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Friday, February 26, 2010

Luster One Hour White and 3 Day White Review and Giveaway!  

Okay you guys, I know I am going to get a
lot of moans and groans here but I smoke. I have
for more years then I can count. I started as a
teenager, victim to peer pressure. I am not proud
of it but I was just another lemming jumping off the
cliff. I have tried to quit many times over the years
but I have that weight phobia of mine and every time
I tried it was like parking my butt at the counter in
Basken Robbins to I ate at least 30 of the flavors,
twice! I will keep on trying for I know it bothers my
son and ever since he started pre-school there hasn't
been a day that has gone by where he has not expressed
his displeasure. The other bad problem I have is caffeine.
I drink a boat load of coffee every single day. Minimum,
5 pots, maximum, over 10 on a long day. I have also
cut back a lot for a few years ago I had some major surgery
and for it I could not eat a thing for 2 days before and
drinking anything the last 24 hours. When I was wheeled out
of recovery I had a Morphine drip with one of those little
buttons you can press anytime you feel any discomfort and
I also had a pump. Those new things where they have
a direct line to where you are in pain and you wear it for
like a week then pull this wire out to remove it. Kinda yucky
but it sure works. The Doctor came in a bit later to check on
me and asked if I was in pain and I told him I know I
shouldn't be but my head was killing me. It was as bad as a
Migraine but it wasn't one. In fact my head has never hurt
like that before or again. He was confused and asked it I
had listened to him and not had anything to eat or drink like
he told me. I told him I was good but I might have snuck in
my last cup of coffee an hour or so past the deadline. He
laughed and then paused and asked just how much coffee did
I drink a day. I told him and he shook his head and said he
would be back. When he did come back a bit later I was almost
in tears for my head felt like someone was chopping it in two with
a dull spoon. He had an IV bag and hooked it up explaining
this would stop my headache and fast too. I tried to joke and
said I am quiet sure that with one more pain killer I will end
up sound asleep. He informed me it wasn't a pain killer and no
way would I be asleep anytime soon. It was an IV of pure Caffeine.
He said I was addicted to it and it was something you needed
to ween yourself off for going cold turkey could cause a lot
of problems. That is how much coffee I drank, an IV of pure
caffeine just to get me back to normal. The point here is I drank
so much coffee and have smoked for so long it has really done
a number on my teeth. Bad! Stained so dark around the edges
they have passed up yellow and turned a shade of brown. I don't
care how many times I brush them a day and what kind of
toothpaste I use it just doesn't go away. I wanted to get the
Zoom at the dentists but I could not justify spending a $1,000
something dollars on a problem that would just come back.
Andrew also has a problem with his teeth. When he
was younger he caught a virus that the only symptom he has
was a fever. It also affected his teeth. Thank the stars he only
had two adult teeth at the time but it settled in those and it
happened to be his top two front so it is very visible and turned
them a grayish yellow. He hates it but the only way to fix it,
or so I thought, was Lumiere's and until he has all his teeth
it isn't worth it. The result is Andrew seldom smiles and never
smiles with his mouth open. He is very self conscious about it
and I feel so bad for him. I ruined mine all by myself but his
was not his fault and until then I never even knew a virus could
do something like that. It has also been hard on him for he always
feels like people think he doesn't brush his teeth and now that
he is a teenager it bothers him even more for they are just
naturally more self conscience.

I got the chance to review some products for Luster and
jumped on it. I had heard some good things about the teeth
whitening systems in general and though I had little hopes of
a drastic change I thought it wouldn't hurt to give it a whirl.
I got to try two of their systems. The 3 day and the one hour
white. The three day came first and I received it a while ago and
was waiting on the 1 hour to do them both at the same time.
Turns out we couldn't wait for Andrew was so anxious to try
he dove right into the 3 day a couple of days after it came.
I will tell you about that one first but before I dig into it I also
want to let you guys know we finished both of the reviews a
couple of weeks ago and I held off telling you about it for with
a product like this I wanted to make sure the results would last.
I would hate to point you in the direction of a product and then
have the results only be a temporary thing. Just like any wrinkle
cream or other product that would change your cosmetic appearance
I feel the results can't really be judged until you live with them
for a while. I say this because I bought an eye cream once after
reading a review and paid a small fortune, I am talking over 100
bucks here. The results in the review were that impressive and I
get puffy dark circles under my eyes. This was supposed to be a
miracle cream and I bought into it hook line and sinker. It worked,
it was amazing and the puffiness gone, dark circles gone, I used
it every single day for the bottle said the longer you use it the
better the results and it will pretty much heal your skin of all
ailments and though each bottle of the cream lasts only a couple
of weeks if you used it for 90 days it would be just like getting
a face lift and your baggy eyes would stay young and vibrant
looking. HOOK-LINE-SINKER. $400.00 dollars later I had my
90 days in and thought, shew, glad that dolling out the dough part
is over now I can just enjoy. Within a few days my eyes were
as puffy and icky as ever. I called to speak to them for there was
a guarantee and they explained that worked on the basis if I was not
happy they would send me a new bottle, not my money back. HUH?
You have to love small print. I spoke to a friend of mine who works
in the medical field and found out that the active ingredient in the
cream was pretty much the same stuff as what was in Preparation-H
and that's why it worked while you used it and it would never be a
product that would have lasting results. Since then I make sure things
work like they say and stay working before I post the full review for
if they don't I want to tell you before you sink a house payment into
something like I did!

On to Andrew. He got it and it was really simple to use. There
is a special mouthwash you use then a bottle of the whitener. The
mouthwash is like an activator. Andrew was to use his for 3 days
3 times a day. He did this over a long weekend and stayed home
instead of going to his Dads for we wanted to make sure he remembered
and did it right. It was super easy for him to do and I swear by the
end of the first day you could see results. He didn't but he was also
trying very hard not to get his hopes up. By day two even he could
not deny the results. On day three he was humming as he applied it
for he was so excited with the first two days results. This is a
boy who has not had an open mouth smile since he was 8 and I swear,
and he will kill me, I caught him practicing smiles in the bathroom mirror
towards the end of day 3. On the forth morning he was done and
I was stunned at the results. So was he! Other then a little dis-coloring
near the edges you would not believe these were the same teeth.
Now I am not going to lie to you, if you look in the bright light
you can see the dis-coloring for it is his whole tooth that is
discolored, I mean the tooth too, not just the surface and there is
not way for any product to get inside the tooth. That is why a
dentist said Lumiere's for a permanent covering is the only way to
fix it and that isn't fixing it but covering it instead. With the
Luster 3 day he got close to the same results and it was so
much easier and the boy smiled! An Open Mouth Smile. In
turn so did I, how could I not when I saw how happy he was.
Now Andrews was done a month ago now and they are still as
good as they were on the morning of day four. The boy is thrilled
and so am I for I just can't afford the Lumiere's and it broke my
heart to have to tell him that. Now he is tickled pink and the
funny part is I have to remind him to smile now for he is so used
to not smiling. So our review, or I should say Andrews on
Luster's 3 day white, PERFECT!! I could not say enough good
things about it and Andrew feels like he has hit the jackpot
bonanza lately with the 3 day white for his teeth and the Yu-Be
Cream for his dry elbows. Five stars all the way!

Now for the one hour white. I did that. Now remember
Andrews teeth were stained a different way then mine. Mine would
be your normal staining but with the amount of coffee I drink and
the 27 years of smoking, mine were much worse. I had plans on
doing the 3 Day and Andrew the one hour but he couldn't wait
for the other one and I hadn't the heart to make him. I really did
not think a 1 hour anything could help mine for I don't want to
be gross but my teeth were very very stained. So much in fact,
the edges of my teeth were brown and looked tarry. Sorry if you
just ate but I feel you guys need to know the truth to understand
if something works or not. Now I broke open the 1 Hour and
it sorta had the same thing as Andrews but also included this
light thing. I had to use the wash, then the whitener then hold this
light up to my mouth for 2 minutes and repeat it up to 20 times
in an hour. So out of 60 minutes that is 40 with the light.
Now not everyone would have to do that long and the directions say
that but since mine were really bad so I went the full 20 times.
It is kind of a pain but when you measure that against the
fact those trays take a while too and you have to do them for
a lot more then an hour it seems like a more then fair trade off
for me. I did do a kit once that was a tray and I had to wear it
for an hour in the morning and an hour at night for 10 days and
that was a pain for if you forget you needed to start over. With this
it says up to 20 times and if you skip one its fine as long as you
get most of them in. I was really excited to do this for it was
the same day I used the Head Organics shampoo and wanted
to go out and show off my hair and was really hoping for good
results here for I had some lip stick I was aching to wear but
always skipped for it is bright and I also, like Andrew did not
like attracting attention to my mouth. I know it is only an hour
but I will tell you it is a hard wait. One of the longest hours
of my life and since you are holding that light you can't take
you mind off of it buy doing something else. When I was done
though, IT WAS WORTH IT! My teeth looked awesome Baby!
I could not believe it worked. Let me repeat that, IT WORKED!
I got to use my lipstick and go out and smile
In fact everyone in this house loves to smile now! Now unlike
Andrew who does not do anything to stain his teeth other then
natural wear I still smoke and drink a lot of Coffee so I thought
mine wouldn't hold up well at all. So far they have! I can't say
for how long they will stay looking so nice and white for it was
only about 2 years ago when I did that 10 day whitener program
and my teeth looked really bad before that and that time after a
month they were already starting to look bad again. With the 1
hour it has been almost 3 weeks and no signs at all yet. I am
much more hopeful that this will last longer for so far so great!
Plus hey, I know it is not a good excuse to keep smoking and
drinking coffee but if they change again I can always fix them in
an hour. Alright, down yell, I understand I am just making excuses
to keep doing my bad habits but tell those guys over at Luster to
stop making products that work so well for it isn't me, they are
the ones enabling me.
( Crosses fingers and hopes lame excuse sounds better to
you then it did me!)
All in all it has been 6 weeks for Andrew and 3 for me
and both of us are delighted with the results. Neither of us have
noticed the results reverting back to how they were and both
were super happy with the end results. I would say Andrews
teeth were brightened by at least 5 shades. Other then the two
stained teeth his were pretty good to start with and that makes
it hard to judge but the two that were are a remarkable difference.
On my teeth I know the box says 6 shades but I swear it went
way over that. I forgot to take a close up photo of the before
and didn't realize the one I had taken recently doesn't clearly show
them but you can see how dark they are. I have an after so you
be the judge but I feel they went from a muddy water yellow to
an off white and I can so live with that! In fact it makes me smile!
Rock on Luster!

Luster would like to make you smile too and they are
going to give one of my readers a 1 Hour White System too!
To enter just head over to their site and take a look around then
come back here and post something you have learned in a comment.
The contest will start tonight and run to Midnight on April 14th.
USA and 18 and older can enter daily and the winner
will be contacted by email and have 72 hours to
contact me with their mailing information. As always
you can earn a bonus entry by entering the contest of
the day and other ways to enter are posted below.

Luster One Hour Whitening System

Extra entries.
Extra entries only count after the initial entry
is completed.

1. Become a follower of my blog or Twitter
and post that you are. 3 entries,
please post 3 times.

2. Enter any of my other contest. I entry
per contest, separate post for each entry.

3. Grab my button. 5 entries. Please post
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