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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Zero Water Review and Giveaway!  

Michigan has more lakes then you can shake a stick at.
We are even blessed with 4 or the 5 great ones and Lake
Superior is Huge, Cold and some of the cleanest water I
have ever seen. We used to have friends that had a Summer home
in Copper Harbor, that would be the furthest point you can
go North in Michigan and resides on a Peninsula that juts
out right into Lake Superior. Now as much as I love the water
and my Grandparents swore I was part fish, I only went swimming
in that lake maybe twice in my whole life. It is just too cold.
Bitter cold and even in August you can swear ice cubes are
floating by. It is so clear you can see straight to the
bottom even in depths of 50 feet of more. If you have never
visited you should for it is not only breathtaking they
offer some of the most interesting and fantastic scenic views
and vacation destinations there are. The State Parks alone in
that part of Michigan are worth the trip. The amount of water
that Lake Superior provides, staggering! And it all flows down
to us lower Michiganders in the form of Michigan, Huron and
other lakes and streams. In fact you can not go more then a
couple of miles in any direction in Michigan without running
into water of some sort. You would think that with all
that water Michigan would have some of the best drinking
water in the World.
You would be wrong!
Lot's of places in Michigan rely on their own wells and those
that are lucky enough to be hooked up to a City system are
blessed with water that comes from places like the Detroit River.
As clean and fresh as Superior is, the Detroit River flows a
whole other direction. Nasty! We used to ride a boat to
an Amusement park in Michigan called Boblo and I swear when
you looked at that water while in route you would swear you didn't
need the boat you could just walk across for the water itself it is that
thick with debris and trash and just plain old Polluted. A lot
of people would never dare to swim in it let alone drink from
it for, YUCK! That gross! I am one of those people lucky enough
to be hooked into the Cities Water System too!

Happy Happy Joy Joy

Now I know that the water I see is not the water I drink. I
understand that. I realize all water goes through a massive treatment
system and is purified of any contaminators and even has extra goodness
added to it for health purposes. I know I am not downing a glass of
pollutants and that nasty, disgusting, algae laden water that was so
thick with pollutants you could walk on has been replaced with fresh,
clean and pure water that is supposed to be just as good if not better
then any bottled water you can buy. I understand that completely. But
it does not change the fact every time I get a glass from the kitchen
sink all I can think about is sewage. Every time I raise the glass to
my lips I swear I can smell the yucky pollutants. Yeah, yeah, I get
that the whole issue is in my head and know it isn't true but I just
can't help myself. Perhaps if I could see how they filter it I might be
a little more at ease but unless I get a job with the City I think that
might be off the table as far as options go. So I have been buying
bottled water but my phobia goes father then just the water I use to
drink, it is cooking water too and Bottled water isn't cheap. To make
a pot of Soup I might have to break into Rowans Education fund. I
just can't afford that and I also can't afford to have the truck drop by
at my house every week or so and drop off a jug of that Absopure
stuff so I needed to come up with a better plan and fast for Summer
is coming and I drink so much more then and Rowan will also be
drinking this year and if I am afraid to drink our water myself I surely
am not going to give it to her or Andrew. Lucky for me and the kids I
just got the chance to do a review for the Zero Water pitcher. Now
this puppy is cool and want to know something? Yes, since it started
at my own facet I could still imagine something being in it. Not sure
if I have some sort of Phobia or something but I know me and even
after using the pitcher I would fear for its safety so the people over
at Zero Water wanted to make sure I was confidant and send this little
gizmo that detects all that gunk I worried about. Now you guys thought
I was off my rocker but I took that little gizmo and tested my home
water and it read a 183.
YUCK!!! I was not off my rocker, that was the amount of dissolved
junk in my treated city tap water. NASTY! I would go wash my mouth
out but I am scared now! The TDS meter was the coolest little gadget
and we tested every single tap in the house then ran to the pitcher
and poured a glass


Can you believe it? I couldn't. What a difference! From 183 and I
took the same water and poured it in the pitcher and straight down
to 00! Not even a Zero point something. A 00. Andrew and I both
ran around the house and tested everything we could get our hands

Kitchen Tap 183
Bathroom Tap 183
Shower 194
Hose 178 ( isn't that a hoot, the yard water is cleaner)
Laundry sink-eewwww, I won't even post. I wasn't even sure if the
TDS Meter could go that high. I honestly think that it makes a
difference where you get the water from in your house after using the
meter. It must have to do with Hygiene and factors like that for the
laundry sink was really bad but the kitchen and Bathroom tap were
at the same consistent number. Not a good one, but at least
they were together. We took water from both taps and poured it into
the pitcher and every time it dropped to zero. Now Andrew wanted
to keep going with the experiments and test more places you find water
in the house but I had to draw the line. He wanted to do both steps
of the experiment and not only use the meter but to pour it in the
pitcher as well and some how I knew I would be in the same
pickle I was before the pitcher. Instead of freaking out thinking the
tap water might have pollutants in it I would be stressing thinking that
Toilet water was in my pitcher at one point in time and had to take
the meter and put it up before that fear became a reality in Andrews
name of Science. Now that the meter was away I had some time to
check out the Pitcher itself.
First off I have to say it is a darn good looking one. It is sleek in
design and very modern and space ageish, keeping in perspective the
theme you can not make absolutely pure, clean water in your own home
without boiling it for 6 years. I loved the fact that it is super large
though still thin enough to fit comfortably on your shelf. The Pitcher
pours smoothly and evenly and that is another plus in my book form
there is nothing I hate worse then getting a start and stop pitcher.
You guys know what I am talking about, the kind who's lid never fits
right or turns easy and you only get a drizzle then you try to adjust it
and a waterfall comes out and you end up with a big mess to clean.
I have to be very careful to get those out of my house for Andrew is
King Mess without the added mess of the pitcher and if I have one of
those in the cupboard I will be mopping my kitchen floor every five
minutes. The Zero Water does not have that problem at all for there
is only one way to fit the lid and it fits perfect every single time and
pours like a dream! So we have a stylish, easy to pour, easy to
store pitcher. What else could there be?

Oh yeah, that filter thing!

The Zero Water Pitcher is the only water Pitcher that meets the
same FDA regulations as bottled water. That's how pure this is!
They owe it all to the Zero Waters 5 stage Ion Exchange filter system
that is far superior to any other on the market now. It is a Gravity
Pitcher so you just fill it from the top like you would a normal pitcher
and then it flows into the main base leaving you with clean, perfectly
filtered water that other people are popping out some cold hard cash
for at the corner store. You mean I don't have to get all geared up,
get Rowan all geared up, put on Animal Planet for Boo since I feel
guilty leaving her home alone and start up that Jalopy of mine and
drive to the over crowded store we all know I hate and plunk down
some hard earned funds to get a glass of fresh water? NO! I can
do all that at home and never even get out of my PJ's. I also know
when I am making bottles for Rowan or cooking at home I can just
pour from the Pitcher and not have to worry about the sewage that
comes out of my pipes. I would worry even more now that I know it
scored a 183. YUCK! I drank that!
I did try the kind you hook on the facet for a while but the
thing with that is it is hooked to a kitchen facet that is seldom clean
and often covered in soap for when Andrew, and John, do the dishes
they get a little carried away and over bubble. The suds were getting
up over that filter and though it wasn't often a lot on the faucet itself
I could still taste the soapy residue. Plus, eeeewwww on some of the
slimy stuff they put in the sink, that is enough to creep my out right
there knowing that that plates covered in mystery junk that had been
under Andrews bed since 1998 was that close to the filter. Another
one that is in my head and I am sure the slime does not travel but
it still makes me a little sick when I see it and I can't help but to
relate that to the facet. The Zero Water Pitcher is a stand alone device
that you keep right in your fridge so not only do you get clean, pure
water that in no way can be cross contaminated by other stuff in your
sink it is always cold. Take that on a hot Summer Day! This has got
to be one of the coolest things ever. Clean water so you will never
have to worry about he quality of the beverages your children are
drinking and a stylish pitcher that stays cold for you. No more trips
to the store a having to recycle those loads and loads of plastic bottles.
Fast to fill and easy to use. Nothing could be better!
Okay, one thing. Zero Water Pitcher is going to give one of my
readers a Pitcher of their own. To Enter just head over to the site
and take a look around then come back here and post what you have
learned in a comment. The contest will start tonight and run to April
15th at Midnight.
USA and 18 and older can enter daily and the winner
will be contacted by email and have 72 hours to
contact me with their mailing information. As always
you can earn a bonus entry by entering the contest of
the day and other ways to enter are posted below.

Zero Water Pitcher!

Extra entries.
Extra entries only count after the initial entry
is completed.

1. Become a follower of my blog or
post that you are. 3 entries,
please post 3 times.

2. Enter any of my other contest. I entry
per contest, separate post for each entry.

3. Grab my button. 5 entries. Please post
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Picture I used on cards
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