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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Head Organic Hair Care Review!  

Every once in a while I get a chance to do a
product review for an item I am really excited
about. Something that not only lives up to their
claims on the bottle or advertising but goes
above and beyond my expectations. A product
so good I would share it with you if they asked
for a review or not. A Product I will continue to
buy no matter how hard it is to find or difficult
it would be to get my hands on. Even if I had
to offer up Andrews Lawn Care services for the
next ten summers for free just for a lead on who
might have it in stock at the moment. If I have
to trade John and all his accessory's for a sample
I would do it!

Head Organics is one of those products!

Now you guys all know the huge laundry list
of issues I have with my hair. It is dry and damaged
and extremely hard to manage. It is thick and tangles
easy and fizzes at the mear mention of the word
Humidity. It has a natural wave that turns into
frizzy curls if I don't spend hours in the bathroom
smoothing it down with gallons of product that costs
and arm and a leg and a foot and an ear or more.
Pretty plain and simple, my hair is wreck and the best
I can hope for is to find something that makes the
curls and waves look like I sorta did it on purpose
and go with the flow for straight hair that is smooth
and sleek has pretty much been out of the program
for me! Then I got the chance to review Head Organics
I got in the shower and brought the 2 in 1 shampoo
and conditioner with me. The moment I put it on my
hand I knew this was something special. My first clue,
the thickness. I mean it, never before have I felt a
product so thick for it was almost solid. Take whatever
you would consider the thickest shampoo you have
ever tried and triple that then times ten and you might
be close to the consistency of their shampoo. What that
meant was I had to work it in to my hair and scalp and
instead of the 2 minute hair ritual I have grown used to
it took me a good 10 minutes just to work it in and then
get it out. You also know when you are doing it right
for it didn't lather until you had it rubbed in just the
perfect amount then all over a sudden like Ali Baba
and his lamp, presto chango, bam, Suds up the wazoo
and I could feel the tingle of the shampoo doing its dance.
Once out of the shower I used the leave in conditioner
and brushed it straight. I took a breather and went
and spent some time with the little cutie just to let
it dry a little before I whipped out the hair dryer for
my hair is so long and so thick if I blow dry the whole
thing I will be standing in the bathroom for the better
part of an hour. When I saw myself in the mirror I was
pretty darn shocked to say the least for my hair
was drying smooth and there were no tell tale signs
of the curls I always get. I decided to dry it as is and
see where it led me. A few hours later I was back
and OH-MY-GAWD you would not believe the perfect
results I had. Smooth and shiny and only a fraction
of the frizz I normally had. Really impressive and
even more so for when I don't use a hair dryer the
frizz goes from bad to Hello who filled the house
with Static electricity. I used some of the anti Frizz
serum and that little bit turned to No Frizz and I
was skipping all over the house singing like an
insane person telling everyone in the house, "Look
at my hair, look at my hair, I look better then you, I
look better then you!" and pretty much acting like
a fruit cake. In fact I felt so good about myself (
isn't it funny how good hair just makes you feel good
all over) that I went out last night and that is why
this was not posted then. I have not went out for well
over a year and I had a blast dancing the night away!
More then once a complete stranger told me I had
Beautiful Hair and more then once John had to stumble
around for a better complement just to keep pace. I
just felt glamorous and have not felt that way since
years before I had Rowan. Really, they made my decade
and I would hire a sky writer if John had not taken the
credit cards and hid them when I started babbling
about it! He knows I am just kooky enough to do it!
Speaking of John, he tried the Gel and for the
first time in almost as long as I have known him he
looked fashionable and good instead of sporting that
helmet head deal you get with a lot of firemen and police
men. That little more then a buzz cut garbage I hate to
death. Well his has grown out a little since his last
cut and was just starting to look better and with the
Gel it looked fantastic. I might even be seen in public
with him more often if he keeps using it! If you think
I am exaggerating about the before hair style just check
out his picture on the site, total helmet head those guys
are so found off. You can pretty much look at a guy with
a cut like that and know he is one of three things, a Cop,
a Fireman or in the service. You would think after John
retired he would have found some style! Now Andrew
would not try the Gel or Mouse for he is a Mans man and
at 16 is still to young to temp his image with using any
product that a real man might have issues with but he
also is nuts about his blond locks and a huge fan of
Crew's Styling wax and I got him to try Heads and again.
WOW, these guys are even better. His words were, "yo,
Mom, this stuff ain't as Gunky as the Crew Stuff. I can
even touch my hair after I put it on without a big yuck
moment." In English I think that means he really liked it
and I have to say when he had this on compared to
his normal wax I could tell a difference in the fact the
Crew makes his hair look darker for it coats his hair
and with the Head you could see his true color for it
is such a better product it let his hair shine through and
you know that means it can still breath. All around every
member of the Family had a great reaction to Head
Organics and they are so going to be in our shower
from now on. When you find something even the guys
rave about and Andrew hid the Wax in his room in case
I had to give it back, you just can't take it away from
them. Even if I could find something in that room! In
fact the only one who did not go on and on about how
great they are is Rowan and well, that is because she
doesn't have hair yet! Give her time she will be a fan too!

Head Organics has a full line of products ranging
from Shampoo, 2 in 1 Shampoo and Gel, Mouse,
Leave in Conditioner, Spray, Wax and Anti Frizz Serum.
In sort everything you need for Runway gorgeous
hair. Their products are:
Professional Performance, Top Quality Products
Natural Biodegradable Ingredients
Sulfate Free
Paraben Preservative Free
FD&C Colorant Free
Gluten Free
1,4-dioxane Free
Carcinogen Free
Glycol Free
Unique Fragrance Containing Essential Oils
No Animal Testing
Packaged in Recyclable Clear PETE Containers
and have won awards for Best of Beauty in 2008
and 2009. Now after I have tried them let me tell
you, two awards, NOT ENOUGH! Head Organics may
have started as a review for me but it has now become
a way of life. If you do not use it now shove people out
of the way and run to the store to get it for once the
word gets out you just might find you missed your chance!
That good!

Head Organics!

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