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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Review of Skin MD  

We have some big problems with dry air here
at my house. It affects us all in different ways
but it is just out of control no matter how you
look at it. I have a Humidifier and that puppy
needs to be filled anywhere from 2-4 times a
day if that gives you any clue on just how dire
our situation is. It is a very old Condo and I have
told you guys more then once I have a slum lord for
a landlord who does not fix anything no matter how
dangerous or bad it is. My carpet, my walls and
my plumping and electric and ceilings in 3 rooms need
to be replaced and he knows it and has been cited but
he will not do anything to it is push come to shove.
Hey, I am lucky, I got a new water heater, my old one
exploded last fall. I have a new Faucet in the bathroom,
my old one and the pipes connecting it crumbled when
I was 8 months pregnant and John was out of town. I had
water free flowing into the kitchen through the ceiling
and it took the guy 5 hours to respond even though I left
him several messages that it was flooding the house for
the turn off is in the unit next to mine. And we all know
what happened to my front step that fell apart under my feet
last October when I had Rowan in my arms and we both hit the
side walk and who knows how bad that is going to turn out
for my doctor still has several more tests to run. It seems
all the nerves in my arm are not working. I thought I just
had a neck issue and headaches and didn't even realize the
doc was poking my arm all over for I couldn't feel a thing.
At least that doesn't hurt though I am sure next time I
have burns on my hands from pain not registering I might
rethink my fortune. So if he is not going to do anything
about these issues I really doubt he is going to change out
my Furnace for one that does not soak up in moisture in my
house like a sponge. So I have learned to deal!
How it affects me and even little Rowan who seems to have this
issue too, is dry nasal passages. Every morning we wake up coughing
and with severely stuffed noses. An hour later we are okay but
that first hour stinks. For me it results in Nose Bleeds through
the Winter months and I pray for Spring. I also have dry skin
and it drives me nuts for Rowan is so soft and tender and I hate
touching her with Ruff scaly hands from my skin being so dry and
my feet, Ewww! Nasty. I have to wear socks all year long to keep
some moisture on my skin for other wise they end up hurting from
being so dry. Trust me, for a person with a shoe shopping condition
I do not enjoy wearing the sandals I so love to buy. A heard of
Wild Elephants could not drag me to get a pedicure either for
I would die of embarrassment. When I got the chance to review Skin
MD I was walking on sunshine for there isn't a better candidate.
When the bottle came I almost took it out for dinner and a movie
I was so excited to be alone with it. I have tried several other
skin creams with no results. My hands and arms look better for a couple
of days but the second I stop constantly applying it goes right
back to the horrid shape they were in before . My feet never even
got that brief reprieve. I used Skin MD according to the directions
for one week before I wrote up the review.
Here is what happened:
1.My hands and feet are now smooth and though I was putting it on several
times a day at the start, maybe 6 or 7, I am now only applying it
first thing in the morning and then before bed. Skin MD has locked
the moisture into my hands and even the constant in and out of dish
water, as I am sure all mothers go through, has not affected them.
They feel soft and when I say that I mean it, not on the outside
as in Smooth, I mean soft where my whole hand feels like it is
fresh and new and the softness is not only on the surface. Beauty
is only skin deep but this stuff goes a lot deeper!
2. The lines that were starting to resemble Canyons instead of wrinkles
due to the absence of moisture are almost gone. It didn't take long for
them to soften but after a week I was pretty shocked when they started
to fade. No where does the product claim to be something to combat the
affects of age but when you think about it all aging does to your skin
is rob it of nourishment and vitamins and Skin MD has been busy repairing
that damage so it is only a natural perk to have the skin of my youth start
to make an encore appearance.
3. I no longer have to constantly apply the lotion. Let's face it, a good
lotion costs some cash and when you are dolling that out and not seeing
results it kills you. The minute you stop using it your old Alligator skin
comes back and it is an endless cycle of buy, use to death, buy again
for nobody wants skin that could double as a belt or shoe. With skin
MD I have found I do not have to constantly slather it on for it does what
it says it will do and repaired my skin and now I only need a little to
The primary function of Skin MD is to Seal in moisture and
put a barrier between you and the outside irritants so your skin
stays healthy and soft. Unlike other lotions it does not prevent
the skin from breathing by clogging your pores with products that
will end up doing more harm then good. Through Skin MD's use of
the finest effective Natural ingredients it has managed to create
a lotion that is promptly absorbed and the only thing left behind is
transforming the outer layer of your own skin into an invisible shield.
It also provides moisturizing factor of at least 6 times greater than
glycerin. I think I can get into a lotion that stacks up 6 times better
then other brands!
All technological hogwash, facts and figures aside here, I had a
problem with dry skin and Skin MD fixed it. No thick greasy slather
your body in a bevy of chemicals cure. No let's make her jump through
42 hoops and dance a jig cure. Not a bunch of junk I can't pronounce and
will spend the next ten years waiting to hear it was the worst thing I
ever could have put on my skin cure. A simple, no brainer that is Natural,
Effective and most of all over due!
Skin MD
It fixes dry skin.

Skin MD

What next?

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1 comments: to “ Review of Skin MD

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Picture I used on cards
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