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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sunday November 29th  

Date: 11/29/2009
Stress Level: Eh! I will love
New Grey hairs added: 2

Today I want to talk about men in the Kitchen.
Why I bring this up I am on the verge of killen John,
once again! My Mother brought over a whole bunch
of deserts got Thanksgiving diner and if you a female
and like me you know sweets are awesome but we
don't always crave them. When we do crave them
we have to have them. Well, anyways, my Mother
made this cake she had made for my sons birthday
and I loved just so I could eat it again. I didn't want
anything sweet Thanksgiving, was too tired on Friday
and had some Pumpkin Cream Pie yesterday so today
I was dieing to have some of that cake.
I went to grab some and it was gone! Now it
wasn't a whole cake, just about 2/3rds but just
yesterday I yelled at him for my Mother also made
some Chocolate chip cookies and Oatmeal cookies
and I went to grab one of those and there were only
two left. I told him, and I mean TOLD, him to not
eat all of anything without asking if someone else
wants some. Though he ignored me as always but the
glare in my eyes and anger in my voice made me
think I got my point across. How silly I am.

       Now the cake. Now I am really mad. I
got over it and extracted my revenge by eating his
prized Swiss cheese for lunch and thought "AHA,
we are even!" Funny how you act like a kid no
matter how old you are when you get your nose
out of joint. Now most of the day goes by and I
get hungry again and since we are still on left-
overs I decided to make some nacho chips and
melt cheese over it since I had left over chips
from the spinach dip and lots of cubed cheese from
the cheese tray. I go to grab what I knew last night
was a whole bowl of tortilla chips and they are

"John, where are the tortilla chips?"

"Oh, I threw them away."


"um, they might be bad."

This is where I had to shut up and start
slamming things and just try to suck it up. I
will never understand his thinking. This man
will concoct some gruel, and I mean it when
I call it that for there is no other way to describe
it, and leave it in the oven for 3 days and then
eat it. BUT tortilla chips might go bad in 2 days.
The gruel has meat, dairy, sauce and other items
that are not meant to be out of the fridge for more
then a hour and he cooks it, reheats it, lets it sit,
reheats it again for days on end and that is supposed
to be edible but anything I make has to hit the trash
in a day or its a bio hazard.

That man cooks things that the dog, who will
eat an onion or pickle, will not eat. My son walks in
the kitchen and asks whats for Dinner and I say not
sure John is cooking and he turns and walks out.
People in Ethiopia would rather go Hungry then
eat his "Stuff" but he thinks he is the next
Emeral. If I hear " the guys at the Firehouse loved
this one", another time I will scream. Those guys
are trying to get the taste of soot out of their mouths
they would eat dirt if you have it to them.

I feel sorry for Rowan because Andy and I are old
enough to cook something else and we can run faster
then him since most of the time he has a Cake in his
hands but Rowan has no defense. Kids hide Candy
under their pillows she is going to hide a sandwich
or a rib roast! I am going to start stocking up on
some of that survival food now and sew it into the
lining of her blankets!

Moral of the Day: John will eat anything he doesn't
have to plug his nose for!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Saturday November 28th  

Date: 11/28/2009
Stress Level: near zero
New Grey hairs added: 1

Today was just one of those do nothing
day. I didn't do anything, John didn't do anything,
my son is at his Dads but I KNOW him and I am
sure he didn't do anything. Just Rowan did things
and that is because she is a baby and exploring is
her thing. I am grateful nobody urinated in front
of me though.I even left the dishes, and there are
a lot since we are sort of nibbling on leftover and
grabben a new plate each time.

John did talk to his Mother in Law for
a while though but that isn't really anything new
for he talks on the phone more then anyone
I know. I have seen teenage girls walk into a
room and go "Woah, your still on the phone?"
I feel bad for my daughter for she is going to
have to compete with her Dad for phone time.

Now me, YUCK, it has to be something pretty
important to get me on the phone and even then
I am looking for a reason to get off the phone.
I seldom answer and let 99 percent of my calls
go to voice mail and I have been trying to
convince my good friend forever that it is not
just her calls I don't answer it is society at

I think the phone is the worst invention
in the history of the world for its one of the last
refuges where manors have held out and a lot
of people are the one more thing type of people
that when ever you try to get off the line you get
a SURE, okay but one more................. I don't care
if you inform these people that your house is on fire
and the flames are seconds away from licking the
cuffs of your pants there will still be one more thing
they have got to tell you before you can hang up.

Now the part that really kills me is now a days
people are rude to each other all the time, face to
face and courtesy has went out the window but
when you are on the phone nobody ever stops
and says "Look, your stupid one more thing is
doing nothing for me but giving me a headache and
I don't care how important that one more thing is
I am hanging up now!" Noooooooooooooo, we
listen and say the Uhuh's when we are supposed to and
the yeah I hear ya until we slowly drift into a coma.
I am the worst with letting me drag it on and on and
have even fallen asleep before so it is just in my
best interest to not answer the phone at all.

It doesn't mean I don't like you, it just means
I am not interested in listening to you tell me
how your pea's and carrots were touching
on your dinner plate. If you feel that needs to
be shared with the world start a blog like I did!

Moral of the Day: Three rings does not mean I am
in the bathroom it means I am avoiding the call so
please stop. Five or more rings just make my head

Wett Giggles! A bar above the rest!  

Kids are funny. They either love
the bath or they hate it. My son loved
it and you could not drag him out of the
tub for anything. By the time he was 3 or
4 I had so many bath toys that I just considered
the tub an extension of his toy box. I had just
enough space for my two feet in the shower and
the rest was either storage bins made for the tub to
hold his toys or the overflow of his toys.

       My Daughter on the other hand is not
a fan. In and out and fast fast fast, is still not
fast enough for her. She does not like soap,
no matter what kind I use, Liquid or bar, to
her it is all torture. Last week I got a chance
to review soap from Wett Giggles and jumped
at it. You see they make soap, big whoop, but
their soap is in kid friendly designs and yummy
scents and is more like a toy then a soap. Now
that is a BIG WHOOP, even more so when using
soap on your child is a losing battle.

We received the Ducky Ophelia and it was in
a lemon scent. I could really smell it and the
funny part was it smelled so fresh I could
have sworn I just squeezed it in my own
kitchen. And the Duck itself? Can I just say
too cute? I found as I was giving Rowan her
bath I was humming the song from Sesame
Street, you know the one! Rubber Ducky, you
make bath time fun! I just couldn't help
myself and was smiling and soon Rowan was smiling
too. She loved holding it and didn't even realize
that what she was holding was the very item of
her scorn. Being a toddler she let it slip
out of her hands often but as she scooped it
up she spread even more on her skin and she
just thought she was playing.

I made a game of running it over her skin
pretending the ducky was swimming away as
I managed to get soap all over her and she
never even knew what hit her! All she knew
was she was having fun. I have to say I love
this soap. It took the tears out of bath time for
her and the stress out of bath time for me. Okay,
I admit it, sometimes I had tears too! Baths for my
daughter were that intense. In fact I found the scent
soothing to my own nose and found myself relaxing
along with her. If I had a bigger tub I might have climbed
 in! One of my own personal favorite bath items is the
lemon body gel soap from The Body Shop and it really
reminded me of that. All in all  Wett Giggles
made bath time good "Clean" fun at my house!

Wett Giggles was Created with kids in
mind and they are Natural, glycerin, handmade
soaps. Each bar is made one at time with essential
oils and Shea butter and there are 9 different ones
to pick from. All but two of the designs come with
a manicured nail brush and the two that do not are
meant for 2-3 year old's. Karen, the owner and
inventor came up with the name by the simple fact
of the wet smiles kids get while sudzing up with
her soap!

Best of all Karen is letting one of my readers
win a Wett Giggle all of their own. To enter
all you have to do is head on over to her site and
tell me what one you would pick out. That very
Giggle will be sent to the winners house so
their kids can join in on the fun! The contest
is open to U.S.A residents 18 and older and starts
today and will run until midnight on December
15Th. You can enter daily. The winner will be notified
by email and have 72 hours to contact me. As always
you can earn a bonus entry by entering the contest of
the day and posting that you did here. Other
extra ways to enter are below.

Extra entries.
Extra entries only count after the initial entry
is completed.

1. Become a follower of my blog or
post that you are. 3 entries,
please post 3 times.

2. Enter any of my other contest. 1 entry
per contest, separate post for each entry.

3. Grab my button. 5 entries. Please post
5 times.

Good luck and smile and your kids will "Giggle"
With you!

Don't forget to enter the Board book giveaway and the My Lip Stuff Giveaway!



A big hearty congrats to our two new contest winners!
The winner of the autographed book is arobimom!
Way to go and you should receive your copy soon!

The Paper Culture Gift code winner is Paulah! I hope you
enjoy spending your loot on some of their wonderful selections!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Friday 11/27 2009  

Date: 11/27/2009

Stress Level: Mild

New Grey hairs added: 2

Okay, I have heard of Urban decay and
have driven through parts of Detroit that look
like a war has happened. In fact one day John
was messen around with Google Earth and
and looking through the ruins of New Orleans and
I joked that I wondered what Detroit looked like
in comparison and we looked up that too. The super
sad part of that was Detroit looked almost as bad as
New Orleans and there was no disaster there. Just
rampant crime, poor control and a city the has been
rife with corrupt leaders for the better part of 3
decades. Even when I was a child I remember my
Grandparents telling me to lock the doors as
we drove through and this was on the freeway.
              I really feel bad for John who was a
Fireman for the city for close to two decades and
watched it go from bad to worse over that same
time period. We drive down streets he grew up on
and there are blocks where only one or two houses
are left standing. The rest are in piles of rubble or
so far gone the Earth is trying to reclaim its space.
Seldom does the city have them removed the right
way and even less common is a total clean-up of a
collapsed house. Nature takes its coarse and I am
often reminded of that Discovery channel Show Earth
without people. They could have filmed parts a few
miles away.
          The city has been left to fend for itself and the
people who still live there are either out numbered by
or are people who no longer care about where they live.
The only thing the city of Detroit had to be proud of
in the last 30 years is the fact that for more then one
of them they held the title of "Murder Capitol" in the
USA. It is a shame that those grand ol' houses of an
era gone by are now left to looters and have degraded
into forgotten piles of rubble. I knew all this but it was still
down the road from where I lived.
        Until today I still resided in an area where people took
pride in their homes and loved their neighborhoods and
manicured their lawns and you could walk to the park
with your kids and enjoy the area. Over the last few years
I noticed the change.It was slow, but it was there. I walk my
dog everyday through the field of the school right next store
and about 2 years ago I noticed an area in the bushes where
someone ( kids I am sure, it is a Jr High) had made a little
party area and left their drug paraphernalia there. I walked into
the school and told the Principal and walked him to over
where it was and he remarked "Well I'll be!" A week later it
was still there. I informed them that after school hours a lot
of young children play there and he informed me that he didn't want
to risk injuring himself by touching it. That was the first time
I saw with my own eyes the lack of pride in our neighborhood.
Over the next 2 years, and even faster now with the
economy the way Michigan's is right now, I have seen it
get worse and worse. So bad, in fact, that John and I
plan on moving and soon. To tell you the truth I am afraid
to send my daughter to school here and it pains me my son
has to go here. Around the same time as I found the drug items
my son and his friend went to McDonald's and were confronted
by some boys demanding their bikes. My son is no shrinking
violet and has been about 6 feet and 250 pounds since the 7Th
grade and pretty much told them if you want my bike you are
going to have to take it from me. These boys said fine and walked
about 50 feet away where a lot more boys were and the whole
group started to make their way back to my sons location. Not
a fool my son rode home. I was in shock this happened in
our neighborhood and nobody even wondered what was
going on and I called the police. My son knew one of the boys
name from school so I told the police and there was a pause
before I was informed that these were gang kids and it was
in mine and my sons best interest not to get involved. I couldn't
believe my ears!

            The Police POLICE!!! told me that if I were to make
trouble it would just make it worse on my son and
I should keep my mouth shut until they touch
my son so I wouldn't upset them and make a bigger
problem. I was in shock and went to the school for
my bigger concern was my son was starting High
School that fall and would be going to school
with these "Gang" boys. How sad is it that our
tiny suburb's police department is now being
ran by the whims of Gang children.
            That was outrageous but today was the
icing on the cake. John and I had some errands
and on the way home he stopped at our corner
CVS, it is less then a block from our house and we
walk there almost daily. I stayed in the truck with
Rowan since she was sleeping and he ran in. As
he was walking back to the truck and not far either
since we were parked within 20 feet of the front door,
a woman crossed his path and leaned up against
the building. RIGHT NEXT TO THE DOOR! She proclaimed
loudly "Oh baby I gotta go, move on now!" to John and
proceeded to drop her pants right there and pee'd
against the side of the building.

             I was in shock and you could have tripped over my
tongue. What if my daughter was a little older and
watching? How would I have explained that to her?
I was an adult and I was disgusted and what do you
say to a child when they want to know if this is
"Normal?" What made that woman think that
was okay and who taught her right from wrong?
Is this the first step to crumbled houses and
destroyed neighborhoods? WOW, just WOW!
After that little vision anything else that could
have happened during the day would seem like
a dream. Too much and I am just about ready
to tell my kids to lock the door when we drive
down the block. History repeats. How sad!

Moral of the Day:When you gotta go you
gotta go!

Kinder Glo! A better night light! Review and giveaway!  

I love to review products for
he kids. I don't know if it is because it takes
me back to a simpler time in my life or if it
is just the fact kids items are so much cooler
now then they were in 19 AHEM, lets just say
back when I was a kid. Let's take Kinder Glo
by Blue Moon Lites for an example. When I was
a kid my night light consisted of a crack in the door
to let the hallway light stream in a little. Effective?
Yes. Fun? No way.

Along came Kinder Glo and I got a chance
to try them out. When the box arrived I was
like a kid myself and tore in. There are 3 different
ones to pick from and I grabbed the Owl. Too Cute!
It looks like a rubber toy you find in a baby isle for
teething or just something safe enough for a toddler
to play with but this toy serves a purpose. I only had
it on the charger a short time before it started cycling
through its colors and I think I was just about as amazed
as my daughter was. I can't describe it but it is a subtle
change and not a shocking one for when I read the box
I was a little worried the change of color would wake her
up through the night. I have always been light sensitive
so if I am sleeping and someone flips on the light I always
end up springing out of bed thinking the house is on fire or
some other life or death situation but these don't disturb you.
To me its like ones color melts into another.

I couldn't stop watching it and the funny part is
where it held my attention I could also see it holding
your child's or toddlers until their eyes got tired and they
drifted off. I just spend big money not all that long ago
on a product that does sorta the same thing but is
meant to keep your young one company in the crib at
bedtime and soothe them to sleep. When I was watching
this I realized it would do the same thing with out costing
the arm and leg I paid for the one in her crib now.
To me this light is a win, win! I love it and so does
Rowan. I plan on getting some more as gifts for my
Nephews for it is just too cute and they have a dinosaur
one those boys will love!

Kinder Glo lights are safe and portable. They are also
washable and that is so important with the H1N1 scare
going around right now. They are cordless and rechargeable
and I loved the cordless part. It was so neat being able to take
it to her rather then her having to sleep near it! Now if she falls
asleep in our bed, or her playpen or the activity mat as she has
been known to do I can place it right beside her. It is also never
hot to touch with a cool LED light and you have two options, you can
have it lit all the time of fading off after 30 minutes. I just
love it to death!

Blue Moon Lites has sent me two extra Kinder Glos
so I can share with my readers. You know what that means,
its contest time!! Gain your first entry by checking out
their site and telling me something you have learned
or what light you would pic. The contest will start now,
November 27th and run to December 7th. You can enter
daily and as always gain an bonus entry by entering the
contest of the day. Ways to earn extra entries are listed
below. USA only. The winner will be notified by email
and have 72 hours to contact me. The first winner to contact
me will have their choice of either the Tyrannosaurus or
the Brontosaurus.

Extra entries.
Extra entries only count after the initial entry
is completed.

1. Become a follower of my blog or
post that you are. 3 entries,
please post 3 times.

2. Enter any of my other contest. I entry
per contest, separate post for each entry.

3. Grab my button. 5 entries. Please post
5 times.

Light up the world and good luck guys!
FYE the owners of Blue Moon Lites and Kinder Glo let me know they have a giveaway on their site you
can enter too!

Don't forget to enter for a pair of Beibi Shoes or a $50.00 Gift code to Fashion Playtes!

Board Book Giveaway!  

Reading is such an important thing for
children to be involved with. The hard part
is getting them involved in the first place.
My son who is 16 now and reads at a collage
level and is seldom seen without a book tucked
under his arm wanted nothing to do with cracking
open a book at all until he was in the 3rd grade.
The school thought he had a learning disability even
and put him with a reading tutor. What did we learn
by this whole thing? It isn't about how good the child's
reading level is it is about finding something they are
interested in to get them started in the first place.
Babies and toddlers are interested in what they see
around them, with my son it turned out to be comic
books that has morphed into Hemingway 10 years

Board Books Albums offered me the chance to review
their product  Take Your Pix and I thought WOW, if I
can get Rowan interested in holding a book now I might
now have to go through the drama I went through with
my son. She already loves being read too so that part
wasn't an issue it was getting her to want to do it herself.
Now let's be real, she isn't even a year so I would think
a Dr. Seuss book is still a little over her level but a picture
Now that is right up her alley! What kind of picture
book could be better then one that tells her own life
story. There is Mommy and Daddy and my doggie
Boo, Brother and Grandma and there could even be

I received a yellow book that proudly states
"My First Photos" on the cover and as luck would have
it just last week I had photos developed and got to
fill the pages for her right away. She loves some of
the hard clunky books we can read together and this
is built the same way. Perfect for little chunky fingers
and easy to hold. She found herself gazing at Mommy
and Daddy and smiles were everywhere! In the book and
best of all on her face. Just one look in the book and
she knew she was a star!

The book is 7 by 7 and holds 20 photos. The cover
even has a place for a photo though a slightly smaller
one. It is perfect for keeping track of babies firsts or any
special events in baby's life. It would make a great gift for
a shower or welcome home gift and you can even start your
own library of baby! The have pre-made colors and also
have ones where you can start from scratch and make
yourself. You don't have to stop at using them just for
baby either, you can use them just for pooch or just
for a wedding. The options are endless! I love mine and
plan on adding more to her collection as our memories grow!
Someday she can read her life story with her own kids.
Now there is a tradition to pass on.

Board Book Albums is also going to give one of
my readers a Take Your Pix book of their own so
one of your own children can star in a story! You
can choose from Yellow, Blue or Pink and fill with
memories you and your star make! To enter just head
on over to Board Album books and tell me something
you have learned from their web site. The contest runs
from Today, November 27th to December 14th. You
can enter Daily and as always gain a bonus entry by
entering the contest of the day posted at the top of the
web site. USA and 18 and older only. The winner will be
notified by email and have 72 hours to contact me. Other
 ways to earn entry's are posted below.

Extra entries.

Extra entries only count after the initial entry
is completed.

1. Become a follower of my blog or
post that you are. 3 entries,
please post 3 times.

2. Enter any of my other contest. I entry
per contest, separate post for each entry.

3. Grab my button. 5 entries. Please post
5 times.

The next book is going to star you!

Don't forget to enter for a pair of Beibi Shoes or a $50.00 Gift code to Fashion Playtes!


SCRUBZ Giveaway  

I love Skin stuff. It doesn't really matter
what it is as long as it is for my skin. Scrubs,
lotions, oils and gels. ALL OF IT! I could live at
the body shop so when I get a chance to review
anything that has to do with your skin or skin care
I jump for joy. This week I got a chance to do a
review for Scrubz and some of their yummy

I was sent some of the body scrub in
Cotton Candy for kids but I had to try it
for myself and boy oh boy did I want to
eat it! The smell literally made my mouth
water and for a second I was worried people
would be wandering up to me trying to lick
me! I could not wait to try it and after the last
few days of hard labor in the kitchen preparing
for Thanksgiving I could really use some pampering
and a hot shower with some product you love is the best
thing in the world next to a Fabio type guy giving you
a 4 hour massage. I skipped to the bathroom and
waved goodbye to my Husband and kids.

Once I got in there and took the top off I
still wanted to eat it! Is that good or bad? Didn't
matter for soon I was in the soothing confines of
a hot shower and the smell of Cotton Candy
was filling the room. I decided to use it for shaving
for it is the cold months in Michigan and let's just say
I have been putting it off for a while. I followed the
directions and loved the results. It leaves your skin
just soft enough where the razor didn't nick me
at all. Normally when you go through the hair jungle
on my legs in the winter months I look like I lost a losing
battle with the razor. Not today. The Sugar softened
my legs just right and the natural oils left let the razor glide
and still manage to remove the parts that needed to be gone.

And the scent?

Though it smells perfect in the bottle on your
skin it is very subtle and you do not, I repeat do not
have to worry about strange men walking up and taking
a lick. How I view it is the scent is for your enjoyment and
and is meant to make using it a pleasure! It would not
compete with any perfumes or other sprays you might
use and is just the right touch of YUM!

Scrubz not only works to soften your skin it
also helps to protect it from the environment and
provides a barrier from the harsh elements around us.
It contains coconut, olive and vitamin E oils and can
be used to de-stress and has even worked wonders on
eczema and psoriasis. They also carry seasonal and
Holiday scents that would make perfect gifts! Best of
all it is great for a little "Me Time!" All ladies deserve
and need that!

I tried the body Scrub but they have other products
as well. They carry Butters and Oils and even products
for the kids and the guys in your life. Best of all they
have a variety of gift baskets so you can get something
for even the most fickle person that is sure to delight!
They have lots of specials going on right now and some
monthly plans as well.

Scrubz has been kind enough to offer two of my readers
a 4 oz. Scrubblez. To enter is simple. Go to the Scrubz web-
site and tell me what product you think you would like best.
The contest will go from today, November 27th to December
13th at midnight. You can enter daily and earn extra entries
by completing any of the entry methods below. USA and
18 and older only please. The winner will be notified by email
and have 72 hours to contact me. Two winners will be chosen.
As always you can earn a bonus entry by entering the contest
of the day.
Extra entries.
Extra entries only count after the initial entry
is completed.

1. Become a follower of my blog or
post that you are. 3 entries,
please post 3 times.

2. Enter any of my other contest. I entry
per contest, separate post for each entry.

3. Grab my button. 5 entries. Please post
5 times.

Let's let the world smell a little better!

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My Lip Stuff Review and Giveaway  

Just in time for winter
dry skin I received some Lip Stuff to review.
I was tickled pink since dry skin is a big issue
here and if you follow my Fashion, makeup and
style section you know I have been posting
tips on how to beat the winter dry skin blues!

I was sent a variety pack that include
some pretty cool flavors such as Spank, Lollypop
and Pancakes and syrup. My first reaction was
these would be perfect for teenage girls then
I tried them!

They were not strong or overpowering like
I thought they might be but more of a subtle
flavor that left a fresh taste on your lips. When
I think of flavored lip balms I had always thought
of the old school Bonnie Bells that I had when
younger and how you would apply them over and
over again for the taste alone. These are not
your daughters lip balms. These rock!

I was afraid they would be waxy for I have
never been a fan of balms for this reason but
they went on smooth and silky. And they last!
With the stuff I use now (OR DID) I find myself
re-applying over and over again just to keep
my lips moist. With my Lip stuff I put it on
and hours went by before I felt the need to
do it again. I also let my Husband and son
try for they really need it as well and was
waiting for the "Hey, I am not a girly, girl!"
reply I always get from them but it never
came. They loved it as well!

SO let's go over the details here, No
overpowering scent or taste, smooth and
silky not waxy and clumpy and they guys
will wear it and like it. AND it is still a perfect
gift for teenage girls!

After checking out their site I also
learned some more good stuff. For starters
they are green and do not use any harsh ingredients
or chemicals and do not test on animals. They are affordable
and Brea the owner and inventor still keeps a very hands
on philosophy to ensure a perfect product. She cares about
your lips! Also, after reading a little about her I found myself
really liking her personality and she would be the kind
of person I would love to do lunch with!

There are over 500 flavors available and you can
even get personalized labels. Perfect for shower gifts,
birthday parties and other events where a little bit
of a personal touch goes a long way. You also have a size
choice and other products to peak your fancy. I for one,
would love to try more of her products for I really love
the lip balms and can't wait to explore the rest of her items.

Even better Brea is going to let one of you guys try some
too. All you have to do is head on over to her site and tell
me what is your favorite flavor or one you would like to
try? The Contest goes from today, November 27th to
December 11th at midnight. You can enter daily and the
winner will be notified by email and have 72 hours to reply.
USA only and 18 and over. The prize is a 6 pack of her
awesome Lip Balms! Earn extra entries by completing
any of the items below and as always get an bonus
entry by entering the contest of the day.

Extra entries.
Extra entries only count after the initial entry
is completed.

1. Become a follower of my blog. 3 entries,
please post 3 times.

2. Enter any of my other contest. I entry
per contest, separate post for each entry.
For the contest of the day bonus please
post twice!

3. Grab my button. 5 entries. Please post
5 times.

Good luck guys and soft lips rule!

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What I got free TODAY!  

I got a lot of goodies in the
mail today but most items were product
reviews, but..............................

I also got some goodies!!!!

I belong to the Kraft first taste program
and I must say I love being in the loop with
new products they have coming out and
today I got a coupon for their new Mousse
Temptations! I get a free 6 pack of their
chocolate indulgence Moose by Jello!


I also got what I thought was a Holiday card in
the mail but when I opened it I found out it was a Holiday
card from Helzberg Diamonds and in it was a coupon
good for a free pair of freshwater pearl earrings!


I will be eating my Chocolate mousse in style
this year!

And what did you guys get in the mail


Thursday, November 26, 2009


Date: 11/26/2009

Stress Level: MED

New Grey hairs added: 5

Hi Guys,

I didn't post yesterday for
I have spent two days in the kitchen and
pulled out a lot of hair. Ya know, it was worth
it! I get pretty crabby during those days for I feel
a little overwhelmed. Not from all the cooking
but from trying to keep the house clean at the same
time. I ask for help from the boys and they both
agree but the truth of the matter is I want them
to jump up and do it and they have the " I will get
it in a minute!" mind set and all I do is worry it
won't get done at all.

I do have a little bit of previous experiance with
then and it has happened before. In fact it has happened
so many times that I now just storm around and do it
myself before giving them much of a chance. The thing is
I plan special events and dinners a long time in advance
and then I ask them to do their part weeks in advance
so they have plenty of notice but neither of them ever even
starts until the day of. All I think of is what is there is
something else that comes up? They would not have time
to help me then.

I also get angry because I am not asking for a lot of
help, just a little. For Andrew I asked ( 2 months in advance)
to clean his room. For John I asked he hang some lights and
pick up his things he leaves laying around. 2 weeks in advance
for him. Neither made and effort and to compound the matter
everything I did have clean they followed right behind me
and messed up all over again. AHHHHHHHHHHHH!
John's repsonse was if cooking is that big of a deal don't
do it! I want to strangle him. It isn't the cooking its worrying
what they will destroy while I am doing it.

Plus the fact I hate it that they never offer to help I have to
pull teeth.

DO you know how many times I threaten to just cancel
whatever Holiday it is everytime there is one? At least a
dozen. Once people got here though it was better. By that time
there was nothing I could do about the fact I live with two lazy
slugs and I just went about doing my part.

Dinner turned out great, everyone leaves my house
with a tray of leftovers and I still have enough to feed us
for a week and Rowan was a doll. I mean it, not one moment
of fussing. PERFECT!

All and all Thanksgiving was a great time and I even
got a few bites of food after everyone left! I do have to
laugh though for I must have the oddest guest list in the
world. My Ex and my current. My mother and my EX mother
in law. All people that should not be able to stand the sight
of each other laughing and enjoying themselves. There
were other people too but I just get a kick out of the blending
of our familys and how it works for us. I wish everyone
has such harmony! Well guys I hope your day went half as
great as mine. I have a few reviews and contests to
post and will do so Friday for I am really beat now.
Same with the recipie and complaint of the week.
Peace out ya'll!

Moral of the Day: If you live with lazy bums
send them away a week before a special event!

Picture I used on cards

Picture I used on cards
Rowan with soap hair