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Saturday, January 14, 1978

Photo Tips Thanks to See Here Photo Sharing  

Hi there,  Since I have been working a lot with SeeHere and they are so
good to us I thought it would be a good idea to add a link for the contests the
have for us and the special they run. All that and the great photo tips they
have will be placed here so you guys will have an easy time locating them
and don't have to dig!

As seen on the home page!

Do you think you have the most darling little
Angel there is?
Show me!
I will pick 3 children from the photos you email me
at All entries
will be posted and on March 7th and I will pick three
finalists for you guys to vote on! Each of the three winners
will get a SeeHere Photo Book!
The Grand Prize Winner will get a $25.00 Amazon
Gift Card and have their picture on the home page
right under Rowan.

The contest will start tonight and I will post all
entries on Sunday each week in the Photo Tips Guide
and SeeHere section. On March 7th I will post the
3 finalists to vote on and The children can be any
age from newborn to 18! An Angel is a Angel no
matter how old they are!
Good luck everyone and let's see who Rowan's
new Buddie will be!

Look at these Dolls!

Hey folks, I have given both entrys a photo book but the contest will not go on. We needed at least 3
people to submit and I am so sorry we only had two. I thought it would be fun but it just didn't catch on
so there is no point in going forward with the voting portion. I am sorry again and hopefully we can try it again another time. Both Girls were darling though!

Right now they are running a Valentines Day Special:

School children across the country are bringing home their class rosters for Valentines Day. Make this a special Valentines by creating a personalized photo card on With a wide range of Valentines cards to choose from, and the ability to customize each design, your Valentines Card will really stand out this year!
Let SeeHere help you make it super special for your child!

 50% off Valentine’s Day Photo Cards
Shipping: Receive free standard shipping on orders of 60 or more photo cards

At checkout, use promo code: vday
Expiration: 2/14/10

Hey guys, here are some awesome tips on how to take
the perfect picture from our friends over at See Here!

Photo Tips – Sports Related

Here are some simple photo tips for taking great indoor and outdo
or action shots for sporting events, school projects and trips.

• Consider the light. Avoid harsh mid-day light. Morning
games and games in the late afternoon generally provide the
best light as do cloudy overcast days.
• Action is difficult to capture so make sure your memory
card is empty and your batteries are charged so you can take lots
of pictures.
• Don’t forget to take close-ups to capture the emotion of
the game or event.

Team & Group Pictures
Getting a bunch of kids in one place after a game is difficult so
try to set up the shot before the game...
• Group the kids together and remember to include their
balls, bats, or sticks. Take the group’s pictures in a shaded area
or at least keep the sun out of their eyes and try using the
“fill flash” or autoflash setting on your camera to reduce shadows
on their faces. Most of all, keep the session short.
• Try a “retro” pose with hats over the heart or a serious
pose of the team leaning on their bats or sticks. Make a team
sign and include the date so everyone will know when the picture
was taken.
• Once you have a lot of pictures, go to and
make a calendar. It will make a great fundraising item for the
team. And at the end of the season, create a photo sweatshirt
for the coach as a keepsake.

Action Shots on the Field
Once you have the right light, the next challenge is actually getting
the kids in the frame. Don’t aim for the kids; aim for where
they’re running to...
• Use the maximum zoom on your camera and use the
cameras “continuous shoot” mode. Zoom in on the action on
the side lines too, this way you’ll capture the emotion of the
“game face.”
• And don’t forget to get the coaches, captains, and
managers. Parents will love seeing these pictures in a team
6”x 8” soft bound photo book. Take orders, print them on and fund the end of the season awards dinner.
• And don’t forget to make team t-shirts for all the kids.
You can also make raffle prizes like team totebags for mom
and travel mugs for dad.

Action Shots for Indoor Games
Indoor action is also fast and very often the lighting is less than
perfect. Try using your cameras auto-flash setting...
• For gymnastics and swimming events you only have
seconds to get the shot, so pick your seat wisely and set up in
• For basketball, volleyball, and other indoor sports
remember to shoot where the action will be, not where the action
starts. Try setting your camera on the “continuous shoot” mode
and zoom in.

• Make sure your memory card is empty. To be sure
you’ll always have enough room on your memory card make it
a habit to upload your pictures to a web album
after every event. It’s an easy way to organize and manage your
photos and you can easily share your pictures too. In just a few
clicks create a personalized share page for your team or group
with a custom design and URL.
• You can also invite friends and family to upload their
pictures, make comments, and rate the pictures. They can also
order prints, photo books, and other photo gifts right from your
share page. It’s a great way to collect everyone’s pictures.

Photo Tips – Baby Related

First Picture
Your baby’s first picture may be an ultrasound image. Show it in
an announcement to share the good news.

First Hospital Pictures
Make sure you bring your camera to the hospital. Your baby’s
first picture is one you’ll treasure for years. For the best light
open the window blinds and use natural light. If there isn’t
enough light, set your camera on auto-flash and take lots of
pictures. They will make a wonderful baby announcement.

First Trip Home
Take a picture of Mom and baby by the car or your front door.
Do this every year and watch how your baby and the styles
change. These pictures make a great story photo book for

Meeting the Family
Make sure you get lots of pictures with your family. Try to use
natural light and get in close to capture the expressions that
will last forever. Big brothers and sisters will love t-shirts to
announce their new sibling.

First Smile
Nothing will make you smile as much as your baby’s first smile.
Move in close and have someone next to you coaxing the
smiles. Try to use natural light or set your camera on auto-flash
with red-eye reduction. Make a refrigerator magnet and smile
every time you see it.

Sleeping Through the Night
Once you get over the shock, set your camera to the highest
ISO (speed) setting it has, put it on the crib’s rails to avoid
camera shake and shoot away. Put the picture on a soft
baby onesie so you can remember the moment…even when
baby doesn’t.

First Tooth
You will need to get really close up to capture this first. Have
someone hold the baby and make them smile. If possible do
this outside in the early morning light or near a window. Hold
your camera at your baby’s eye level and shoot. Don’t forget
to use this photo when you make your baby’s first year calendar.

First Excursion
In addition to all the things you will need to pack, make sure
you pack your camera first. Keep it where it is always ready.
Document everything and upload your pictures to your own
personal SeeHere web page to share with your family and

First Doctor Visit
Keep a canvas bag ready to go. Include diapers, wipes and all
the necessities…and don’t forget your camera. Make the bag
special with a photo of your baby and family.

First Holiday
Start a family tradition. Create a holiday ornament with your
baby’s picture. Do this every year and when they grow up and
start their own family, give them the ornaments as a gift.

History Begins Today
Before long you’ll be very busy, so take a few minutes today
and create a personalized web page for your new addition.
This way you’ll be ready when you want to share the baby’s
exciting and maybe not so exciting moments with friends and
family. It’s easy to do and even easier to share. You can also
design and create photo cards, announcements and much
more at

Picture I used on cards

Picture I used on cards
Rowan with soap hair