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Monday, February 8, 2010

KidDishes and Duralex Review and Giveaway!  

Kids in the Kitchen? You Betcha! I love
to have my kids help me cook and even though
Rowan is just over 7 months I still drag her
walker or high chair into the kitchen and we
spend the time talking about what Mommy is
doing now. Not only does it foster a sense of
closeness between your child and you it also
allows them to start picking up early tips in the
kitchen and retain a level of comfort around
appliances and cooking in general that will stay
with them for the rest of their lives. Andrew started
really young, just like Rowan and by the time he
was 13 he cooked a complete Thanksgiving Dinner
by himself. And not a normal, run of the mill
Thanksgiving Dinner either but a full on Michelle
Style Holiday Meltdown Dinner. I never have just
a Turkey or a Ham or Roast for a Holiday meal
for with the hoards I feed I have all of the above
and that year I was recovering from a pretty serious
surgery I had only days before and there was no
way I could cook. I thought for sure Andrew would
just go with his Dad to an Aunt or an Uncles for
normally his Dad and Grandmother came to my
house but Andrew insisted on keeping the tradition
alive and making it himself. I didn't even have
a recipe box to help him for all mine are kept in
my head so he sat by my bed and wrote down what
I rattled off and made it all, complete with 4 pies
of different flavors, by himself. It was delicious and
quiet a feat for a 13 year old boy and there isn't a doubt
in my mind that he never would have been able to
pull it off if he had not pretty much grown up in
a kitchen. Part of the trick to get them so interested
is to offer them items to use that they can call their
own. Cookware that is made for them or if it is something
that does not offer a pint size variety, really cool to use!
Kids love to get down and dirty and would do anything to
help if you only give them a chance. Don't worry if
you are the blind leading the blind in the kitchen for it
does not matter how something tastes when you
are done it just matters that you made it together and
that fact will make it taste like a creation from the
kitchen of Cordon Bleu itself!

Recently I got a chance to do a product review
for some kitchen items that pretty much hit everything
a Kid could want. They are made for them, look cool,
fun to use and inspire a child to get up and cook!
Duralex makes dishes just for your children called Kiddishes
and Cuisipro makes some awesome tools for creating some
dishes they will just have a blast making. I was sent a complete
set for one of the Kiddishes and from Cuisipro a flour sifter
and a peanut butter and Jelly spreader. We never use
our Bread maker though Andrews Dad lives with his, better
model I think for mine is a pain, but anyway I thought it
would be pretty neat to make some bread to make an
awesome Peanut butter and Jelly sandwich to serve on the
dishes. It was a hoot! Andrew and I drug the Highchair
into the kitchen and started the bread. Now with our recipe
you don't have to shift the flour but what they hey, it is
a cool gadget and we wanted to make something for
lunch. Andrew claimed it and we had a little bit of flour
tossing going on in the kitchen for it was so much fun.
The 4 cups for the recipe went by so fast so we decided
we need desert and I grabbed some for a cream puff shell
recipe for this is what a shifter is made for, those yummy
good, knock your socks off pastry's where you need some
prefect flour and it needs to be just so. The part I want
you guys to understand it with my old sifter I hate shifting
flour and never make pasties anymore though I am certified
as a pastry chef. Some day I will give you all the details
but to be a master chef you have to go through levels and
each level takes a lot of effort and time. I went through two of
them and pastry would be one. I used to love it, when I had
the kitchen to go with it and Andrew and I have made some
really great things but as I grew older it just became a
hassle and I just bought from a bakery instead. My old shifter
was hard to use and you got quite a work out just turning
the dang handle and by the time I got around to kneading
I was already through for I was beat. Cuisipro's sifted
was like a hot knife through butter and so easy and fun I
had to beg Andy to give me a turn. I could have sat the boy
down with a hundred pound bag of flour and he would have
done it all. Once I got that away from him I wanted to
see if it was difficult to clean for that was also another
issue with my old one, wet flour turns into glue. At
a professional Kitchen you have power hoses at a dish
tank and the force there can knock anything off, at home,
no such power. With a lot of peoples water pressure you are
lucky to get a stream at all so I was a little worried, even more
since we sifted a lot and the thing was covered. Such an
easy cleanup, I just could not get over it. It was like Teflon
with the flour just falling off. Okay, Gadget one;
A blast
Easy to use
Easy to clean
Perfect for kids and parents alike!
While the bread cooked we made our puffs and
Andrew made some filling and we set the table. I love the
Kiddishes. They are just the right size for kids and stylish
too. I wish they made a Momdishes set for they were
that nice. See through, so when cleaning you know if
there is any kid goo left and also easy to clean and
the plates and cup are just the right size for young hands.
Rowan is now hooked on drinking from a cup and the only
down side to the Kiddishes is she does not want to drink
from anything but them now. I have bought 7 different kinds
of Sippy Cups for as cute as the kiddishes are she is still
to young to drink from something without a lid ( ah, let's
dump this too Mom!) and if I don't hold it for her she
will flip it. As a busy Mom I can't always sit there and hold
a glass for the baby so I need those lids. Rowan does not
agree. Rowan says make time Mom, I like the cup better
and I am a big girl now! The whole set just makes the
family feel she is apart of it and has her own place
in this world. It will not be long before she joins us
at the table and her own set of dishes screams she
is ready now to us. The fact that they are virtually unbreakable,
dishwasher safe, Microwavable and shock resistant is just
a perk on the whole package. The big sell here is they are
the right size and perfect for little eaters. That fact they are
100% recylcable is also a pretty big sell!
Back to the cooking now, the bread turned out
great and I have to say I think that is the first time
it did in our bargan basement machine. It might be
the sifter or it might be the fact Andrew has more
patience with things like that then I do but it was really
good for a change and I ate about 3 pieces before we even
broke out the spreader. Sorry, I just couldn't help mysefl,
there is nohting like fresh bakery bread! The thing that
made me mad was once we used the spreader I realized
it was worth the wait had I known how cool it would be.
Don't you hate it when you are making a PB and J and
you do the Peanut Butter first and then you are stuck
with two options:
1. Lick off the Peanut Butter, fine if you are making it
for yourself but you still need to rinse it so you are
not tossing your germs into the Jelly.
2. Wipe the Peanut Butter off on the bread. This idea
stinks, it always tears the bread and you never get it
all off and you end up getting Peanut Butter in the Jelly
all the time! YUCK!
Now there is a new option and a darn good one, the spreader
by Cuisipro works like a charm and no more Peanut Butter in
the Jelly, no more stopping mid-stream in your sandwich making
to clean off your knife and no more hassel. Peanut Butter on
one end, Jelly on the other and smiles all around! I loved it and
it is also big enough where even young children can handle
it and are able to make thier own sandwich for there are no
sharp edges and clumbsy fingers will have no problem grabbing
the thick middle and clean-up can wait to you have enjoyed
your sandwich, not before you can slather on the jelly. It is
also cute and we all know how I love things that are
cute for it is color coded, Jelly is purple and the
peanut butter is brown. If that isn't good enough for you
it is dishwasher safe and has a 25 year warrenty. I am
thinken they are pretty confedant on thier products to offer
something like that. Your Grandchildren will be making sandwiches
before the warrenty expires.
So let's recap here:
1. Andrew and I road tested some pretty cool kitchen
gadgets made by Duralex and Cuisipro.
2. We used the Flour Shifter when we made fresh bread
and it worked like a charm, easy to spin and cleans up
with no effort.
3. We used that bread to make some out of this world
Peanut Butter and Sandwiches and use our Cuisipro Spreader
to do it and decided that was one of the best kitchen inventions
4. The dishes were used to serve our feast and were
pretty much the icing on the cake! What a lovely time in
the kitchen.
Duralex and Cuisipro made for one fine time in the kitchen
at our house and a awesome review. If you have children or
even if you don't and just like to bake the items we used are
a perfect addition for any kitchen! Don't argue or get into Jam
every again, use your spreader and no more broken plates with
KidDishes! Want perfect flour for your baking? Cuisipro's Flour sifter
is the right tool for the job, Six thunbs up here!

You too can win this bevy of kitchen tools! To enter just head
over to Cuisipro or Duralex's web sites and take a look around then
come back here and post what one of their awesome kitchen
devices would work best in your house? The contest will start tonight
and run to midnight on April 8th.
USA and 18 and older can enter daily and the winner
will be contacted by email and have 72 hours to
contact me with their mailing information. As always
you can earn a bonus entry by entering the contest of
the day and other ways to enter are posted below.



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