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Friday, January 28, 2005

Hot of the Press!!!  

Lots of new things on the way and I am super
busy with keeping up so just a quick run down
for you guys!! The list is so long feel free to
take a break!

First up with have Greenie 2 steps and
the awesome wall art! A contest and a review
and some really cute items!

After them is Boot Scoot Bikes! Rowan is supposed
to be able to ride right after she walks so once we
get one covered we will hit the next but to then
lets check out the bike and see how it rocks!

Next we have Zeno Water. I water pitcher to make
that stuff Detroit passes as water taste good. I have
always wanted to try one so let's see how good it

After them we have Dream Essentials and theses
guys have a lot of goodies on the way and a contest
to book! masks and slippers and boy do I need to
block out the sun for it hits my window bad!

After them we have Slanket, Anyone who has not tried
a Slanket, this is the time to learn. I will even pose
for a picture for this and you can tell me if I look like
a dork or not!

After them we have a cool one and a blast from the
past! Old Time Candy is sending some samples for
me and going to have a contest for a big old box
of your favorites from the 30s on up. I can't wait
to see some of these things for I love our local
Penny candy store and these guys have even more!

Next is Elizabeth Grant! Love her and I can't wait
to bring you the review. I think there is a contest
there but working out the details!

Jewel Basket is next with some adorable
children's gift ideas. She is making a demo
for Rowan and I can't wait to check it out!

Fragrance net is putting some goodies together
for us. I get the samples and you get the goods!
At least we are all going to smell like the bomb!

Planet Bike is sending some bike lights for review.
What good is a bike for Rowan without a light?
and an extra for a contest! Cool beans!

Your Safe Child is adding to our safety section with
contests and a review on some ID kits, stick around
for this one it is way important!

Box 4 Blocks is after that and this is too too
cute. A Lego holder to keep your child's from
getting all over the house!

Dreaming lion is sending some of their
stuffed animal for a fast review, when
the new ones come out they could be
a giveaway! These are only too hug-able!

Po Knee Donkey is after them with the most
adorable little guy! It is Donkey from Shriek
and made to rock, your little one will love him!

After them is Alex and Ani. Who doesn't love
Jewelry? Theirs is really gorgeous! A Giveaway

Wallables is after them and its wall art with a
twist! These guys have items that not only
look good they teach your kids too!

Yube is from overseas and supposed to
be one of the top skin care creams out
there. They have a review and a giveaway
for you with a really nice gift!

After them is Pawparizzi! Little adorable
pets for your kids that they will love for
a lifetime!

Sheer miracle is another great make-up line
on the way for you with a review and a giveaway!

Speaking of Make-up, Mineral basics is
coming too and they have a great giveaway
of 15 shades and a review too.

Love art? Me too and London Bridge Kids
has some of the best. Make your child a
star and they have not only a review but
a giveaway for something that is a once in
a lifetime piece!

Divvies is sending some Yummy goodness
for a review and a giveaway. This is supposed
to be one scrumptious treat!!

Slowing down not is Patient style. Slippers
that make comfort a household word and
a contest too!

Blush Undershirts is also going to hit you up
with both. This give you a layered look with out
the bulk!

Peace out

Monday, January 24, 2005

Hot Off The Press!!!  

Hey guys, not a whole lot going on for I am
gearing down to take a break and play catch up!
I am going to give it to you fast and sweet!

First off is Late July Snacks. They are having a
review and a giveaway and are supposed to have
some really good stuff! I am looking for more
snack ideas for once school is out we go through
a ton and I want to be prepared!

After them is one for Mom, Oregon Chi.
Yummy, I love Tea and this sounds so yummy!
I have not tried this before and I even bought
it for it looked so good then forgot I had it
to a few months past the sell by date. See there
is pro's and con's to stocking up on things. One
you never run out, and con, you never know what
you have!

After them Baby Mel is sending a Pink Diaper bag
for review that is all about the salute to heart care.
Such an important cause and one I have a lot of
knowledge of since it runs in my family. Look for
a good write up and some tips there!

NOVICA is also letting us review there items and a contest.
Lots of fabulous artisans on the site so this will be a really
good one. I can't wait to see!

Last on the list of new to you is Perennial Toys. They have
darling items from our furry and wet friends and
teach a great lesson as well as are fun to play with!
Love it!

Peace out!

Thursday, January 20, 2005

Hot off the Press!!  

Hi gals and gents! I have some new things to
post and have to get it off my chest! Giveaways on the way!

First out of the gate we have Beba Bean and they are
too cute. So cute in fact I could not even decided what
item to choose for review and made them do it!

After them we have Pure Pearl! I am going to put an
end to my pearl fever and these guys are going to do
a great job doing it with a contest and a review. Perfect
for Valentines Days!

After them we are looking to the warm weather and have
a review and a giveaway from Port A Pong! A game for
the water and for adults! Fun in the sun!

Next We have Ferro Cosmetics! I love reviewing make up
and these guys are going to make me over and a contest
for you!!

After that we have an awesome one. See Here is going to
let me review their items and they are also going to
award 10 of my readers with a Photo book! Doesn't that

Last on today's list is Tweezerman. Would you believe
not only do they have great stuff all the time but
special tweezers just for Valentines day! Rock on Sister!

Peace out!

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Hot off The Press!!  

Hey folks, see what is new! Lots of Goodies
are on the way to you! Okay, Boo I know but I am
working on getting my Valentines Day Rhyme on!
No more word games lets go to the races!

First on our list is Happy Baby Foods. Lots of
yum yums for Baby here and they are not
joking when they say happy! You guys not only
get a review but a chance to win some really
great prizes!

Next we are sticken with the Baby theme and
have a review and Giveaway from My Baby Rocks
Records! All kids love Music and isn't it cute
to watch a toddler dance? We are going to rock
the house and see who can groove better you
or the half pint!

After them we have 10 again Clothes and once
I saw them I really wished I was 10 again. So
cute, I can't wait for the review to see what
that little sweeties who drives me nuts will
look like. It is only the fact she is so adorable
that keeps Miss Busy pants alive!

A new Product to hit the market is after them.
Klix. These guys make a Make-up Brush that
you can replace the brush and keep the holder
so you will no longer have to buy a whole new
one every time it wears out. Awesome idea and
we have a review and a giveaway in the works!

Freckle Box wants us to know all about them!
I love finding items with Rowans name on it
and Freckle Box is great with helping me do
it! They have just about everything a child could

Next on the list is Head Organics. I love hair care
and love to learn about what is new and hot and
this is a new place I am working with and I know
we will hear more from them so let's see if they
are as great as I heard!

Adult Toy Shoppe Loved our last review and
giveaway and they are back with some great
stuff for Valentines Day! Just wait to you
see what they have for us this time. One for
you and one for me!
These guys will be in the Adult Section

With the launch of the new safety section with
have another review on the way. CPR Teddy.
This is perfect for not only learning how to
give CPR to children but for teaching as well
and is too cute to boot! A review and a giveaway
for the launch of the new section!

After the Teddy is Ecco Time Toys and they
are sending a cash register for review. Also
one for giveaway and you just can't pass up
something your child will love that is green

Next we have Emerson Creek Pottery. Beautiful
Craftsmanship and I just can't wait for the review!
A giveaway is also in the works!

Brrrrrrrr, its cold here in Michigan and Snow Stoppers
is going to host a contest and a review and not
only will I find out how warm my baby can be two
of my readers will get to see how warm theirs are too!

What is Valentines Day without something good to eat?
Sucre is sending some items for review and I know my
hips are saying no no no but my mouth is saying yes
yes yes!

Last for today we have Skin MD. This is supposed to
be top of the line and I am very excited! a review and
a giveaway for my readers. Life doesn't get better!

Monday, January 17, 2005

Hot Off The Press!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

Hello there Guys and Gals, I only have a few
things to post today for life is starting to slow down
a bit! Short and sweet and to the point!

First we have Safety Tats on the way. These are great when
you are going to be in a crowd with your children. There
is no way you can be prepared for everything to it happens
and this is one of those great products that if you child
wanders and a security professional or another parent see
them before you a lot of tears can panic can be avoided.
The have your information on them and with one quick call
you can be back with JR!

After Safety Tat's we have a couple of Goodies for the
Valentines Day Guide. First is a review of Ageless. One of
Ageless by Harvey Prince. I love perfume and I am glad
to get a chance to do some reviews. This is supposed
to also have the added perk of making you feel
younger and others think it too! A review and Giveaway
are on the way!

Last Today is another of Harvey Princes Perfumes,
Flirt! How Perfect for Valentines Day for if you have
been with your Love for Days, Weeks, Months or
Years, you still have time to flit! Once again a Review
and Giveaway are coming for you.

Peace out-told you it was short and sweet!

Friday, January 14, 2005

Hot Off The Press!  

Hey there Campers, got some new goodies to post
and I think I am taking tomorrow off just to work on
reviews. I have almost 2 dozen at the house now and
some real big time catching up is needed!

Beaute De Maman Is hosting a review and a giveaway
for us. The specialize in the pregnant gal and keeping
her happy and healthy while she is. Love those natural
products and these guys do it right! Michelle may no
longer be pregnant but she can appreciate quality!

After them we have Adirondack Stone. Since I have been
doing a lot of things with pets lately it got me to thinking
how much I would miss Boo and how she is part of the
family. These guys make memorials to your pets you
can place where they rest or just in the garden as
a reminder of you lost friend. I am having one made
with Boo's name on it for the yard. She is with me now
and Gosh Darnet, I think she deserves a Monument
for everything she does for me! I plan on showing it
to her the first nice day and we might even bury a bone
together. Really though, these are stunning and I will always
have this! You guys can win one for your Fur baby too!

After them we go to the little ones with Ergo Baby Carriers.
These things rock for you can use them in the front or
the back and look Ma no hands! Rowan loves the one we
have now but I am so ready to upgrade. I just can't wait!
Now if I can get one for Boo I will be all set! A review and
a giveaway!

After Ergo we have Sama Baby, we are on a baby kick!
These guys are all organic too! How Green we are anymore!
I have to say I love it and love the designs here as well!
Is it just me or are Organic products softer and sweeter?
I can not wait to see what goodies they are sending, I know
it will help sweeten up my little Devil!

Next out of the Gate we have Lyons Creations. I have fallen
in love with this Young Etsy Artist! She makes the most
beautiful pieces out of wire and stained glass and has a
lot of talent. I truly can't wait to share it with you guys!

After them we have Z Daisy. I so need them in my life,
for the make awesome Pacifier clips and blankets. Both
I lose all the time here with Miss Thing and her tossing
stuff around! I bought 2 dozen Pacifiers when she was born
and she uses them maybe 20 minutes every other day, more
for teething then anything and they are all missing spare 2!
You see how I need these guys in my life!

Speaking of Pets, Does your little Woof Woof make
leaving you plugging your nose when they get too close?
Mine does and I spend the rest of the day wondering what
she got into. Oragenics EvoraPlus has just the fix, pet
mints! You can get the tasteless kind to sprinkle on their
dinner or a mint! Either way when Fido talks you won't have
to back away! A review and giveaway!

Hungry? BBQ season is on the way and Country Bob is
going to sauce us up with some of his YUM yum YUMMY
BBQ sauce. He is going to sauce me up and a few of my
readers too!

Last on today roll call is Jesse Jane's Tile Pendents! She
has some items that are perfect for Valentines for you,
your Mom and your Kids. Too cute to Va va there goes my
heart again! A review and giveaway! Yippee!

Peace out guys!

Hot Off The Press!!!  

Okay you guys, I know I didn't post new news's ( say that
ten times fast) yesterday but that was because I had one
email after another! WOW
Wait to you see!
I am only going to post a blurb about each one for there are
many and I have 21 reviews sitting on my table I have to
get cracking on already!
And we are off.......................................

First out of the gate is Munchie Mug! What a cool way to
take along snacks for JR. Lid and all its like a big old Plastic
Coffee cup, perfect for little hands and no mess for Mom.
We have a review and giveaway soon!

After that we have Baby Star! Such cute clothes and Baby gear
and you guys know how crazy I go for that! I am reviewing a
Quick Change bag and there will be a contest for you!

Next is Bounty Bug. I so wish I had this. It is a personalized
Journal with all sorts of info and stuff to help you organize
your pregnancy. Trust me Moms to be, when you think you
have it all covered and are ready to go, think again. You
don't, this Planner will change all that. They are also
sending Tot Tag, this is for when Baby is born and you
need to keep it all in one stop. Really neat and I can't wait.
A review and giveaway to follow!

After that we have Toddler Virtues. They make T-shirts
that have Virtuous sayings on them to help you
kids spread the word that good deeds and Manors
are still in style. A review and contest for you guys too!

With Spring around the corner I am looking forward to the
next review from Bebe Soleil. It is a shade for your stroller and
I so needed this last Summer. Rowan screams when the
sun is in her eyes, not a whimper, a scream, and this is
going to save me a pretty penny in aspirin! It is an awesome
invention and I can't wait.

After them we have a review of Kahina, they make
Spectacular Beauty products and I need some help
with lines and Dare I say it? Wrinkles and these guys
have a fix, I will let you know if I look all of my 21
years when I am done or if it took me down to 18!

Fuji is sending some of their new Earth Friendly Batteries
for review. Not sure how many they are sending but
I will share the wealth if it is more then a pack. Everyone
should be green and its about time a battery did it!

Wild Cubs Children shoes are after that and they remind me
of Robeez without the price. This talented lady on Etsy
makes them and she does a stunning job. I can't get over
how great they look and we have a review and a giveaway!

Next is Kokopax. These guys are all about Baby and
offer a huge selection of products to carry, dress and
take care of JR. Rowan is reviewing a sunhat lets see
what they send for you!




After Kokopax is Woobie Wear and they have adorable
adornments for your little girls hair. I can't wait to Rowan
grows some but for now you think Super Glue is too much?
A review and giveaway are coming.

Next is Belle Baby Carrier and I really need a new one of
these and the design rocks for my back. Wait to you see
it for right now I can't use the one we have for three steps
into it I am in tears, this one is going to let me walk with
the baby and the pooch at the same time again! A review
and a giveaway for you guys too!

I swear I am going to get my 40 year old but out and do
it for the owner of this company threw down a challenge!
Shred Sled is sending one of their baby's for review. It
is a combo of a skate board, snow board and a pre-limb to
Michelle Spending bucco time in the ER. The owner is
45 and says he does it every day so if he can I WILL.
A review and giveaway are coming here!

After my stint in rehab I am coming back with 3 Hip Chicks.
The make a lot of personalized items and all of their stuff
is to die for! They are making a necklace for me and having
a contest for you guys. I know you can't wait and either
can I!

Another one everybody should have and I really hope this
gets here before the Shred Sled is the Intelligent
Talking First Aid Kit. This walks you through the situation
and Fireman John said this is a must have for every home.
They are sending one for review and you guys will have a
chance to win one as well!

After the people who will help me keep my legs after the
Shred Sled people do their best to break them is Bravado
Nursing Bras. Support and function and they have much
more then Bra's. I am doing a review and a contest for
you guys! I can't wait for the undies she is sending for
I love this style.

Tune Bug is next and they make a flat speaker for your
TV or Computer that is a space saver and can still rock
the house. A review for sure and I am waiting to hear about
the giveaway!

I hope that is enough to keep you guys a day or two, HA HA
and more will be posted tonight or tomorrow!

Make sure to check out the new links and I added speed
buttons at the top for you guys to get here fast and have
a ready list of all the giveaways!

Peace out!

Picture I used on cards

Picture I used on cards
Rowan with soap hair