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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Divvies Review and Giveaway!  

We have eaten a lot of food that is good for you.
Everything from Gluten free, to dairy free and Vegan
to all Natural and Organic. Some were for review and
some were for the heck of it and some I was experimenting
with some recipes for a couple of friends and family
members. I go all out for the Holidays and also a couple
times a year I put together seasonal gift baskets of home maid
Candy's and baked goods for my Neighbors and friends and
family and I learned the hard way some of them were strict
vegan and a couple diabetics and could not eat pretty much
anything in the baskets. I found new homes for them but
felt like a heel for not asking in the first place and went
out of my way to learn some recipes they could eat and put
a basket together just for them. I have about 10 things I
make for them and they love them. Out of all the reviews
and store bought items and even the stuff I have learned
to make I have always wondered one thing.

How do people eat this stuff?

Never have I tasted something from one of those category's where
I went, "Oh, my Golly Gee Jumping Jahiminees, I can't wait to
go out and get this again!" Now the freeze dried fruit snacks
I have tried were good, I will give them that. I will keep them
in the house for I am a fruit fanatic and buy too much at one
time for you guys know how I hate the Grocery store, and most of
the fruit ends up going to waste. I just threw away a bunch of
Oranges today in fact. The dried fruit tastes pretty much the
same as the fresh and has the same nutritional value so yes,
I will most likely always have it in the house. But I don't stay
up at night and think about it. I have never once said, "Hey,
John, Andrew, you know what I really want right now? An Apple!"
They are just one of those things that are there or not. You
don't stress, you don't panic and you really don't crave. I have
never once in my life seen a person go out at 8 PM to run up to
the fruit stand and grab an Apple. I have yet to see a person
sit down an gorge on a whole bushel of them for they are so
good you just couldn't stop eating them. Birthday parties don't
end the evening with an Apple and a candle and you don't gaze
lovingly into your sweethearts eyes after a romantic dinner and
say " baby, want to share an apple with me?"
Now take that Apple and put it in a strudel or a pie and you
have a deal. Face it, people love sweets and can't get enough
of them. If it wasn't true Hostess would have stopped with
the Twinkies and not made tons of other snack cakes. Basken
Robbins would have only one flavor and Dairy Queen would
be out of business ( an Apple Stand maybe?) and Chocolate
Thunder from down under would have a whole other meaning.
We Want Cake!!
And Cookies!
And Pie!
And Candy!
And Chocolate!
We want it often and it better be good! Organic, Gluten free,
Dairy free, Egg free, Not so good! Thank you, I will take the
I got the chance to do a review for Divvies. I always try these
places for you never know. One of these days lightening might
strike but I pretty much have given up on holding my breath. Now
I want to feed my kids and my self healthy. I do have that goal
in mind but you just can't tell your kids, hey, I know you wanted
some Jelly Beans in your Easter Basket but I thought some Tofu
Dingies would be better! You will get the glazed over stare and
"Say what Mom?"
Sometimes you have to let them have the real thing and hope some
day a person will have that magic touch and do a healthy goodie
the right way instead of cardboard with a cherry! When the Divvies
came they were in a big box and it was jammed packed full of all
sorta of treats. Cookies and Jelly Beans and Candy bars and Pop-
corn. When I say full I mean really, really full! As if that was
not enough it also came with a box with a dozen Cup Cakes you
could frost and decorate your self so they stayed super fresh.
Now if I didn't know how they were made I would have been Hyper-
ventilating just looking at them and all that Delicious chocolate
and baked goods, I am not the worlds biggest candy bar eater
but I love chocolate. I mean not like LIKE Love But LOVE LOVE
as the kids say! BUT, I knew and groaned for if it tastes like
a lot of other foods of this caliber it would end up going to
waste for even the boys won't touch it and they eat almost anything,
even those 20 cent fruit pies that taste like sawdust and wax fruit.
Egg free, Dairy free products, not even with a ten foot pole.
Andrew was the first one in the house and saw the box, he just
about started to jump up and down like he did when he was 5 and
you gave him a charm pop and then paused.
"Yeah, catch?"
"I don't know what you mean."
"Fat Free?"
Gluten free?"
"Taste Free?"
"Come on Mom, whats the," Just then he saw the folder on the table.
Before I caught on he already had it in his hands.
"No Eggs? You need eggs to make half of this stuff! Milk too!"
"Not this stuff Andy."
"I don't see you diggen in Mom. No thanks I will pass."
"Um, Andrew, we have a deal. You help me with the food reviews and
items that are for everyone and you get to keep some of the cool stuff
we review."
"I helped you with the last one like this and I can still taste it."
"You also helped with the steaks and got a really good filet I never
would have given you if we didn't have this deal."
"Come on, feed it to John, he doesn't know yet and just don't tell him."
"Look Andrew."
"Come on Mom, I really.................
Just then John walked in the Door and straight to the kitchen. I didn't
tell you but Divvies comes in a really pretty product box with the most
gorgeous bow and looks like it comes from some French Bakery and like
it would be super expensive. John walked in the kitchen and the box was
still sitting on the table. Bow and all. Filled with Goodies and that
man loves his sweets. Don't ever let him know you have anything chocolate
it you ever want to see it again.
"Is this for everyone?"
"yeah" Andrew blurted before I could speak.
"Cool." He grabbed a couple of the cookie packs and walked out.
I started to give Andrew the glare down for though he didn't lie I felt
like he had omitted the truth and he knows I hate it when he tries to
be sneaky. He was shuffling his feet, looking down. Rowan was sitting in
her high chair trying to reach the box. John came walking back into the
room before I could say something for Andrew and we both thought the
jig was up. In truth I thought he was on his way to the garbage to
toss the cookie out.
"Hey, you guys mind if I get a couple more of those before they are
"You mean you like them?" Not me, that was Andrew.
"AH, I wouldn't say like. I like your Moms Cookies, these are gourmet
and even your mom can't compete with that."
"You mean they are that good?" I couldn't help it, I had to ask.
"UH, Yeah, why? Whats wrong with them? Were they like really day
old or something and you got a good deal on them? You better not
have paid a small fortune for them like that 25 dollar pie you
bought. Tell me I didn't just eat 100 bucks worth of cookies?"
As I was looking for a good answer Andrew was already making a mad
dash for the box. John was trying to get his hand into grab some
more cookies as Andrew was pulling out what he wanted and that
was half the box or more for the most part. I grabbed a cookie and
the packs hold two so I gave one to Rowan who the guys were totally
ignoring as they were too busy shoving their faces full. I knew by
now they had to be good for Andrew wasn't even talking, just eating and
that boy never shuts up. But I was still a little afraid to
try them. This was all the stuff I liked to eat best in the world and
I agreed with Andrew. I just do not know how you could make a cookie,
let alone a Cupcake without eggs. How could it be good? Rowan was
now lost in the same world as the boys happily munching away. I still
held the cookie in my hand. Well, I know it isn't terrible, just look
at the rest of my family. Did Andrew grunt? I could have sworn I heard
him grunt. They were really shoving it down and now the Jelly beans were
being opened. What are we, Willy Wonka here? They are getting a little
carried away.
"Mom, can we frost the cupcakes?"
I looked over and Andrew was rubbing the box like it was his new
best friend and John was shoving Jelly Beans in his mouth nodding.
"Fine." As Andrew started tearing into the packaging I took a nibble
of the cookie in my hand Rowan was straining to get.
Chew Chew Chew, Swallow.
Woah. "Let me grab the knife!"

Less then an hour later every single item in the box was gone and
we didn't even eat dinner. It was that good. Wait, it was sensational.
Not only do Divvies not taste like they are missing anything if you
were to compare them in a blind taste test with any other pre-packaged
item such as Entenmann's, Pepperidge Farm and others it would not even be
a contest. Divvies would blow them out of the water. I can't even compare
them to home maid for I have never have eaten a home maid item that was
this moist and Rich and scrumptious. TO be honest with you when I do
a review I seldom speak to the sponsor from the time we arrange delivery
to the time I post the link. I do not wish to be on friendly terms with
them no matter how much I might like them for I would not want it to
influence my review in anyway. I speak to them prior and 99.9 percent
of the sponsors I speak too are fantastic people and I would love to
keep talking to them for we all know how much I love to talk but I
need that distance for I do not want to confuse the fact that I like them
with the fact I like their product. I NEVER tell them how the review is
going until it is completed and the first time they read it is the
same time you do. I don't do affiliate programs for the same reason, my
reviews are an impartial opinion to help you decide what items to buy
without having to go through the same research process I go through. So
you get the best value for you dollar. If I were to join an affiliate
program I would profit every time you bought that item via my site and
that is throwing my impartial standing out the window so I just don't
do that either, other then Amazon for they sell everything and
not only do I shop there I offer the link for your convenience and
don't shove it down your throat. Any ways, the point is I have never
spoken to a sponsor from that conformation letter to I send them the
letter letting them know the review was posted. With Divvies and
that first night I had to rush to the computer and send them an email
for I was that flabbergasted at how spectacular they really were. Their
items are so rich and flavorful they reminded me of this Bakery right
in the heart of Greek Town where they sell fresh, handmaid confections
that are so fantastic people will drive hours to get them and
wait in an hour line at midnight on a Friday night to take
them home. Even before the Casino's hit Detroit this place was packed
from open to close and Divvies are as good as if not better then
them. Their Kettle Corn is the only thing I can give any sort of
comparison too for when Andrew was like 8 we took a road trip
through DC and then Atlantic City, New York and on the way home
through Pennsylvania we stopped at Hersey's theme park that had a
fresh Kettle Corn Kiosk complete with an old fashioned Copper Kettle
and I bought a bag on the way out for I had never had Kettle Corn
before. I was more then an hour away when I opened the bag to grab
some for Andrew had this huge sampler box of Hersey's Candy and it
was driving me nuts knowing he could eat a sweet treat and with my
perpetual diet I could not. I thought Popcorn would keep my mind
off of his darn chomping. I took one bite and turned the car
around and went back to buy more. Well people at Divvies and
readers of the Blog, turn the car around for I need more. Mouth
watering and delectable. They will leave you wondering what is
so special about eggs and milk to begin with! I wonder if I camp
out on their front lawn will they send me another box to get me
to leave. I can wear fuzzy Bunny Slippers, Hair Roller's, Long Johns
with the drop butt and bring my kids to chant, "More for Michelle,
More for Michelle," to I get one more box! Even more so, my son,
who never uses his own money for anything when he can just wait
for me to ask him to run to CVS and grab something an disappear the
change, asked me how much they cost and if he gives me the
money would I order something for him. He has never done that
in his entire life. He even manages to get the money for my own
Christmas present out of me. If  Mr. Money Hoarder is willing to
dig into his own pockets to buy Divvies you can not get a better
testimonial. That good!
Divvies knows you just can't always take one word for it, some
times it takes more. To honor that they are going to give one of
my readers a Smorg Gift Box filled with chocolate caramel popcorn;
caramel popcorn; Divvies Chocolate BingGo bar; peppermint &
chocolate BingGo bar; super stars gummy candies; blue rock candy;
and five two-packs of chocolate chip cookies. Let me know about
yours too for a lot of those we didn't get and I am dieing to try!
To enter just head over to the site and take a look around then
come back here and post something you have learned in a comment.
The contest will start tonight and run to midnight on March 27th.
USA and 18 and older can enter daily and the winner
will be contacted by email and have 72 hours to
contact me with their mailing information. As always
you can earn a bonus entry by entering the contest of
the day and other ways to enter are posted below.


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is completed.

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post that you are. 3 entries,
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