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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Bravado Designs Review and Giveaway!  

Now, I have not worn a decent Bra since, wow,
the last time I got measured was so long ago
I think Andrew was still in grade school. Since
then I have been making due with whatever is on
the racks at Target or Macy's without ever really
knowing what size I wear. I was going for style not
comfort and let me tell you my back has paid for
it over the years. Now with a new baby it was been
really bad for nothing I had "really" fit before and
now it is just plain old ridiculous to even try to
squeeze into them for not only would they not fit
they would make it next to imposable to breast
feed. I have been going Braless and yeah guys,
before I get a Whoot whoot, remember I am 40 and
have had two kids and let me just give a friendly reminder
that gravity and I have not been the best of buds and
I will never have to worry about my knees getting cold.
Now maybe I am stretching the truth a little bit but
the gals have been known to try to escape from the
bottom when they used to aim for the top. Going
around with no bra may have been sexy when I was
in my 20's but now it is just embarrassing and if it
were not for the fact that I have none that are comfortable
now I would be living in a Bra at all times. I need to
have one desperately but I know nothing about how
to pick one that is right for me! Good thing I did a
review for Bravado Designs!

I have not been measured for a Bra in over 10 years.
In fact I was so uncomfortable when they did it at
the store I pretty much closed my eyes and prayed for
it to be over with just like I would at a dentist office
if I were getting something like a Root Canal. When
I spoke with them at Bravodo she asked my measurements
and I was pretty much going "great, this will stink" on
one hand but then on the other I was going, "Hey, at least
I get to do it myself." I have always been self conscious
but had I known people would walk you through this
step from the comfort of your own home I might have done
it a lot soon then I did. She was super cool about it
and I can tell she was a pro for I thought a simple measure
would be a no brainer and just started shooting numbers
at her and she came back with a "no, not right at that spot
but move about three inches down and.........." It was like
she was there and knew where I had measured to come
up with these crazy figures I did and to be able to tell just
from a number what part of my torso I had the tape around
made me feel pretty darn confidant she knew what she
was doing. She has got to know a heck of a lot to hit things
right on like that. After I searched the house to make sure
she wasn't hiding in the closet I measured for the numbers
she wanted and gave them too her and she made some
recommendations based on my lifestyle, activity level and
some other factors on what items would be best for me
and again I was pretty stunned. I didn't think it mattered
what you did all day when picking a Bra but it does
when calculating the amount of support you might
need. She also got the feeding information and how
long it has been since I had Rowan. There are a lot
of factors that I just took for granted in buying a
bra over the years and I now know why I was always
so uncomfortable. What strikes me as so funny now
is I had to wear some pretty nice business attire
for my job and thought nothing of dropping a few hundred
dollars on some shoes or a jacket or skirt but for Bra's
I never got the good ones. I would buy expensive ones
but based on the look not the fit. I always grabbed off
the shelf and guessed at sizes. I feel like such an idiot

When they came I of coarse loved them appearance
wise for she made some awesome recommendations and
again I had to check the closet to see if she had snuck in
my house for she was either snooping through my things
or her and I share some really good taste. She could also
be very very good at what she does but I like the snooping
theory best for it makes for good print. Bravado, Caught
Snooping in My Drawers! Film at 11! Really now, she sent
the Allure Under-wire and sent matching undies in black and
it just looked perfect for me. It is something that will
go with a lot of my wardrobe and is kinda of a combination
VA VA Voom and I got ya covered babe, Bra and Panties
set. What I mean is it has lace in key places to give you
that super feminine feel but also has material where you
need the coverage and I have to say it is probably the
first Bra and Panties set I have ever owned that fits
more then one category. This is a set you can wear
around the house and feel comfy, at work and look
fashionable and still comfy and out for a night with
your sweetie and not have to rush into the bathroom
and change when you get home so he doesn't see you
wearing "those old things" again. She nailed the sizing
right on for the bottoms too ( ah, remind me to add
Melissa to my Christmas card list!) Now let's not forget
it is functional. These were made for Nursing Mothers
and work perfect! I am going to let you know what
their store says about the Allure as an example of
how good these really are. The Allure features:
• Premium spacer fabric: an innovative, lightweight and
breathable material which will keep you feeling cool and
• Three-dimensional stretch in the cups to beautifully
accommodate your changing shape.
• Lightly lined cups to provide discretion and help hide
nipples and breast pads.
• A round, wide wire to subtly distribute weight, which is
slightly shorter than the wire channel, to avoid pinch or
constriction of breast tissue. Note that after washing, you
may want to push the wire back towards the center of the
bra if you've found it has shifted.
And also:
• Allure was created with the input and approval of Lactation
Consultants, who recognize it for its superior comfort, high
quality and healthy fit.
• Stunning features such as molded, smooth and lightly-lined
cups, and a low center front, make this bra a wonderful staple
for your nursing lingerie wardrobe.
• Mesh under the lace on the sides and bands of all sizes to
add further support and strength, and create a thin layer between
your body and the lace (for those women who enjoy the look of
lace, but have especially sensitive skin - this mesh layer gives
you both benefits).
• Amazing under-wire support while maintaining good breast
• Easy double-cup sizing system, for a great fit that will
accommodate your size fluctuations.
• Feminine touches such as soft, non-scratchy lace and lightly
embroidered straps which are all invisible under clothing and
give the bra a hint of sensuality.
• Easy nursing features, including cups that drop fully and
easily away from the breast to promote skin-to-skin contact
with baby, and signature B-Clips that lie flat under clothing
and provide one-handed nursing access.
• Matching boy short panty.

Now if that wasn't enough right there Bravado also carries
many other designs. Each one is of a supreme quality and
each offers its own list of benefits for Mom. Like I was
telling you guys, I sorta gave her my last 6 months life
story so we could decide what Bra would be best for me
to start with. It doesn't mean others in their line are not
right for me but the Allure just covers all my needs on a
daily basis. You really have to read through the options
on each one to find out what would be right for you because
let me tell you I was one of those people who didn't put much
stock in the school of certain Bras for certain people thought
and after trying on and wearing one that was made for me
I am now a convert and will never ever just pick one up off
the shelf again. Other Bra's in their collection include:
The Original in Bamboo and regular
Body Silk Seamless
Lifestyle Microfiber
Embellished Microfiber
Exquisite Nursing
Essential Tank
They also carry tanks and accessory's and Undies and have
some really really good sales going on. Another thing I really
liked about Bravado is they really care about the Moms
they do business with. They offer all sorts of help and tips
for those of us who struggle that is extremely detailed.
They are also a green company and have been before
green was in. Not only do the care about raising healthy
children they care about raising a healthy planet for those
children to live in. There is also a huge section on sizing
for if you are a little DUH! like I am you are really going
to need that help and what I thought was the way you
measure cup and Bra size and what really are the way
are two totally different things. Without them I never would
have known. Heck, without them I would still be walking
around without a Bra for the ones I have bought off the
rack are so darn uncomfortable I can't stand it. Bravado
is also single handed responsible from saving my
teenage son from being scarred for life by seeing his mother
walk around in clothing and no Bra for it is certain he would
turn 17 and 18 thinking all woman are as oddly shaped
as his mother and jiggle where they are not supposed to
jiggle. I am sure if he knew why his Mother suddenly
stands proud he would thank them! All in all I found their
whole site, not just their spectacular selection of Bra's
an invaluable resource for pregnant and nursing Mothers
and they are top of the line in my book!
Bravado Designs is also going to be top of the line in
one of my readers books as well for they are offering
to give one lucky reader an Allure Under-wire Nursing
Bra as well. To enter just head over to the site and
take a look around then come back here and post
what you have learning in a comment. The contest
will start tonight and run to March 25th.
USA and 18 and older can enter daily and the winner
will be contacted by email and have 72 hours to
contact me with their mailing information. As always
you can earn a bonus entry by entering the contest of
the day and other ways to enter are posted below.

Bravado Designs

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post that you are. 3 entries,
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