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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Mudpuppy Review!  

I used to sit at the edge of the bed and just
wait. Most likely the only time during the whole
day I was quiet. Just wait for my Grandpa to come in
and read me a bed time story. Sometimes he would get
caught up and it would take a while and sometimes I
felt like I was waiting forever but he always came.
We never talked about it, this was more of an unspoken
thing. A story before bed every night. I had my favorites
too. I am sure there were ones when I was really young
but the books I remember and will never ever forget and
have made sure to pass on to my own children were The Giving
Tree, Rikki Tikki Tavi and Where the Wild Things Are. I
could hear any of the three over and over again and though
I knew every single word by heart and could read it cover
to cover myself, I would wait for my Grandfather. Those are
things you remember from your childhood that make the world
worth living in. When Andrew was getting ready for Pre-school
I wanted to get him those stories as well. I can't get over how
hard it was to locate them for I had always considered them
classics. I found an old copy of "Where the Wild Things are"
and had to go as far as to order the Giving Tree and Rikki Tikki
Tavi ( if you have not read any of the three do it!) and for
Rikki Tikki I know I paid a small fortune. Well Thank goodness
they are back, Boy and How are they back. Eric Carle has
been every where with his Hungry and I did love that one too
but Where the Wild Things are has also made a come back and
I can't wait to see what else is on the Horizon. Mudpuppy
has recognized that need for good old fashioned wholesome fun
and had brought us some delightful items to commemorate those
classics in the form of Puzzles and Sticker Books and they
don't stop there either, Mudpuppy has items to keep any child
up to their very busy elbows entertained. Mudpuppy, Galison
is a shop that celebrates children and their creativity and
imaginations. Puzzles, Stickers, building sets, games, magnets
and so much more that are meant to keep little fingers entertained
in the most simple of ways with products that allow them
to explore their own sense of adventure. No batteries required
and children never run out of imagination.

We were sent a "Where the Wild things are" Puzzle set that
has clunky pieces for little hands and though Rowan is too young
to expect a certain book she loves the puzzle and I love that she
is playing with an item I can get excited about and stand behind.
It is fun to bring the picture into shape and for me to be able to
tell her all about what we are creating and she feeds off my excitement
for the puzzle as well. It is pretty easy to see I am nuts about it!
The Where the Wild Things Are puzzle we received is just one of
many items on the site that keep your kids busy and their energy's
focused. They have more award winners then you can shake a stick
at so it is pretty easy to see they are skilled in their field and
know what is takes to keep a child captivated and a parent happy.
Not only do your favorites come alive like in the puzzle we received
or the Goodnight Moon Floor Puzzle or the many others they also
have items with an educational touch that will have your kids sneaking
in a little bit of learning while they just think they are having
fun. The Solar System or Our World Floor puzzles are some great
examples or for those ruff and tumble types who love the Roaarrrrrr
of adventure check out the all about Dinosaurs learning wheel. I know
my son would have adored that and it might have saved me some printer
ink for the only thing he had was the Dinosaur page in my computers
encyclopedia that he printed about 500 times.
They still have old school favorites that I enjoyed such as
sticker books because when I was young my Lisa Frank Collection
was a huge part of my childhood and Dairy's and journals and
Stationary Galore. I had to go to the book store and order those
Favorites of mine for Andrew and Mudpuppy has them right on
the site. You really have to love the computer age for bringing
your kids the best from all worlds. I can't wait to Rowan is a
little older so we can play with the magnetic figures for they so
remind me of the paper dolls I had as a child but these are a
little tuffer and a lot more durable. I don't think it matters what
section of the site you look through Galison-Mudpuppy has more
then a little to make your kids get all excited and fuzzy. There
are so many things that would make the perfect Easter Basket
fillings I would not even know where to begin.
One thing I do know is a child will forget the candy bar when it
is gone but always remember the time you sat down on the floor with
them and helped with a puzzle. The Eggs will make their way into
the trash or a salad but your daughter will always treasure her
first diary. The Jelly beans, hey, send those to me, at least the
white and red ones, the rest are for you but the point is someone
will enjoy them but only for a moment but the memories you can
find at Mudpuppy will last a lifetime! Rowans puzzle is also
her first set of blocks and as we sit here and play with it and
piece it together time and time again ( Hey, she likes to knock
down as much as build) she is learning how to enjoy herself and
play and I am remembering how much fun it was when I took the time!
Truthfully I couldn't even tell you who's toy this is, I guess we
will have to share! My Final Review for Mudpuppy is they are just
a fantastic company with products that brings back memories, fuels
new adventures, allows you to construct some fun and keeps you thinking
no matter what way you go!
Mudpuppy has also thought of my readers and has offered a discount
code for you guys to save you some hard earned cash on their
products. When checking out just enter ZZZ2 to receive a 15%
discount on your purchase. Have fun and I hope you score some
great stuff for Easter!


Look for them to be on the Easter Gift Guide Posted soon!

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Picture I used on cards
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