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Saturday, December 4, 1993

Fashion Playtes!  

I don't know if you are familiar with Fashion

Playtes but it is an awesome site. I have been on

it for the last hour going nuts with the designs.

What Fashion Playtes would be considered is

a girls clothing store where you design the clothes!

How cool is that?

You have your choice of several items that are

a blank canvas and then you add the color, trim,

pattern and many other add ons to make it one of

a kind and all yours! This would make THE BEST

Christmas present for any young lady with a flair

for style. There are even accessories and you can

save your designs to the site and developer your

own fashion profile. I can see my 12 year old

step daughter living on this site.

Think about it, Girls love Clothes!

Think about it, Girls love to be themselves!

This place let's them do both things at once!

They even have a place on the site where the

girls can show off their stuff to other girls!

Their very own portfolio!

Did I mention this would make a great


I was so excited when I saw this site

and could not stop designing my own

goods, now if I can get off the computer

long enough to let the kids play!

Sunday, November 28, 1993

Wee Squeak Shoes!  

This weeks featured Web site
happens to be the site who gave me
my first product to review. Wee
Squeak Shoes!

Wee Squeak Shoes has a large
selection of shoes for young boys
and girls. All of them are durable,
comfortable, reasonably priced
and best of all adorable. They just
added a new line for 24 months and
under called Beibi and they are even
cuter then the ones made for older
children. I didn't think that could happen!

No matter what the style, the occasion
or the reason, Wee Squeak has a shoe
just for your little one. The fact they
squeak is a their hallmark and other
then the Beibi line all of their shoes
include one. Best of all you can remove
it if your child happens to be squeaking on
your last nerve.

They have some great deals going on
right now like the buy 3 pairs and get free
shipping and also offer gift certificates for
one stop, no fuss no muss Holiday shopping!
Zip on over and check out their line for they
have a little something for everyone!

Wednesday, November 17, 1993

This weeks pick!  

With The Holidays fast on our heels it is
the time of year when everyone thinks of
the special people in their lives. A card,
a letter or another form of Holiday greeting
has always been the traditional way of letting
them know you care! While getting my own
list ready I found a site that merges our own
Holiday tradition and adds a modern flair.
Trendy new styles, hot themes and layouts,
add some photos of your own family or
go with the classics Paper Culture has a card
for everyone and every idea.
    They even go as far as giving you your own
professional designer to help you with your selections.
How can you go wrong?
Go ahead and check them out!
Oh, and I forgot the best part, for no extra cost
besides the price of a stamp they will send the cards
out for you! Just order and relax!


Picture I used on cards

Picture I used on cards
Rowan with soap hair