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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Yoga Works Video Review and Giveaway!  

The older you get the harder is is to keep in shape.
Even more so when you are already starting with physical
limitations or handicaps. I have RA in my spine and this
makes it super hard for me to find an exercise that doesn't
do my body more harm the good when I work out. For years
I used walking and swimming to stay in shape but the older
you get the more you have to do just to remain in the same
level of fitness. A couple of years ago a friend recommended
Yoga and gave me a DVD. Okay, I felt better doing it but the
video she sent made me feel pretty silly. I decided to
try it myself instead. And I did. I also did great and never
felt so good but that was at the start. Later on I started
missing my workouts and made up great excuses as to
why. The Dog ate my Yoga gear or I need to file my toe
nail, anything sounded good to a person who wasn't all
that motivate. After a while I started slipping into my
old lethargic routine and soon that only time I touched
my Yoga Equipment was to dust it off or move it from
one spot to the next. All the good I did slowly turned into
"Man, I wish this belly didn't jiggle so!"
I knew I should get back on that horse but just didn't have
the incentive to do so. Yeah, it is nice to look good
but I am on the thin side so even though my belly
jiggles it still isn't that big and before Rowan
I wore a size 4 and sometimes a 2 so I really wasn't
worried. After her I wanted to lose the weight and
have dieted but as soon as I got back to a 6 I gave up
for I decided size 6 at 40 years old after kids was
not too shabby. The only person who sees my belly is
me and John and he is always too preoccupied to notice
and hates when I am too thin anyways. So I just forgot
about it.

A week or so ago I was asked if I would like
to review some Workout Videos that feature Yoga and
I thought what they hey! I know I need it and maybe this
will get me back in the saddle. Yoga Works is the name
of the game and discovering your inner Diva was the results
of playing. I tried all three to make sure I gave them the
benefit of the doubt and I must admit it was not the most
exciting way to spend an afternoon but then again what work
out is? I started with the beginner DVD and I got to hand it to
them, they did a great job at making it interesting and easy to
follow. The last Yoga DVD I used was also a beginner Copy,
something I bought in a kit and it came with my Matt and I
watched it a few times and gave up and just went at it myself.
The reason why was she spoke in an almost whisper and
I was so bored listening to her the first pose that involved
my laying on my back I said to heck with this and took
a nap.Okay now, I understand Yoga is low impact and an
exercise that is perfect for every fitness level. The reason
I started it in the first place was I had issue with my back
and I was limited on my movements so after a lot of research
and conversations with my Physical Therapist I came to
the conclusion Yoga was the best work out for me. I get
that it is relaxing and easy on your body. I understand it
gets it start in India and is often used as a form of stress
reduction and is meant to heal the mind as well as the
body but when I watch an instructional video I really don't
want the person speaking to me as if she is in a church
and her droll monotone voice making me feel like she is
trying to hypnotize me into signing up for the latest and
greatest cult of the moment. I want easy to follow instructions
that I can hear, I want to be able to follow the video even if
my daughter is playing with her toys near bye or my son has
music blasting in his room. I do not want an instructor that
gives me the feeling she is talking down to me or zapping
me with some crazy version of the Vulcan Mind Meld and
the next thing I know I am signing my house over to the New
Yoga Dudes Church of Bendy Moves. The First time I gave
a Yoga Video a shot that was the feeling I was left with,
with Yoga Works I was not.
For starters I could hear the lady. Wow, what a concept!
She spoke in a clear voice and I did not have to clear the house
and crank the volume to 412 just to follow her instructions.
Next, she was easy to understand and spoke in layman terms.
I did not feel like I needed a Yoga to English book at my
elbow to follow the workout. She also didn't make me feel like
I was six years old and being talked to like the lady who used
to teach my Sunday School class did. Yoga works also made
it interesting and not once did I feel as if I could close my
eyes and drift off to La La Land. She kept a great pace and
though the moves were simple and easy to accomplish I still
felt the results affect my body and knew I was doing something
good here. I enjoyed the pace, I liked the instructor and I
could follow the routine, all these items together make it
a big old YES YES for me and my always looking for a way
out approach to fitness. This was something so simple even
I could not find an excuse to put off and I really do plan
to keep at it. Let me put it to you in simple terms.
1. I know Yoga is a good work out
2. Its even more so for people who have issues
with movement and back problems and need something
low impact so the workout doesn't do more harm then
3. Yoga Works did not bore me into a Coma like that other
video I had seen.
4. You can really feel the effects the workout has on your
body without feeling like you ran the Boston Marathon.
5. Get off your lazy butt and do it!
Can I make it any clearer? We all need to move more and
if a person like me, who often has issues just walking up
a flight of stairs due to back and neck pain can do this
work out any one else should be able to do it as well.
As parents we have to take our own fitness seriously for
our children. Not only do they look up to us and follow suit,
I don't know about you but I want to be around a long time
and some day bounce a couple of dozen Grandchildren on
some Knee's that are my original bone, not a plastic alloy!
I found Yoga Works to be a simple, pain free solution to
the lazy lump I have become and I am even looking forward
to the day Rowan might want to follow the video with me. I
did ask Andrew but he said he doesn't look good in tights and
made a B-line for his room before I could push the subject.
Ah, the life of a review Bloggers Child. He has it so ruff!

Now I will tell you with out sugar coating it, I did
try the other two videos in the set and didn't make it through
like I did the first one. They are not for beginners and though
I could tell from the few moves I did manage to do they would
work wonderfully, I had to put them on the shelf for now. I love
the idea and who wouldn't mind having a washboard tummy
and be long and lean but with my issues and the fact I have
done nothing but walk in going on two years now I need to
strengthen my core muscles before I challenge those two
videos again. But I will get there! I am determined to be in
the best shape of my life for I do not want my 40s to be
the decade my body went to pot. Besides, if Valerie Bertinelli
and Marie Osmond can get back into shape so can I. I also
had the added fear since Johns oldest son got married last
year that Grandchildren might soon be to follow and I am

to young to wear Bright Floral House Dresses and always
smell like Jean Nate and plan to be a Rocken Grandma, not
a Grandma who rocks. That doesn't mean you guys won't enjoy
these other two videos, Fit Abs and Body Slim, it just means
I am not there yet. I will say that after I finished the first
video for beginners I felt really good and proud of myself.
I spoke to my Physical Therapist and she said to keep at
it for if that was what was working for me it has to be great
for when she runs me through my routine there all I do is whine
like a baby and if I can make it through this video she would
love to shake the hand of the people that made it! Oh,
and for the record I do not whine like a baby she is just mean

and pushy! Take that Miss Therapist! If you are a beginner
like me or an old hat at Yoga, these videos are a great way
to get fit and enjoy doing it. I am sticken with the starter
video and come spring when I get to shed all the winter
garb you are forced to wear in Michigan let's see how
hot this could be Grandma has become!

Yoga Works was kind enough to offer to give one
of my readers the set of videos too! Not only will you
learn the basics with the starter video you will also
get tone and taunt and have abs that rock with the two
follow up DVDs as well! To enter just head over to their
site and take a look around. If you are looking for the video's
to buy you will find them in the store and if you are lucky
enough to live in California or New York you can even sign
up to take classes live. That would be too cool! Once you
are done exploring the site come back here and post what
you learned in a comment. The contest will start tonight and
run to midnight on March 10th.
USA and 18 and older can enter daily and the winner
will be contacted by email and have 72 hours to
contact me with their mailing information. As always
you can earn a bonus entry by entering the contest of
the day and other ways to enter are posted below.

Yoga Works!

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Extra entries only count after the initial entry
is completed.

1. Become a follower of my blog or
post that you are. 3 entries,
please post 3 times.

2. Enter any of my other contest. I entry
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3. Grab my button. 5 entries. Please post
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