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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Misikko and Hana Flat Iron Reivew and Giveaway!  

How often do I whine to you guys about my
hair? That often? Okay, I know I have been bad in
the past but I think I am about done with all my
complaining. First I found some really awesome shampoo's
that have made such a difference in the texture in my
hair. It was so dry and brittle and fly away and please
do not get me started on the frizz. Before I found some
of the products I have been lucky enough to review I
could pass for that lady on the Bride of Frankenstein for
it really was that bad. I will never understand how
hair as dry and brittle as mine reacts so bad to humidity.
You would think the moisture would be good for it but nope,
frizzy flyaway city! I would look better if I put my finger
in a light socket. Now the dry, brittle part has been fixed
for the most part. I still have moments but with the
Shampoos and hair products I have to use on my hair
I can handle them with my head held up high and not my
hair buried under a baseball cap. In fact I completely knocked
the dry, brittle and frizzy flyaway stuff off my list of complaints.
All I have left now is the wave and the Grey hairs I seem
to be growing fast as the crab grass in my front yard. The
Grey I will have to handle another day but the wave. HUM,
I am sooooooooooo happy with this next review.

Let me start off by saying I don't hate curly hair, just
the opposite in fact. I like my hair curly and if it were not
such a hassle I would wear it that way more. The problem
with that is I don't have real curls, just a natural wave and
until I find a good way to enhance that I just will not wear
it that way. I have gone to some special events and brought
out the curls but to get them so they look good it to either
curl the heck out of it and with my hair being as thick as it
is that would take hours or wearing curlers over night and I
sleep bad as it is. To wear curlers would just make me
a dead tired woman with curly hair plus if you roll it wrong
you are stuck with curls that look like crap and stay that
way to you wash it again. The other way to get my curls
to pop is to use a lot of product. I have to use Mouse
and then a lot of hair gel and scrunch my hair up and keep
doing that to it dries. Now that ends up looking good but
if you were to feel it, yikes, now that is nasty baby!
It is so stiff and hard I could snap it off if I knocked into
something. So curls are a last resort until they make something
to help me. If they make a product that is easy to use and rocks
at curls I am in but until I come across one, and I am pretty
sure that finding one is like locating a Unicorn, I will hold off
on the curls. Now I hate the waves a lot so the other option
for my hair is to straighten it. I love the way my hair looks
straight for it is so smooth and shiny and just looks incredibly
healthy when it is poker straight. I have a problem there too
for to get my hair straight I have to use a flat iron and like
the curling iron it takes so long I seldom do it. I have a couple
of Flat Irons but I wouldn't call them good for the last time
I used one it took me an hour to get it straight, then I had
to wait a bit then do it all over again to get out the frizz
from straightening it the first time. When all is said and done
I have worked on my hair for close to 2 hours when you factor
in both times I used the iron and the fact I have to blow dry
it first to try and control the natural waves in my hair. That is
a lot of time and though the super straight is my favorite look
I just don't have that kind of time to donate to my hair on
a regular basis. I think one of the reasons I do it as often as
I do though is because I always remember my Mother when I
was younger and how straight and perfect her hair looked. She
was a 70's hippy and it just fell natural like that. Lucky woman.
The review I got a chance to do was for a Flat Iron and though
I love the look and agreed to the review I was secretly dreading
the amount of time it would take to straighten my hair. 2 hours in
the bathroom for a review and I am not even doing it because I
have some place fun to go. The things I do for you guys.

Well Michelle learned a valuable lesson. If you buy the
right product to begin with you won't have to spend two hours
to get a Hollywood style look. With this product I got it in
25 minutes. AND IT LOOKS GORGEOUS! I have never been so
impressed. Misikko sent me a Hana Professional Flat Iron 1.5" -
Pink Edition for review and I love Misikko and I love Hanna!
Love is in the air for isn't it funny how great you feel about
everything when you feel like your hair looks so good? With
the Hanna I took a shower and washed my hair and because of
the time factor I thought it was going to take I had been avoiding
the review for I was just to lazy to do it. So after the shower
I was already in a foul mood for I pretty much knew the rest of
my day was shot. To save some time I decided to just skip the
blow drying or product in my hair for I figured if it wasn't really
working a could use the hair dryer later to help make it
straight. A couple of hours later my hair was dry and the
waves were out of control and I knew for a fact I would be
standing there for a very long time trying to get my hair straight.
When I first got out of the shower I plugged the iron in so it would
be super hot and hopefully work better. In hind sight I realize that
didn't make a hill of beans in difference since the Hanna has a
temperature control on it unlike the other flat irons I have and
not only heats up super fast it stays at the setting you pick so
if you have thinner hair you can set it lower and if you have
hair like mine you can pick a higher setting. That was such a cool
feature. Still though as thick as my hair is I normally have to
break in into sections and do a little at a time to see any
difference at all no matter how long I let my old irons heat
up. Now here in Hindsight I realize a just had a junk flat
iron for with the Hanna I didn't have to do that either. In
fact when I started and before I put my hair up I ran it
through the Iron a bit to try and get a ruff idea on how many
times I would have to go through the process on each piece and
Duh! I felt like such a fool for not researching irons before I
bought my last one for one time through left that piece perfectly
straight and my mouth hit the floor. After I duct tapped my mouth
shut I tried it again with another piece and again I was in
shock. I swear my Jaw broke the tape and hit the floor again.
This was the easiest thing I have ever done. Making my hair
straight and shiny and sleek with the Hanna Professional Flat Iron
was as simple as brushing my hair. It worked that well. It
worked even better then that well. I could not get over how
great my hair looked and how fast I got it to look that good.
Complete and utter shock and I was kicking myself that I
did not try it sooner. With in 25 minutes I had my entire head
of hair finished and the only reason it took that long was because
my hair is so long and so thick. Now that was without any
product to help it along, no hair drying and blow it out
straight to get a head start, no pulling it up and doing it
piece by piece to make sure I got small enough pieces so
the heat of the Iron would work well enough to make it
smooth. Whats the point of straight hair if it is not smooth
and shiny? This was fantastic and I am doing a happy Hana
dance for it just worked so well. The Hana Professional Flat Iron
took my wavy, frizzy, thick and dry hair that I can't do anything
with and made it Sleek and shiny and smooth and soft to the
touch in less time then it took me to take a shower and wash
my hair in the first place. My review for the Hana? You can
not go wrong with this Iron. If you like your hair sleek and
straight and shiny and healthy and perfect looking like you
just walked out of a high priced salon then this is a must

 Not a nice to have, or another good one or maybe
someday, it is a plain and simple must have! I am so in love
with it I took the other three irons I have and called my mother
and a couple of friends and asked if they wanted them for
after trying the Hana I will never ever go back to any of those.
In fact just having those on the shelf next to my Hana make
me think of a Royalty standing in the middle of a crowd of

Misikko only carries the best products out
there and doesn't even bother to keep the junk items in
their inventory. I have 3 flat irons and Misikko does not
even have one of the ones I have listed, no wonder why
they worked like crap. They carry everything you need to
achieve a professional look every time you style your hair
and you can shop at their store with confidence and even
if you are looking for an item you have never tried before
or this is your first time ever buying a hair care product
such as a curling iron, hair dryer or flat iron, you can
shop there with confidence for when you only deal with the
best like they do you never have to worry about an unhappy
customer. They stock Flat Irons with brands like Chi Flat Iron
and FHI Flat Iron and you guys know I think they have the
best Flat Irons. They also have loads of Curling Irons, l-
and tons of Hair Dryers and every type you could think
of from Ceramics Irons or Ionic Hair Dryers. Not only
do I love the Hair Straighteners I really want to try the
Hair Dryers and Curling Irons. They even have
Make-up, skin care, hair treatments and Model in a Bottle Products
and again, only bring you the best with brands like Paul Mitchel.
Murad, Chi and Body Silk. Everything you could ever need
to walk out of your house looking like a model every time.
The Hana Professional Flat Iron has a special deal going on
right now where you get a free heat mat so you don't have
to worry about leaving your hot iron on counter and a carrying
case. They always have something good going on and they
are also one of the most charitable places I have ever had
the pleasure of working with. Right now they have a benefit
for the relief in Haiti and with every item you purchase they
include a blank check for 25 dollars you can make out to
the charity of your choice. They are hoping to have as many
people as they can donate to the relief fund but you can
use it for another Charity if you hold one close to your heart.
After the review and the pleasure I had working with them and
how much I enjoyed their company in general they have a new
loyal customer in me. I love the fact I can trust their choices
and can't go wrong with any item I purchase from them and
I will be chanting the praises of the Hana Professional Flat Iron
for a long time to come for it just was the perfect product in
every way to me! My final review of Hana and Misikko is
a resounding two thumbs up, a happy dance, the biggest grin
you ever saw and a heart felt thank you for making me look
so awesome! I sincerely hope I get the chance to work with
them again!

You guys are going to love them too for they are going to
give one of my readers the very same Flat Iron! To enter just
head over to their site and take a look around then come back
here and comment about another Misikko product that interests
you! The contest will start tonight and run to Midnight on April
USA and 18 and older can enter daily and the winner
will be contacted by email and have 72 hours to
contact me with their mailing information. As always
you can earn a bonus entry by entering the contest of
the day and other ways to enter are posted below.


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post 5 times.

Hey there, while you are here don't forget to enter
my Mommy Tool Box and Port a Pong Contests!

You guys should defiantly check them out and shop with
100% pure confedance for I promise you they bring you only
the best! If they can fix my mop of unruley horse hair just
think what they can do with you guys who were blessed with
human hair not horsey tails!


What next?

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Picture I used on cards
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