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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Yu-Be Review and Giveaway!  

I know I told you guys about my dry skin and icky feet.
They can get pretty nasty but what I didn't tell you is
about Andrews dry skin that makes mine look the rainy season
in the Rain forest. His elbows are so bad I get grossed out
every time I see them. I mean really grossed out. They are
so cracked and dry they often bleed in the Winter from cracking.
It is worse then sandpaper and if I am ever short on Brillo
pads I could use his elbows as a stand in and the elbows would
probably do a better job seeing as they are more abrasive.
I feel so bad for the kid but short of going to a Dermatologist
nothing we have tried at home has worked. They are so bad I
have tried to even get him to go to a Dermatologist but Andrew
is a big chicken when it comes to doctors and no matter how much
I have promised him that this is not the same kind of doctor he
still will not go. His Elbows are so dry they look like dark
dirty patches and cracked so deep they give the Grand Canyon a
run for its money. It is the bleeding that breaks my heart and
I know they have to hurt him. I have tried, Lord knows I have
tried, to get him to use any lotion on a regular basis but they
are so dry he would have to apply it every hour or so for days
on days to make a difference. They are that bad and he is not
willing to make such a commitment. To me it is a no-brain-er,
your in pain, there is a chance you can do something to fix it,
you do it! To him all he sees is the chunks of his day he will
be wasting slathering on Lotion. SO without me being able to
take him to the Dermatologists to get a prescription lotion,
and that is a shot in the dark for I still think he is going
to have to apply that all the time, and the fact I have yet
to find something over the counter that will help him in
anyway without using bottle after bottle for days and weeks on
end I feel like my hands are tied. How do I help the child?
I need to find something that he only has to put on a couple of
times a day at most and something I can buy over the counter that
will help that kind of dry skin. His dry skin is as bad as it
gets and most lotions are just not equipped to handle skin
that bad.

I read about Yu-Be. This is a Lotion from Japan that is
the number one selling lotion over there and has a reputation
second to none. Not only has it been around a long time it is
medicated and Vitamin enriched and made especially for really
severe dry skin. In short it is made for Andrew. But using a
skin cream from half way around the world? Why not? The world is
not nearly as big as it was 50 years ago when Yu-Be was just starting
to take Japan by storm. Now we utilize products from all over the
globe to aid us in not only our quest for better skin and hair but
health all together. Back in a 50's and 60's to get Yu-Bu here in
the states you had to know someone who traveled abroad to pick it
up for you and bring it home. As awesome as this stuff is people
everywhere were still hooked on it and who cared about a souvenir when
you went to Japan, bring back some Yu-Bu. Now you don't have to
"know someone" to get your hands on it, you can order it from the
web and I have read so many articles and seen so many testimonials
on the lotion I had to see for myself. I just had to know if this is
what would help Andrew and why the heck didn't I know of it before.
I contacted them and they sent a tube of the cream for review and
also some samples of other products they manufacture. That was cool
and I thought very nice of them but it was the lotion I was extremely
interested in. If this works I would do just about anything to
say thank you for over the last 5 years I have tried everything
or thought I had, on the market in search of relief for my son. I
did everything short of steal for I did go as far as telling my Dermatologist
my dry feet were getting as bad so she would write me a prescription
for a medicated lotion and I rushed home and used it on Andrew.
and this was from a doctor.

The Yu-Be, on the other hand. Wow! Okay, it isn't like the lotions you
go grab at CVS. It doesn't look like it, doesn't smell like it
and sure as heck doesn't work like it. When you think of Lotion you
buy over the counter here, you think of a creamy lotion that you rub
on your skin and often smells like flowers or other scents. Sometimes
I wonder if there is more perfume inside then good, natural items
that are set forth to combat dry skin. The Lotion you get here you rub
in but due to all the additives you never feel like you have rubbed it
all the way in. There is always a greasy or tacky film left behind
and to fight dry skin you have to use it over and over and over again
during the coarse of the day. Then you gamble if it will work at all. Now
you can buy lotions here at all different price levels and I have tried
them at all different prices levels too and I feel they are all pretty
consistent no matter what brand and how much you pay for them. I also
found that the lotions you pay 40 bucks for at Macy's quiet often work just
as well as the items that you pay a buck for at the Dollar store. In my
case neither worked and I even tried stupid things like slathering on
a ton of Lotion on his elbows before bed then wrapping them in plastic
wrap so his elbows would sort of marinate through the night and I was
hoping that might soften them up enough for him to get excited by the
improvement and continue using the lotion all the time to they got better.
All that little thing got us was the plastic wrap coming off in his sleep
and me spending a few days trying to work the grease stains out of his
favorite sheets. Yuck! Now I know a lot of other good things that have
came out of the East so I am more then willing to give this a whirl. If
Yu-Be doesn't help my next choice will have to come from Mars or the
Moon for I have tried everything here!

The first day we used it five times. Morning, Lunch, Afternoon, after
diner and Bedtime. He didn't have school due to Winter break for I
planned it that way and I was hoping to do something with that nasty
skin before he went back to classes. The first thing we noticed is it
doesn't feel or look like a lotion at all. They don't even call it a lotion
it is referred to as a Skin Cream and it reminded me of the salve and
other concoctions my Grandmother had in the Medicine Cabinet Up-North
for Bug bites and when you get into Poison Ivy or Oak. It is just as
thick but unlike the salve that stays on top of your skin the skin
cream is absorbed into the skin. It doesn't dissipate as fast as a Lotion
but it does completely rub into your skin and does not leave behind any
residue. It also has an odd scent but that is gone before you are
even done rubbing it into your skin. Now Andrews Elbows were really
bad and so cracked in some places they were almost raw and he said
he could feel it tingling like a medicated cream. By the end of the first
day there was not a lot of difference though the dark parts of his skin
where the dirt was so embedding into the cracks was starting to soften
and though we resisted I really wanted to have them scrubbed off for
this was the first time since his Elbows have been like this ( 3 years
now) that I felt the dirt was so close to the surface you would be able
to rub it off with a cloth. He was still nervous and though I swear we
could have got the dirt right then it was still fresh in Andrews mind the
last time we tried and ended up taking chunks of new skin along with
the dead old dry skin that has the ground in dirt. That time his elbows
were so raw after the scabbed over and hurt even more. So no go
on tempting fate like that again. He took a shower first thing Day two
and we put the cream on right away to hold in any moisture that he
had added with the shower. The skin around his Elbows was pretty dry
too though not nearly as scaly and bad as the elbows and on day two
that was already gone. The bad part about that was now that the skin
on his upper and lower arm was repaired and smooth and had lost its
Scaly appearance that the Elbows looked even worse. Before you could
look at his dry hands, forearms etc and go, "Yes, it is only natural the
elbows are so bad, just look at the rest of him!" Now the elbows stood
alone and looked even more disgusting.The dirt was also starting to
clump. I didn't know what to make of that or how to even explain it.
The only thing I could come close to as far as a description is to think
of a snow ball and how when you roll it the ball gets bigger as more
snow is added. Well this one dry, cracked, dirty part was in the center
and was like a magnet and the edges of his Elbows were working their
way in to join the nasty center and instead of leaving a trail of nasty
skin in its wake it was leaving behind pink skin that didn't look cracked.
Again, Andrew would not let me rub off the yuck for he was afraid they
would bleed but I was already hopeful at the start of day 2 that Yu-Be
was going to do a fantastic job. By the start of Day three he had to
wash the dirt off his elbows for it was starting to clump off on its own.
Underneath was Pink smooth skin. Now I want to take a second to
point out that the lotion was not making his elbows pink it was the
fact it was not ruff skin but new skin underneath and Andrew had
been rubbing his elbows all day out of habit and that is most likely
the reason why the dry, dead skin clumped together in a ball like that
too. He didn't tell me to later when I was wondering out loud what
would make his skin clump like that. It was then he told me of his
constant rubbing for it itched because it was so dry and since he had
been putting on the Lotion his skin was softening up to the point all
the damaged skin was flaking off. The Final results were by the end of
3 days his Elbows looked like those of a normal person and I was
shocked to say the least. I have been trying to help Andrew for 3
years with his elbows. Now I can relate for I have nasty dry feet but
nowhere near as bad as that boys elbows and my feet have never
cracked and bleed. His elbows, all the time. The next two days I
made him continue to apply 5 times but I knew it was redundant for
his elbows were already repaired and all he needed to do from now on
was to apply it after Showers. Before bed would be nice too but I think
that is pushing it with him. There is not a doubt in my mind though,
after seeing with my own eyes what Yu-Be did to those elbows in 3
days that using it just once a day would be more then enough to
keep it from happening again. The lotion just works that well. That
comes from a person who has bought every brand out there and even
some prescription ones in the past with zero success.
Yu-Be rocks!
Yu-Be does more then just carry this wonder lotion. They have also
carry lip Therapy and Skin Polish and those are just as great. I am a
Blistex girl and never thought I would change. I have tried all the
fancy, new fangled items on the market but something about Blistex
was just addicting to me. When I tried the Yu-Be I thought sure it
will be good, I saw what the skin lotion did for Andrew and don't think
it could be anything but good but I didn't really believe it would stop my
Blistex habit. Well I eat my Blistex for that is the only thing it is good
for anymore. The Yu-Be not only gave me the same soft lips as my
Blistex it worked longer and I re-applied a lot less and my lips just felt
plump and healthy immediately after I used it the first time. The Skin Polish
was perfect for use right before bed and has a calming effect and not
only did it take off the days make up it left my skin feeling taunt and
tight and alive and I have got to say I can see why Yu-Be is number
one in Japan and say it is only a matter of time before it is number
one here as well. The entire product line is going to live in my house
and I owe them a great debt for fixing Andrews elbows. You have no
idea how hard that was for him to deal with and pretty embarrassing for
a 16 year old boy in Gym Class to walk around like that for it did
make his elbows look like he never washed them and when he tried
to scrub the dirty looking area off all he would end up doing is making
his cracked elbows bleed worse. Yu-Be can be found on-line now
and you can order it right from their site. Heck, they know how good
they are and you can take the same test I did by just paying for
shipping and handling for they are so awesome they know once
you try them you will be a Yu-Be user for life! Go ahead, try!
These guys are the bomb!

Yu-Be is also going to give one of my readers a Value Pack of their
products and it has something for everyone, To enter just head over
to their site and take a look around then come back here and post
what you have learned in a comment. The contest will start tonight
and run to midnight on April 15th.
USA and 18 and older can enter daily and the winner
will be contacted by email and have 72 hours to
contact me with their mailing information. As always
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Free Sample of Yu-Be just pay shipping and Handling!

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