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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tuesday, Feb 16th  

Date: 02/16/2010
Stress Level: YIKES!
New Grey hairs added: 23
Okay you guys, Rowan just went from no teeth to
almost 5 in 2 weeks here so I don't have to tell any of
you parents just how long those two weeks have been for
me. OH-MY-GAWDDDDDDDDDDDDDD! For 2 days straight
I had to carry that little girl around for all she did was scream
at the top of her lung. Today I was rewarded with a lot of
smiling and this is the first day she has been this happy in
I don't know how long. I am so happy to have my little
sweetie back.
I do have a whole lot of other worries with Baby Baby now
for I am starting to worry she is becoming too dependent on me.
I did stay home with Andrew the first year in a half but I ran a
daycare out of my home so he was around other children and saw
other people in and out of the house all day long. Then all my
friends had children and we were all always doing something so he
was super socialized. With Rowan not so much, well, really not at
all. Come Summer it will be a little different for my Niece has
a little boy just a few months younger then Rowan so I hope to
get them together but right now Rowan is pretty much glued to
me. During the Holidays there was lot of people around and
prior to that she was outside and visiting the neighbors all the
time so she saw people and wasn't shy at all but since January
first she really has not seen another person other then her Dad
and Brother. Two days ago I went to my neighbor to visit for
it dawned on me that I have not seen her in a while and I wanted
to make sure everything was good with her and she adores Rowan
and my son. We walked in and I was holding Rowan but she was
facing out and could not see me because of this. My neighbor, bless
her heart, right away started cooing at Rowan and telling her how
beautiful and smart she was and in less then a minute Rowan was
in full blow tears. I turned her around so she could see Mommy
was there but it was too late, no recovery, she felt betrayed. Now
that time I tried to brush it off that it was late for it was right
around her normal bedtime and I explained she was teething but
Rowan has never been shy before. Normally it is the total opposite
and little Baby Baby is a little Ham and graces everyone with a
smile. My poor neighbor felt so bad and was rushing around trying
to find something to offer Rowan to illicit a smile and I was trying
to comfort them both and was just surprised at the whole thing. I
promised I would bring her back when she was not so tired and
hoped this was a one time deal. Then Yesterday my friend came
over who also has not seen Rowan since right after Christmas and
this time it was not so late and Rowan could see me but as soon
as my friend spoke to Rowan it was the same thing all over again.
Big huge bottom lip sticking out, then trembling then the cries. UHG!
I think I have created a monster with the mass amounts of time I
have spent with her. She is so attached to me I can't get over it.
BUT, it is a funny attachment for when she is on my lap or I am
holding her all she wants is what is behind me or next to me, not
to be with me. She sees Mommy as a stepping stone to what is
cool. But it is still me she wants.
Even John gets the cold shoulder for she is fine sitting with
just him in a room but I can't be in the room. I have to be upstairs,
or out of the house for the second she sees me or hears my voice
it is the same thing. GET MOMMY! So it has dawned on me how
much I need to get her in a play group of she is going to be
a cling on baby and she and our family just does not go hand and
hand. Heck, with Andrew if there was nobody to talk to he would
talk to a tree just to talk, with Rowan I think the tree might
make her nervous! I am just afraid she is going to be one
of those little girls that hide behind Mommy's legs if I don't get
her out there. That is the one draw back they don't tell you
about when you have kids later in life. You don't have any
friends that have little kids for your little bundle to play with.
Poor little girl, I need to find her some friends or I am going
to be it!
Other ways she is doing great though, she is just
about crawling and I find that funny for she didn't have any
interest in crawling at all to just this week. She was a stander
and we all thought she would be one of those kids who never
crawls and walks first. Well in play area number one she is
right in the middle of the living room and there is nothing for
her to told onto when she wants to stand and if I am not sitting
with her she can't pull up on me so little miss thing has decided
that she will not be a paper weight and stay where you put her
and has been trying to get away. She can get places but I
wouldn't call it a crawl yet, more like a push and fall then push
and fall. She gets all up them boom, down but she is proud
for she is a few inches closer to whatever it is she is after. As
soon as she realizes that keeping the knees under will get her
father she will be off and I pretty much think any day you guys
are going to get me crying on your shoulder that I am now spending
all my time trying to catch the little nut case. Rowan is going to
be my problem child for her curiosity is unparalleled. She is just so
active. Andrew was a stay baby. No desire to go anywhere
and I never thought the boy would even walk for he just didn't want
anything. Rowan, I have to have it! Have it now, taste it,
drool on it, put it in my mouth, make the dog put it in hers,
then back in mine. I have already had to drag more then one
dog toy away from her for the pooch is more then willing to
share. I guess she feels she owns Rowan for Rowan shares
all her food with the pooch.
Oy, vey, Mommy is going to need some huge bottles of
Tylenol to keep up with the headaches I am going to have from
this little girl! The really funny part is Rowan has also just learned
to clap so she struggles to get what she wants then does then
applauds herself for doing it. Nothing is more funny then watching
a little baby give herself props for getting a dog chewy! What
a goof! The bright side is now that she has notched down the
teething I can catch up on the blog and my housework for
YIKES they both need me bad! I can't wait for some nice
weather to air out this diaper laden yucky house! So I just
wanted to catch up with you guys and let you know we are
alive but went through teething trauma and now things are
getting back to normal and you will see more of our faces,
Rowan with some new teeth, around again!
Moral of the Day: If there is one piece of dirt on
the ground, baby will find it!!

Just wanted to share with you guys how much Rowan loved the Divvies Cupcakes!

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Picture I used on cards

Picture I used on cards
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