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Friday, January 19, 2001

Moving forward with a complete guide to everything
good about mineral make-up I found another keeper! Pur!
Pur Minerals is one of the best I have found so far. If you
were to ask me to sum these guys up in a couple of words
I would have to say Simple Elegance. From the moment I
went to the site I was relaxed for the very aura they portray
left me relaxed and knowing I was in some very good hands.
They were Fashion Magazines 2010 reader Favorite and
for a good reasons. They are all about Quality and more then
that flexibility and offer products for every type of skin and
women of every age. They are cutting edge in the industry and
are famous for their 4 in 1 mineral make-up that adapts to
fit everyone. No more searching for just the right item
for with the 4 in 1 you always get perfection!
I was given a Pur Perfection kit for review and it
pretty much was just that! Perfection. What it included
was the 4 in 1 ( sold, hook line and sinker with this baby)
and a chisel brush, mineral glow and Universal marble
powder. I explained to them I was just learning about
Mineral Make-up and did not really know what I was doing
or what would work for me and was told not to worry, with
their products I could not mess up if I tried. Well, they didn't
know me for I am really good at messing up but I figured
I would take them at face value and give it a shot. I could
not believe how right they were and I was a skeptic. How
could they cover ever ones needs when they only offered
one shade of the 4 in 1 and only two shades of Primer?
I am so used to the sites where you go through pages and
pages of products and end up guessing at the one you
need then are never happy with the results. This was one
page for their entire foundation line and the same went
for all the rest of their products. I could not understand
how that would be enough of a selection until I tried it and
it really worked fantastic! The Foundation brings out your
own skin tone and makes it even and healthy and gives
you that all over perfect feel. The Universal Marble added life
to your cheeks and the effect was a look of health, not paint
and I never felt more natural and fresh. To top everything
off was the Mineral Glow and that left me with a slight sun kissed
look without the worries and all of the glamor! The Chisel Brush
was perfect for application and I felt stunned and very very
impressed at the total package and could not believe I
didn't need a whole line of items to get this same look. I
was almost disgusted with the fact I normally have drawers
and bags and boxes of items to get the same look on a daily
basis from products that are not mineral makeup. These
guys are a keeper and the Pur Perfection Kit is the perfect
way to get started if you were a Mineral Make-up virgin like
I was. Let's go over this real fast:
3 easy steps
5 minutes total
Perfect Appearance
It just does not get any better then that. I now have no excuse
to not look like a star every single day for with minutes to
apply, how can you argue? My final opinion on Pur Minerals
is a spectacular two thumbs up for you can't beat the value,
the simplicity and the finished look they have to offer!
Truly remarkable!
Pur Minerals

Saturday, January 13, 2001


Ah, it was only a few months ago when I was such
a novice with Make-up and Beauty. A blank canvas with a
mind like a sponge and a desire to learn. Too bad I am 40
years old and didn't learn all these tricks to now. My Diva
status could have reached an all time high by now instead
of running around with training wheels and a 12 step program
to stick to the new tips I learned and not revert to my old ways.
Even my Mother is Benefiting from all the great Products and
advice I have been receiving from these Companies and
leading the pack in getting me on my feet and a seat
on the "Wow, you look stunning bus!" has been Korres!
Last month we did a review and giveaway with them and
have more planned in the future but right now they had
some new items they wanted me to try and share my
experience with you guys.

Korres is a fantastic company and I plan on adding them
on the top ten list when I update it hopefully this week.
The customer service has been fantastic and they have had
no problem walking me through my insecurity's and have been
helping me turn my lack of knowledge into an expert status
even if I do have to take baby steps for sometimes I learn
at a snails pace. As you know it takes more then first rate
customer service to make the list and they meet all the
rest of the criteria and then some. They offer lighting fast
delivery, a spectacular product line and extremely
competitive pricing. You have no idea how glad I am I found
them and hope to have a long relationship with them for
their help greatly benefits you your guys, myself and the site!

They sent a couple of great products for review and
I love the fact they offer a lot of sets and kits for when
you have as much work as I do walking out of the 70's
and 80's you need a lot to get going and kits or collections
make that job a lot more easy for I don't end up looking
like a deer caught in the headlights wondering what I should
pair with what. The first item they sent was their Prep,
Prime, Perfect collection. I must say it was all of that and more!
The kit included:
Wild Rose Cream
Wild Rose Serum
Face Primer
Wild Rose Lip Butter
Wild Rose Foundation
and Pomegranate Cleansing wipes
I decided to try everything at once and see how it felt. I started
with the cleansing wipes for I have a really bad problem with
just washing my face with Body wash and not paying special
attention to my face and at 40 I can really start to see the
wear on my face. I really liked the wipes for they were simple and
the last time I used anything it was for acne and left my face dry
and ick, this was refreshing. I love love love the smell and it
dissipated really fast for those of you who do not like items that
linger. It left my face not just looking clean but feeling clean and
you don't get that with soap alone. There always feels like a film
no matter how gentle it says it is. Next I used the Serum on my
wrinkle areas and though they can't fix what damage I have done
it did a heck of a job softening the lines and making me look
younger or should I say taunter with the appearance of the skin
of a much younger person. I was very impressed and when I
added the cream next I felt like I was rubbing in youth for it
just soaked it up and added the much needed softness and
moisture my skin has been lacking the last few years, Next I
tried the Primer and I tell you this is something I had never heard
of to lately and I LOVED IT!!!! Where has this been all my life. I felt
like it was sealing in all the goodness I had just done without
feeling like I was wearing a mask. I always have an issue and
I even have normal skin, but when I put on foundation it
always gets caky and makes my skin look dry. With the primer
I could tell all that moisture from the lotion and serum was
still there and felt pretty and natural not like I was just painting
over the imperfections. Awesome. That made the next item,
the foundation just flow over my skin and do what it is
supposed to do, create the perfect tone, instead of clumping and
caking on the dryer areas of my face. When I was done now I
not only felt like I had the skin of a younger person I looked
like it. I really wish I could post a picture of this but Andrew
helped me take some pictures for another review and left
the Camera on and the battery died and I would like to get
this review up for you. I do promise to post one as soon as
I get to the store and grab a new battery for it is really
unbelievable looking! Or I am nuts, but even my son said I
look happy instead of tired so that screams volumes to me
that it is working! I felt so good at that point that I decided
to just use the last two items and no eyeliner or shadow and
go for a natural look that only younger women can pull off.
Both the Mascara and the lip butter worked perfect and the
mascara did not cake or smear at all. The lip butter was
creamy and not waxy or too thick ( I hate that) and loved the
mild taste! This review was a total joy and I now need to
do a shoe review for I need to slip on some dancing shoes
for that is what I feel like doing!
The other item they sent was the Love Your Lips set
and it has:
3 Cherry Oil Lip Glosses and a Pomegranate Lip Butter
Now you know from the other lip butter I love these
Little tubs and they are a permanent fixture in my purse
now and this one was no exception other then to say I
loved the flavor and scent just a little more with this
one. I am hooked on Pomegranate now. The glosses were
spectacular and had just the right amount of glimmer and
shine without appearing thick and too glazy. A light touch
and I really liked it for even though I like the shiny part
of lip gloss I hate then when it is so thick it makes you
look like you are 12 and just raided your Mothers Makeup
and did a disaster of a job putting it on. This made me
feel like an adult with a pretty smile. I do not
think I will leave these lying around for Rowan to get
into when she is 12 for no way do I want her to ruin them!
Mine I say!
As always, Korres once again did a great job with the
items they sent to me and everything left me feeling
beautiful, stunning and stylish and if they can help
me and the mess I have become I know they can help
you guys who are a lot more put together. Korres always
has some great deal going on and I have to tell you to
run, don't walk and grab the wipes and Primer for that
stuff is DA Bomb! If you have not used them, those items
are a must have! To the next time we have a Korres review
or giveaway and let's hope it is soon for they have a
awe inspiring product line and can make an over sized
dork like me feel like a star!

Picture I used on cards

Picture I used on cards
Rowan with soap hair