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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Ouchies Review and Giveaway!  

I have been really lucky with Andrew in a lot
of ways. Though I had that little boy in the ER
at least 3 dozen times in the first year of his
life not one of those times he was there for a real
reason. Every single time I ran him in it was because
I was a first time Mom and just freaking out again. I
used to take him to a small Hospital instead of the
large one for the simple fact it was used mostly for
industrial reasons during the day and the wait there
was never more then 10 minutes. I also knew them pretty
well by the time Andrew was 2 or 3 from my constant visits!
Now when I rushed him there I was sure there was something
wrong with him. Convinced! Though now I know it was because
I read to many books on child ailments and would convince myself
this or that was wrong by comparing what the book said to how
Andrew was acting. Some of the reasons I took him in
1. He fell and clunked his head and didn't cry. The book
said if a child doesn't cry or cries longer then 15
minutes something serious could be wrong. They never
bothered to mention sometimes they don't cry because
they are not really hurt.

2. I rushed him in because he had little white bumps all
over him and I thought they were some sort of bug bite
and was appalled a bug could be biting my baby. It turns
out sometimes fair skin little babies oil glands are not
always fully developed and its sorta like infant acne. DOH!

3. He ran a fever for 3 days straight of 100. Again, a book
said that wasn't all that high but if they had one for more
then a day or two it could be a sign of something worse. It
was, he was teething!

Those are pretty much are the types of reasons I had him in
there and it wasn't long before they knew me by name and
I am more then sure all they did was humor me and wait
to I had calmed down before sending me on my way. Only
twice did Andrew really need a doctor and one of those times
was because of a Doctor and what he did, not because Andrew was
ill on his own. It was a Sunday and during the HMO craze where you
had to take your child to a set place for set reasons and I thought
he had an ear infection. He was crying all day and pulling hard on
his ear. I rushed him to this Clinic the insurance people said I
had to use and told the doctor there my fear. He said Okay, never
even looked at Andrew and wrote me a prescription for Amoxicillin.
I explained that he was allergic. He asked if Andy had ever had it.
I told him no, but I was allergic and so was my mother. He told
me that it was an old wives tale that it ran in family's and Andy
would be fine. An hour later Andrew was having a really bad reaction
and that was time one he needed a Doctor and not the dummy who
gave me the Amoxicillin in the first place. The other time Andrew got
bit by a dog on his lip. Besides those two times that should have been
one for it was not even an ear infection it was teething and had
the doctor bothered to look, ugh! But besides that Andrew has never
in his life needed a Doctor. No injury's ( knock on my wooden head
here)or anything.

Rowan on the other hand is going to be my wild child. I can
already tell. So far she has avoided anything serious but she has
jumped out of her high chair and her walker and I have to keep a
constant eye on her for she is just one of those Baby's that will
always have to be-in the mix! She is the one who will deplete my
first aid kit daily and I will have to buy band-aids in bulk. When I
got the chance to do the next review I was all over it for I know
these are going to come in handy in a big way!
Ouchies! These Band are so cool looking your kids will forget why
they needed them in the first place! Now they offer the same protection,
same perks and benefits and keep your Boo Boo just as safe and allows
for them to heal just as nicely, so I have to ask myself, "Why don't all
band-aids look so cool?" They just rock and when I say that I mean
literally too for they have some that say "ROCK" right on them. They
also have some Skull and Crossbones guys, you know how I love things
that have skulls and crossbones for Rowan! She only appears all sweet
and innocent but Andrew and I know she has an agenda and Skull and
Crossbones clothing and items are the only way Mommy here can warn
the unsuspecting public! They have ones geared for the boys and some
geared for the girls but all of them are cool! In fact they are so cool
I would even wear them myself! Want more? You Betcha! For the little
ones they have MR Men and Little Miss. These are those famous
emotion faces for the tykes that let them show how they are feeling
and teach them how to relate to them as well. Still want more? You
Betcha again! They have a pack that you can design yourself. That's
right, no cutie little pictures and patterns here, you get right to the

"Joe's left Finger!"
Big Baby Johns Paper Cut!"
"Rowan got a Boo Boo!"
"Mommy stubbed her toe chasing Rowan!"

or you can draw your own pictures and designs. I am pretty sure
Andrew would have all sorts of World Of War craft buggers! For Mom's
it is great too for you can even put the time or Date on it if you are
trying to keep track of the last time you cleaned it or put on antiseptic!
Each Pack comes with 20 Band aids, 4 of each design and are sure
to be a hit and it will not be long before even a slight scratch will
demand a band-aids for they are just that cute. The Styles are:

Designed just for Boys, 4 of each design: Flames, Blue Camouflage
with Lizards, Skeleton Tattoo, Rock Star & Dragons.Designed just for
Boys, this tin box has 20 adhesive bandages, 4 of each design: Mr.
Funny, Mr. Bump, Mr. Strong, Mr. Tickle & Mr. Happy

Designed just for Girlz, Hearts, “Girls Rule” Tattoo, Desserts & Doodle
and the MR. Men and Little Miss set Designed just for Girlz, this tin
box has 20 adhesive bandages, 4 of each design: Little Miss Chatterbox,
Little Miss Whoops, Little Miss Magic, Little Miss Giggles & Little
Miss Sunshine

For everyone they also have a Mr Men and Little Miss that includes
•Little Miss Sunshine
& Mr. Daydream •Mr. Messy & Little Miss Tidy
•Little Miss Chatterbox, Little Miss Shy & Mr. Noisy
•Little Miss Star, Mr. Happy, Mr. Perfect, Mr. Cheerful, Little Miss
Giggles & Little Miss Sunshine
•Little Miss Naughty, Little Miss Scary, Little Miss Bad, Little Miss
Trouble, Mr. Grumpy, Mr. Mischief, Mr. Rudy & Mr. Greedy.

And don't forget the Make your own that has This box is for those
kids who want to design their own bandages. Complete with 3 markers
(Blue, Red, Purple), this tin box comes with 20 adhesive bandages
in 5 colors (Blue, Pink, Purple, Green, Yellow). Any way you cut it
( groan, boo, I know!!) you are going to end up with one cool
Band aid. Even my Son who at 16 years of age would rather bleed
to death then put on a Band Aid wants to stash a few in his room,
just in case. My favorite thing about them though is the boys were
over and the middle Monster fell down and instead of throwing a huge,
mega, giant, mammoth, DID I SAY BIG? tantrum he was fixated on
the Band Aid and not the Boo Boo that would have been portrayed
as a life or death paper cut had we not had one of these Band
aids. Now all I need is a bag of Lolly pops and when the kids get
an ouchie they can cover it with one and grab a Lolly and get back
out and play! Ouchies sure makes the tears a lot more colorful here!
You just have to love that!
Another thing you have to have is a chance to win some Ouchies!
That's right guys, one reader will win their pick of two tin. To enter just
head over to the site and take a look around then come back here
and post what your favorite thing from their site is in a comment.
The contest will start tonight and run to Midnight on April 13th.
USA and 18 and older can enter daily and the winner
will be contacted by email and have 72 hours to
contact me with their mailing information. As always
you can earn a bonus entry by entering the contest of
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Picture I used on cards
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