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Sunday, February 21, 2010

You Bar Review  

When you are pregnant you get a load of
junk mail and sales circulars and just tons
of stuff with people trying to sell you this
or tell you that you can't have a baby without
that. It is crazy. Even when you go to the
Doctor for your check-ups you are sent home
with a bag each time filled with coupons and
samples and all sorts of Do Dads they want you
to buy. I must have received 4,712 different pamphlets
for Life Insurance and Formula was right behind
that along with Portrait Studios. Most of it was
junk but every once in a while you see something
that peaks your interest. One of the things I was
interested in was instead of the same old Birth
Announcements I wanted to get something clever
and different. Had I found out Rowan was going to
be a boy I would have gotten Golf Balls but I
was having a little Princess. Golf Balls just
didn't fit no matter how cool John thought the
idea was. In one of my bags of wasted paper I came
across this little brochure for Candy Bars that
have your Babies name and birth information on
them. Now I just thought those were adorable.
Instead of a Hersey Bar it would be a Rowan Bar
and instead of traditional Cigars and junk
like that John could pass out something everyone
could enjoy since guys pacing the halls, smoking
stogies, waiting for Baby is pretty much just
something you only see in old Movies now a days. With
a candy bar he can give one to all and even
the boys, his Grand Nephews could enjoy them.
Let's face it, a 5, 2 and 1 year old with a
cigar in their mouth isn't that cool of a thing
and boys, Gezz, if I had let him get the golf balls
they would have just ended up coming back and
hitting us in the head. Boys, PFTTttt!
Now they were not cheap though at a buck a
bar or so, well unless you bought like 1,000 then
I think it dropped down to 80 cents. Now Rowan is
an awfully cute and vivacious little girl but
I don't think even her personality is so magnificent
to attract more then a 1,000 well wishers to qualify for
the 20 cent discount. So I would have to pay a buck a
bar and I wanted to make sure that if I were paying
that much they would at least taste good so I sent
away for a couple. Not ones with Rowans name and
info for this was a few months before she was even
here but I just wanted to see how the chocolate
tastes. When they came in the mail I was super excited
for I was really in love with the idea. With Andrew
we had some Bubble Gum Cigars that were cute but
unlike the Cigar the Candy Wrapper itself was like a souvenir
of her birth you could save and I fell in love with
that idea. Andrew was with me and we ripped open the
box, there were three bars and since John wasn't there
we set his aside and grabbed ours. I was impressed that
the wrapper was thicker then a store bought bar so it
really could be saved and easy to remove without tearing.
This was going to be okay, I am so glad I found them.
Andrew and I both took a big bite!

"Spit Spit," GAG, "YUCK!"

They were disgusting! They reminded me of the super cheap
chocolate you can get at the dollar store. You know what I am
talking about. It is the same size bag as you would pay like
4 bucks for Hersey's or any of those brands but are a buck or
even worse, 2 for a buck at the dollar store and taste like wax
that was been sprinkled with baking chocolate then frozen then
melted then put in the trash for a month then sold.

For a buck a bar?

So I was over that idea. I could already picture the boys
spitting the bars out like Andrew and I did and I was so
disappointed for I really did like the idea of having my own
candy bar dedicated to Rowan. I ended up with Pink Suckers and
an attitude.
Now about a month or so ago I ran across a web site the
sorta does the same thing but not specifically for Birth
Announcements and not just Candy bars. I kind of rolled my
eyes for after my first forte in the personalized treat
arena I still had a bad taste in my mouth. I did have to
say though, I was a little curious for they had a lot of
different products, not just candy. I couldn't stay away
from the site and soon had to check them out just so I
would stop obsessing. My curiosity was peaked for you could
create your own Trail Mix and I was a huge fan of trail mix
but had a hard time finding one where I liked everything in
the bag. I would find one that sounds awesome, has 4 or 5 of
my favorite items then something I can't stand.
Then I would move on to another one and the same thing, yum,
Cashews, Almonds, Raisins, Sunflower Seeds, Carob? Ew! Ruined!
With this site you could pick what you wanted in the mix and
only what you wanted. That right there was enough to get me
going. The name of the company was You Bar and I spent so much
time thinking about a silly trail mix I had to know if their items
tasted good or it was going to be a repeat of the candy bar fiasco.
They sent me a big box with a sampling of all their items and
once again Andrew and I stood looking at a box. I was nervous.
Those candy bars were really bad and I was afraid these would end
up the same way. At last we broke down and I grabbed a bag of
Trail mix and Andrew Grabbed a Cookie.
A deep breath
a spit bucket close by
and taste!
They were good! I was really impressed. The nuts were fresh and
not bitter and the mix was perfect. The Cookie was soft and chewy
and one I would have bought on my own had it been sold on a store
shelf. Andrew quickly grabbed the Energy Bar for he loves those
but if you don't get a brand of energy bar that's good they are
really bad and taste like sawdust. These were not and sorta remind
me of a Luna Bar if you guys have ever tried them. In fact every single
item they made was a great product and tasty and I really wish I
would have found them before the Candy bar fiasco! Now You Bar does
not carry Candy Bars but they have a great line up that includes
Cookies, Energy Bars, Trail Mix and Protein Shakes as well as Cereals.
The come in packages and you can just order them as is and they are
good but the point of You Bar is to have your Logo or message put
on the product. Its kinda of neat really. If you have a family gathering
or reunion you can order John Doe's Energy Bars for the whole clan.
You have your own business, toss your name on some Cookies for
your customers. Going camping with a lot of friends, have your own
Cereal Made up so everyone knows its your or send it to your kids
in collage so next time their room mate is munching away and you
child says, "Hey, is that mine?" and Room Mate says, "I have no
clue what you are talking about!" Your Child can grab the package
with his name stamped all over it and say, "AHA!"
I also thought it would be pretty cool to have every-ones trail mix
personalized since we all like different things in ours. Andrew
hates Raisins I hate Figs, none in his, some in mine. Everyone can
have their own with just what they want in them! How about for
School parities for your kids? don't stay up all night making
Cupcakes just for them to get squished on the way, order of case
of Cookies that says Little Bobby's 3rd Birthday on them! I just
think your options are endless here!

Everything is delivered fast and affordable and you can order
your snacks with healthy options or downright sinful! Next time
I have a baby, HA, okay, next time I want to celebrate something
I know just where to go! You Bar is my Bar now!

You Bar!

What next?

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Picture I used on cards
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