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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Guyot Designs Review and Giveaway!  

I hate my Kitchen. Not really the Kitchen but
rather what is in the cupboards and Drawers and
what isn't in them. What isn't in them is space
what is would be so much junk I can barely shut
a drawer or door. It was just bad to Rowan came
and now it is even going to get worse. Baby's have
their own everything and my cupboard was already
Jam packed before her with Dishes and Good Dishes,
Glasses and good ones and specialty drink ones.
Storage Bowls and Andrews collection of glasses and
mugs. Coffee cups and refillable convenience store
cups. Thermos, soup containers, condiment trays
and containers and more. The Drawers, even worse.
I have so many different kinds of Spatulas and
mixing spoons, measuring cups and lids that go to,
I don't know what. It is enough to drive a person
mad. I need to just takes the Drawers and the Cupboards
and dump everything and start over. Now I have
been adding Rowans items, her plates and bowls, her
silver wear and snack containers, Bottles and sippy
cups, I feel like it is never going to end. I need
help getting it organized, better yet I need items
that either do it all or take up less space. In
my search for those items I came across Guyot
Designs. These guys must have had some Cupboards and
drawers like mine to come up with the goods they
I was browsing through their items and I
realized I could dump half the items in my
kitchen and replace it with only a handful of
their items. I was sent the squishy bowls for
review and I have to say, bowls are a huge space
taker in my dish cabinet. Not only do I have the
bowls that come with my dishes, the good and
the everyday, I also have plastic bowls for
Andy, snack bowls, cereal bowls and bowls for
Rowan. Each bowl is supposed to serve a different
purpose but the truth is it is just the same bowl
over and over again. I can't get rid of the plastic
no matter how much I want to for they are the ones
I use the most with the kids. One gets tossed in
the diaper bag, they get tossed in for lunches
and are always filled with snacks. Andrew is 16 and
I should be able to use the glass but every time
he does it comes back broken. They also cart them
out by the pool and it is defiantly not a good idea
to have glass out there no matter how old or safe
the person thinks they are for just break one and
it doesn't matter how much you think you clean up
the glass someone with their bare feet is going to
end up with a chunk in their foot. So the plastic
is here to stay and there is no getting around that
but Guyot Designs makes it a whole lot more easy
for instead of taking up almost two shelves in
the cupboard I can just stick them in a drawer
and because they all squish up they will fit. I will
still get the safety of plastic for their snacks
and well, heck, with the kids, eating in general
and I also get my space back! They are also
perfect for Rowan's diaper bag and Andrew and
Johns lunch bucket and even better, when we go
to State parks and lakes for the day I don't
have to carry around a couple of tote bags with
plastic bowls and silver wear. Now it can
all fit in one and leave me room to spare. They
also make a Squishy Bowl for Pets and that really
rocks for I bought these little paper ones for
when we hit the parks and they fall apart. The
big plastic container is way to bulky to carry
and what we were left with was to pour some
water into a cup for Boo and tilt the cup so
she could drink out of it. With Squishy bowls I
just toss it into the same tote as ours and
again, I still have room left! Boo can drink
without finding a puddle, I don't have to sit
there and hold a cup and nobody has to carry
her 80 dollar travel set around that seemed like
a great idea at the time. Duh, if I could only
take it back. Do you know how many Squishy bowls
I could have bought for 80 bucks? They also come
in all sorts of sizes and have me covered big
Guyot Designs also carries the Utensils
for your home and travels in adult and children's
sizes and many other items such as the Gription
for adding a handle to your bottles, the Splash
Guard, the Tap Guard to protect your drinking
water with a portable filter and re-usable
bottles for your home. While we are on the
subject of bottles, and everyone has them
everywhere, Guyot Designs also has a favorite
item of mine that even though I just discovered
lately it is the best thing I have seen in the lines
of home preparedness for emergency and for travel and
something we should all have. We have lost power in
our Condo four times since I have lived here.
That is four times in 9 years and I am not talking
about a minor power outage and you are back up
and running in a couple of hours, I am talking
about the brown out around 4 or 5 years ago, we
were down for a week, one thunderstorm that had
us down for about 5 days, once the transformer blew
and again 5 days and the other time our fuse box went
kaboom and you guys have heard tell of my landlord and
we were without power that time for almost 6. After
the brownout though there were rumors of it happening
again so I went out and bought all sorts of emergency
gear such as candles and lanterns and a crank radio/TV
thing. I wanted to be prepared. Well the issue with being
prepared is to do so you have to buy all this "stuff"
and when you are already short on space it just adds
to the clutter. To keep it out of every day way I stashed
it and that makes it useless for if the power goes out,
unless the sun is at its brightest so I can find it, I will never
see it in the dark ( even with light it would be a challenge)
and we all know things do not happen when the conditions
are perfect. Guyot has this thing called a Fireflye that
with that I could toss out most of that other stuff, stash the
Fireflye in the kitchen drawer for they take up next to
nothing in the space department and not have to
worry about space at all or emergency's for the Fireflye
turns a bottle into a lantern with an LED light in the
cap. How cool is that? I dare not show my son for he loves
gadgets and this one is beyond cool and not just something
for messing around with it is super useful. It would also
be great for Camping, in the garage, one in the basement for
those dark corners. Hang it in my over stuffed closet so I
can find the shoes I am looking for an not run out and buy
a new pair. Okay, buy a new pair to match the light? I can
be reasonable!

Now I was tickled pink in my review of Guyot Designs
and their Squishy Bowls and I personally think they are
great for around the house and yards and day trips but
the Inventors and Owners meant for them to be used
outdoors and to help preserve the outdoors for on the
site it lets you know Guyot Designs is a holistic company
incorporating ideas, lifestyle, culture and individuality.
Their core belief is that it's possible and profitable to
invent fantastic outdoor products while fostering a corporate
culture that focuses on the aspirations of their partners.
They truly care about the world around us and wish to achieve
ways for us to enjoy it without leaving a mark! My son and
Husband are going to have a great time with their products
when they fish and camp and every item in their arsenal
is great for outdoor family camping trips and a must have
item. It not only will make your trip more enjoyable, their
items are bright and lively, it will also let your trip
be more festive and bright. All while helping to maintain
your comfort and the planets. These guys are green and
I am hooked on the Squishy!

Guyot Designs was kind enough to offer one of my
readers a Squishy bowl set and a pet bowl too! To enter
just head over to their site and tell me something you
have learned. Maybe something about the C- Products or
Their Environmental Statement! Post it in a comment and
the contest will start tonight and run to Midnight on
March 28th.
USA and 18 and older can enter daily and the winner
will be contacted by email and have 72 hours to
contact me with their mailing information. As always
you can earn a bonus entry by entering the contest of
the day and other ways to enter are posted below.

Guyot Designs

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Extra entries only count after the initial entry
is completed.

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post that you are. 3 entries,
please post 3 times.

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