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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Babymel Review for the American Heart Association  

Babymel of London has got to be one of my all time
favorite Brands of diaper bags. Stylish and Sleek they
offer a selection of products that are made for the busy
parent and take care of such small details such as wipe
clean lining and multi functional storage pockets. There
is also their new stroller strap that allows you to not
only use it as a shoulder bag but you can attach it
to your stroller to allow for more freedom and flexibility.
I was sent the Amanda Quilted in Pink for review to
highlight a campaign they were participating in for
heart health and awareness. A cause I am very familiar
with and much in support of.
The Amanda Quilted is "the" best Diaper bag I have
ever run across. Don't ask me why I need them but
I have about 15 different diaper bags right now to
go with different outfits and they pretty much just
sit around collecting dust for I grab the Amanda every
time. Well, I do now, I used to grab my Amanda Printed
for that was the last bag I bought before Rowan was
born and my all time favorite (TO I saw the PINK) bag
and I wish I had found that before I had dropped a
small fortune on other brands. The Babymel Amanda's
come with two insulated Zipped Bottle Pockets so
you don't have to worry about rushing to find a
refrigerator and you can pre-make your bottles
before you leave the house. Such a perk for I hate
having to either pack ice packs in bags or do a mix
when you are out for it is a pain in the butt and you
still need to find good water. They also come with
large outer pockets and a HUGE inner pocket so
big you could almost fit baby in themselves! ( Um,
kids, that is a joke, please do not try to put you
younger brother or sister in a diaper bag!) The lining
is wipe free and even yucky cookie paste comes out
with the flick of a wrist and the outside is just as
easy to maintain. They also come with a changing Matt
that fits perfectly and I love how you do not have to
struggle struggle with the darn thing to get it into
the bag when you are not using it. Most other brands
that offer a Baby Matt construct one that you need to
be an Origami expert to fold and unfold AND let's not
forget the new stroller strap. Perfection!

They come in several different styles and what
would be the key word here? Style! Most bags lack
it and is the number one reason I love the Babymel
so much, in fact I love the Pink Quilted so much
I was thinking of using my Old Amanda as my Diaper
bag and the Pink Quilted as a purse for it is me
in every way possible. They also carry many other
versions such as the Zipper that is reminiscent of
a Hobo bag but lets face it, a Hobo Bag is not
practical for Kids but Babymel fixed that and it
is not only practical it is multi functional and
the sassy zipper in the front unzips to reveal a
changing Matt! There is also the Babymel 2 that
is made for parents of twins of more then one in
diapers at a time. It is two super chic bags that
can be used separate or hooked together to make
a Parent of more then ones life a little more easy
for hey, we all know they need a break. One is
enough for me but Babymel knows that sometimes one
is not enough for everyone. Don't forget Dad, Babymel
didn't with their Tool bag created with him in mind.
Dad won't wince when you hand him a girly bag for this
is anything but. All the great features Babymel is known
for tossed into a bag that comes in a solid Blue or
Red or even a Camouflage for the Manly Man! New
styles are also the name of the game and Babymel just
released the Sammie and a Change Station. See, those
people are always thinking and thinking of things that
are great! Since I discovered Babymel the only thing
I touch my other bags for is to change the size of
Diapers I have in them ready to go. I really don't know
why I even bother for the only bag I leave the house
with is my Amanda. These guys have also thought of
it all and for quick trips when you do not want to
cart around a huge bag they have the tool pouch, just as
fantastic as the big bags but in a smaller size. The
only down side to Babymel is someday Rowan will be out
of diapers and I will no longer have a reason to carry
one. I might even push the Grandchild envelope with
Andrew just so I can keep one around!

Babymel is also a big supporter of Heart Health
and is currently offering their Pink Amanda Quilted as
a way to raise awareness. Right now they will donate 20%
of February Sales From Pink Quilted Amanda style to the
American Heart Association. My Mother has had a Heart
attack in the recent past and my Grandfather was plagued
with heart problems and had several attacks that ended
with a triple bypass open heart operation. Heart Health
is a very important subject to me because of these and
it is obvious heart problems run in our family. No
pun intended but I keep the issue close to my heart and
it is a cause I stand behind and will help any way I can.
The Quilted Pink Amanda Babymel would make a delicious
Valentines Day Present for Mom and you can feel good
knowing that you are also helping to fund research,
education and support to help eradicate heart issues
in our future. Babymel knows that to cure our problems
you need to start with our children and what better
way to represent that then purchasing a Diaper bag
that will help erase heart disease in their future.
My final review for Babymel is that they offer super hot
and stylish bags for Mom and Dad and also have a noteworthy
cause that makes buying the bag for that reason alone a great
investment. Babymel is the Baby for me!

Babymel of London!

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