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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

One To Grow On Review and Giveaway!  

Rowan is official, she is no longer an infant.
Now she is a toddler with a mind of her own and
tastes of her own and does what she wants to do
on her own schedule. If she doesn't like it, she
isn't going to play with it. If it doesn't taste
good, it gets spit out. If it bores her, now is
a good time for a nap. She still has her top ten
list but start looking for some changes. Gone are
the items that could simply catch her attention.
Now they need to interact with her. She needs to
be able to open and close and hug and kiss and
the noisier the better and the more bells, whistles
and lights, hey, the more the merrier is all she can
say. She does love books, its the page thing right
now for just flipping them is an adventure but I
can also follow the trend of toys that light up
and speak to her slowly starting to weed the less
intrusive versions out of the game. A toy that catches
her attention has to be explored, there is no doubt
about that. Rowan has also started to love some dolls
but that is a different story, today we are here to
talk about an item that has drug her and my 16 year
old son in and she is just fascinated with it. The big
shock to me was this is the first one of her toys my
son had to sit down and play with her for he was just
as hooked!

The Iplay Cash register! One To Grow On is a marvelous
store that offers a bevy of entertaining, educational and
creative products for young children. Everything from books
to trains and dolls and airplanes can be found and they are
careful to bring you only the best selections. A huge
one at that! When I first found out I was going to do a
review for a cash register I was a little nervous Rowan
was still to young for this. It is a cash register after
all and it was not that long ago when her own feet were
the most exciting thing she played with all day. I must
have forgotten over the last 15 or so years how fast
a baby changes from day to day. I know the toy is made
for children older then her but it was my experience
that a lot of toys that are intended for children that are
older should be judged on a case by case basis. Children
all grow at a different pace and I feel they have to rate
a toy at an age that is safe for the masses not just a certain
child. Take Lego's for instance. Andrew was building sets that
were for ages 8 and up from the time he was 3. He was just
a whiz at them and that kid only had to look at the box to
build the set and never needed the directions. Now I understand
why it was rated aged 8 and up, not all kids were skilled like that
and a lot might stick the Lego in their nose or eat it
but Andrew was an exception. Now if I were to have given
him a painting kit that was rated the same age he would
have done the walls and floor and himself I am sure, Lego's
were just his thing. In fact, I would hate to be a toy
company anymore with lawsuits galore for we have scared
them so bad that I am surprised every toy does not have an
open at your own risk label on the box. Any way, back to the
register and my fear Rowan would not know what to do with it.
Truthfully, she doesn't. She has no clue how to use it correctly
but that does not change the fact she loves it to death and
is learning how to use it. The register has so much to offer
a child and I was shocked at just how far they have came from
the little one Andrew had and the really old one I had. Did
I even have one? I remember something but nothing that made
an impression on me. This little guy has everything and is
perfect for growing into. They have little food items, one
in a round shape and the other in a square and a couple of
places to put them. Rowan is too young to pretend she is
shopping but making those shapes fit is a fun challenge she
is all about right now. The belt moves and oh my, that is
a hoot because she is burning her little brain trying to figure
out how to get to those items and why they move. The lights, the
sounds, the mini abacus all offer younger children tons of
things to keep them entertained and active and the fact she
hits a button and is rewarded with a noise or a sound is enough to
make her work all the harder to get another one. The display
doubles as a mirror so when she is not hitting the number
keys she can see her reflection and that is almost as exciting to
her as the register itself. It also has a scale where you can spin
an Apple on one side then flip it to a Tomato and when you press
down the sound effects are adorable and they even have the
"Boing" sound when you release. I would have thought fore sure
this toy would be above Rowans age level but after a week with it I
have came to the conclusion this is sooooooooo for her age level.
Sure she is not adding 1 plus 2 right now but the colors, the
sounds, the shapes but everything else is made for clumsy fingers
and curious little minds. This is a teaching tool if I have ever
seen one and perfect for a child just learning how to manipulate
objects and shapes and buttons for every part is the perfect size
and easy for her to grasp. Though she is in it for the instant
gratification right now I have to say I love the fact she is
being bombarded with numbers and colors and shapes and if she
understands or not she is learning these things through the
constant re-enforcement. Too advanced for Rowan? Hogwash, it
is just her cup of tea! I could not think of another Cash Register
on the market that would be better for children to make the
transition from Baby to toddler for this is going to grow right
along with her! I also can't wait to grab some other little grocery
items and a little shopping cart for her to make her store all official.
One of the little details they included with this register is
they have a store on the back and the check out on the front. SO from
one side she can shop and the other pay. Isn't that too cute? A
double duty toy! I think it is pretty easy to tell the My First Cash
Register is a big hit here but I have a feeling most of the items
they carry at One To Grow On would be!

I love that they have all your classic toys in stock and
also offer new selections that are on the cutting edge. As I went
through the pages upon pages of toys and books I came to the
conclusion that they seek out the best of the best and that is
what they bring you. A wooden Train set never goes out of fashion
and the bring you the best ones they can find. Plush animals that
are perfect for any age and crib toys I have either never seen before
they are that unique or I remember as a favorite from long ago.
There is no middle ground or filler product anywhere, every item I
saw was carefully selected so you can rest assured you are bringing
your children not only the best quality toys for them but the most
entertaining. I adore the fact they offer cooking items for you guys
know how I feel about getting kids in the kitchen and I have
searched high and low for musical instruments for young children
and could never find just what I was looking for to now. One
to Grow on has done a lot more then impress me they have
become one of my favorite toy stores. They even have a Vet Set
so instead of pretending you are a Doctor you can be a Vet and
I love that for Rowan and the Pooch spend so much time
together it is just perfect for our house. Last of all you guys are
going to be shocked when you see just how reasonable their
prices are. I about fell over. Toys I had on my check list to
get for Rowans First birthday I found at some really great prices!
Even better, they have this great little section at the site where
they have free games, trivia and all sorts of other fun things for
your kids to do! Check it out, it is called Critter Corner!
The only complaint I have is my list for her birthday went from
one page to 4 after I saw everything they had at the store!
I just couldn't help myself they grew on me!

One To Grow On was kind enough to offer one of my readers
an Iplay My First Cash Register too! Your kids are going to love
it! To enter just head over to the site and take a look around then
come back here and post what your favorite item is in a comment.
The Contest will start tonight and run to Midnight on April 10th.
USA and 18 and older can enter daily and the winner
will be contacted by email and have 72 hours to
contact me with their mailing information. As always
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One To Grow On!

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Picture I used on cards
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