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Wednesday, November 28, 2001

Nail Polish doesn't grow on Tree's ya know!  

This is the season where
dressing up is a weekly event. The
rest of the year you get hit with an
occasional wedding, shower or other
party where ya gotta don your best duds
but November and December are a non-
stop dress fest and and keeping up
with the "Joneses" can end up
being pretty costly. Let's face it, we all
need to save a penny or two where we

One of my pet peeves is buying nail
polish at anywhere from $3.00 to
$15.00 dollars a jar and when you go
to use it again you find it all lumpy and
ruined. Or is it? I couldn't stand tossing
away one more bottle so I decided to find
out what I could do about it. Here is
what I came up with........................

1. First off flip the bottle upside
down and roll it in your hands for
a while. The warmth from your body heat
will help thin it while being upside down
will allow the colors to run together and
redistribute. After a few minutes shake the
bottle vigorously and test it out. Sometimes
that is all it takes.

2. If that doesn't work try a little bit of nail
polish remover. Sometimes just thinning it
out a little bit helps. They also sell a product
you can get at any beauty supply store that
is made just for this reason. It is simply
called thinner or nail polish re-newer. It costs
between 5 and 10 dollars but will last forever
and it is worth it in the long run not to have to
toss out so many bottles in the mean time.

If those tips don't work you might find
yourself up the creek so to speak but if
you store it properly in a cool, dark place
and remember that darker shades go bad a
little bit faster you can avoid a lot of the hassle
to begin with.

Last of all if you are getting a shade for a special
event and know chances are you won't use it
again don't splurge on the good stuff. Though
the cheaper brands don't spread as well they still
do the trick for a one time event and why waste
cash if you can help it!

Tuesday, November 27, 2001

Scrubz Review!  

I love Skin stuff. It doesn't really matter
what it is as long as it is for my skin. Scrubs,
lotions, oils and gels. ALL OF IT! I could live at
the body shop so when I get a chance to review
anything that has to do with your skin or skin care
I jump for joy. This week I got a chance to do a
review for Scrubz and some of their yummy

I was sent some of the body scrub in
Cotton Candy for kids but I had to try it
for myself and boy oh boy did I want to
eat it! The smell literally made my mouth
water and for a second I was worried people
would be wandering up to me trying to lick
me! I could not wait to try it and after the last
few days of hard labor in the kitchen preparing
for Thanksgiving I could really use some pampering
and a hot shower with some product you love is the best
thing in the world next to a Fabio type guy giving you
a 4 hour massage. I skipped to the bathroom and
waved goodbye to my Husband and kids.

Once I got in there and took the top off I
still wanted to eat it! Is that good or bad? Didn't
matter for soon I was in the soothing confines of
a hot shower and the smell of Cotton Candy
was filling the room. I decided to use it for shaving
for it is the cold months in Michigan and let's just say
I have been putting it off for a while. I followed the
directions and loved the results. It leaves your skin
just soft enough where the razor didn't nick me
at all. Normally when you go through the hair jungle
on my legs in the winter months I look like I lost a losing
battle with the razor. Not today. The Sugar softened
my legs just right and the natural oils left let the razor glide
and still manage to remove the parts that needed to be gone.

And the scent?

Though it smells perfect in the bottle on your
skin it is very subtle and you do not, I repeat do not
have to worry about strange men walking up and taking
a lick. How I view it is the scent is for your enjoyment and
and is meant to make using it a pleasure! It would not
compete with any perfumes or other sprays you might
use and is just the right touch of YUM!

Scrubz not only works to soften your skin it
also helps to protect it from the environment and
provides a barrier from the harsh elements around us.
It contains coconut, olive and vitamin E oils and can
be used to de-stress and has even worked wonders on
eczema and psoriasis. They also carry seasonal and
Holiday scents that would make perfect gifts! Best of
all it is great for a little "Me Time!" All ladies deserve
and need that!

I tried the body Scrub but they have other products
as well. They carry Butters and Oils and even products
for the kids and the guys in your life. Best of all they
have a variety of gift baskets so you can get something
for even the most fickle person that is sure to delight!
They have lots of specials going on right now and some
monthly plans as well.

Review of My Lip Stuff!  

Just in time for winter
dry skin I received some Lip Stuff to review.
I was tickled pink since dry skin is a big issue
here and if you follow my Fashion, makeup and
style section you know I have been posting
tips on how to beat the winter dry skin blues!

I was sent a variety pack that include
some pretty cool flavors such as Spank, Lollypop
and Pancakes and syrup. My first reaction was
these would be perfect for teenage girls then
I tried them!

They were not strong or overpowering like
I thought they might be but more of a subtle
flavor that left a fresh taste on your lips. When
I think of flavored lip balms I had always thought
of the old school Bonnie Bells that I had when
younger and how you would apply them over and
over again for the taste alone. These are not
your daughters lip balms. These rock!

I was afraid they would be waxy for I have
never been a fan of balms for this reason but
they went on smooth and silky. And they last!
With the stuff I use now (OR DID) I find myself
re-applying over and over again just to keep
my lips moist. With my Lip stuff I put it on
and hours went by before I felt the need to
do it again. I also let my Husband and son
try for they really need it as well and was
waiting for the "Hey, I am not a girly, girl!"
reply I always get from them but it never
came. They loved it as well!

SO let's go over the details here, No
overpowering scent or taste, smooth and
silky not waxy and clumpy and they guys
will wear it and like it. AND it is still a perfect
gift for teenage girls!

After checking out their site I also
learned some more good stuff. For starters
they are green and do not use any harsh ingredients
or chemicals and do not test on animals. They are affordable
and Brea the owner and inventor still keeps a very hands
on philosophy to ensure a perfect product. She cares about
your lips! Also, after reading a little about her I found myself
really liking her personality and she would be the kind
of person I would love to do lunch with!

There are over 500 flavors available and you can
even get personalized labels. Perfect for shower gifts,
birthday parties and other events where a little bit
of a personal touch goes a long way. You also have a size
choice and other products to peak your fancy. I for one,
would love to try more of her products for I really love
the lip balms and can't wait to explore the rest of her items.

Thursday, November 22, 2001

YUCK, Winter time dry feet! What do I do?  

Posting about dry skin and lips got

me thinking. Those are bad! Yes they are!

But what is worse is when that dry skin

hits you under the socks and does a number

on your tootsies and feet. There is nothing

worse then trying to slip on a pair of socks

and your used to be soft and lovable feet

getting stuck by the speed-bumps dry

skin causes on your feet. GROSS!

We won't even go into rubbing them

up against your husband in the middle of

the night and him asking if the dog had its

raw hide chew toy somewhere under the covers.

When you look at them all you can think is I

will never wear sandals again and I hope

I don't have to wear dress shoes to a holiday


Well guys, don't worry. There are cures and

cures that won't cost an arm and a well, foot!

You can make them at home with items you

already have! Get rid of those scales Dragon

lady and get back to being smooth like you know

you are!

1. Soak them in Vinegar. Its not just for salads.

Get a large pan fill it with water add one cup

of vinegar and a drop of dish washing liquid

and just cover those tootsies and feet and let

um soak. When your done, dry and apply

your favorite lotion. I like Aveeno products.

2. The other way is to sleep in socks. No,

not to hide them or cover up the little offenders,

but to soften them. Slather your feet with lotion,

don't be shy, the more the merrier and cover with

some thick socks so you don't get it everywhere.

Do this every night for about a week and the problem

should be history.

Good luck guys and don't forget to use a pumice

stone for upkeep and hopefully they won't get that

dry again!

Tuesday, November 20, 2001

Tips for winter dry skin  

If your like me Winter is the dreaded season
of dry skin, chapped lips and sinuses that scream
for moisture. In runs in my family too for I cringe
when I see my son wear anything short sleeved from
October to May for his elbows get so dry and cracked
I am waiting for a hoard of Alligators to knock on my
front door and call for their leader. I beg him to use
lotion but he is a "Manly" boy and refuses to put
anything on that he might find on my shelf in the

So how can I help him and me? How can I stop
the sure to be busting down my door stampede of
Alligator's? ( they live in the sewers ya know!)

Well I did a little diggen and came up with these
tips to help you if you too might have some long
lost reptile relatives in your family or living under
your own roof for that matter.The first thing I
discovered is that the winter stinks for those
of us prone to dry skin. The Humidity level,
the cold air and blowing wind and that beast
that costs us a fortune to run and heats our
house are all offenders on the list. If you
don't live in a rain forest, dry skin is going
to be an issue! How do we cope? Here is
some tips I found.

1. Don't take hot showers, take luke warm.
I know it is tempting to jump into a hot
shower on a cold winter day but hot water
is the enemy. It drys out your skin and robs
it of needed moisture.

2. Exfoliate! Scrub scrub scrub and scrub
that dead skin away. It will keep your skin
fresh and your moisturizer will work better.
Why buy and apply if you are not going to
do it right?

3. Skip the soaps! Not ewwwe Gross I feel
so dirty but go for the creamy cleansers

4. Don't lick your lips, use product. Licking
them only drys them out more!

5. Try Fish oil pills and make sure you drink
your water. Don't go overboard. The age old
8 glasses a day credo works just fine!

Hope this helps you guys, stay smooth and
stay soft!

Saturday, November 17, 2001


I Love Aveeno so I was very excited to get a full sized bottle
of Aveeno's New Baby Essential Moisture Shampoo.It comes in
a simple bottle with a push up top that is easy to open, even with
slippery hands. To me it looked a little thick, more like a conditioner
then a baby shampoo but I thought, "hey, its new, let's give it a
The label told me it was made with natural Wheat, and Oat, and
Vitamin but I would have liked to have known what kind of Vitamin.
It also says it is lightly scented and it was true to its word. The real
test would be to see if it could live up to its Tear-Free, Cleanses and
Conditions and Rinses Easily claim as it says on the bottom of the
My worry was would what is what I consider dreamy be safe
and suitable for my little bundle of joy with much more sensitive
skin? Rowan has our family trait of fair skin, eyes and hair and
when you are born with that type of complexion it doesn't take
much to leave you red and blotchy or worse, rashy and itchy.
I have not been able to wear any jewelry other then 18 carat or
higher my whole life because of that. Do you know how bad it
sucked to be me in the 80's and not be able to wear one dangly
over sized earring. I could already see the tell-tail signs Rowan
would suffer the same fate since when ever she spilled some
formula on her chin or neck she has gotten a rash similar to
a diaper rash and I was a little worried this would do the same
to her.
The first time I used it I found out the smell was a little
bit stronger when mixed with warm water. Not bad, but
I am not sure I would qualify it as lightly scented. Rowan
seemed to like the fact it was a little thicker then her
Johnson's Baby Shampoo and I think it has to do with
the fact it wasn't as runny and since Shampoo's seem to be a
little colder then the water around them it kind of shocks
her when you put this first bit on her. With her old Shampoo
it starts to run right away so the cold spreads. This stuff
stays right where you put it and allows for you to get your
hands in there to warm it up right away.
I am not going to tell you there were doves and butter-
flys floating around with Julie Andrews singing in the back-
ground for Rowan is not a bath lover and no matter how great
a product is her fussing is going to make it enjoyable.
BUT- the Aveeno Worked great Cleaned her up in a snap.
Just the right amount of suds and rinsed off super easy and
more importantly clean. No residue.
After rinsing her I held my breath ( Really, I did!) and
brought her to her room to get dressed. I was waiting for
her skin to turn blotchy and hit a shade of red that is not
humanly possible. Guess what? It didn't! I could not
believe my eyes. I will definitely buy this again for that
reason alone. How can you not love a product that does
just what it says it does?
The only draw back is the price. Like most Aveeno
items it is on the step side. It can be found at most
retail locations and drug stores for around 5 dollars.
About 2 dollars more then her old brand but to me
it is worth it. The old saying holds true in this case.
"You get what you pay for!"

I give this a big two thumbs up

and Rowans review is five pacifiers!

Picture I used on cards

Picture I used on cards
Rowan with soap hair