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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Fisher Price Rock and Play Review!  

Fisher Price

From the day we brought Rowan home she could not
be close enough to us. We bought a bassinet and
set it up in our room but the only place to set it
was a good ten feet from our bed.
A whole ten feet!
Do you have any idea how far that is to a new mother?
You might as well put that baby ten miles away for
to a new mom it will seem just about the same distance.
Now I never professed to you guys to have good advice
on Parenting. I know products, yes! I can shop, yeap!
I can sniff out a good deal, uh uh! I have no problem
finding unique and interesting gift ideas at fabulous
prices, yes mam'. I can even wrap my head around tec
gadgets and geeky gear and since I am a big gadget geek
myself I am usually pretty good at finding the latest
stuff and most of the time I know all about what is in
the pipes for the future too. I am also a gamer, maybe
not as big of one as my son but I know enough about
video games and video game systems to make some pretty
good recommendations there. But parenting advice? Well
guys, I pretty much learn as I go along with you. I used
to have a pretty good grip on what was considered the
appropriate way to deal with a certain circumstance but
just like technology, things change super fast in the
world of child rearing. Doctors and experts change
their mind faster then you can read their latest book
of advice. And just like everyone else I tend to bend
the so called rules when they do not work for me. The
Bassinet was one I bent for I could not stand her being
so far from me. I tried cramming it right next to
the bed but there really was no room and even when she
needed a nap I had a whole other world of problems for
I could not stand the thought of her being in another
room while she napped and spending my whole day lording
over her and sitting next to her while she slept was
just unpractical. For a while we turned her stroller into
a makeshift Bassinet for the living room but that thing
takes up so much space and we were tripping over it left
and right for we had to get one of the big models and
the only place to put it was right in the entrance to the
kitchen and it was so in the way there. So I broke bunches
of rules that will have some of you shaking your head
and others going that sounds like a good idea for all the
reading I did on the subject let me know people in general
are mixed on the idea of having your child in the bed with
you at night. This started when she had been home for like
a week. I just could not bear the thought of her being so
far away from us and her sleeping was so sporadic I was also
taking naps when she did for those middle of the night feedings
got the best of me. One afternoon I was sitting in the
bed rocking her for a nap and my arms grew tired so I
laid her down next to me and was rubbing her tummy and next thing
I know we were both waking up. We had also slept about 4 hours
and the was the longest stretch she had ever slept since she
had been home. When you have been living on one and two hour stretches
of sleep for the last couple of weeks and maybe getting 5 total
a day, four hours and four hours straight, seems like a slice
of heaven. After that there just wasn't any turning back and
soon John was sleeping in Rowan's room on the twin bed in there
for I was afraid he would roll on her for he is the deepest
sleeper ever and here I am 8 months later wishing I had toughed
out those first few weeks for it is almost imposable to
get her to take a nap without me being there with her.
I really love being so close to her but I also would
now like for her to sleep in her own room and dread the fight
that transition is bound to be. I wish I would have found
another way to have her close to me at the start and I regret
thinking that what was available to me when Andrew was a baby
would be the same now. I knew there were a lot of new products
out there and did have some of them but I didn't really spend
a lot of time looking. The upgrades I had bought were ones I
had seen my friends with over the last 15 years. For example
Andrew didn't have a bouncy seat, per say, he had a seat that
if you wanted it to bounce you had to do it yourself. Rowan had
one that all I did was push a button and it not only bounced it
played music. They also have the combo things were your baby
can sleep, play in and it has a changing table too. Those are
pretty awesome and I did want one of those but a friend gave me
a changing table before I bought one and after that it just seemed
redundant. The next item I just got for review and I will tell
you what, this is my big regret for if I had went and looked
at the baby items instead of just making a list of things
I needed from my memories of when Andrew was little I would have
seen this then and not be in the pickle I am in now.

 The Fisher Price Newborn Rock and Play Sleeper. Wow, this is
perfect for my needs and would have been incredible when Rowan
was a newborn and though I am still using it now for naps I wish
with my whole heart I had it 8 months ago. The Rock and Play is
as comfortable as the bouncy seat but unlike being flat on the
ground where you would have a hard time reaching her in the middle
of the night this raises up so she is right next to your bed at
a comfortable level. Unlike the bassinet that was so far away
I would have to get up and check on her in the middle of the night
I can keep this right next to my bed for it is the perfect size
and fits just about anywhere. In fact it reminds me of a cradle
in design but more compact and easy to move and not nearly as
heavy. My main issue with the Bassinet was it was just too
big to have right next to the bed and even if I had squeezed it in
I would have had to sit up for the sides were so high I could not
see her. With the Rock and Play I can slide it right next to
the bed and all I have to do is roll towards her and I get a
complete and unobstructed view and just reach over to touch her.
It is like having a mini extension of the bed right where you
need it and big enough for Baby.

The Rock and Play also well, Rocks. A light push has it
swaying and comforting your baby as she drifts off to sleep.
It is also built on a slight incline so your baby feels as comfortable
and secure as they do in Moms arms. I liked how Rowan could drift
off with me and I could slip her in and she didn't even notice
the switch. Before I would lay her down and just the fact she
was flat on her back was enough to wake her. No more! It is also
super easy to tote around and put together. I didn't have to wait
for the boys to build it for me or get it together for it was
so simple I could do it with Rowan sitting there in her walker
cheering me on. It also comes with an soft blanket and an adorable
elephant toy. All the fabric is super soft and breathable so
baby wont get all sweaty and sticky even in the warmest of months
and there is even a pocket on the end for storage. I really loved
that for Rowan is really fond of this portable light that
shines on the ceiling and plays music and in the bed I am always
looking for a spot it will stand up right and not fall down and
here it fits perfect in the pocket and is in easy reach. The part
I liked best is it is a snap to fold up and move and this could
not have came at a better time for my Mother is having surgery
this week and I am going to have to stay at her house with
her pets while she is there and I was a little worried about
Rowan for I have a pack and play but that is the same issue as
her Bassinet was for she is down to far and can't see Mom's
face and this packs up way more easy then the pack and play
and takes up a lot less space and is perfect for this trip
for I can put her right next to me on the couch while my
mother is recouping and she can see me as well as if she is laying
in the bed next to me. This has got to be one of the best products
ever and I really wish I had it when she was born for I would
most likely have her in her crib by now for she would be used to
sleeping an a bed without me. My only complaint is Rowan will
not be able to fit in it much longer and I would love if they
made one like this for older babies for travel and naps for
this is so perfect I would much rather use this all the time
when she is older instead of the bulky pack and play. As it
stands I will keep her in this as long as I can and hopefully
by the time she will not fit I can put her right in the crib
and I believe this might have saved me from my tough road ahead.

The Fisher Price Newborn Rock and Play is a must have item for
new Moms and Dads and is a super good value for the price is
also one that can't be beat. For what I payed for a bassinet
and a pack and play I could have bought 5 of these and the
quality is first rate too! My final review! If you are pregnant
or have a new born at home, run and grab one now for you will
not regret it the Rock and Play Rocks!

Fisher Price

Fisher Price Newborn Rock and Play Sleeper

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