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Sunday, December 30, 2001

Split Ender  

I have long hair right now. In fact I have had long hair
since I was old enough to tell my Grandmother No, when
she said let's go get your haircut. Before I was old enough to
make up my own mind on my hair my Grandmother would take
me to Georgette the Butcher every summer the first day
she had me out of my mothers site and at our summer
cottage. Do you know how hard it is to face your friends
when you have a Dorthy Hamel Cut that is a few inches
shorter so it can last a little long then to add insult to
injury she was a perm fanatic and would throw that into
the mix. Think this

But shorter and worse! Once I was old enough to say no
I swore I would never cut my hair again and didn't other
then trims here and there until I was pregnant with my son at 24.
That time Andy's Dad thought it would be funny to shave his head
and called me to tell me. After I climbed through the phone
lines to strangle him I thought I would teach him a lesson and
put my Waist length hair and put it in a pony tail on the top of
my head and snipped it off. ( don't mess with hormones) After
I got stable again I cried and regretted my decision and grew
it long again. My Grandmother almost went off her rocker
because of this and the only gift I received for Holidays and
Birthdays from her in all that time was hair items and
a gift certificate to her saloon and every time I saw her the
first thing she would do would be to hand me a hairbrush.
I once again stuck to trims and it got to my waist and
I found out I was pregnant with Rowan. I did cut it for that
but not like with my son, only about 8 inches. I love my hair
long and will most likely have long hair all my life but I need
to make clear there are problems with long hair. Those
problems have a name and its name is split ends! Even with
regular trims you end up with them and the longer your hair
is the more you get. Add in the fact my hair is super thick
and super dry and then try not to laugh if you see me on
a hot and humid day. The combination of long dry hair and
humidity make me resemble the bride of Frankenstein.

There is not a hair product in the world that can fix this. It was
a trade off I made, super long hair equals split ends. Plain and

Then I found the split ender. Wow, Bye Bye Split ends. The great
thing about this product is every ones hair ends at different parts
through out your head. Even a straight cut ends up uneven at
times and when ends split it becomes even more choppy. The
Split Ender takes care of those ends no matter where they
are without you having to run to the saloon every week for a trim.
You can do this at home anytime you want and when you keep
a tight reign on your split ends it keeps you hair smoother
and softer and silkier and no more frizzy fly aways. It is
super simple to use and it is almost as big a no- brainer as
brushing your hair. In fact that is what you do, place your hair
between the clips like a curling iron or flat iron and ZIP
bye bye to the frizz! Perfect every time.

It is perfect for those times you got you hair just
so and notice a spot with frizzy ends you just can't stand for
they ruin the effect. 30 seconds later and you are perfect all
over without risking cutting to much like you would scissors for
it only takes the tips. Even my son could do this and I wish I
had this when he was 8 and decided to cut his own bangs for
if he is going to use something on his hair he isn't supposed to
touch I would rather it be something that can't leave him looking
like he just got off the boat! I love how this makes my hair
look and if I had this when I chopped it all off I would still have
that same head of hair for even hormones wouldn't be enough
to allow me to chop off perfectly smooth luxurious hair!

Even better, if you hair is dry like mine and mine is so dry
it feels like horse hair some days, the split ender comes
with a bottle of Silk! Now this stuff made me want to climb
up to my roof and scream its praises! I use frizz ease and other
products like that to keep my hair smooth and glossy for
without it I look like heck. Now I like the look those products
give me but to touch it, Ewwwe! Greasy and gross. I have yet
to find a product that works until now. These are little tablets
you crack open and work into your hair when damp. Then you can
either blow dry or let air dry and what you are left with is
smooth, shinny, glossy, healthy looking hair that you can
touch and not be able to butter a pan with you hand when you
are done. I could not feel this in my hair at all. You look at me
before and after and know I did something, you touch and you
will wonder what. An added perk to this product is it makes
my hair so soft and manageable I can do all those cool, sleek
styles I never could before. When I was younger I would spend
hours trying, when I got older I would just go with the waves
because I will be darned if I spend 4 hours in the bathroom
working on my "do" then walk out in August heat for it to
insta frizz! I can't wait to I go somewhere I can show off
some styles!

This combo gets a huge two thumbs up and a
snip snip from me and you can learn more or even order
one from the button on my site. That's right, I posted
a button for I love this stuff ( the silk) that much and with
the split ender am super impressed with how it works and
the fact it is going to save me a small fortune in saloon costs!
No more Bride of Frankenstein for me!

Thursday, December 27, 2001

Pureology Hair Care  


I used to have silky soft, poker straight, long
blond hair as a child. My Grandparents were as
frugal as they come and the only thing I ever used on
my hair was whatever shampoo was the cheapest at
Farmer Jack that Month. It didn't really matter for it
did the trick and the only thing I ever had to worry about
was tangles for with kids and long hair they are bound to
happen. Somewhere in my life I went wrong. My soft, shiny,
smooth beautiful hair turned to dry, coarse, brittle, fly
away hair that if there is the least bit of humidity in the
air looks like Einstein and I share the same stylist. The
worst part of this whole deal is I think I did it to myself.
I was an 80's child and Died my hair every other week, permed
whenever I was bored, and on a daily basis I Blew dry, curled,
used moose, gel and enough Aqua Net to put my own personal
hole in the Ozone layer. The straw I call hair is what I am
left with!

I really didn't think anything would ever be able
to fix the damage I have done to my hair. I had even gave
up daily blow drying and seldom curl any more. In fact
I treat my hair as if it were Gold now for I feel so bad that I
did so much damage when I was younger. I know that the
hair I had then is long gone and it shouldn't matter but the
point is no matter what science says since I did all that to
my hair 25 years ago it has not been the same. Since
then I have only colored my hair and the only products I use are
items that are supposed to repair damage but I have yet
to have any luck. A week or so ago I got the chance to review
the Pureology line of hair products and as always anything to
do with hair I jumped on for I would give my left arm to have the
hair back I had as a child.

From the web site I learned:





The package I received contained 2 shampoos, the Hydrate
and the Super smooth and also the Super Smooth conditioner and
last of all the Hydrate Hair mask. On day one I decided to try the
Super Smooth products. I felt since the shampoo and conditioner
where from the same branch of the Pureology line I should keep
them together for the best results. The first thing I noticed was the
consistency is different. It looked and felt different. In appearance
it looked much thicker but to feel it you really couldn't tell a difference
only that the texture was different, not necessarily thicker. I don't
think it sudded up as much as the last few shampoos I have used
did but I could feel it seeping into my hair and directly onto my
scalp and that was new for my hair is so thick I really have to
scrub to get too my scalp and with this I didn't. I also had to rinse
longer to get it out for it clung to my hair. I don't mean it left
a residue for it didn't but more like it belonged on my hair
and didn't want to leave. Next came the conditioner and it
too felt thicker and this one even looked much creamier. My
hair drank it in and I know you have heard that phrase before
for I have but I never knew what it meant to now. I swear if I
measured how much I applied and say it was 1/4 cup I put on
my hair I can promise you what I rinsed out was only half of that
and there was no product left in my hair for it was absorbed.
I did the full Monty with this stuff and dried my hair to see
if this was as good as it was supposed to be and could tame
my hair when heat was involved and it did. It really did! I was
shocked for I was left with smooth, manageable hair that felt
soft and not dry or greasy like it feels when I use frizz serum to
take care of the dryness. It may not have been as perfect as
my childhood dream hair but it was such a drastic change that
I felt given enough time I might come close to what I had oh,
so long ago! I was more then impressed!
The next day I used the Hydrate and the hair
masque. I can't say I could tell the difference from this Shampoo
to the next but then again it is the same line and the differences
from this shampoo to the other are probably very subtle. If you
lined these up to other shampoos though I would know the difference
in a heartbeat. Now the Masque was very different and very thick
and so thick in fact they give you a pick to help sort through your
hair. I had some problems making sure it went through my hair
due to how long and thick it was but I did manage to get it through
and was thankful for the pick. This needed to be left on for up
to five minutes and I left it on the full five and I also noticed this
was harder to remove from my hair and if I did not rinse well
enough it would leave a residue. I had to be very careful to make
sure I got it all out. I also blew dried my hair with these two
and I will say the extra effort to apply and remove the masque was
worth it when you feel and see the results. My hair is silky and
feels healthy and is not only smooth but you can almost feel the
moisture in your hair. It also left my hair feeling thick and
fresh like it feels right after a hair cut. I really loved how
my hair felt and looked but this would be a ritual I would only
use on special events for it was a lot of effort and a busy
Mom just doesn't have the time to do this on a daily basis.

My final thoughts on the Pureology line are it is pricey but
worth the price and delivers on its promises. A green haircare
line that is Natural makes it an even better buy but as a
normal person who does not have a lot of cash to throw around
I would buy this and keep it for special occasions. Not necessarily
a coveted night out with your Love but maybe date night, even if
it is spend at home with a rented movie and some popcorn. I
would not want to pay the price to buy this more then once a
month but I would also not want to live with out it. As most hair
products go with my hair I tend to use 3 times as much as the
normal person and a bottle of shampoo averages about 6 uses
for me so this would be something I would use once a week or so
even less often with the Masque. I would be more then willing
to give up a weekly cup of Starbucks to fit this into my
Budget for it truly is that good!
Five ***** for me!

Saturday, December 22, 2001

Like Wear Review  

With Rowan on the scene I have spent a lot
of time shopping for clothes. For me, I love
to shop on line and over the years I have developed
my favorite sites. I understand their sizing, return policy
and know first hand what quality of product I am going to get.
With Rowan and the fact I have not been around
Babies in oh what, forever! I have no edge. I have
to go to the retail stores for things have changed so
much since Andy was a child that I wouldn't even
know where to start looking on line. To make it easy to
understand, when Andrew was a baby there was no
such thing as buying on line. The computer had web sites
devoted to information, games and chat rooms. Now
the Internet is part of every day life and I do pretty
well with most things but where do I go for
Kids Clothes?

Unlike her Toys where it doesn't matter
what retail outlet you buy them at they are still
the same toys, clothing is way different. Every place
cuts their clothing different and a size 1 at one place
can be a size 12 somewhere else. Plus it really bothers
me that since kids outgrow clothes so fast I have noticed
that manufacturer's do not use the same quality standards
as they do for adults. What I mean by this is since
the kids will only be wearing it for a few months it
is my opinion a lot of places make their clothes cheap and
I do not know how many pair of PJ's I have went through
where the Zipper broke super fast. Now you guys tell me,
Rowan is going on 6 months and I have lost 4
pair of Jammie's, all different brands, to a zipper that
jams and breaks. Now they can't says its because kids
are hard on their clothes and she fiddles with it because
out of these 6 months 3 she couldn't even find her own
hands much less a zipper. People will also say that it
is because she spends so much time in them they get
worn faster and that isn't true either. She is so messy and
is MZ Spit up so Rowan clothes are changed no less then
4 times a day, so at that rate she is wearing something
maybe 8 hours for a day, maybe once a week. About 6 wears
into it, the zipper goes boom! Now that makes me mad, I pay
$9.99 for a pair of Jammie's I get 48 hours of wear out of.
If that happened to my clothes I would be standing on
Donna Karen's front porch but since its a child we forget
So my dilemma was where can I find reasonably priced,
cute clothes that do not fall apart and be able to trust
the place enough to order on line? The answer is Like Wear!
I found them through word of mouth and decided to check
them out. When I got to the site I was surprised to find out
that if offers sales opportunity's to Moms and other work
from home people. Sorta like Avon but with clothes and they
also carry more then just children's cloths they also carry
accessory's and you can order from the main site or one
of the retailers. I decided to start in the kids section and was
pleased with what I found. All of their items are simple, no
frills in timeless styles that your children can wear every day.
I found no fad styles that your kids will refuse to wear a few
months from now because the "super super chill brothers supreme
dream team from mars is no longer cool", but I did find designs
that would appeal to even the pickiest pallet of the pickiest
child. The clothes they did carry with logos were of things
that are going to be here 6 years from now and not go away
and can be passed down from child to child. Who doesn't love
a Tootsie Pop? Kids when I was little knew them and loved them
and I am sure my Grandchildren will too! Plus they are too cute!

I was sent a Dress for Rowan to review that was very
girly girl and adorable. It was pink and simple and I loved
the fact she could wear this dress to a fancy Do Dah! or to
the play ground and fit in either place. Clothes that are versatile
give me more bang for my buck and Momma loves that!
Even the T-shirts have styles that will never fade and feature
designs such as Peace or Love. Very sweet! I was also
impressed with the Quality. I did the Michelle Test with a
little more gusto then I would with adult items for like I told
you I am a little angry on the quality of children's items I have
been getting and they blew my test away. The dress has been
washed 17 times in the last week and still is the same bright
shade of pink as when I pulled it out of the box. It also
has not frayed and the seems are still tight as, well you know
that frog cliche'.

With the children's line of clothes I am most impressed
with the style and the fact is these are a mix and match item
and everything they make can be used with items already in
your child's wardrobe so there are endless possibilities for
wearing them often yet still looking like you have a different
outfit on each and every time! They also have some of the
cutest onesies and blanket for babies I have ever seen and
the bags are to die for! Final verdict on Like Wear!


Check them out, maybe next time I buy I will be buying
from you!

Friday, December 7, 2001


Did you all read my She' Essential

Beauty Review? If you did then you know

how bad I need help with my hair, eyes, skin,

face and nails. I really need help! It has been

a year since I even got my hair cut. I have

disgusted myself even. For 25 years I have

been the resident Diva! The I was 40 and

pregnant and lost all ambition.

If I click my heels together 3 times and

say " I am a Diva" do you think I can go

back to the way I was?

Well She' Essentials fixed me! Or, at least

they gave me a great head start. I still need

that hair doo!

Now I have another problem. Did you know

that if you ignore your make-up for over a year

that anything liquid or cream based will dry

up? Did you know there is a shelf life on

make-up? Um, shocker to me! My collection

is dust! Now I need to buy more.

I have a thing about skin. I was blessed

with flawless, youth full looking Ivory skin.

I realized at a young age how blessed

I was and saw other people suffering through

acne and other ailments. I swore to myself

that I would never put anything but a high

quality product and do everything in my

power to care for my skin. I spend more

money on make-up then I will ever admit too.

I lived at the Lanacomb, Estee Lauder and

Clinique Counters at the mall. Now I am ready

to face the world again and I have no "face" to

put on. Everything but my Eye Shadow and Blush

are ruined and as useful to me as my son on

the first day of spring cleaning. I could just

die! I started surfing the net going from beauty

site to beauty site saying goodbye to all my old

friends when I stumbled upon a site called


Wait a minute.....................

They look good...................

I took a few minutes to read through their site

and check out their product listings, checking out

the ingredients, the philosophy and the dedication

they pour into their products.

They sound good.......

I wonder................

Next thing I know I am swapping emails back

and forth and was able to offer a contest for

you guys and a review for the site. while you

all have been busy entering the contest I have

been pacing the floors here waiting.


Bright and early!

I received the same kit that is in the contest.

It contains

• Pro vitamin B5 and Rice Bran mascara

in black that conditions and strengthens

the lashes while boosting volume and length.

• Cherry oil lip gloss in Light Purple 23

provides high shine and moisture without

being sticky.

• Guava lipstick in Natural Pink 13 is highly

pigmented and offers intense creamy color.

• Sunflower and Evening Primrose Eyeshadow

in White 10 provides hydration, long lasting-

wear and eyelid firming benefits.

• Soft Eyeliner in black has the perfect smooth

texture to give you endless options for the eyes.

And they are my colors too!

The first thing I grabbed was the eyeliner for

I am super fickle about those.It was a pencil and

I was a little nervous. I had a flashback to my

teen years and the hard pencil eyeliners I used

then. This was so NOT that product. I was shocked

at how creamy and smooth it was. How it glided on

and there was no smudging like with the twist up

eye liners I had been using. It was solid and went

where you put it. It did not stick on parts of your

skin and end up skipping and leaving a mess.

It was perfect!


Phase one complete.

After the liner I grabbed the shadow. Again, Amazed.

The color applies smooth and looks the same on you

as it does in the pallet. You can feel the moisture in

it but it is dry enough to cover even and not leave

blops. Very impressive and I really liked it better then

the lanacomb I have in my drawers right now.

Phase two rocked!

Next was the Mascara and I spent some time

pulling it in and out of the container. From past

experiences I know that about half the time you

pull out the wand there are thick clumps on it

and they end up making your lashes stick together

and when you try to get it off you make a mess and

need to start over. This didn't do that at all. I tried

like the dickens to get it to but it didn't. Not even

close. It went on smooth and stayed where I put


Phase three is kick-en it top shelf style!

Last was the Lipstick and Gloss. I could own

stock in a lipstick and Gloss factory. I use 2-4

tubes a month and have spent my sons Collage

money buying it. ( Shhhh!) The Lipstick went on

creamy and felt moist, not dry and caked. I could

run my tongue over my lips without fear of ending

up with a pink tongue. It lasted too. I felt no need

to reapply and think I could save money on this for

I will not be using 2-4 tubes a month. The gloss

was equally impressive. It was just shiny and

glossy enough without making me look like

I belonged in a Vegas Cat house. It was not

too thick and didn't leave me feeling like

I had casted my lips in some disgusting

foreign substance. It was really clean feeling

and I was tickled pink, funny, same shade as the

lip products.

All of this came in a perfect sized, quality

case I will be taking everywhere with me. It is

not flashy or silly looking like the ones I get with

a lot of gift packs at the mall and it is one color

(brown) and will go with everything!

My review is so positive I can't even

give you descriptive words that won't make

me look like a 6 year old in a candy shop.

I was that excited to do this review. I would

be more then willing to review anything KORRES

has to offer ( hint hint, LOL) for everything I received

today was so spectacular I can't see them making

anything bad. It is MY new brand of make-up!

Wednesday, December 5, 2001

Thrift Stores Are The New Black!  

I am a stay at home Mom and John
got laid off last January and the way the
Michigan economy is right now who
knows when he will be back to work.
This is a terrible cross to bear for a
fashion Diva like I am. Even Dots and
other cheaper stores are out of my price
range right now and I was going out
of my mind with the need to shop
for I am used to getting at least one
new outfit a month. I have three
closets at my house, clothes in storage
boxes and about a 20 foot beam in the
laundry room where I also hang clothes.
John has a drawer I bought for under the
bed and about 12 hangers in one of
my closets. I am very generous!

TO make matters even more dire
for me after 16 years of dressing
a boy I finally got a little girl to dress
and no money to "Diva" her out with.
I would go jump off the Ambassador
Bridge but in truth the Detroit River
water sorta creeps me out.I needed ideas
and I needed them fast. I discovered
Thrift Stores. As a Feisty, Frugal middle
aged Mom I also learned to navigate
them and here are the tips I picked up!

1. Don't shop at chain Thrift stores unless
they are having their "Big Sale!" Places
like the Salvation Army or Value world have
sales a few times a year where they give you
50% off your total bill. These places are
cheaper then buying new by 40 t 60 % to
start with but some items can still be pretty
costly and when I look for Jeans for my son
I end up paying between 8 and 10 dollars for
a good pair. At K-Mart I can get a new
pair for $15.00 dollars if I wait for a sale so
the savings are not all that on a normal day.
BUT: when you add in the extra 50% discount
you are paying 4-5 dollars for an almost new pair
of name brand jeans. That I can live with! For
$100.00 I am getting like $600.00 or more
worth of clothes! ( insert happy dance here)

2. Avoid the Trendy Semi Chains! Okay, they are
not as big as Value World or Salvation Army or
St Vincent De Paul but there are more then a few
of them. The label themselves as a boutique shop
or Chic and advertise like crazy. I am not sure of
the ones in your location but an example of one
here would be Plato's Closit. When you take in
your clothes for resale they are very picky about
what they accept and only take high end name
brand items in mint shape. I have no problem with
their stock, it is good and you can find some nice
items. What I do have an issue with is that you bring
in a pair of Jeans you paid $70.00 for and they will
offer to give you 2 or 3 dollars then turn around and
res-ell them for $50.00 or more. To me that is a bit
shady but hey, to each their own. What remains is
the cold hard facts  that at Value World or other
mega chains you save 40-60% but at places like
Plato's Closit you only save 10-20 percent at
best! That isn't worth it for me.

3. Look at local, small corner shops that
are independantly owned. The higher priced
the local home value the better.People who
can afford to drop 500 bucks on a purse or
pair of shoes or pants seldom shop at thrift
stores and lots of the little ones are owned
by upper class housewives with an eye for
fashion and the need to share it with people.
They are not out to get rich with their store
instead they do it because they love clothes.
I have found $300.00 dollar purses for 5 bucks
and $200.00 jeans for just as little. They also
have a lot of clearance sales for the upper
class shopping world fashion styles always
changing so new stock is brought in often.
So if you don't pay attention to Fads you
can find some really good deals on some
high class fashions!

4. Don't forget Garage sales! Unless a person
is a professional Garage Sale Host ( has
3 or more per season) people tend to undervalue
their own property. You can score some clothes
with the tags on still (I know you too have bought
an item once or twice you swore you would fit
someday and never did) for a few bucks or less.
I bought a stack of Levi's once for a quarter each.
This is also the best THE BEST! place to buy
baby's and young childrens clothes for at that
age they outgrow them so fast they seldom show
the signs of wear adult clothes can. Here is
another place where you should pay attention
the the neighborhood and home value for the
bigger the home the better the deals!

5. Last on my list is a resource I am sure you
never thought of. Self storage Unit auctions!
People rent a box and quiet often abandon
them for numerous reasons. It could have been
clothes they outgrew and never got around to
sorting through, or they inherited them or
could have just been a compulsive shopper
like I am and had way to many for home and
stored them there. It doesn't matter how they
ended up there only that they are there!
For a few bucks you can buy a whole garbage
bag of clothes. The drawback is you can't
pick and choose what you want from the bag so
you may get items you don't want but you can
always donate them to charity. Then you do good,
save good, look good and feel good!

All of these are great ways to save some
cash and update your wardrobe at the same
time. You can also pick up other household
items at a deep discount and use the money
you save by buying those items at thrift
stores to fund an occasional trip to

Happy hunting!

She' Essential Beauty Review  

It has been a long time since I have
taken care of myself. Let's see, Rowan is
about 6 months and I found out I was, OK,
let's call it a year. Before I found out about
Rowan I was doing pretty good. After years
of neglecting myself Andy was at last old enough
to do things for himself and I had the time.
I lost some weight, got a new "Doo" and
started going out with friends and dressing
up again then BAM, once again I am with
a young child at home and the only thing
I wear on a regular basis is puree's Squash
or applesauce. My enormous collection
of clothing and shoes and make-up and
hair products sit by them self, alone,


Okay this part I am going to say, you are
going to read then you will all forget I ever
said it. ( Watch the swinging crystal and repeat
after me~I will forget, I will forget!) I also
look like I have been neglecting myself. My
hair, my nails, my skin and my body even.
My poor hair has so many splits it could
give any divorce court a run for its money,


My skin is blotchy and uneven and that was
Johns favorite part of me, the fact I had even
porcelain skin, and my nails......................

1. my finger nails and cuticles look like
they have been through a salad shooter.
2. If you want to know the last color of
polish I wore on my toes just look at the
tips it is still there.

I need help and I need it bad. Before
Rowan I had my eye out for Macy's and
other makeup counter sales and stocked
up whenever they had that deal where you
buy this and get all thissssssssssss free!

I love those sales! I would always but Concealer
and skin and cuticle cream then get the free
makeup and I do have more Eye shadows then
you can shake a stick at! I can match anything!
But the lotions and creams, well they dry up if
you don't use them and mine are gone.

I look like Heck and I have no product!
Lucky me, She' essential beauty sent
me a few items to review and the first
one was for my nails. YEAH! And the second
was a body scrub! DOUBLE YEAH! There
has never been a woman in the free world
who needed it more! The first item I tackled
was the scrub. Now I don't know how I missed
the section at better stores where body scrubs
are actually scrubs. They are like um, little
pieces of rock candy you rub on your skin.
As a stressed out Mom faced with the possible
presence of Candy it took everything I had not
to eat it. The fact it smelled good made it even
harder. It was fragrant but not too sweet and it
instantly made me relax. I enjoyed the process
of applying for the fact it was a grain made
me slow down and be careful and I needed that
time. I think the application helped me to
relax even more. And the scent, dreamy!
Now the texture didn't bother me, for even in
the cream scrubs I had used they had the
granules feel so I enjoyed the texture and imagined
the little beads removing all the icky parts of my
skin I had grown to despise in the mirror. When I
was done I was pink. Might have rubbed a little
too hard but once that faded I felt and looked fresh.
My skin felt tight and new and I didn't eat any of
the scrub even with the word sugar in the name.
What is more surprising is people noticed
and wondered what I had done to myself. I had
never in my life used a body product that
anyone but me could tel I had used.I enjoyed
the flattery.

All in all my opinion of the Scrub is
very positive. I had never been familiar
with aroma therapy or holistic healing
benefits and really don't understand all
of it but I know how it left me feeling
and I felt fresh and vitalized. At 40
I will take that over old and cagey any
day! This is something I will stick with!
Next up was the cuticle cream. Um,
I am way to embarrassed to even post a
before picture of my cuticles for they are
really that bad. The Cuticle butter
was the product I really really wanted to
try. In truth, I thought for sure mine were
too bad to repair for with Dry Michigan
winters, my own neglect and the damage
I did over thanksgiving with floor to ceiling
deep cleaning with Harsh Chemicals and
my hands in dish-soap for a few days there,
I thought I was toast. The Cuticle Butter
was creamy and smooth and just looked
Hydrating but then again so does regular
butter and that doesn't do anything but
amplify a Sunburn in the summer. I read
these directions very carefully for I wanted
to make darn sure I did this right.
It had a subtle scent of lemon and right
away I could feel the skin soften as I massaged
it in. I swear if I sat still enough and relaxed I
could feel the crack and chips melt away and
my cuticles no longer felt as if they were going
to pull away from my nails. This was amazing!
I don't know how the Chinese discovered all
the benefits of some of these products and
Herbs but I do know I am going to pay closer
attention to what they are using over there!

All in all She' Essential beauty and their
product line really gave me a needed lift and
left me feeling rejuvenated and fresh. I loved
the smell alone of the products and felt instantly
at ease and calm once I opened them. I plan
on making their line a regular part of my
world and can't wait to work my way through
the whole product line!
2 huge thumbs up ( with silky smooth cuticles)

Don't forget to enter the contest She' Essential Beauty has posted right now
and you can get in on the yummy goodness yourself!

Picture I used on cards

Picture I used on cards
Rowan with soap hair