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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Girls4Sport Review and Giveaway!  

I think we just had the worst snow storms all
year in the last two weeks. I really thought we were going
to make it through the Winter without a nasty one and
even my son had not missed any school to snow days
this year. Then in the last 2 weeks, there were like 5 major
snow storms and we were hit hard. I think some places in the
country are still getting hit. Just when you thought it was
safe to come out of the Winter clothes closet, BAM, little
white flakes that scream, "Not so fast there Buddy!" So
much for an early Summer. But old man winter can't stop
it from coming altogether no matter how hard it tries and
one of these days eggs will once again sizzle on the side
walk. Last Summer was a wash for me for the first part
of it I waddled and the middle I had a baby in NICU and
the end a little tiny little bundle of a eating, crying and doo
doo machine. We didn't even really get Rowan out of the
house to fall when we took her and the Pooch to the cider
mill. Okay, the Pooch went to the Cider Mill and the rest
of us were just dragged along. This Summer I plan on
taking full advantage for not only do we live in Michigan,
home of the 10 zillion and one lakes but in my complex
the pool is about 20 feet off my patio and out of the 18
condos and about 200 apartments only us and maybe three
other family's use the pool. Now you have to love that for
it is like having our own personal commercial sized pool
right out our back door. Rowan will still be a doo doo
machine this Summer but she will be a swimming one too.
Yeah, yeah, little water pants will be used.

The only problem is a can never find a suit that
I like. I have the worst shaped body in the whole world. I
have great legs ( and I am humble!) but all my extra
weight is around my middle and arms and I have a large
rib cage that makes me look like a have a nice bust but
in reality I have no cleavage. Nothing fits right on the top,
is too tight in the middle and hangs off the bottom. Finding
a suit is almost a nightmare and to compound the matter I
am also super self conscious so I end up wearing a t-shirt
over the whole kit and kaboodle. This year I know I will not
even be able to wear the suit I have had the last couple of
years that I have developed a love/hate relationship with.
I hate that it is the only one that I could find that fits right
and I love the fact that I could find one at all! I want one
that makes the jiggly parts stand still and not squeeze them
so tight they make for an escape at the closest available
opening. I want a suit that is flattering but not so low cut
that my son begs me to find a spot in the beach far enough
away so people don't know he is with me. I would like a style
that is flattering on a woman my age but not make me look
like I can only hang by the pool to 6 for at 7 they serve Jello
at the home! It would also be nice to have a little sun protection
but I think I may be pushing the envelope now. While I was
looking through the first series of many stores I thought I would
be shopping at this year I came across one that made me sit
up and take notice. Believe it or not it was like the third store
I came to too! Normally I spend months looking only to get
super frustrated and just recycle the suit from last season. This
isn't your normal swim suit store and I don't even really know
how I had this one end up on my list of stores to check out
but boy am I glad I did. Girls4Sport has just the items I was
looking for and I found a ton of cuties for Rowan too!

Girls4Sport sells swim wear and active wear and
performance clothing for all the girls in the family. From Cross
Training to Neoprene they have a great selection of items that not
only fit great and offer sun protection they look perfect on and are
made to last. Their performance fabrics offers support and
keeps Mount Jiggles* from running amok and the built in
shelf Bra makes it even better for they support the girls and
even give me a little bit of cleavage that I so dearly lack. The
Aqua Tops work perfect for all water sports and the colors and
styles work even better for me. Nothing is crazy or too flashy
yet instead of dropping all style and taste and just going for a
plain old bland boring suit they put together styles that look
hot and fashionable for every age. Even their patterned suits
are gorgeous and I am not a pattern person. The Suit I was sent
for review is a Halter top and a Boy Brief bottom and it is
just darling with the black and white pattern and both pieces
offer spectacular support where I need it. Each style comes in
a variety of colors and designs and another cool perk I have
just fell in love with is you can mix and match the pieces so
you have the option of buying a whole set or a pair of solid
bottoms and 3 or four different tops so it looks like you have
a new suit for every occasion. I also did the Michelle test and
you guys know how tough I am on clothes and I washed the suits
at least 20 times and pulled and stretched and went to town
yanking on the seams and even the ties the hook around your
neck to make sure nothing was going to come lose or stretch
and fall apart. I even let Rowan fondle one with some Juice
and some strawberry, hot fudge Sundae covered hands just
to see if they were stain resistant and they were perfect and
flew through every single test I tossed their way. In fact I
was so impressed with the adult styles they had there I have
already clued a few of my Mom friends in for most Moms
have the same problem with Swimsuits I have. Now we are
all going to look like a bunch of Diva's at the beach this Summer!
Hubba Hubba guys, eat you hearts out!
Rowan got to review a suit too and hers was just as
darling and just as perfect as mine. I put hers through the same
tests but I also took some extra time to yank on hers just a little
bit more for face it kids are hard on clothes. Still ticken after
a good old fashioned Michelle licken'! They carry toddler sizes and
youth sizes so there are items to fit your kids all the way to
adult and they also have a fantastic selection and I love the
little swim shorts for it is a hassle to get a one piece off of a
baby to change their diaper and most of the suits that are two
piece come off so easy you end up letting your toddler run around
with just the top or naked. Now with the swim shorts I can take
them on and off with no drama and the top has incredible coverage
and I can let her run around all day with it on for it is so versatile
she can wear it as play clothes then turn around and jump in the
pool without missing a beat. If you have a surfer on your hands or
just a little girl who loves the water so much she even swims
when you think the water should still have ice on it you can
worry less for they even have a Thermagaurde suit and keep
them as warm and cuddly as if she were wearing Long Johns on a
Winter day. Rowans suit fit like a dream and the stretchy material
will grow with her for a while and unlike other suits that
you are going to have to buy a bigger size every few months to
keep up with those weed like children. Last of all Girls4Sport
has clothing that is good for you too! That's right guys and gals,
their clothing has built in UV protection and the swim suits or active
wear blocks at least 98% of UVA/UVB rays. Not sure what suit
to get for your wife or daughter don't take a chance and buy her
something for your tastesbut get her a gift certificate instead. Now
she can pick out what style she wants and you will never have
to spend a full day with her as she tries on 72 differnat fabrics
alone. See, they think of everything! You can also buy Girls4Sport
items on line or at a whole bunch of retail stores. They even
have a sizing guide to make your life a whole lot more simple
and a list of retail stores sorted by state so if you feel as if
you have to try one on you will know where to go. I used to
be a small or medium before Roan detroyed my body after 15
years of trying to get shape and now I think i am a size 6
and just told them I think I need a meduim or large and let me
tell you their suits come the exact size you order. All in all
Girls4Sport has the best suits I have ever came across and
they and going to be my first stop and last stop every time
I need a new suit from now on!
Even better Girls4Sport is going to let one of my
readers see how awesome they are. One reader will win a
pair of Childrens Board shorts in the Sea Green or Coral
Pink. To enter just head over to their site and take a look
around and then come back here and post what your all
time favorite item is in a comment. The contest will start
today and run to Midnight on April 16th.
USA and 18 and older can enter daily and the winner
will be contacted by email and have 72 hours to
contact me with their mailing information. As always
you can earn a bonus entry by entering the contest of
the day and other ways to enter are posted below.


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my Mommy Tool Box and Port a Pong Contests!

*For those of you new to my site Mount Jiggles is my
Belly who I am always fighting with!

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Picture I used on cards
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