Boys are stupid, throw rocks

Don't forget to hit Mom's and Dad's
today for there is a new contest there
you can also get to it by the links on
the side, Mom and Dad's are always
posted in 1989.

I will also have two more reviews and contests
posted by tomorrow, maybe more. Busy week
so keep checking back!

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Hot off the press!!  

Hey guys, news news news to share!

First up today is Rosco Dogs Ready leash. This is a neat
little baby and has your leash and your do do bags all in
one spot. I so need this for we walk Boo all the time since
there are no fences at our condo. No least, no walk, no
bag, big ticket! As you can see it is a must have for me but
Rosco Dog didn't stop there and has a few for my readers as

Oralamix makeup is going to let me try and review their
eye shadows. These outta be good for they are made
by hand all natural! She is also going to host a contest!
See, its already a great day!

Next us Golden Moon Tea, I get to sample the goods
and you guys are going to have the chance to win an awesome
tin of Earl Grey!! Now that is good stuff! I drink tea hot and cold
all year round here! This is a treat!

Chuck the Yuck is letting me do a review and having a give
away to make sure your kids are covered for the winter and spring
flu and cold season. No more clean ups and I am so glad
for Andrew is one of those kids that sees it and looses his
lunch. EWE. Why didn't I have these bags when he was
young? Why didn't I have them last time I was on a plane
and he was 42 shades of white?

Like wear is letting Rowan review some of their
Clothes. I have heard lots of great things about these
guys so I will let you know what the verdict is!

Last but not least, Reading Glasses Shopper is hosting
a giveaway and review for my readers. Face it, I squint when
I read, it is time for some help. Somewhere between 30 and
40 I needed it and just kept pretending I didn't. Now I am
coming clean!

Don't forget to check out the kids section and a new contest in
the Mom and Dad's will be posted tomorrow. You can also get
to them with the link at the side of the page. Mom and Dad's are
anything in 1989 and the kids are anything in 1986.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Hot Off The Press!!  

Hey all slow day at the office!
I only got two tidbits of news for you!

First is kinda cool for this time of year! I am being
send a Beer Pager and I think there is one for you too.
We are still working out the fine print but mine is on the way.
I really think its a neat gadget for the busy party season.
I am really bad about setting whatever I am drinking down
and never finding it again. This way I can page it!

Next is Nomad Journals. They are sending a journal for
me to review and one for you guys too! These are really cool
for I take notes and jot stuff down all the time and it is
always getting lost or ruined so now I will have it all in
a cool case to boot! YEAH!

Also Mom and Dad's Keep and eye on your section in the
next few weeks. Toy Demons contest is still open and a few more
sites are going to be posted as well. With Valentines Day coming
up us busy parents need all the help we can get making our special
romance time truly memorable.

I also wanted to let you guys in on a secrete! The new year is
coming, noooooooooo, that isn't the secrete. The secrete is
I have a lot, a lot a lot, Boy I can't say that enough, a lot of
product reviews and contests coming your way. Can you
guys keep up with me?

Monday, December 12, 2005


Hi you people!
Not a lot to report today. Weekends are always slow.

I do have a bit of news for music loves or Moms
or Dad you would like their kids to learn the Piano.
Waldon books is sending me a book for young ones
to pick up easy skills. It is supposed to work on even
hard to teach guys and I will give the review copy
away when finished.

Also Button Diva and I have been speaking. We do
not have the details worked out if it is a review or
contest or both but I will let you know.

Also the review Copy for Crap, a book for you teen
that helps then learn to deal with, well, Crap, should
be up for grabs next week as soon as Andy turns in his
review so keep an eye out!

See ya soon guys, peace out!

Hot off the press!!  

Howdy ya'll!
Just a couple of goodies for you today.

Fancy Fortune Cookies is sending some
YUM YUM YUM to the house for a review.
I love fortune cookies, okay, I will admit it,
I love anything with the name cookie in the
title but fortune cookies are at the top
of my chart. Them and those Almond ones
from the Chinese Restaurants. YUM. They
are also giving one of my readers 100
cookies of their own! Um, what I meant to
say is they are sending one of my readers
100 cookies and that reader will send me
99 and get to taste one for themselves!
That sounds better!

Next up is Banana Grams. Its a cool
Little game that is great for all ages.
It is kinda like scrabble and it would make
a great Christmas gift and is educational too!
Not only are they sending one to review they
are sending 2 for my readers. Also we are
going to be first up to test

their two new products before the rest of the
world! YEAH!!

Last on Today's list is Snorg -T shirts. I know
how you guys love the shirts. They are sending
a T-shirt from their line here and one for you too!
How cool is that?

Some other news is for my local readers I have a coupon
from Noir leather. I am going to post a page for
print out coupons but I have been so busy. If you would like
the coupon before I post it just shoot me an email and
I will send it back!

One more thing, If there is something you would like
me to try and get my hands on for review. A product, rest,
movie or anything, let me know and I will do my
best to get it for you. This is the place to post!

Peace out!

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Hot off the press!  

Hold on, hold tight I have lots of fresh
news for you guys tonight!

The first people I want to tell you about is
Nourish. They make some awesome Baby Bottles
and you knowwwwwwwwwwwww I use a lot
of those. In fact I think any parents is a qualified
expert on the subject by the time thier child is 4 months.
The hard part is getting them off the bottle!
Put it down baby, put it down, there is more to
life then just a baby bottle!
Now for those months when they "HAVE" to
be on one you know they deserve the best and
this company is A1!  The are A1 towards their
cosumers as well for not only are they offering
to let me host a review they are having a contest too!

Next on the hit list is a place called Sonny and Reed,
or should I say there will be a place! The web site
is already up and going but the product won't be released
for a few more weeks but you guys will get a first look!
All I can tell you right now is this product should have been
made a long long time ago!

Last for todays goodie roll is Evolve. They have some
fantastic water products and I will be reviewing their
Water Lily shower head. I am a pro at shower heads now
ya know! These guys are being great to me by letting me
review but you guys have it even sweeter for they
are sending one out to one of my readers as well!
I love those prizes!

I have some new links for the side panel that
will be posted the next few weeks! Keep an eye out!

Peace out!

Hot off the Press!  

     I have been really busy with emails this week so what that means
is in the next few coming weeks I will be super busy with product reviews.
Great for you guys but WOW, the timing for me. Right at Christmas.
Good thing I am an early bird and all my Holiday shopping is done and
gifts are wrapped. So here are today's hits for you guys!
The are off the hook!

First to hit the stage is Pixyworld!
They have the cutest Duds there! What is better yet is she has them grouped
by collections and adorable sets so you do not have to spend hours of you
time trying to find items that go together. You can if you like, but I enjoyed
the idea of everything being all ready to wear and all you have to do is add
shoes. They are sending me a 3 piece set to review with a butterfly theme.
They are also going to have one available for you guys to win too! It is too
adorable you will just have to wait and see!

Second is Adult Another place I have been talking to that will
be posted in the new Mom and Dad's section. Since I had Rowan I have
been focusing on trying to rekindle passion with John and flipping through
many sites for plans and ideas. These guys sell many items that can help me
out! From Massage kits to lingerie and everything in between. The have some
awesome items to help you light a spark at your own house. I also love the
fact you can do all this on-line for even though Mom and Dad's need some
help once in a while and it is a natural part of life I still have a hard time
walking into a store. What if someone see's me? This way there is not
a chance of that and I can be excited about adding some spice to my life and
not embarrassed that someone might find out I need to!

Next on the list is one of your Favorites. A T-Shirt site. Road Kill shirts
has some of the funniest yet! I was cracking up and had to order a bunch for
the guys. They are also letting you guys pick one too! One of my readers will
luck out again! They have a HUGE selection and I can't wait to see what
shirts you pick!

Last on today's list is Revengeis! This is a clothing site that sells shirts
made from recycled Plastic Bottles! Is that not the craziest thing? I loved it
and trust me, they have their process down to a science for everything on
the site not only looks good it is also an item you should be proud to wear!

Thursday, December 8, 2005


You guys will never believe the amount
of reviews and contests I have gearing up
for you guys. I am stunned, just stunned,
at how many people love you guys!

First in the Press box is Wallslicks.
They have a lot of that awesome wall
art that is so Chic now a days and I am
going to review something for Andrew's
room. He was such a sport moving into
the basement so Rowan could have his
room that he needs something to liven
the place I call the Dungeon up.

Now don't get me wrong, it wasn't that bad
and partially finished but once he got down
there it, um, let's just say went down hill.
Wallslicks can fix that though. They have so
many items perfect for him and just cool enough
to take the drag out of any room. Let's see
if they can brighten "The Dungeon!"

Next is one of my favorite products. Fiji
Water. I started drinking them about 5
years ago and love the stuff. They are
sending me a case of water to share with
my family ( I will not let them drink it
when I buy it for it is mine ((Mad GIGGLE)
MINE I tell you! They are also hosting a
contest for you guys where you can win,
are you ready for this..............

Drum roll please..........................

5 Cases of water! That is a lot of water!
YUM Fiji!

After Fiji we have another good one!
Elf Cosmetics is offering to give one
of my readers one of their Mini Cosmetic
Kits. So cool. I am not sure what I am
reviewing yet but if its from ELF you know
it is going to be good!

My son has been dancing around like
a goofball all day today for he found
out we are doing a review for Mejer
Natural Angus. That boy loves his
meat and Potato's. We are getting
a sample so we shall find out just
what one he loves the best! They are
also going to have a prize for you guys.
You better invite me over!

Remember how I just told you my
son has been dancing around like
a goofball? It is even worse when
John does it and those boys do not
have rhythm. John is Dancing because
we are also doing a review of Wonderful
Pistachio's! I love me some............. OK,
bad choice, I love me some Pistachios!
Wonderful Pistachios from Get Cracken
Pistachios is sending a case for us to review
and plans to give a case to one of you too.
Please send videos if you are dancing like
a goof!

Last on today's Hit list is Kid
They make the most inc readable Organic and
vegan Products that took my breath away.
I have never tried their products before and
just found out about them but I am so impressed
by the visual alone I can't wait to have something,
anything from their store.From Dolls to clothes,
to Furniture and everything in between that makes
you little one the greenest, most fashionable
tyke on the planet they top the hit list today.
I am in love with the fur nature and the house-play
items just blew my mind! Wow baited breath here
guys, baited breath!

Peace out more tomorrow!

Wednesday, December 7, 2005

Hot Off The Press!  

It has been another busy day here are the
fun factory guys and you will not
believe what I have lined up for you now!

Luster is letting me review their line
of teeth whitener's. All of them. I am
trying the one hour and John is going
for the 7day. Andrew is even getting in on
the fun and doing the weekend kit.
They are also going to host a contest for
you as well!

Giant Microbe is hosting a review and
contest as well. Okay, there product is
very useful for educational issues and
even as a child's toy and they are so cute
but I have been laughing all day at some
of their products. The Ulcer and the Sperm!

I am still laughing. I have already had the
sex talk with my son and my step daughter
has been covered too but I wonder if my
niece will let me use her children if
I tell her I have visual props! ( Gonna
go in my pants here if I don't stop cracking
myself up!)

The next one I am really excited about!
Have you ever heard of Simple Human?
They make garbage cans and soap dispensers
and other items for the home that are sleek,
stylish and quality. I am going to review the
Sensor soap dispenser. Look Ma, no hands
no germs! They are also going to let one
of you guys walk away with one! Very Chic!

After that I have a book review for a book
called Crap! it is Teen-themed and Andrew and
I are going to review it together. I will offer the
review copy for a contest!

Sassy toys, one of my Daughters all
time favorites, is offering a review and a
contest for you. I love these guys and
so does Rowan for we own many of their
items and have a list of others we plan to get!

Be present is offering a contest for my
readers. I will have more details and
might even be able to post tomorrow
so stay tuned!

Glacier Outdoors is offering up a Product
for the boys to review. It is their outdoor
combo pack. The ultimate back-pack for
fishing and hunting and other outdoor
activity's. It is a 149.00 value and my
husband almost broke into tears when he
found out there was something he can review
that I didn't have to beat him into submission
first! They are also going to give one for
a contest and you can make your husband
cry too!

The last announcement is for Sleepy
Wraps and its more of a stay tuned. They are
super busy right now but have a great Organic wrap
coming in February they want reviewed! I can't wait.
OH, and just flipping the Calender to February doesn't
make it so for I already tried!

Peace out y'all!

Tuesday, December 6, 2005

Hot off the press!  

Wow, it was just a crazy day today
with news for you guys! I feel like I have
been talking to people all day! Good for
you guys but I need some sleep!

Right out of the gate we have Crazy as
a Loon. She makes Handmade Rugs there
and they are so beautiful! Right now I know
we are doing a review and I will let you know
if there will be a contest as well!

Next we have Cuddle Cupcakes. I have talked
to Carol from the site a few times today and she
is a doll. They make custom Cupcake Holders
for events and parties. They are super cute and
I was telling her this IS the perfect thing for a
Busy Mom and her Child's Birthday. Even if you
are the worst in the world at Frosting and decorating
cakes these little baby's make it look like
it came from a Cake Boutique! And Super Happy
Dance here, a contest too!

Then we have Baby Rock Tee's. These little
puppies are so cute. They remind me of when
I was little an emulated my Hippie Mother. They
have some really good bands there and just for
Jr! If my daughter is anything like my son was
she will be listening to 70's Rock Music by
3 years of age and I will be spending a small
fortune at this store! We are also getting
a special readers discount! Woo Hoo!

After Baby Rock is Lily Me. Have you seen their
stuff? O M G to die for. I think I am in love. I
am waiting with baited breath to see what she
sends me for it is going to be a surprise.
They are also being superdy duperdy good
to you too! ( Yes, I watched some Barney today)
Not only are they offering a contest for my readers
they are giving you guys a discount code too!
Does it get any better?

After Lily me is my last news for reviews today.
Belle Dangles is going to send one of their Jewelry
Organizers and do a giveaway! I so need this and
had even asked for some sort of Jewelry Organizer
for Christmas. Not I am going to get one of the best
and just wait to you see it, sooooooooo cool!

My last tidbit I want to share with you guys
is a contest is ending just about every day
this month so make sure you keep checking
the winners list. Random gave me a name for
The Good Karma contest last night and she
has not contacted me yet. So even though
I send you an email please keep an eye on
the list in case it goes to your spam folder.
I make sure I place you are a winner of
this or that contest in the Header so you
know but I really want you guys to get your

Okay guys, peace out and see you tomorrow!

          Only one anouncement today....................
Sigh, it was a slow day but it is a good one and I am
super excited about it!

    It is from Tee 2
They have the most adorable shirts for Either Mom
and little one or Dad in Middle one in Matching
themes. For the Review I am getting one for Rowan
that says Rock Star and John get's one that says
Groupie. I found this super cute since John is in a
band and though they do play a lot of Bars and
Night Clubs they also play a lot of Social Event's
and Family Gatherings. When they play events like
that the Kids are always invited and now Rowan can
fit right in!!See, told you I was super excited!

Sunday, December 4, 2005

Hot off the Press!  

I know, I know, you guys are tired of
Reviews and Contests! Let me bore
you with a few more if you don't mind!
( Did I mention you win stuff? )

Right on the walls is going to let
me review one of their products. I
picked something for Rowan's Room
and I am really excited about it. They
plan to cap off the review with a contest
for all you loyal readers! Wait to you
see what they got!

After them, Kidorable has promised
to send me a raincoat to review and
has plans to host a contest where
you can win one of their KID-ADORABLE
Umbrellas.They are just so cute and I can't
wait for Rowan to jump through some
puddles all dressed up!

Next on the Hit list is Tees 2 match!
SOOOOOOOOOO cute, they have matching
Mommy and Daddy shirts and I am just
Ga Ga over them. They are sending a product
for me and offering a contest for you.These
are perfect for Large family gatherings and
as gifts!

Last on today's update list is Simple Green!
They are letting me review both of their product
lines. One right now and one next month. The first
is the pet line that is going to make the places
in my home Boo hangs in smell all new and fresh!
Next month will be their cleaning line. Boy do I
have some dirt for you! They are also holding
a contest for you guys!

Another word today guys, make sure all you
local Detroiters check on the new section
just for you. Right now I have Santa's schedule
at the malls listed for you but plan to fill it with
a lot more information on our metro area. Hopefully
we will get some local reviews and contests just
for you and I am also asking for you guys to
send in photos of your kids for our local Detroit
Cutie of the month!

Peace out guys!

Saturday, December 3, 2005

Hot Off the Press!  

I know you guys must be tired of new reviews
and contests. Right?

Your not?

Well, I have good news then for some more
are on the way!

Pink Panties is hosting a review and
a contest. They have some of the cutest
undies ever. Look for them on the main
link and the Mom and Dad's only page.

Piggy paints has told me that want to
join in on the fun and host a review and
contest as well. Can little girls get any
cuter? We shall see!

What Oder is going to host a contest for
us as well. What was that smell?

Last on the hit list is Alight a Plus
Sized Clothing Store that has really
offered a great deal to my readers.
They have agreed to not only a review
but to host a monthly contest through
my site where one of my readers has
a chance to win an item from their store
every single month! That's Right Folks,
my readers only will have a chance to
win from them 12 times.

Last but not least, don't forget to flip through
the reviews even if you don't want to enter
the contest. A lot of the places I am reviewing
are offering discount codes to my readers
for the Holidays and you guys can save up to
as much as 30 percent!

Start shopping!

Picture I used on cards

Picture I used on cards
Rowan with soap hair