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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Book Review for Crap  

   Review for Crap
by Erin Elisabeth Conley, Karen Macklin, and Jake Miller

Product Details
* Paperback: 96 pages
* Language: English
* ISBN-10: 0979017351
* ISBN-13: 9780979017353

Mom says:
I was surprised when I read "Crap" that it
didn't stink! ( Booo Boooo, I know I know) Okay, for real now.
I was impressed. it was a good book. It was packed full of
lots of useful information jammed with cute little jokes
and quirky definitions tossed in between segments to break
up the monotony. There quips were even funny unlike my own.
It taught them how to deal with out ignoring a problem all together.
It also taught them how to tell the difference from an issue that
matters and should be taken to heart and one they might
be blowing out of proportion. I really liked the fact in encouraged
them to think their feelings were right and justified without
using another person as a crutch or excuse to shoulder the
blame. There were not right or wrong answers in the book
and not a clear cut map on how to handle things but more
like a general theory and easy to understand strategy's that
can be manipulated to fit any problem. Even an adults.
The only thing I did not like is that I feel it is meant more for
pre-teen and not full fledged I have my wings now 14 and up.
The tone is too airy and the subjects to light for a 16 year old
who believes the World is out to get them to relate to. My 16
year old is reading it now but after I read it I think I would have
been better off letting the 12 year old. That would have been a
perfect fit and we might have avoided her having the
attitude the 16 year old now has. I do believe the theory's will
work if the person ready is not already so tainted they will give
them a chance.

Teen says:
Okay, it took me a few weeks to read it but it
wasn't because I didn't like the book it was because Mom
told me it was like a self help job and Pleaseeeeeee, what
a pain. I was hoping for some thrillers or even a classic to
review and she tossed this at me. She rode my butt to I
opened it and I wish I had before she started driving me nuts
for I might have dealt with it better. The book was good, it
had a lot of tips that really worked. Some I already knew but
it was cool to see them on Paper to be reminded. Other's I
had never thought of and it did help me to pick and choose
what I got all worked up about. Sometimes people are stupid
and you have to deal ya know? I am glad she made me read
it for I am not as annoyed at her now as I was a week ago. I
suggest though that you just leave it in the car or something
for your kid to read when they are bored to find out they like
it for if I hadn't agreed to help my Mom do reviews in the
first place I never would have looked at it for it was her
idea but if we were driving somewhere or another place
where my options were to talk to my Parents or read I
would have picked it up on my own. Good Book is
my say so!

Friday, November 16, 2007

The reviews are here

All books that are reviewed are published free of charge from various publishers

Hold on to your hats guys, the book reviews are
already rolling. 3 books are on the slate for this month and
I hope to start getting the reviews posted as soon as I
can. The First review is complete and posted.
The order of the reviews will be Fiction, Non-Fiction and Family Choice.
Please scroll down to the review you are looking for!

The first book up is my choice and provided by LitFuse
who has offered to host a contest as well. It is a thriller,
detective story and those are always a blast for me.
The book they have provided is...................

Double Trouble
By-Susan May Warren

With one solved case under her belt, PJ Sugar is ready to dive into her career as a private investigator. Or at least a PI's assistant until she can prove herself to Jeremy Kane, her new boss. Suddenly PJ's seeing crime everywhere. But is it just in her head, or can she trust her instincts? When she takes on her first official case-house-sitting for a witness in protective custody-Jeremy assures her there's no danger involved. But it soon becomes clear that there is someone after the witness . . . and now they're after PJ, too.

John's pick is not really my thing but since he has to read and give and
honest review of my choices it is only fair I do the same for him. He is all
gung ho on this one for it is right up his alley, sports and non-fiction.
I can pretty much promise you he will read this watching a football or
hockey game. His choice is.............

From Peanuts to the Pressbox
Insider Sport Stories From A Life Behind The Mic
By Eli Gold

In this behind-the-scenes look at sports broadcasting Eli Gold
tells how a kid from Brooklyn, New York, went from selling peanuts
at Madison Square Garden to being one of the most recognizable
voices in all of radio sports broadcasting.
From Peanuts to the Pressbox is an intimate walk down memory
lane, reliving some of the greatest moments in Alabama sports
(basketball and football) and NASCAR. Gold also shares
stories from his early days with Yankees broadcaster Mel Allen
and Red Barber and other broadcasting greats, such as Bob Costas,
Tom Hammond, Verne Lundquist, Kevin Harlan, Ron Franklin,
and Mike Tirico.

Our last book this month is our family choice. We try to keep up
on trends, currant events and advancements in child rearing and in the
medical field. Also we are both educational nuts and try to keep that
in mind when picking books for our children or how to books to help
or inspire them. This choice we thought we be good to help them
with moral and values and just plain old faith.The last pick is............

Family Choice Review

Product Description

A collection of 365 daily devotions that
that center on topics that pertain to toddlers
up to pre-school aged children. Each day has
a verse, story and prayer. Illustrated with
child friendly graphics and full of charm.

Product information

Hard covered
for ages 3-5
385 pages
Tyndale Kids
ISBN 978-1-4143-3445-5
Suggested retail price $14.99 USA

Publisher's Description
Watch your young children grow
in their understanding of God as you
meet with him together using this One
Year devotional. Each reading pairs a
Little Blessings illustration with a short
Bible verse and devotional thought that
gets you and your child talking about the
simple truths of Scripture. A fun, rhyming
prayer completes each devotional. A great
way to get young children interacting with
Scripture daily

Michelle Says

I grew up in a deeply religious house
and this took me home but with more
softness. My family was much more
strict. The book is chalk filled with
Nano Stories that bring about good
feelings and happy thoughts.

I loved that it was written in an
easy to read format that though
it is meant to be read to kids
can easily become an early reader
for them to tackle on their own a
few years later. The verse is
prevalent for each little story
and inspiring. The story is
perfect for young attention spans
and the prayer is so simple
any child can repeat it and
take something away from
the experience.


John Say's

I did not grow up in a religious
household and do not know any
of the verses of prayers but I
though it was cute and taught
good values and is great for
teaching kids what is right
and what is wrong. It is quick
to read too so even when I am
busy I can get in a story or two
and the story's are broken up
enough and vary just the right
amount where I can read as
long as or as little as I want
to my kids without them feeling
like we are stopping at a point
where they are left hanging.
The little prayers are cool
and to the point of be nice,
be good and other little
morals parents struggle
with teaching their kids
now a days.

Andrew says

It reminds me of the story's
Grandma Great used to read.
I liked it!

* John and I will each post our reviews as we finish them so check back
often to see if they are up yet. I tend to read a little bit faster then he does so mine are posted a little faster. All reviews are honest opinions and
the only thing we are compensated for the review is a copy of the book itself.
       Having both John and I review the books and post both our opinions
gives you the unique insight of a "He say-She say" scenario. I feel this is
a great benefit to you when it comes to picking books as gifts for people
and taking that dreaded jump into another genre.
        In the future I am working on getting more children's books since
I am a published children's short story writer they hold a special place
in my heart. When we do get children's story's to review I plan on letting
my 16 year old son and hopefully my 12 year old step daughter post their
reviews as well. That was you will get the honest to goodnessopinion of the intended market and a parents point of view as well. My son also reads adult literature and when books are appropriate he will offer his opinion on those as well.
     I hope our reviews help you with your reading pleasure and if you have
any questions or need advice on a book or a gift please feel free to ask. Every member of my household is an avid reader and between us we have read thousands of titles in every category from Comic books, Sci Fi, History, Mystery, Thrillers, True Crime, Romance and on and on.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Double Trouble Book Review  

Double Trouble
Susan May Warren
Paperback: 352 pages
Publisher: Tyndale House Publishers, Inc.
(January 11, 2010)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1414313136
ISBN-13: 978-1414313139

Double Trouble by Susan May Warren

Double Trouble is the Second book in a Series
featuring PJ Sugar, a struggling apprentice to a
Private Detective with as much luck in the love and
family department as she has in her budgeting skills.
I didn't get a chance to read the first installment but
found the second a light hearted quirky ride leaving
one think the life of of Private Detective though
dangerous, could end up being a load of fun.

The Book starts with PJ returning to her home
town and back into the mix with an old boyfriend and
new family members. The hard time she is having
understanding her new brother in law and his family is
surpassed by her doubts and inability to decipher her own
heart. Instead of coping she immerses herself in her work
and takes an undercover job that is supposed to advance
her career to find time to put her personal life in perspective.
It isn't long before she finds she is over her head and the
little job turns into a big caper with danger at every turn.
The Chemistry between her boss and her is unmistakable
and the woman they are protecting deceitful and all end
up taking you on a delightful journey where you won't know
your destination to you arrive. Though it would have been
nice to read the first book for a few times I struggled, my
overall impression of the book was a good one and I
enjoyed the ride. Susan May Warren is two books into a great
career and I can't wait to see what sort of trouble is next!

Saturday, January 20, 2007

New Book Reviews  

From Peanuts to the Pressbox

Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1401604366
ISBN-13: 978-1401604363
by Eli Gold

Summery: A behind the scenes look at the life of
a person who worked their way up from a nobody in
the Biz to someone who rubs elbows with everyone
famous in sports. Eli started out as a kid in Brooklyn
selling Peanuts at the Garden to one of the most
notable voices in radio.

John says: I was a little hesitant to read the book at
first for the intro said this was a really famous person
and I had never heard of him. It made me think for I
thought I knew a lot about sports and to not recognize
the name gave me the impression he was just trying
to cash in on who he knew.
After reading it however, I was impressed. I learned
a lot and understand how it is just about as hard for
a person like him to make it in the field as it is a kid
who slams a good ball at our local High School. I liked
the fact the story was told from the heart and was light
and even funny and was very easy to relate to. Better
yet I loved all the inside details of what they really do
and I realized it isn't just something every guy would like
to do but a real job. He also rubbed elbows with a lot of
who's who in the sports world and though I thought that
would be a reason I didn't like the book the way he told
it made it a reason I liked it even more!
I say home-run!

Michelle says; Well I didn't know anything about sports
going into the book and now that I read the book I still
don't like sports but I did like the story. It is one of
those touching heart felt jobs that have you rooting
for the little guy and if that is how sports fans feel when
routing for their team I can relate a little better! I loved
the struggle to the top and it makes me nostalgic for a
time in American history when hard work paid off!
I don't know any cute sport cliche's to add like John
did but I say it was a good read for even people who
don't follow the game. It would also make a great gift!


Teen Reads!

Dude-The Book of Crazy, Immature Stuff

Written & Designed by Mickey and Cheryl Gill
ISBN 978-1-892951-46-5
Pages are not numbered

Summery: A book jammed packed full of
ideas, jokes, ways to pass the time and
loads of useless information to pass the

Mom Says: When I saw the book I knew my son
would love it. Not because I thought it was his
taste in books but because of the name alone.
Crazy Immature Stuff, why that smacks of teenage
boys and what would amuse them. When I went
through it I realized it has some pretty darn useful
information and they phrase it in a smart alecky
teenage way and I can really see the attraction. Now
relax Mom and Dad the book is harmless and does
nothing to instill bad manors and you will still recognize
your angel once he has read this. Nothing in the book
is rude or will encourage trouble it is more of a busy
book filled with loads of harmless things to do and
loads of trivia. They might even learn something
without realizing it! The part I really liked is they
highlight things kids don't like and give you funny
ways to deal with them like the chore avoidance
checklist but it also give them a feeling of the other
side of the coin by asking them what they would do
if they were in charge. A kind of make you think, shoe
on the other foot deal.
My final word-I really loved it and think it would be
great for boys aged 8-18.

Teen says: I really liked this book a lot more then the
last book I reviewed. That book was like a self help
this is like looking at your self in the mirror and some
of the crazy thoughts that go through my head. It is a
boredom buster and I keep mine in the living room for
when I am once again forever waiting for my mother to
be ready to leave instead of twiddling my thumbs I just
flip through this. Some parts are pretty darn funny and
some of the things they have in here I write down any
ways and this just gives me a cool place to put it so
I don't have to bust my hand with too much writing. I can
see some of my younger cousins ready it and I got into
it but I am not sure how many guys older them me would
admit to reading it. I am also a sucker for books like
Mom says I need to add a final word so mine is -Pretty
Cool, but if you have a sister hide it for she could use
some of the stuff against you!


Dude Dairy

Written & Designed by Mickey and Cheryl Gill
ISBN 978-1-89295145-8
No page count

Summery: Aguided Dairy that has pages
to jot down ideas and thoughts with
suggestions on how to fill it!

Mom Says: This is like the other Dude book in the
sense it is filled with lots of fun facts and things
to do! The thing I found cute is the lock on the
cover but I am not sure what Andrew will think of it.
This would make a great busy book for the car or any
place where they might be bored other wise or if you
have a child that is artsy or just likes to read. I thought
it would make a great gift for a boy who you really have
no idea what their tastes are for I don't think you could
go wrong with this. It has something for everyone. I really
liked that it promotes creativity and I could really see
this being a huge hit for a child aged 7-12 and would
keep them busy for a long time.
My final word- Loved it, perfect gift and perfect to buy
yourself a little peace and slow down a busy boy!

Teen Says: Dude! it says Dairy on the cover! That
is a hard thing to get past. I got to give them props
though for if you have the guts to open it the book
was pretty book and a lot like the other one if you
forget the lock. This one gives you more space to
write things and more activities and not as many
bits of trivia but you can tell they are by the same
guy, or Dude! I liked it but would never have bought
it if I had seen the title first. The other book is more
appealing when you look at the cover this one gave
me the Heebie Jeebies at the word Dude. Okay, I
will fess up, I had some fun messing with the lock
but if my friends ever knew I would not hear the end
of it. My Cousins would really like the whole deal
though, name and all. For me if the cover wasn't there
I would take it to school with me for something to do
when I was bored for the front off all my folders are
all filled up and this is great for the kinds of stuff I
draw and write there. Cool Designs though.
My Final Word- Love the content, hate the name.
Wish it were more notebook sized so it was more easy
to write in but I will use it.

Picture I used on cards

Picture I used on cards
Rowan with soap hair