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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Ceramic Review and Giveaway!  

You would think since I went to school to be a
Chef and I also went for Hotel and Restaurant management
that I would have the "Bombest!" Kitchen on the block.
Top of the line everything and only the best. My cupboards
she should make Martha Stewart cry and my cutlery should
be of such high quality I can cut a can then a Tomato like
that old infomercial. But no, like a mechanic who's personal
car never runs right my Kitchen just doesn't cook. Oh, I
have gadgets, so many I have to store 2/3 rds of them for
I just don't have the shelf space but the sad part there is
those gadgets aren't mine. They are my sons. Since he was
2 years old and wanted an Easy Bake oven to make a
M&M cake he has been collecting them. I even did have
those knives from the commercial ( Ginsu? -can't remember)
for my Mother ( now everyone repeat with me, BAD NANA!)
bought them for Andrew when he was like 4 for he wanted them
so bad. She did explain she meant for me to hold them for
him to he was older but he was a boy and a super active one
at that and one morning I woke to find the arm of my couch
cut up and the knives were then taken from where I thought
they were safe on the top shelf in the kitchen and placed in
storage and did not survive the house fire I had a year or so
after that. Right now we have:
A bullet, a mighty whisk, a popcorn maker, a Slurpee maker,
a ice cream maker, an omelet maker and an omelet pan,
a donut maker, a puff maker, the chocolate factory, a
candy maker, the cookie kit, 2 different George Foreman grills,
oops make that three now, a griddle, a pizza oven, a smoothie
machine, a Slap Chop, a Panini maker, a grilled cheese maker and
more special pans and kitchen tools and ice cube trays and
basters and gadgets then you can shake a stick at. It is
just insane. What I don't have and have not had is good
knives. I have a steel and a sharpener so you would think I
would have something to use with them but no, I keep getting
crappy knives that barely cut butter. I tell myself over and over
again that I am going to start getting good knives and collecting them
so I have a great set and every time I go to the store I see some
kit that seems like such a deal I grab that instead. When I get
home I am thrilled and open it right away and start chopping and
almost cry for it works so well in comparison to what I was
using and I am overwhelmed by how sharp they are and smooth
they cut. For a week I start busting out all my old recipes that
you need to cut things for and go crazy, I make Chicken Scallopini
and cut my own cutlets for the knife just works perfect, I do stir fry
everything and cut veggies like they will never grow again. Cheese,
bread, fruits and everything I can find. For a week I have fresh
cheese, fruit and Veggies trays filled to the brim for easy snacking
in my fridge and become an addict. Then I grab my knife set one
day and start to cut and it isn't quiet as smooth. Not as sharp.
Alright, I get that, loads of Kitchen experience, Knives dull, no
biggie. I grab my sharpeners and go to town there and then try
it again. Still dull. Hummmmmm, I used to be pretty darn good
at sharpening, maybe I am just out of practice, try again. I am
very thorough this time. Grab a Tomato for they are more easy
to cut and maybe I need to start with easy. I cut, it mushes
for the knife is so dull I have to press down to get a cut.
I grumble and snap at the next person who walks in the
room. I had went to the store and planned on spending 50-100
bucks on a good quality knife that would last forever and instead
of getting that ONE knife I once again fell for the good deal and
bought the set that had the steak knives and Chef's knife and
utility knife and bread knife and a half a dozen more specialty
knives in the pack. Hey, I got all of them for 49.95 and
the pack had all sorts of claims on it about them lasting
forever and keeping their edge and yada yada total crap. I
would throw the knives back at them but they are such junk
even if I did hit them they wouldn't stick. Back to square one,
I vowed for like the 50th time that next time I bought
a knife it would be a good quality one and I would only buy
one at a time until I had a set of Superior knives that really
would last a lifetime. To solidify it this time I researched knives
and found a brand I decided to get and this brand happened to
be a ceramic knife. Ceramic is currently the best knife you can
get. I mean best, they blow steel away. This is the difference
between a raindrop and a tsunami here with benefits such as:
1. The Hardness. The only thing harder than the material used
to make these knives is a diamond. This makes them sharp
as well and are much harder and sharper then anything steel
has to offer.
2. Weight. They are very lightweight. These knives weigh less
than half of what other knives do.
3. Durability. Ceramic knives can usually go years without
needing to be sharpened. They also last longer overall because
unlike metal they will never rust.
4. Chemically Inert. These knives are not made with metal so
therefore you will not get that "Tinny" taste you can with metal
and the food you are cutting will end up tasting like that food.
They are also easy to clean and will never stain and super
easy to maintain. I did a load of research and was hooked.
While looking for a brand of kitchen knives that I wanted to
buy I stumbled on a site that has all sorts of ceramic knifes. They have Hunting knives, Rigging,
Electrician, Pocket knives and now a Kitchen Utility knife.
I contacted them to ask some questions and got the chance
to do a review. Now I was tickled pink. I was at last going
to have a good knife in my kitchen. AT LAST!
For review I was sent the Kitchen Utility knife and he
also tossed in a Rigging knife for me to check out. When
they came I was like a kid in a candy shop and I could not
wait to try them. I cut every single thing in the house that
could be cut. All with the Utility knife. I even had a whole
filet roast in my freezer. My Mother knows Andrew and I love
steaks and for Christmas she went to the meat store and bought
us the whole Filet Roast so we could cut our own Filet Mignon
to the size we wanted. A huge Roast at that and even if I cut
2-3 inch pieces we would have enough for 20 steaks or more.
I had to freeze it for it was just too large and since my knives
were so crappy I did not want to mess with cutting it until I
absolutely had to. The first time I cut off a piece I used my
serrated knife for the knives I had that were made for cutting
cuts of meat was so crappy it would never make it through
so at least with my serrated I could saw my way through. It
is still a pain in the butt and the steaks look like heck so I
am super glad it was just for our own consumption and I didn't
have guests coming over but it got the job done, barely. With
the Ceramic knife I was a little worried for it you don't know what
a Kitchen Utility knife is, it is a small knife, maybe 2-3 inches
and used for cutting hard items where you need control or sort
of an anything goes knife as long as it is not a big sort of
anything. I was afraid I would have to cut around the outside
first to get a groove big enough for the knife to fit in and do
it that way but boy was I surprised. And a good surprise too
for the knife is so sharp it just glided right through, and I mean
glided through. This was a frozen solid hunk of meat that I
would have trouble cutting even with a "Good" sharp "Steel"
knife and this was going through this huge roast like a steak
knife through butter! I almost cried. I never enjoyed a steak
more. Now I was worried that it would dull before long like
all the other knives I had bought so what they hey, if it is
going to break my heart I might as well speed up the process
so I know sooner rather then later. I spent a whole week cutting
everything in the house, I had other meats that were bought in
bulk and I cut all of them up ( except for the filet) and that
wasn't enough so every box I got that week in the mail and
mind you guys and girls, I get 20-40 boxes a week all super
sealed and wrapped in enough tape to efficiently tape my son
to the wall so he could never get out. I used it to cut down
those boxes and cut the twine I was using to tie them up for
the dumpster and I even used the knife to cut through some
cable wire when I moved my cable box and needed a longer
piece. Then I went back to the kitchen and cut cut cut some
more. At the end of 10 full days of cutting everything I could
get my hands on I pulled out that filet Roast and was going to
try it again. In my mind, no way would it be this easy
this time. Even if I had a steel knife I had paid 100 bucks
for or a clever I did not think it could take the beating I put
it through and still cut through this roast. At the very least I
thought it would need to be sharpened first!

Oh-My-GAWD, this knife cut just like it did the first day
I got it and I was in utter and total shock. If you spend a
lot of time in the kitchen run, don't walk to get this knife.
It is that good and has prices that I could
not find cheaper any where else and I looked like crazy,
remember I was determined way before this review to buy some
and had already done a load of research on brands and prices.
This knife is fantastic and I loveeeeeeeee New
best friend material here!

The other knife they send was the Rigger. Once again
I had my guys at war over who would get it. I deemed it
a family item for I didn't want to hear it and didn't really know
what a Rigger is and wanted to know before I let them have it
at all. This is a pocket knife of sorts designed to cut when
you can only use one hand. It is perfect for sailors who need
to cut ropes and is so sharp it can cut through Kevlar. After
reading about it and talking it over with the guys we decided
it is also perfect for things such as hunting and fishing and
DIY work around the house and none of us could get over
how light weight it was. We compared it to the Sports knife
I bought for Andrew when he decided he wanted to take up
hunting and it just blew that knife out of the water. It is also
half the price of what I paid for that knife and while I spent
the week with my kitchen utility knife cutting everything in
sight the guys spend the week cutting everything with these.
Both of the guys used it to cut the Strings down on their
guitars, Andrews a normal guitar and Johns a Bass Guitar with
thicker strings. They also cut floor tiles and carpet and lord
knows what else for after I checked in a few times to see what
they were up to they made me nervous they would cut a hand
off ( it cuts through Kevlar for Christs Sake, whats a hand
compared to that?) and I decided it was better if I just didn't
know. It folds up and is just under 3 inches so it is legal to
carry and it works better then any pocket knife or sporting
knife you have ever seen. If you know a man who Hunts or
Fishes or just needs a knife this is your guy and
is your site. They also sell Utility blades and a sharpener and
much much more. I know for a fact now that I have tried
a ceramic knife I will never go back to steel. Now
I realize I am lucky and it might just be I found a fantastic
place to buy them from but even if that is that case I am
super lucky then for I did find these guys and remember I
already said they are my new best friends and I will never go
back to plain old boring steel! was not only great to me they
are great to my readers as well and one of you guys can
win your choice of either the Rigger or the Kitchen Utility
Knife. To enter just head over to their site and take a look
around then come back here and post what your favorite
knife is or something you learned. The contest will start
tonight and run to Midnight on April 19th.
USA and 18 and older can enter daily and the winner
will be contacted by email and have 72 hours to
contact me with their mailing information. As always
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Picture I used on cards
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